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Competitive Comparison Compare Fresh Farms CBD and WTP Hemp: What You Need To Know

You have got to be living under a rock if you are not aware of the benefits of the CBD chemical. Not only does it help to regulate mental and physical health, but it is also organic. Even the cognitive well being of the user can be locked in by using CBD oil in his or her daily life. Fresh Farms CBD vs WTPHemp.

At the moment, the cannabis industry is valued at $13.7 billion. If you take into consideration the restrictions and limitations that are usually put on cannabis and its derivatives, this is quite a shocking figure. What makes it even more surprising is that experts are predicting that in another five years, the cannabis industry will climb up to $66.3 billion. As you must have guessed, this kind of growth is extremely rare in any other industry.

With the latest trend in the medicinal sector, being CBD oil, there are other things related to it that you should know about.

With the rising interest in everything CBD, there have been also a corresponding increase in the number of CBD brands. At the moment, there are a lot of products being sold in the market. Buyers can choose one which they think is most suitable to their tastes and preferences.

This article, we will focus on two CBD brands: Fresh Farms CBD and WTP Hemp.

Read on to know more about the companies and the products they offer.

The Legal Status Of CBD Oil In The United States Of America

The Legal Status Of CBD Oil In The United States Of America

To answer upfront, CBD oil is legal in the United States of America. The 2014 Farm Bill meet CBD oil that is extracted from the hemp plants federalism. As per the bill, buyers were even allowed to use products that were directly derived from the had planned. Due to this reason, CBD oil also became legal in the United States. There was only one condition attached to this.

The extracted CBD oil should not contain THC traces greater than 0.3 percent by dry weight. If this condition is not satisfied then the extracted CBD oil will be deemed as illegal in the eyes of the law.

You must realize that the emphasis here is on two things. The first one is the hemp plant. And, the second one is on THC traces.

We will first discuss the THC traces to give you more clarity about the law. You see, there are about 80 to 200 types of chemical cannabinoids found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. Yes, but of them is CBD. The other chemical cannabinoid is called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

The THC chemical is often mistaken to be the same as CBD. Well, when we talk about the positive health benefits that one can derive from the chemical, then it is sort of similar to CBD. But, there is one major difference between the two chemicals. The CBD chemical is a non-psychoactive element.

Users can consume the CBD chemical in whichever amount without the fear of becoming a doctor get it. On the other hand, THC is psychoactive in nature. When users consume THC in higher amounts, they will experience the euphoric high that is commonly associated with cannabis plants. This is the very reason why CBD is considered as a desirable chemical. And, THC is not. Even the government has a different set of laws governing these two chemicals.

Now, we have already mentioned about the health benefits that CBD and THC, both hands. Buyers can use these chemicals to reduce the risks related to cancer, heart attacks, and obesity. Even mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and hypertension can be effectively controlled.

Cannabis users combined together various chemical cannabinoids to amplify the positive effects that can be derived from the same. The Full Spectrum CBD and the Broad Spectrum CBD oil are the common examples of these products. This chemical combination is known as the entourage effect. By using these amplified oils, the efficacy and potency of the CBD chemical become even greater.

Returning back to the topic of the legal status, let us now concentrate on the hemp plant.

The cannabis Sativa plant can be of two types:

  1. The Hemp Plant

The hemp plant has a greater concentration of the CBD chemical. It also contains THC but on the lesser side. To be more precise the total THC presence is below 0.3 percent. If you remember, the condition put up by the federal government, the hemp plant easily fulfills it.

As a result of this, when the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, it has a greater CBD concentration. And, the THC traces is below 0.3 percent.

  1. The Marijuana Plant

The marijuana plant has a greater concentration of the CBD chemical. It does contain CBD too but on the lower side. As a result of this, when the CBD oil is extracted from this plant, it will have a higher amount of the THC chemical. And, a lower trace amount of the media.

Due to this reason why CBD oil extracted from the marijuana plant is not allowed in the United States.

