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Oils The Truth About CBD Oil In South Dakota: Is CBD Oil Legal in South Dakota?

You must be wondering the reason why you are coming across the word “CBD“ whenever you are reading about wonder drugs. Well, to put it simply, CBD may very well be a wonder drug. 

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural chemical compound. It is found growing in the Cannabis Sativa plant. The biggest reason for CBD’s popularity is the innumerable health benefits that it owns. And we kid you not, you will be left shocked after you read the health issues that CBD can actively help cure.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory element. It is due to this property that it can treat chronic pain. It reduces inflammation in the target area. The pain signals being sent off by the inflamed tissues are weakened by CBD. CBD topicals are perfect to treat chronic pain.

CBD oil in South Dakota. Is CBD oil legal in South Dakota.

The chemical is also an anti-depressant. It helps to improve the mood of the user. It can reduce anxiety and depression levels after continued consumption. Its secrets the production of serotonin in the body and helps to relax the brain.

Severe health conditions like cancer and heart attacks can also be controlled by CBD use. High cholesterol and obesity patients should immediately start using CBD products. The main result of this is that they’re very effective in reducing it.

CBD helps to improve sleep quality by regulating sleep patterns. It can help to build up the appetite of users as well. In addition to all this, CBD removes dead cells in the body. It promotes the creation of newer, stronger cells. The chemical helps replace old bone material with new bone material. This is the main reason why CBD users can recuperate faster when they suffer from broken bones.

Shocked, right? We told you so. This is not enough. Scientists have not found any confirmed side-effects too upon CBD consumption. There is there may be cases of drowsiness or nausea but it is rare. Even the intensity of fatigue or other issues is negligent.

Why Is CBD Not Recognised By The Government If It Is So Beneficial To The Human Body?

Considering the positive effect that CBD has on the human body, there are many doubts. Many people questioned why has the government lauded it. The main reason for this is the lack of detailed research in the CBD field. Just a few years ago, cannabis items including CBD had many limitations placed on their use and sale. This even prevented the carrying out of any research on CBD. The research that did take place was mostly done on animals like mice. Recently, a handful of studies have been carried out on human beings.

And, they have found favorable results for CBD but it is still not enough. Experts have commented on the lack of proper clinical research. We do not have information available on the long-term effects of CBD. This is also why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized CBD as a dietary supplement. It has also not issued any guidelines on the correct dose amounts of CBD products.

The agency is awaiting accurate research to know about the chemical in its entirety. We can expect things to change very soon in this regard. With hemp being made legal, scientists have already started researching CBD. Till now the studies have proved the efficiency of CBD to treat certain health conditions. We only need to get them a few years more to fully grasp the true potential of the CBD chemical.

Why Were There Restrictions Placed On CBD Oil?

There are around 80 cannabinoids growing in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Out of them, the two most prominent chemicals are CBD and THC. As they are found in the same mother plant, many people tend to assume that CBD and THC at the same. They could not have been more wrong.

The THC chemical is a psychoactive compound. It alters the state of consciousness of the user upon consumption. It stimulates the release of dopamine in the body. The mental and physical activities of the users are influenced. This is due to the intoxicating nature of the chemical. It is due to this reason that many people consider THC as undesirable. But, the THC chemical is not all bad. Like the  CBD chemical, THC can give many health benefits for users.

It can reduce stress and improve the brain activity of the user. It can fight anxiety, depression, and cancer. The health benefits are more or less similar to CBD, just with the risk of euphoria for its users. 

The Entourage Effect

as mentioned above, THC and CBD can greatly benefit the user‘s health. Many expert cannabis users combine multiple cannabinoids. This reaction is termed as the “entourage effect.” By combining them, the positive effects of the cannabinoid are amplified. This increases the efficacy of the resulting product to treat health conditions. Full Spectrum CBD oil and Broad Spectrum CBD oil are a few examples of oils created under this very effect. CBD isolate can never compare to the potency of this type of CBD oil. Even when the amount of isolate is increased, they will never be able to match the efficiency of CBD Full Spectrum.

So, Is CBD Still In The Illegal In The United States Of America?

And to answer your question, no. It is not illegal anymore. But, the answer is not in black and white. There are certain ones attached to the legal status of the CBD chemical in the country.

In 2014, the United States of America passed the Farm Bill. This bill allowed American citizens to grow and cultivate hemp throughout the country. It even allowed the use of hemp-derived products. In other words, CBD oil when derived from the hemp plant became federally legal.

There was just a single condition attached to this. The total THC content in the CBD oil should not exceed 0.3 percent by dry weight in order to be deemed legal. If this condition was satisfied, CBD oil and its product would be fully legal throughout the country. Otherwise, the user can face legal troubles. 

There is still a trick to this.

As the legalization was only recently done, there is still a discrepancy. There there are certain states that have fully embraced CBD. Then there are also states that still have many restrictions on CBD products. States like Nebraska, Idaho, and South Dakota do not allow free retail and use of CBD by their citizens. Many states have allowed recreational use. These states have even made the medicinal use of CBD by their people fully legal.

But, few states only allow the medical use of cannabis products. Its citizens need to get a medical card in order to use or hold CBD products. Even so, we can expect things to change very soon. The demand for CBD products is showing no signs of slowing down. The government has to take quick steps to fill in the gaps.

CBD, as a chemical, is not harmful at all. In fact, it is an organic treatment that is easy on the pockets. So, things will be favorable for CBD products. At least it looks so until now and in the near future.

Is CBD Oil Legal Or Illegal In The State Of South Dakota?

South Dakota has always had an extremist view where CBD oil products were concerned. Even in regards to the upcoming marijuana law, there is no change. The state of Dakota still has an apprehensive and strict policy ruling. Unlike North Dakota, South Dakota has always had a very conservative view towards CBD oil.

