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Competitive Comparison What Are The Best CBD Brands In The Market?

Being hailed for being a really good cannabinoid, CBD has taken the medical sector by storm. It has a host of health benefits but can promote well-being and positivity. At the moment, the cannabis industry is being valued at $13.7 billion. Experts predict that the number will increase nearly four times by the year 2025.

This rise in popularity has not been gone unnoticed by the CBD brands. Many CBD brands have started launching various products in the market. These products are infused with high-quality CBD chemicals too. This is actually great news for the buyers since they have a wide selection of products to choose from. This can improve the overall health of the user while generating sales for CBD brands. A mutually beneficial relationship to put it simply.

At the moment, you must have realized just how popular products infused with CBD are becoming. Everyone wants to try CBD and make it a part of the daily routine. If you are not aware of what exactly CBD is then this might be a mystery for you.

Why has CBD become so popular? Isn’t CBD a cannabis derivative? Does not cd need you high? What about the other pharmaceutical drugs available in the market? – This might be just a few of the questions that may be in your mind at the moment. Well, in this article, we will answer everything that you need to know about CBD.

In addition to this, we will also discuss some of the best CBD brands operating in the market at the moment. And, if you were to buy CBD products, which brand should be your first priority. Read on as we discuss everything that you need to know about the current CBD scene.

First Things First, Getting Acquainted With The Wonder Chemical Called CBD

First Things First, Getting Acquainted With The Wonder Chemical Called CBD

Cannabidiol, which is also popularly known as CBD, is a chemical cannabinoid. This chemical cannabinoid is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant making it organic. It contains anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory effects. As a result of these properties, making CBD a part of your daily routine can be very useful for you. With various studies suggesting that CBD oil can reduce symptoms of health conditions, it does not hurt to give it a try.

A lot of people do want to try CBD but are anxious. The main reason behind their doubts is CBD is a cannabis derivative. And as a result of this, they create a lot of stigma around CBD.

This is actually quite incorrect.

You see, the CBD chemical is a non-hallucinogenic chemical. In other words, when users will consume CBD oil they will not experience a state of euphoria. In fact, even the amount of CBD inhaled or ingested by them will not create any high. This state of euphoria that is commonly associated with cannabis is due to the presence of another chemical called THC.

THC is also called tetrahydrocannabinol. Opposite to CBD, THC is a hallucinogenic element. It creates a state of euphoria after it is consumed by users in higher amounts. It’s true what is the production of dopamine in the body. This, in turn, makes it all to the cognitive functioning of the user. Some of these cognitive functions include memory, sharpness, movement and so on. Reasoning, speaking, sleeping, at a few other functions as well.

Having said this, this does not mean that THC is a harmful element. Just like CBD, THC can be beneficial for the health of the user as well.

THC can act as a mood enhancer for the body. It can also reduce nausea and depression levels of the user. Even just related to cancer and heart attacks can be curbed by using THC. But, since it has an intoxicating effect on the body, many people do not really want to use THC. This makes CBD more preferable as it can also be helpful to the body. But, without any intoxication risks.

The Entourage Effect of Chemical Cannabinoids

The cannabis Sativa plant actually has around 80 to 200 different types of chemical cannabinoids. Out of these cannabinoids, the two most prominent ones are, of course, CBD and THC. But, other cannabinoids can also have potential health benefits for the user.

Keeping this in mind, cannabis users combined together with various cannabinoids. This, in turn, helps to amplify the overall effect of the cannabinoids as well. That resulting product was a very powerful and potent chemical. These amplified oils are usually of two types:

– Full Spectrum CBD oil

– Broad Spectrum CBD oil

In comparison to the CBD isolate, these amplified oils are way more effective. Even if you increase the dose amounts of CBD isolate, they will not be able to match the potency of these amplified oils. In other words, Full Spectrum CBD oil and Broad Spectrum CBD oil are way more powerful in comparison to CBD isolates.

The Legal Status Of The CBD Chemical In The United States Of America

The Legal Status Of The CBD Chemical In The United States Of America

The United States of America passed the 2014 Farm Bill. This bill brought a lot of changes to the previous cannabis scene. As per the 2014 Farm Bill, citizens of America were free to grow and cultivate hemp. Even products that were derived from the hemp plant could be used by the citizens of America. This included CBD oil as well.

