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Oils The Most Potent CBD Oil: Simple Guide

There has finally come a time where people are aware of what CBD is. Or, they have at least heard about the chemical. The reason why this is huge is that CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant.

The restrictions that are usually linked with cannabis does not really need to be pointed out. There is still a lot of stigma surrounding the element up to this date. You can use CBD oil in different ways to improve your help. What is the most potent CBD oil?

You can smoke CBD and you can topically apply CBD to your skin. Or, you may just directly ingest it with the help of CBD edibles or CBD tinctures. In fact, there are even CBD bath bombs available in the market that can make your bath luxurious as well as restorative.

Having said this, the entire apex of enjoying CBD is when it is potent. If you use lower quality CBD oil, you will not feel any change to your health. It is very important for you to have access to good quality CBD oil to make your life better. And, your body healthier.

The only way that you can truly find out the integrity and potency of CBD oil is with the help of third-party test analysis.

Now, third-party test analysis is quite an elaborate concept. Since it has a wide scope, there are a couple of no answers linked with it as well. Read on as we discuss ways to make sure you get the most potent CBD oil for use.

First Things First, What Do We Mean By CBD Oil?

First Things First, What Do We Mean By CBD Oil?

The CBD chemical is different from CBD oil. The chemical is the extract that is sourced from the cannabis Sativa plant. Whereas, when the extracted chemical is mixed with carrier oils, we get CBD oil.

The CBD chemical is an organic chemical cannabinoid. It has an anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant effect. These effects along with the fact that it is therapeutic, CBD can help maintain your physical and mental well-being. Also, your neurological health can be effectively looked after by the CBD chemical.

If you take into account cannabis in general, the concept is quite interesting. The cannabis Sativa plant contains around 80 to 200 types of chemical cannabinoids. Each one of these cannabinoids has its own characteristics and traits.

The two most prominent chemicals that are found in these plants are CBD and THC. The CBD chemical is a non-intoxicating element. But, the THC chemical is a psychoactive element. In other words, when you consume THC in higher amounts, you will experience a state of euphoria. But, when you use CBD, you do not have to worry about losing control of your mental or physical functions.

THC also alters the cognitive functioning of the user. It stimulates the production of dopamine in the body as well. On the other hand, CBD will directly affect your brain but it was not be intoxicating it.

The Two Types of Cannabis Sativa Species

The cannabis Sativa plant can be of two types. These two types are the hemp plant and the marijuana plant.

Just like the cannabinoids, these plants have different features. Now, when the CBD chemical is extracted from these plants, it will reflect features that were similar to the mother plant. Read on as we discuss this in more detail below.

  1. The Hemp Plant or Industrial Hemp

The hemp plant has a greater concentration of the CBD chemical. It contains the THC chemical too. But, it is mostly negligible being below 0.3 percent.

  1. The Marijuana Plant

The marijuana plant has a greater concentration of the TSC chemical. It is a simile chemical that is on the lower side of this plant. So, overall this plant is psychoactive in nature. This is different in comparison to the hemp plant which is non-psychoactive with the predominance of CBD.

When the CBD chemical is extracted from the hemp plant, it will have a greater concentration of CBD. The total traces of THC in this extract will always be below 0.3 percent. On the other hand, when the CBD chemical is derived from the marijuana plant, it will have a greater concentration of the psychoactive THC.

The Entourage Effect Involving Cannabinoids

Before you assume that THC is a harmful chemical, let us stop you right there. The THC chemical is actually a good chemical for your body. When you use it, you can improve your mood and restore lost appetite. The other advantage of using THC is a reduction in nausea and even cancer risks.

Keeping this in mind, cannabis users work intrigued to mix different cannabinoids together. As a result of this combination, the overall potency and efficiency of the cannabinoids became even greater. This is because every individual trait is amplified as a result of this combination. This combination reaction is known as the entourage effect.