Whether the legal status of CBD is concerned, South Dakota is one of the few states that hasn’t allowed its use. Both, the recreational and medical use of CBD is not sanctioned by the state laws. If the citizens of the state are found to hold are use CBD products then they will face adverse charges. These people will be treated as drug offenders. In fact, the prosecution and finalization of such people are very harsh. In the year 2018, a Ballot Initiative was submitted for voting in November. But, unfortunately, this initiative was ruled out. The reason for this was the lack of valid signatures to help it will be allowed into the Ballot.

But, as we know, the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill made CBD oil derived from the hemp plant federally legal. South Dakota had to take measures to reflect these changes as well. The state allows CBD oil products derived from the Hampton that we use to buy its citizens. Even then, there is stringency on the use and retail of such products. There is a confusion with this law is concerned in the state. Even the dispensaries have had trouble getting CBD products on their shelves. 

The Stance Of The State On Cannabis Products Like Marijuana

We have already mentioned above that there are two uses of cannabis products for pain. One use is either recreational use or the other one is medicinal use. South Dakota does not permit the recreational use of marijuana within its place. Citizens are taking a greater risk if they decide to do otherwise. But, CBD oil will be legal in the state. The recreational use of CBD oil is permitted if the THC content in it is below 0.3 percent.

The same goes for the use of medical marijuana in the state. It is not legal to hold or sell medical marijuana. Consuming is also totally out of the question. The stringency of this law even extends to not allow people to gift marijuana for medicinal use. We have already spoken about the Ballot Initiative of November 2018. The secretary of state had announced that this initiative had failed to qualify for the Ballot. 

If this proposal would have been passed and it would have been great for the South Dakota people. It would have allowed patients suffering from certain medical issues to avail of medical marijuana. Many diagnose conditions were put up to be qualified for this. Some of these medical conditions are listed below

1. Cancer

2. HIV

3. Epilepsy


5. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

6. Crohn’s disease

7. Glaucoma

8. Endometriosis

9. Ulcerative colitis

10. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

11. Irritable bowel syndrome

12. Hepatitis C

13. Agitation of Alzheimer’s disease patients

14. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

In addition to this, if any medical issues had chronic symptoms then there were provisions for that too. Even these issues would have been considered a severe medical condition.

The symptoms were:

1. Severe nausea

2. Seizures

3. Severe muscle spasms

4. Problems having features of Multiple Sclerosis

5. Wasting syndrome or Cachexia 

The 2018 Ballot Initiative joined the other failed medical marijuana legislation policies. Initiative 4 of 2006 and Initiative 13 of 2010 are some of these examples. Even the South Dakota Medical Marijuana Initiative of 2016 was not passed. 

Overall, the legal status of selling and owning CBD oil in South Dakota is still unclear. With the change in the state law has resulted in utter confusion. In March 2019, South Dakota’s State Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg issued a statement. It stated that said industrial hemp and all forms of cannabis oil would remain illegal. According to him, CBD oil still fell under the definition of marijuana. Now here comes the confusing part.

Some of the attorneys of the state have stated that they will not prosecute cases where hemp is there. Even CBD oil use will not be prosecuted. This may be in the new of the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized him and its products like CBD oil.

Experts say that that the recent changes in the law have left a gap in the framework of the laws on controlled substances. This, in turn, has left the legal status of CBD oil open to interpretation. If so, at the moment, the state is reviewing all cases involving CBD oil on a case by case basis.

By allowing Senate Bill 95 in the year 2017, the state of South Dakota approved of three things. The first section of the bill changes the definition of marijuana. Now the definition excludes cannabidiol from it. This meant that the penalization for marijuana does not apply for CBD users and sellers. Section 2 of the bill would now recognize CBD as a Schedule 4 controlled substance. But, this will be applicable only in the state of South Dakota. Then, as a result of the passing of these two sections, CBD products are would only be protected if they are approved by the FDA.

And, they have to be prescribed by a physician stating that the patient needs to consume CBD oil. Now, the FDA has approved Epidiolex medicine.  This medicine is currently the only CBD oil product that is legally available in South Dakota. This medicine is an oromucosal CBD spray. And, is used in the treatment of intractable epilepsies in the United States of America.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil In South Dakota?

South Dakota has still not approved the sale of CBD products in that state. Once this is made legal in the city it would be better for you to opt for online CBD brands. These online brands are way safer and convenient to place your CBD orders from. Considering that South Dakota had placed so many restrictions on CBD products, there can be problems. The state will take time for quality CBD stores to pop up.

We The People Hemp for WTP Hemp is one such company. You can be assured of great quality products which are worth every penny of yours.  The company uses a supercritical CO2 nanoemulsion extraction technology to derive its CBD oil. This ensures that the CBD oil is pure and free from any additions. Also, it uses the hemp plant for its CBD products. The mother plant is fully grown within the United States of America. The mother hemp plant is also grown in first grade conditions.

This greatly improves its overall quality and make it more beneficial. It is due to this reason as well that the CBD oil of the company is one of the best in the business. You can avail of a variety of products like CBD gummies and CBD essential oils. CBD capsules and CBD is king and products are also available. These products contain a good concentration of CBD in their products.

The company also makes the products available to their buyers at cheaper prices. It does not make any false claims and strives to give quality items always. It should also be noted that CBD oil containing 0.3 percent THC can be mailed to the state of South Dakota. Though, careful measures need to be taken if you do decide to get CBD products mailed. It is better to consult an expert on this.

Even so, this is in the future. But this is very near, for sure. With the great demand for CBD products, it only makes sense that the supply has to be effected. We say give this few years more time. And, then you will be able to use CBD oil products that are fully legally in your state.

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