This bill also attached one condition to the legality of the extracted CBD oil. This condition held true for all kinds of CBD oil. The condition was:

The total THC traces in the extracted CBD oil should not be greater than 0.3 percent by dry weight. If this condition is met, then the extracted CBD oil will be legal in the eyes of the law. But, if this condition is not met then the CBD oil will be illegal.

After this, there is another consideration that needs to be carefully found out. You see, not every American state has embraced the CBD chemical. The main reason for this is due to the lack of regulations on the FDA. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still has not recognized the CBD chemical as a dietary supplement. The FDA wants more proof to back up the potency of the CBD chemical. But, due to a lot of restrictions put on the chemical, there is a need for more detailed research. But, it has already started holding meetings to find out the true potential of unity. At the same time, even experts are conducting research to learn about the CBD chemical.

Returning back to the state of America, it is still very dicey. States such as South Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho still has not given CBD a clean chit. The citizens of such states cannot use CBD for recreational as well as medicinal purposes. On the other hand, there are also states like Nevada and Washington. These states have allowed their citizens to use CBD freely, no matter the purpose. But, there is another group of states that only recognize the CBD chemical for its medicinal properties. Hence, the citizens of such states can use CBD but only for medical reasons.

Analyzing The Different CBD Brands Available In The Market

What Are The Best CBD brands?

There are a lot of CBD brands operating in the market. Some of these brands are mentioned below:

1. BeeZBeeCBD Company

Initially, this CBD brand used to make only vape oils for sale. But due to the excellent quality of goods given by them, they expanded with the support of their existing customers. Founded in the year 2016, this CBD brand provides pure and organic CBD products across the United States of America. 

The CBD brand has created a name for itself. This is done by providing buyers with products that can meet their various needs. The company eliminates the use of any artificial flavoring to the products. It uses only natural additions ensuring that there is no kind of addition. Or, dilutions in the product maintaining its quality.

Buyers can use the products sold by the BeeZBeeCBD to regulate their sleeping patterns. And, improves sleep quality. They can also avail of the pain relief benefits that the products offer. These CBD items are made available by the company for their buyers. This includes edibles, isolate, and essential oil. Vape pens, smokeable and bath bombs are also sold by BeeZBeeCBD. This is actually quite a wide range of this company.

Even the test results are quite that transparent of the CBD brand made freely available to its buyers. The website of the company is then up-to-date and can be viewed easily.

BeeZBeeCBD is definitely a good company when it comes to placing orders for CBD products. The products are also carefully priced. This, in turn, enables a larger group of people to place their orders. This makes a lot of people to place orders for CBD products from a good company. Not only do they get quality products, but they can improve their health also.

2. PlusCBD Oil Company

Based just out of San Diego, PlusCBD Oil Is the company that has coined the term “CBD Evolution.” The term is mainly used to highlight the recent discovery. The discovery of the therapeutic and holistic effects of the hemp plant. They also bring to light the fact that this discovery has only recently been made. This is even after hemp has been around for so many years.

The main aim of this CBD brand is to make available a wide range of CBD products infused with good quality CBD oil. They also simultaneously want to educate people about the CBD chemical and its uses. They want to bust any myths surrounding the chemical as well.

The company takes pride to get its products tested in a state of the art laboratory. And PlusCBD Oil has become popular, for sure. Due to the potency, quality and safety of the products assured to the public.

This company can help to improve the health of the buyers, communities, and employees. That too with the medicinal and positive effects of the hemp plant. And it also has a hole some product line that covers a whole spectrum of CBD oil. Also, they take care to ensure that the CBD oil is derived only from the hemp plant and not the marijuana plant.

Buyers can choose from soft gel, gummies and oil rubs. Even CBD sprays and CBD tinctures are also available on the website.

The company uses a very modern extraction method to get its CBD oil. This extraction method is a very sophisticated extraction method. This method is the CO2 extraction method and all its products are certified by the US Hemp authority.

3. Fresh Farms CBD Company

With a motto of “In Nature We Trust“, Fresh Farms CBD embodies this very well in its products and services.

