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Transdermal Patches: The Latest Market Entry?

Transdermal Patches: What Is This Latest Entry In CBD And Medicinal Market?

It was only in our recent consciousness where CBD patches. And, THC patches have come into the market. But, the concept of transdermal patches has existed for almost 40 to 50 years. It was in the year 1979 that the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first transdermal patch. This transdermal patch was […]

CBD Bath Bombs Benefits

CBD Bath bombs

Who doesn’t like a relaxing bath after a long day? We all do. It just helps in de-stressing the body and makes you feel at ease. I am sure you have tried a variety of bath bombs to enhance your relaxing bath experience. Here we will talk about another fizzy bath bomb in trend these […]

CBD Bath Bombs: Is This Worth All The Hype?

CBD Bath Bombs

The graph of the Cannabidiol or CBD market is only on an upward move. From not being relevant a couple of years back to being on every health fanatic’s must-buy list – the CBD chemical has seen growth like no other. With the innumerable health benefits and treatments CBD has on offer for the buyer, […]

Everything There Is To Know About CBD Salves

CBD Salves

The health sector has been completely taken bowled over by the newest fad – CBD. CBD has gained popularity like no other medicine before. People are treating it like a wonder drug that has the power to reduce various health risks. And the shocking part is, that it just may. Even though the CBD market […]

CBD Lip Balm: All You Need To Know

CBD Lip Balm

CBD or cannabidiol is a well-hyped derivative of an otherwise quite famous (or infamous depending on where you live) plant known as cannabis. Now, for first-time buyers, there is always a mystery surrounding all the products of this plant. Stereotype and prejudices surrounding this plant don’t make things easier for any first-timer.  So, read this […]

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