Having explained the concept of THC and hemp, there is another thing that you should be aware of. Not every state in America allows the free use of the CBD chemical. Yes, this is even after the federal government made CBD oil legal. It’s like South Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho do not allow their citizens to use CBD oil.

This includes both, recreational as well as medicinal purposes. But, there are also states who use CBD oil for recreational, and medicinal purposes

Fresh Farm CBD And WTP Hemp: Company Profiles And Their Products

Fresh Farms CBD And WTP Hemp: Company Profiles And Their Products

About Fresh Farm CBD

Fresh Farm CBD has a principle of “In Nature We Trust.” This perfectly in bodies their goal of providing customers satisfaction by providing excellent products. They have products available for improving health, fitness, and skincare. They even have beautification, recovery, healing, and pain relief options available. All the products are completely natural and loaded with the benefits of CBD.

Initially, the company had professional athletes as their target audience. And, this was also quite logical. Professional athletes require strong pain relief medication and CBD being just that, proved to be the perfect alternative.

The company uses the CO2 extraction method for driving the hemp oil. The products use Full Spectrum CBD oil that is extracted from organically grown implants. Users don’t have to worry about any intoxication risks as the products are completely non-psychoactive.

The company has a goodwill in the market with its existing customers even raving about their products. They claim that the product can reduce the occurrence of side-effects commonly associated with prescription pills. With a mission to expand their reach and bring CBD to the entire world, they offer a wide range of products that are non-GMO, natural, and non-psychoactive.

All the Products Sold by Fresh Farms CBD

At the moment, the company has six categories of products on offer for their customers. Read on to know in detail the products that you can avail from the website of Fresh Farms CBD.

  1. Fresh Farms CBD Balms or Topicals

The company has four types of balms on sale.

– Ultra Premium Terpinated (Terpene Activated) Balm

Containing about 300 mg of the chemical CBD, it includes the blend of actual terpenes of plants. Buyers who want a powerful product for natural skin therapy and pain relief can turn to this balm. Selling at $59.99, buyers can expect about 1 oz. of product.

– Mentholated Rub Proprietary Formula

For this particular product, the company combines the dual action of men tall and the pain-relieving effects of the CBD chemical. Buyers who are looking to seek refuse from body aches and pain can use this product. In addition to this will be the chemical, the company also has infused if a variety of ingredients such as caprylic, camphor oil and so on. In a 1 oz. of product retails for $44.99.

– Relax Proprietary Balm

This particular product has a supercharged proprietary formula. This makes it perfect for burn relief, pain relief, and relaxation purposes. Buyers can expect 1 oz. at a price od $44.99.

– Sporta Balm Proprietary Formulation

This balm is perfect for professional athletes. It uses the soothing and relaxing effects of Birch oil and the pain relief qualities of CBD oil. It makes it the perfect solution for people wanting deep therapy. Again, 1 oz. the balm is available at a price of $44.99.

  1. Fresh Farms CBD Beauty + Skin Care

– Plush Argan CBD

In an organic Fresh Farms CBD product, this product includes essential vitamins and minerals. In addition to this, it also contains the benefits of

Moroccan Argan oil,

Californian Grapeseed oil,

Red Raspberry oil, and

Californian hemp CBD.

Each of these oil is organic and rich in omega fatty acids. This is perfect for people who want to rejuvenate, moisturize, and reduce signs of aging. Buyer suffering from eczema and acne. At $59.99, this product contains it was receiving a concentration of 250 mg.

– Plush CBD Lip Scrub and Primer

As the name suggests, this product can be used as a lip scrub as well as a primer. It is available for purchase at $19.99.

  1. Fresh Farms CBD Edibles

Fresh Farms CBD sells CBD infused gummies that a rich in essential fatty acids, and terpenes. It is also infused with Full Spectrum phytocannabinoids and CBD making it perfect for everyday use. Every piece of economy is loaded with a total CBD concentration of 10 mg. This can be purchased for $14.99.

  1. Fresh Farms CBD Hemp Oil or Hemp Tinctures

There is a wide range of hemp oil available for purchase on the website. Every product has various concentrations of the CBD chemical starting from 250 mg onwards. It should be noted that the highest CBD concentration offered by the company is of 500 mg. The price range varies from $39.95 to $399.

