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Edibles America’s Obsession: CBD Gummies For Anxiety. The Truth

In the year 2018, the third- Googled food word was “CBD Gummies.” We are talking about the whole of the United States of America trying to find whatever information they can find on CBD and CBD gummies especially! You can only imagine the rising popularity of these products.

CBD gummy bears are little bite-sized gummy bears only. But the only difference is the gummies have infused a chemical called CBD.

CBD has had an amazing journey in recent years. From being mostly unheard of, the cannabinoid (as it is scientifically known as) has become a must-have a product. It has relaxing and therapeutic properties which can make you calm and stress- free. It is also great for your visceral and psychological health. CBD can also reduce the risks in case of illnesses like depression, heart attacks and so on. You must have heard about them from your friends, stoner or non-stoner. In today’s world of hustle-bustle, just one CBD gummy bear can help you unwind after a long day’s work.

Read on as we navigate through the world of CBD. And of course, CBD gummy bears.

Let’s Get Acquainted With CBD And Other Things Related To It.

Before proceeding to CBD gummies, we need to understand CBD and its working.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical constituent found growing in a marijuana plant or industrial Hemp. It is a naturally occurring chemical that has a host of benefits. It can work wonders for your general wellness. It can treat anxiety, depression and other diseases to a great extent.

More than 80 chemicals are found growing the marijuana plant. Normally people associate the state of euphoria with CBD but that should not be the case. CBD is a non-hallucinogenic chemical and the extracted oil is called the CBD oil.

With everybody boarding the CBD plane, this wonder medication is not going anywhere. Definitely not in the near future.

What Is The Difference Between CBD And THC?

The “high” that is affiliated with the cannabis plant is actually from another chemical. This chemical is also found growing with CBD.

THC or Delta (9)-tetrahydrocannabinol is that chemical.

This chemical is a psychoactive element the consumption of which can produce a high for the user. Now, this chemical latches on to the CB1 receptors. THC triggers the release dopamine as well. It is due to these reasons that smoking marijuana affects cognitive functions like movement and thinking. The chemical, similar to CBD, helps provide many health benefits. It can reduce high levels of stress, anxiety, and nausea. Pain relief is another pro of using the THC chemical.

Talking about similarities, CBD and THC are structurally similar. This is because they have the same mother plant which is why buyers think they are one chemical. The second similarity is that they can treat a variety of health conditions as well.

The main difference though is the psychoactive nature of one chemical and not the other. One is not federally legal while the other is. The former, in both cases, is THC while the latter is CBD.

Fun Fact:

We now know that both the chemicals, CBD and THC possess health benefits. Users are actively combining both the chemicals which creates a strong reaction. The mixing heightens the effects of both the chemicals making it quite potent. This reaction is called the “Entourage Effect.” As the resulting product is quite strong, it is advisable to visit a professional before trying it. Do not try medicating dosage by yourself.

How Do CBD Products Taste?

CBD has a strong taste which is not very pleasant. Naturally, its products have the same taste. In the case of CBD gummies though, the users do not face this problem. They can enjoy a fruity or sweet taste due to the added natural flavors. Some companies may also add artificial flavoring too.

Is CBD Safe For You?

The government approved agency, the Food and Drug Association (FDA)has not fully embraced CBD. It still has not recognized the chemical as a dietary supplement.

Yet, that does not mean CBD is unsafe. It is 100 percent safe and does not cause side effects on the user. Since there is still a need for extensive research, it has not been fully recognized.

The buyer needs to be careful when buying CBD infused products. It is important to buy from reputed brands to ensure high- quality goods are received. Also, it is advisable to visit a physician to chalk out the dosage regarding the same. They can also help determine the correct method of CBD intake.

Has CBD Been Made Legal?

Initially, CBD was not legal, there is no doubting that. But with the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill, growing hemp throughout the United States of America has been made federally legal. By definition, CBD extracted from Hemp Seed Oil that has less than 0.3 percent THC content by dry weight is federally legal.

But the state laws are a whole other matter.

