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Creams CBD Skin Care Products: Newest Trend

It is very difficult to not be familiar or to at least not have heard of the term CBD from somewhere or the other. CBD and its products are creeping into every segment. Be it food, essential oils, candy or the topic of our discussion – creams and lotions, CBD is everywhere. Through extensive research still needs to be carried put in this field, there is no stopping the customer. The main plus point of the CBD chemical is word of mouth publicity. The current CBD users can’t stop talking about the pros and improvements it offers.

This is arousing the curiosity of the non- users to try their hands in some CBD goodness.

With every passing day, CBD is being used as an active ingredient in our CBD skin care creams. CBD oil is becoming a staple in all our skincare routine. The CBD chemical is also being added to makeup products like lip balms and lipsticks. Foundations and face powders are also coming activated with CBD amounts. Beauty experts are marketing this wonder chemical as a perfect treatment for acne. It is the same for the fine lines and wrinkles. But it still remains to see whether there is any truth in these claims.

What Exactly Is CBD And Everything Else You Need To Know

CBD, also known as cannabidiol is a natural compound of the marijuana plant or the hemp plant. The CBD chemical does not contain any psychoactive elements and should not be confused with THC. THC is also found in the same mother plant but does have the ability to make the user inebriated. CBD oil in skin creams has usually used a mixture of pure CBD plus an oil.

The pure CBD is CBD isolate and contains no additions or dilutions. The oil can be any other oil like olive oil, coconut oil, or hemp oil. The oil and the CBD isolate together act as a natural moisturizer.

Especially for the skincare regime, it is important to know that hemp seed oil is different from CBD oil. Hemp seed oil manufacturers do sometimes, market their products and CBD oil as the same but they most certainly are not. CBD oil has naturally a higher concentration of the cannabidiol. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, contains only traces of cannabidiol. There might even be cases when the oil is completely free of any cannabidiol as well. We will talk about this difference in greater detail later on in the article.

CBD skin care

The CBD Application Method In The Case Of CBD Skin Care Creams

There is only one method that broadly classifies all the products that are used for this purpose. Topicals are the name given to the method.

The Topicals Method:

CBD topicals include products like skin creams, balms, lotions, and salves. These products never come in contact with the body’s digestive system or any other system for that matter. Creams under this method are applied externally on the affected area. Basically, only the outer layer of the skin is exposed to this medication.

The higher potency of the cream due to the addition of CBD makes it treat other skin injuries. Products under the topicals method are rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants. There is also the presence of other key ingredients that can improve the quality of the skin. The companies also design the products in a way to help easy absorption into the skin.

CBD topicals are perfect in cases where users want to treat chronic pain. It helps to relieve muscle or joint tension as well. Even in cases of irritation or other body aches, these products can prove to be quite handy. It can also be used to soothe stings and burns. Skin creams containing CBD can help diminish fine lines of aging like wrinkles. It also helps in brightening and tightening the buyer’s skin. The anti-inflammation property of the CBD chemical makes it is really efficient to combat skin acne.

Topicals are usually available between concentration levels of 250 mg and 1500 mg CBD. The needed amount depends specifically on the intensity of the buyer’s pain. The application process is quite obvious. If the pain intensity is high then more cream should be applied by the user. For milder conditions, a little amount of the cream would be preferable.

Application Process

The target passage for these products is, of course, the skin membrane. CBD Topicals are to be applied directly to the affected area. The CBD companies specially design the product so that CBD oil can easily be absorbed through the skin membranes. It first identifies the target area and then starts treating it.

Generally, it has a cool effect on the skin. Inflamed skin tissues, muscles, and pain-perceiving nerves are the common target areas. It should be noted here that the CBD oil does not come in any contact with the user’s blood. In the rare cases that it does, the amount is very negligible. To meet the growing demands, companies are designing products for transdermal activity especially. They are known as transdermal patches.

Onset Time

The onset time of the product is not quite long. The time period mostly depends on the target area. It is very rare for the user to experience effects after long hours.

Recommended Dosage 

As mentioned above, the CBD concentration for these products is usually between the levels of 250 mg and 1500 mg. The user has to apply the product as per his needs. More pain would need more product and vice versa.

CBD skin care

The Various Ways Your Skin Will Thank You When You Use CBD Oil

We have already spoken about how CBD oil is greatly beneficial for the user’s skin. CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to effectively reduce inflammation in the skin. Also, it helps to combat oil production and other chemicals. All skin problems can be treated well by the use of CBD. We have listed out the main benefits below for you to understand the workings of CBD better.