  1. Fresh Farms CBD for Pets

There are two products under this category:


Selling at $39.99, pet owners can buy this product for their dogs and cats. It is has a total CBD content of 250 mg and can relieve anxiety, pain relief, and sleep issues.

-Doggy Hemp Beef Chews

Flavored with beef, this product is a perfect mixture of Full Spectrum CBD to make your dog was happy and healthy. A single packet of this product contains 30 pieces of chews and can be purchased for $28.99. Every unit contains 2 mg of CBD.

  1. Fresh Farms CBD Vaporizers

It has four products under this category are having different concentrations of the CBD chemical. The buyer can choose from concentrations varying from 200 mg to 400 mg. It is available in the lemon zing, natural, and menthol flavors. The price range is between $29.99 to $59.99.

About WTP Hemp

We The People Hemp or WTP Hemp is a CBD brand that needs no introduction. The product sold by the company is definitely one of the best available in the market.

The CBD oil used by WTP Hemp is one of the best for a variety of reasons. It is extracted from organically grown hemp plants. Every single hemp plant is grown within the United States of America. The company also uses the supercritical CO2 nanoemulsion extraction method for its CBD oil.

This method, the topic size of the CBD oil is broken down into tiny droplets. Due to this tiny size, the bioavailability of the extracted CBD oil increases to 97 percent.

At the moment, the companies as if I didn’t have products consisting of CBD tinctures and CBD skin creams. Buyers can also take advantage of CBD capsules and CBD gummy bears. What makes these products even higher is that every single ingredient is of the best available quality.

The company also has a 24 x 7 helpline number available to clear doubts of current and potential customers. In fact, if any buyer is not happy with the quality of the product received by them, he or she only needs to contact the company. WTP Hemp takes pride in their return policy.

They offer full cashback to dissatisfied customers, no questions asked. Buyers can rest easy when it comes to buying CBD oil from WTP Hemp, make available the best available CBD oil at affordable prices.

All the Products Sold by We The People Hemp

The company offers four types of CBD products at the moment. Every product covers a broad category. As such, it becomes suitable for the various tests and preferences of people.

  1. WTP Hemp CBD Tinctures

The company claims this product to be the fastest way of consuming the CBD chemical. It is designed in a manner to ensure that the CBD chemical gets easily absorbed into the bloodstream. The relief effects of CBD become activated fast which makes this quite efficient.

Using a dropper, buyers can directly place a few drops of the tincture liquid under their tongue. If they want, they can also do the same to the inside of the cheeks. Selling at $74.99, buyers get a total of 250 mg CBD concentration with this product.

  1. WTP Hemp CBD Capsules

This product is basically soft gels that contain a prescribed concentration of the CBD chemicals. By using this product, buyers can experience the benefits of this with the chemical on the go. Buyers can take 1 to 3 capsules units depending on their needs. These capsules are also free of any additions and illusions making CBD intake convenient and effective. The total CBD concentration in the case of these capsules is 300 mg.

  1. WTP Hemp Gummies

These products are basically gummy bears that are infused with the CBD chemical. This makes them not only relations but really beneficial for health. This is perfect for families as well as younger children.

Selling for $99.95, buyers can expect 30 units of CBD gummy bears with every single unit having a total CBD concentration of 20 mg. This product is perfect for people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

  1. WTP Hemp Skin Creams

Made of CBD isolates, this product is perfect for those who want an external method of CBD intake. The cream only needs to be applied by users on the affected area for the relief effects to activate. The inflammation and pain intensity in the area reduced due to the soothing effect on the CBD chemical.

Buyers can expect 4 oz. of the product with a total CBD concentration of 250 g. The WTP Hemp skin cream retails for $64.99.

As for the CBD Brand that you should choose, you will have to buy one who you think suits best for you. Your tastes, preferences, and budget play a very important role in determining this fact. Both the brands are great and created goodwill, keep in mind the return policy and you will be good to go.

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