Every state has the right to set and practice their own policy. As this legalization is relatively new, not all the states are up for it. There are some states that have completely legalized both, recreational and medicinal use. There are states that have accepted the medicinal use of CBD. However, there are also states like South Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho that make it illegal. Yes, even if the THC content is less than 0.3 percent.

You can contact different organizations to get more detailed information on state laws. Better to be safe than in trouble.

Will I Get High After Using CBD Or Its Products?

As explained above, you cannot get high on the consumption of CBD and its products. To get high, the elements need to psychoactive which CBD is not.

Will I Pass A Drug Test After Using CBD Or CBD Products?

Of course, CBD does not have any traces of THC greater than 0.3 percent. People can fail drug tests when the THC level in their bloodstream is more than the permissible percentage (0.3). This is why CBD users should not face any such problems.

Why Is CBD Derived From Hemp Plants Mostly?

The cannabis Sativa plant has two variations – Hemp and Marijuana. Now, both of them contain CBD, just that the percentage is higher in Hemp. Furthermore, the traces of THC are higher in the case of the marijuana plant. This is why CBD is usually extracted from the hemp plant. There is also a difference between Hemp oil and CBD oil. CBD oil contains CBD and in the case of Full- spectrum CBD oil, it contains cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Hemp oil, however, does not.

The Ways In Which You Can Include CBD As A Part Of Your Daily Lifestyle

As the interest in all things CBD is booming globally, the customer has the advantage of enjoying a wide array of CBD products available to them. Each product type is designed keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the CBD buyer.

Here’s a complete list of products under broad category method heads to help you choose more efficiently.

The main methods by which a CBD customer can try CBD oils are as follows:

–    The Ingestion Method

–    The Smoking/ Vaping Method

–    Topicals Method of CBD Consumption

–    Transdermal Patches

The CBD Ingestion Method

The ingestion method, as the name suggests, requires products to be digested. Here, the CBD products come in contact with the inner body systems like the digestive system. This includes edibles like gummy bears, CBD oil pills for pain and capsules. Essential oils, coffee, and creamers also fall under this head. The main advantage of this method is that it is extremely convenient and can be taken on- the- go. More traditional than their counterparts, ingestible products facilitate dosage control.

In the case of tinctures, the buyer can place two to three drops directly under the tongue, using a dropper. The essential oil is then absorbed into the bloodstream. For CBD capsules, depending on the health problem, one to three capsules should help the user feel better. Capsules are simple to take and non-fussy. As for drink products like coffee and creamers, the user can replace their regular products with the CBD infused one. The dosage for these products remains more or less the same.

Coming to the most popular ingestion method – CBD gummies. Gummy bears are sweet-flavored CBD treats made for everyone. It is a child-friendly product that has a host of benefits. If the user is feeling chronic pain or anxiety, just chewing one unit of the product will make him feel better. Thought the onset time of these products is a little longer, the soothing sensations also last longer. These products do not cause any harm to the lungs. The shelf life of the products is considerably long and these are not that expensive as well.

The CBD Smoking/ Vaping Method

The reason why smoking and vaping is so popular is due to the familiarity the user feels with it. Vape pens and flowers usually fall under this category. CBD smoking is not at all similar to nicotine. Having said that, vaping may still affect your lungs harshly.

Vape pens are actually e-cigarettes. They contain a CBD e-liquid which is homogenous and has a smooth texture. This helps to make the vaping more refined. The biggest advantage of the vaping method is that the onset period is the shortest. The user can feel the calming sensations within minutes. But these effects fade out faster as well. Some places have made smoking and vaping illegal publicly. The cost of the vapes is not that hard on the pocket. This method is more preferable when the user wants fast relief and does not mind smoking.

Topicals Method Of CBD Consumption

CBD Topicals usually refer to skin creams, lotions, gels and balms which have CBD oil. Brands specially designed them so that they can be absorbed into the skin. The user can directly apply the topicals on the affected area. The CBD oil seeps through the skin membrane and starts working. It provides relief from ache and joint pains in the most effective manner.