CBD Oil Creams for Acne Control

The anti-inflammatory nature of CBD oil is the main reason for the control of acne and whiteheads. The soothing properties of the chemical help to calm the skin. It also reduces irritation and dryness. This reduces breakouts, blotchiness, and redness that may appear on the skin. CBD helps to reduce the production of sebum and other factors that can cause acne. This control provided by the CBD oil acts as a boon for acne-prone skin and other skin problems.

CBD oil is also antibacterial. This helps to decrease irritation and most of the infections. The high nutrient value of the CBD infused cream can also treat acne marks. Of course, there is a need for more scientific studies to understand the true potential. Even so, CBD can definitely work wonders to provide acne treatments for the user. Even other skin troubles can be bid farewell to after using CBD creams.

CBD Oil Cream for Sensitivity Control

Sensitive skins are very tricky. They can be acne-prone and develop reactions very soon. This creates the need for a product that can be gentle on the skin but also effective to treat skin problems.

CBD oil creams are non- irritant and have soothing elements in them. It helps to regulate the pH balance of the skin and reduce redness. Skin issues can be minimized to a great extent here. The user can calm their skin after using CBD products. This will improve the entire mechanism of skin functioning. Also, as pollution is way too much, our skin can have bad reactions to it. The environmental stressor can be controlled by these CBD creams.

CBD Oil Creams for Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Control

CBD oil can actively treat and fight the fine lines of aging. The CBD oil has a very high antioxidant content profile that can diminish wrinkles to a great extent. The chemical can also brighten the skin and improve skin texture. The patchy skin tone and low hydration of the face and other areas can be maintained by continued use.

There are arguments of better anti-aging products being available in the market. Well, it can definitely be true. It is, however, true that CBD can definitely be a great product for the middle-aged ladies. As soon as more research is done, we can find new and improved CBD products hitting the markets on a global scale.

CBD skin care

The Different Types Of CBD Oils Used In Your Cream: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, And CBD Isolate

There are three main types of CBD oil that are used in the CBD skin care cream. Each has its own properties and usefulness to the skin. It is also advisable to opt for companies that have proper labeling on their products. A reputable company will tell their customers about every ingredient used by them. If any company tries to be vague then it should be treated as a red flag and avoided. We have described each CBD oil type in greater detail below-

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This type of CBD oil has the most amounts of cannabinoids. The oil may also contain THC content. It should be noted that the content is not high usually. In addition to all of that, Full Spectrum CBD oil contains minerals and vitamins. What makes is even better for the skin is that it has omega fatty acids and terpenes. Beauty experts say that due to the presence of all these elements in the cream, the CBD Full Spectrum is a great product for the skin.

Full Spectrum CBD oil is a product of a reaction called the Entourage Effect. In this reaction, cannabidiols like CBD and THC are mixed with terpenes and other nutrients found in the cannabis Sativa plant. This combination magnifies the effects of the chemicals. This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of the product.

The product is perfect for those people who do not want to use CBD Isolate products or do not like the smell of hemp. The product carries a scent which is actually quite nice. The user does not have to worry about the THC traces in the product. Companies ensure to keep the traces at minimal to keep their products legal.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD oil and Broad-Spectrum CBD oil sound very similar. It is due to this reason that they are interchangeably used. But that should not be the case as these products are different from the other.

The main difference between the two oil is that Broad Spectrum CBD oil completely eliminates any traces of THC in it. It employs the use of cannabinoids like CBD, and terpenes and minerals. Omega fatty acids and other beneficial plant matter are also included except THC. The extraction process of the Broad-Spectrum CBD oil is what makes it a mixture of Full Spectrum CBD oil and CBD Isolate. In the process, every cannabinoid leaving THC is added back to the CBD isolate. Thus, we can consider Broad Spectrum CBD oil under the Entourage Effect as well. Having said that, there is still the need to determine whether THC helps to increase the effectiveness of CBD.

These oils are easily available in the market and it completely skips THC. Many health specialists are increasingly opting for creams using the oil due to that.

CBD Isolate

We have mentioned the purity of these products before in the article. CBD isolate is a 99 percent pure product. As the name suggests, the CBD chemical is chemically isolated from the other parts of the mother plant. They are free from other cannabinoids, plant matter, chlorophyll, and other waxes. All this makes CBD isolates have no taste and even smell. They can be added to the creams in powdered or liquid form.