They have enough goodwill in the market. Also, this CBD brand has their existing buyers singing praises for them. Fresh Farms CBD also tries to educate people about the side-effects. These are the effects of the prescription pills that may be on their health. They want to expand their reach across the world. And, provide a wide range of CBD goods that are natural, non-intoxicating, and non-GMO.

This CBD brand strives to make available excellent products. Especially, to its customers for its ease. With a wide product range, the products are organic too. They have products available for improving health, fitness, and skincare. They even have recovery, beautification, healing, and pain relief options available. All the products are completely natural and loaded with the benefits of CBD.

The company uses the CO2 extraction method for their hemp oil. And even the Full Spectrum CBD oil of the company is extracted from hemp plants. It should be noted that the hemp is organically grown by the brand. This way users never have to worry about lower quality products that might make them high. The main aim of the company is to make available products that can be good for the user.

There was a time when Fresh Farms CBD only targeted professional athletes. This was also something that was understandable. This is since professional athletes need strong pain relief medication. CBD helped to meet this need with the added pro of being organic making it the perfect alternative.

4. Charlotte’s Web Company

CW Hemp or Charlotte’s Web is quite a popular CBD brand that operates across the United States of America. This Colorado-based family company has a global presence. And, has been enjoying the status for quite some years now.

CW Hemp was originally founded by the Stanley brothers too. This CBD brand is mainly famous for being the only provider of Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte’s Web has been given the title of the most reliable hemp extract. You can imagine now the goodwill CW Hemp has in the market.

At the moment, the buyers can avail of various products infused with high-quality CBD oil as well. These include capsules, lotions, creams, and balms. Situated right in the heart of Colorado, even the hen plant used by the company is of great quality. CW Hemp takes care to find out that the hemp plants, as well as the other ingredients, are grown in the best conditions.

We have already mentioned how the most famous products of this company are Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and the CW Hemp oil. In the CBD oil can be used by buyers to relax the mind and body. And, of course, to improve their overall health.

5. CBD For The People Company

CBD For The People has quite a defining name in itself. It is completely synonymous with its main mission. The mission is of creating CBD products that are for the people. The company is striving to make available cannabis and its derivatives freely to the general population. It offers a wide range of organic products that can be used for billing purposes. All this at an affordable price tag.

The company was founded in the year 2017. With the main aim of bridging the gap between medication and the patients. The founders of the company had prior CBD watching experience as well. Due to the personal experience, the founders have carefully priced the product is to make available the pros of CBD to larger groups of people. They personally detest CBD brands that price their products at obnoxious rates. With this company, buyers can have access to quality CBD products at cheaper prices.

CBD For The People has Products that fulfill the requirements of organic and raw products. The CBD oil that is in use in the products of the company is extracted using the CO2 method of extraction. The CBD oil is although sourced from Amsterdam.

CBD oil is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Chemical is mixed with organic MCT coconut oil. The presence of this very oil adds a tea-like taste to the CBD oil. This is the seed to shelf making it organic while giving the raw benefits of the chemical. Cannabis products create products after making it undergo various tests. The product samples are sent to SC labs and other kinds of California-based labs.

6. CBD Drip Company

When vape industry veterans expanded to the CBD sector, CBD Drip was formed. It helps to meet the rising demands of the buyers. This is achieved by providing them with hemp-based wellness products.

CBD Drip is the wholesale subsidiary of the parent company Eco Sciences. The entire mission of the CBD brand is to bring the best possible innovations in the case of CBD products.

They create homemade formulations with products. This includes items such as your CBD isolate (99%) and distillate hemp extract (85%). It should be noted that both are in bulk. The company also did an active effort to incorporate customer feedback. They trying to best improve their products. This is mainly to make them fit the needs and preferences of the customers. Also, claims are made by the company of its buyer actually feeling a positive change. This is in their overall health. Just like the other CBD brands mentioned above – 

CBD Drip can get products that are of quality and at cheaper prices.

7. Lazarus Naturals

Famous in the cannabis industry for its high-quality CBD oil and its products, Lazarus Naturals needs no introduction. The products sold by the company are also quite affordable as well. This CBD brand creates a huge variety of CBD oil products where it is based in Washington. The brand also sources these products.