This is an external method of CBD intake which is quite hygienic. The CBD does not come in contact with the body’s liver at all. The relief sensations under this method can be felt for three to four hours. Body hair if the user can be a con but then it is negligible. Topicals are perfect for muscle pulls and other discomforts. Some cases have even found it to reduce skin cancer risks.

CBD Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches are still not very common with the masses. It is a fairly new product in the market. These products involve the continuous release of CBD in small amounts into the bloodstream.

This is the longest-lasting method of them all. The relief sensations actually last for a very long time. We are talking about days here. We can expect more supply of the patches very soon as the potential here is high. Again, this is an external method of CBD consumption which makes it more preferable for some buyers.

So, these are the main methods through which customers can try using CBD. The price, keeping in mind the rising competition, is fair. Excellent quality products can be availed at good prices. In addition to variety, CBD companies are offering the products is different flavors as well.

But What Is CBD Gummy Bears Exactly?

CBD gummies are the usual candy that is infused with CBD oil. They maintain their attractive exterior and delicious taste. There CBD treats can help treat migraines, depression and chronic pain problems. Also, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be controlled as well.

The CBD companies design the products to make them child-friendly and easy to use. For the flavor, companies may use artificial additions. Mostly for natural products, real fruit juice is employed. The gum-like texture of the products can be contributed to the presence of gelatin in them. To make them vegan- friendly, companies can replace gelatin with pectin. The former is made from animals while the latter is made from plant matter.

Another plus point of these products is their long shelf life. Depending on the ingredients used, these gummy bears can be stored for six to twelve months.

Gummy bear products are very popular with CBD users. The main reason is its aptness for younger users. You see in the case of younger children and teenagers’ pills and smoking methods are not preferable. Even when people are not cured of the correct dosage, these gummies can be used as only a singular unit can give results.

Gummy bears with their simple look and effective properties can help treat them without the added complications. Usually, these products are organic, with zero THC in them. The companies are offering the products in lots of variations too. Customers can make their choice from CBD gummy, CBD gummy bears, CBD gummy worms, and CBD gumdrops. These products are also quite cheap making them a good alternative to their counterparts.

What Is The Correct CBD Gummies Dose?

As mentioned above, CBD Gummies are infused with CBD oil. These can be consumed for recreational and medicinal purposes. Social and general wellness can also see the positive effect of these CBD products.

Now, when we consume any CBD product orally, the bioavailability of these products is nearly just 6 percent. That is why the oral method of CBD is less effective on the body when compared to the topical and sublingual CBD methods. This is because the product gets in contact with the body’s digestive system, etc. There occurs a first-pass metabolism which reduces the total amount of CBD available to the user’s body.

Now, to increase the potency of oral medication, the user needs to higher his/ her dose. In short, the user needs to increase the serving size of these products to notice admirable effects. In the case of CBD products, this should not be a problem as they are cheap and made of non-hazardous ingredients. Usually, companies employ the use of CBD isolate, CBD concentrate and CBD Hemp oil to make these delicious candies. Consult an expert to sort out a proper CBD intake regime to get the maximum benefit from the product.

Bottom Line On CBD Gummies Products

We have already seen the various health benefits that can be availed by consuming CBD and its products. Gummy bears with their amazing flavor and colorful candy looks make this entire prospect even more appealing. From the consumer’s point of view, you get a highly efficient product with excellent quality ingredients. All at quite an economical price. You can regulate your mental, physical and neurological health through correct use. So, we say this is definitely a great buy.

But the method which is the aptest for you depends on you, the customer. Choose a product that is suitable to your needs and preferences. If you want to save time and want something convenient, go for edibles. If you do not want to make any changes, just replace your usual coffee powder with the CBD one. If you want something age-appropriate and has a delicious flavor then CBD gummy bear is the product for you. If you want instant relief and do not mind smoking, vapes should be on your list. You see, it is your call. Talk to an expert regarding the correct dosage and then buy a product. Decide what you want depending on your desires and your budget. It is your completely call!

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