The biggest advantage of this CBD oil is that it is pure. It does not contain any contamination, dilutions or infiltrations. They are also free from any fragrance or scent that may irritate the skin. Another thing to be noted here is that the purity of the oil does not make it any more potent than its counterparts.

Even if the amount of CBD isolate is increased it will be no match for the magnified effects of the Full Spectrum CBD oil. Beauty companies use only CBD isolate to not compromise the product’s formulation. Full Spectrum CBD oil contains many compounds that may not mix with the other added ingredients. This not necessarily the hard facts on the skincare products though.

Should You Opt For Hemp Oil Products Of Products That Contain CBD Oil?

We have spoken about the CBD oil a lot. Let us focus on Hemp Seed oil for a moment. The hemp seed oil has been around for many years now. It has a rich nutrient profile that makes it an excellent moisturizer. On the comedogenic scale, the oil has been awarded a rating of zero. The scale measures the clogging ability of the different ingredients added to skin care products like oils and butter. The fact that Hemp Seed Oil has been awarded zero makes it great for daily use.

Hemp Seed Oil is a cold-pressed oil from the hemp seeds. Like olive oil, hemp oil is not an active ingredient that reduces breakout tendencies.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is a great skincare product as well. In comparison to hemp seed oil, CBD oil has a more glue-like texture and is thicker. Also, hemp oil is derived from the hemp seeds but CBD oil is extracted from both, the seeds as well as the plant stalk.

CBD companies nowadays are extracting products through very advanced technology. The supercritical CO2 extraction process helps to keep the nutritional value of the CBD oil. The vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are there along with the CBD oil. This makes the CBD oil richer and more effective than Hemp seed oil.

To conclude, the choice between both the oils depends on you as a consumer. Hemp oil is a great moisturizer that can make the skin radiant looking and keep the dryness away. It is a lightweight oil and is less costly than CBD oil as well. But CBD oil is way more effective and potent in general. CBD oil is perfect when you want to reduce irritation and acne of your skin. It just has more power over hemp seed oil which makes it more preferable for many people.

Can Opting For Other CBD Intake Methods Still Have The Same Effect On Your Skin?

The main factor here is the bioavailability of the CBD to your body. Let us take the next most popular method of CBD consumption – ingestion. When we ingest CBD whether, via tinctures, capsules or gummy bears, it will enter our body. This will make it get in contact with the bloodstream of the user for sure as well. Then the bioavailability of the CBD comes to play here.

Bioavailability is the percentage or degree at which any substance will get absorbed into the blood of the user. The ingestion method greatly reduces the bioavailability of the body. The reason for this decrease is the first-rate metabolism that takes place in the human body. CBD topicals though has no such problems. There are no such problems in the case of CBD topicals. The CBD from the skin creams can be absorbed by the skin receptors. It then passes through every skin membrane.

This, in turn, helps to quickly treat the affected area where the product is applied. All in all, oral CBD intake can benefit your skin but skin topicals are a better choice in general. Faster relief and effective treatment are some of the most common advantages. CBD gels or patches can only reach the blood if the companies design them in such a manner.

Experts are of the opinion that no method of CBD intake can be more preferable for the other. The main reason for this is that each method has its own set of pros and cons. The user has the right to choose a method that would be more suited to his needs and preferences. The ingestion method gets in contact with the user’s bloodstream. The consumption of CBD by Vaping or smoking shows immediate results but then the effects are short-lived as well. Let us not forget the harsh effect it can have on the lungs of the user too.

Coming to the topicals method, this method provides the user with instant relief and no contact with the inner working of the body. They are also moisturizing and can help replenish the skin. Talking of cost, the user will like these products are they are cheap and will not burn his pocket.

CBD skin care

So, CBD Skin Care Creams Are A Must Have Or A Must Not?

CBD Skin care creams do have innumerable benefits for the skin. The user can feel the difference, in terms of both, skincare and pain relief very soon. It has soothing elements that can combat acne and other skin problems. CBD companies design the product to be non- irritants as well. They will not cause any problem to the user’s skin if he or she is not allergic to the CBD chemical.

In the end though, whether you want to use the product or not is your choice. Think about your needs and preferences and only then choose CBD skin care creams. It should be more advisable to buy CBD oil-based products over hemp oil. Though the latter is less expensive, CDB oil will give the buyer a complete worth of their money.

If you do decide to try CBD skin care creams, research about the product and its company before you place your order. You are set to go and introduce CBD skincare products in your daily routine now.

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