Lazarus Naturals offers a customer service program as well. Under this program, people facing various difficulties can get access to quality CBD oil. That also without making them feel like the product is out of their budget. This ensures that people with –

– low income, 

– veterans, or 

– those on disability 

The entire purpose of Lazarus Naturals is to make CBD products available to every person. Especially, those people who are suffering from issues. And, can use CBD oil to improve their health and wellbeing.

This CBD brand does not make any false claims about its products as well. It believes in full transparency and even follows them in their daily business practices. The products of the company are organic. In addition to this, the products are also third-party tested and certified. The products sold by Lazarus Naturals can be enjoyed by vegans. As such, a lot of people can include CBD products in their daily lives.

8. Nature’s Best CBD

Nature’s Best CBD is one of the CBD brands functioning on a global scale. Offering a wide range of products, every item is infused with extra virgin CBD oil. To be more precise, the CBD oil is pure and of great quality as well. They pride in the high-grade and ultra high-grade hemp that they use for their products. Nature’s Best CBD take full responsibility for their products too. A lot of CBD users trust this brand.

With a 30-day risk-free purchase, Nature’s Best CBD has a buyer-centric module. Any buyer who is not happy with the received product can return it. The CBD brand will issue them a full refund as well. Not a lot of companies offer this facility to their buyers.

The company claims that the hemp oil that was sold by them is different from the regular hemp oil. This is because the industrial hemp strain is grown by Nature’s Best CBD themselves. The brand takes care to ensure that it has a spike having a high strain of hemp. 

At the moment, customers can buy the following products:

– CBD oils

– capsules, and 

– topicals 

– Lip balms

– Pet products

Nature’s Best CBD also has a very well laid out website. The CBD brand has clear dosage and uses instructions with every item that they sell. The products are organic and non-GMO. This, in turn, makes them perfect for vegans as well. This brand is also fully Kosher and cruelty-free. Being extracted from the hemp plants, the brand uses excellent quality CBD oil. Also, the hemp plants are grown in very good growing conditions. 

Nature’s Best CBD also takes care to ensure that no THC traces are found in the products sold by them. Buyers will never have to worry about using intoxicating products. In other words, they will not experience euphoria.

The company claims that products sold by them can help people suffering from inflammation, arthritis, and anxiety. In addition to this, pain, seizures also fall under its jurisdiction. Patients of spasms and psychosis are also their target buyers. 

9. We The People Hemp (WTP Hemp) Company

WTP Hemp or We the People Hemp have been functioning in the CBD industry for a lot of time now. By providing a higher quality of products, it has become very popular among the masses. The products offered by the company to its buyers employ quality ingredients.

There are a lot of reasons why the CBD oil sold by WTP Hemp is one of the best in the entire industry. Firstly, the mother hemp plants used by the company is grown in the best possible conditions. The company takes care to ensure that the organic factor remains as well. Secondly, the hemp plants are fully grown within the United States of America. Thirdly, the company uses the supercritical CO2 nanoemulsion extraction method for its CBD oil. 

In this method, the CBD oil particles are broken down into tiny oil droplets. And as a result of the tiny size, the bioavailability of the CBD oil increases. And, this increase is up to 97 percent which is very rare. It should be noted that the size of these CBD oil particles is up to 4 to 200 times smaller than the CBD oil particle size offered by WTP hemp’s rivals.

Fourthly, the CBD brand has always put their buyers first. The main aim is to provide them with CBD products that will fulfill their needs and wants. Fifthly, WTP Hemp also has a 24 x 7 helpline number available for the buyers. The buyers can call the helpline to clear their doubts at any time. The staff operating the helpline is both polite and friendly.

At the moment, this CBD brand has four products on offer. They sell products such as CBD tinctures and CBD capsules. Also, CBD gummy bears and CBD skin creams are available for purchase. Every product is employs the use of superior quality CBD oil. The other added ingredients are also really good for health.

Sixthly, WTP Hemp has an excellent return policy. Maybe even one of the best on the list.

Buyers who are not happy with the product received by him or her can avail of a full refund. The only thing that they need to do is to contact WTP Hemp about it. The company might also replace the product, no questions asked. So, even on the list, WTP Hemp is definitely a little higher on the ladder in comparison to the other CBD brands on the list. You can get quality CBD goods at really affordable prices. A win-win situation for every buyer, for sure.

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