There are two most common products formed under this reaction. The first product is the Full Spectrum CBD oil. This CBD oil contains a mixture of cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and others. The second CBD oil that is formed under the entourage effect is the Broad Spectrum CBD oil. This oil contains cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes but not the THC chemical.

In terms of potency, the amplified CBD oils will always be more powerful when you compare it to CBD isolate.

You see, CBD isolates only contain the CBD chemical. Any other presence of chemicals or cannabinoids is fully absent. In fact, when you increase the dose amounts of CBD isolate, it will still not be able to match the potency of Full Spectrum CBD oil. Or, Broad Spectrum CBD oil.

The CBD oil is formed under the entourage effect has a sort of “team effort.“ Also, it is logical for a product that contains multiple powerful cannabinoids to be more potent in comparison to a single cannabinoid.

Why Do You Need To Buy CBD Products That Have Been Third-Party Tested And Analyzed?

Why Do You Need To Buy CBD Products That Have Been Third-Party Tested And Analyzed?

We have already mentioned about the factors and answers involved when you are talking about CBD potency. Finding out the authenticity and integrity of CBD oil can be a daunting task. After all, there are just so many things that you have to cover!

Third-party lab test analysis makes determining the potency of the CBD chemical easy. Way easy.

Third-party labs do not have any bias for the CBD brands that send their product samples to them. As a result of this, you can trust the findings and conclusions that they publish on the side. The tests are most certainly trustworthy and reliable.

The next thing that we would like to point out is that CBD brands do not need by law to get their products tested and certified. The only reason that it does this is to build a relationship of trust between their buyers and themselves. This is also an example that showcases their business model which is focused around the buyer.

It is important for the CBD brand to be transparent about its functioning and products. In terms of products, every single ingredient used by the company to create it should be clearly mentioned on its label.

Not only will this help to create a healthy and trustworthy relationship between the brand and the buyer. But, it will also promote the same across the CBD sector.

Here are the advantages that you can get by opting for products that have a third party tested.

1. Finding Out the Potency of the CBD Oil

Lab tests are important because you get a complete and detailed analysis of the CBD chemical. In fact, the entire CBD product is carefully observed and tested.

The first thing that you can find out is the total concentration of the CBD chemical in the product. The higher the strength of the product, the more potent and powerful it will be. In addition to the concentration, the quality of the CBD chemical is also very important. This will facilitate the easy differentiation between the potency of the CBD oil from ineffective CBD oil.

You can also find out the traces of the other cannabinoids that are present in the product. When we take into account Full Spectrum CBD oil and Broad Spectrum CBD oil, this becomes useful.

2. Finding Out Whether There are Any Other Chemicals or Additions Made to the CBD Oil

One of the biggest reasons why CBD is so popular is because of the organic factor. For this, it is important that the plant should not be subjected to chemicals and pesticides.

Now, we are not saying that they should not be absolutely any trace of pesticides or homicides in the product. But, these places should always be on the negligible side. Only when this is ensured will the oil be safe for use. This is because higher amounts of herbicides and pesticides can have a negative effect on the health of the user.

3. To Determine the Type of CBD Oil Used in a Particular CBD Product

We have already given you a brief introduction to the types of CBD oil. At the moment, there are three types. These include the following.

  1. a) Full Spectrum CBD oil
  2. b) Broad Spectrum CBD oil
  3. c) CBD Isolate

CBD isolates only consists of the CBD chemical. This, in turn, makes it the purest version of CBD oil. The other to CBD oils are a combination of different cannabinoids. The only difference is that THC is present in one CBD oil. And, it is not present in the other (Broad Spectrum CBD oil)

The other cannabinoids that these oils contain include CBG, CBGA, CBC, and THCA. The exact presence of the THC chemical can also help you determine the legal status of the CBD oil. This should always be below 0.3 percent.

Your Guide To Analyzing A Third-Party Test Analysis Report

Your Guide To Analyzing A Third-Party Test Analysis Report

We have already stressed the importance of third-party lab testing. Now, let us discuss the terms that you will see whenever you open every lab report.

Understanding what you see on a lab report is important. Otherwise, you will not be able to differentiate between high-quality CBD oil from lower quality CBD oil. If you are not aware of any particular term, make sure that you search the internet for it.

1. CBD

Of course, you should look for CBD in a CBD product! It would most certainly be ironic for the CBD chemical to not be present in the product.

You see, there is another reason why Finding the CBD concentration becomes important. There are many CBD brands that make false claims regarding the total to CBD traces in a product.

Since the concentration of CBD in a product will be clearly highlighted in the report, you can check these claims. If you find any CBD brand making false claims, it would be better to skip the product altogether.

For the most accurate results, we would advise you to make sure that the unit of measurement is uniform. For example, if a CBD brand has stated the CBD concentration in mg, make sure that the lap test results are also in mg. Otherwise, you can always convert it too.

2. THC

Knowing the total concentration of the THC chemical in a product is important to find out the status of the product.

As per the American law, the THC traces in CBD oil should not exceed more than 0.3 percent. Failure to meet this condition wherein render the product as illegal in the eyes of the law. People who are found with products that are not in accordance with this law may end up falling in trouble.

It is better for the CBD products to contain THC traces below the ceiling percentage.

3. Other Smaller Cannabinoids Present in the CBD Oil

In the case of Full Spectrum CBD oil or Broad Spectrum CBD oil, there will be other cannabinoids present as well. With the help of these lab tests, you will be able to find out what type of CBD oil is used by the CBD brand.

These cannabinoids include CBN, CBG, and CBGA. On seeing the lab tests, you will find that he’s cannabinoids present in negligible amounts. But, to increase the overall potency of the CBD oil, we do need these cannabinoids even in tiny amounts.

The presence of cannabinoids is also indicative of the fact that there was no force for removal during the CBD extraction process. This helps to maintain the effectiveness of the CBD chemical, which can be useful for the human body.

4. Pesticides and Herbicides

The total level in which pesticides and herbicides are present in the CBD product is crucial. If pesticides and herbicides are present in higher amounts, it can be harmful to the health of the user. You will be able to find out whether a particular CBD product is hazardous or not this way.

Try to always opt for CBD products that have negligible traces of pesticides and herbicides. The reason this is important is that the excessive presence of pesticides and herbicides can have a damaging effect on the endocrine system of the user.

5. Microbes

If you find even a tiny presence of microbial organisms in your CBD oil, skip it.

Microbes are tiny living organisms. The most common examples of microbes include salmonella and E. coli. If you consume products that contain microbes, you will fall sick. Keeping this in mind, you should always invest in products that are of high-quality with no microbes present

Takeaway Thoughts

Takeaway Thoughts: Most Potent CBD Oil

To conclude, these are the different ways in which you can find out the potency of the CBD chemical. While consuming CBD isolate is good for your health. But, if you want a more powerful and effective product, it would be better to opt for the amplified version of CBD oils.

Now, due to the increased efficiency of Full of Spectrum CBD oil. And, Broad Spectrum CBD oil  you should always schedule an appointment with your doctor or physician. Consuming these chemicals in wrong amounts may have a negative effect on your health. This may make you feel lethargic, drowsy or nauseous.

Having said this, after you to get access to good quality CBD oil, half the battle is already won. The only thing that you need to figure out next is the optimal dosage. Just like the quality of CBD oil, consuming CBD oil in the right amount is as important. Under the guidance of a doctor or physician, you do not need to worry about using the CBD oil products in the wrong amount.

Please do not try to self-medicate yourself whenever you are dealing with CBD. While CBD is most certainly a safe chemical. There might be times when people are allergic to it. If any person who is allergic to CBD and up consuming at, he or she needs to be instantly rushed to the hospital.

Just remember to keep these pointers in mind and you do not need to worry about anything else. At least, health-wise.

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