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Creams Best-Selling CBD Balms: Everything You Want To Know

A for Apple, B for Ball, C for CBD, D for Dog

This day is not far. And we kid you not.

The popularity experienced by the CBD chemical is not something which is not very frequent. Just a couple of years ago few people were aware of what CBD even stood for. And now?

Now everybody wants at least one CBD infused products in their home! The reason for the popularity of this chemical is the health benefits the user can gain from it.

The CBD chemical is filled with therapeutic and holistic elements. It can treat many health conditions like anxiety and arthritis. CBD users can experience a reduction in risk related to heart attacks, cancer, and obesity. The chemical also stimulates the production of bone material. All in all, the chemical is great to regulate the physical and mental health of the user. The best part about CBD has to be the fact that it does not have any confirm side-effects. Initially, CBD was not legal in the United States of America.

This greatly restricted the scientists from carrying out elaborate research on the chemical. But with the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill, we expect the scenario to change very soon. In this article, we will discuss the external method of applying the CBD chemical – CBD Balms. This product has become quite popular in recent times. This is because CBD balms are claimed to readily reduce the pain felt by the user. Read on as we establish the legitimacy of this statement.

Let’s Focus On CBD Before Discussing The CBD Balms

The CBD chemical is a natural remedy for many health diseases. CBD is the chemical compound found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. It is a naturally occurring chemical that grows with around 80 other chemicals found in the mother plant. This chemical is an excellent pain relief stimulant that makes it very popular. It is also anti-inflammatory and has holistic effects. This chemical is also known as cannabidiol. 

What Is A CBD Isolate And Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

The oil that is extracted from the CBD chemical is known as the CBD oil.

CBD oil is usually of two types CBD isolate and Full Spectrum CBD oil. Both these types of oils are used in CBD topical products like CBD balms, creams, and lotions. The CBD isolate is a very pure form of the CBD oil. It is free from any dilutions or infiltrations; that is it only contains the CBD chemical.

The CBD isolate is usually extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. It does not contain any trace of THC and is solely a CBD concentrated oil. As the name suggests, the CBD chemical is chemically isolated from the other chemicals found in the mother plant.

Coming to the other type of CBD oil, it is more potent than CBD isolate. The Full Spectrum CBD oil contains cannabinoids like CBD and THC together. It also contains plant matter and other additions like terpenes, and other vitamins. This oil actually has nearly 113 known cannabinoids. This is the main reason that it is way more potent and effective then CBD isolate. In fact, even if the CBD user increases his dosage of CBD isolate, it will still not be able to match the strength of CBD Full Spectrum oil. But due to the presence of the chemical THC in it, the user needs to be very careful when using this type of CBD oil.

There is also the broad-spectrum CBD oil. This oil is fairly new in the CBD industry. It is actually very similar to the Full Spectrum CBD oil. The only main difference between the two oils is that broad-spectrum CBD oil contains absolutely no trace of THC. Companies take care to remove the chemical THC from the CBD oil. Even this oil is very powerful and effective to treat health conditions.

The Difference between CBD and THC

You must be wondering what exactly the chemical THC is and why do users need to be careful when using products that contain the chemical. We have got it all covered.

THC is one of the other primary chemicals found growing in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Like CBD, this chemical is also very effective to treat many health conditions. It is also very potent and shares structural similarity to CBD. Users can find reductions in cancer and cholesterol risks. It also helps to regulate cognitive functions.

The biggest feature of THC is that it is a hallucinogenic chemical. The THC chemical has the power to alter a person’s conscious state upon consumption. It affects the user’s understanding, thinking and coordination capacity. It also encourages the production of dopamine. On the other hand, the CBD chemical is not psychoactive. The user will not get high upon using the CBI chemical. 

This is the main difference between CBD and THC. Both of them are really beneficial for the human body but one chemical will produce a state of euphoria upon its consumption while the other chemical will not.

The law even treats the chemicals differently. CBD is a little substance as it is a non-psychoactive substance whereas THCC is an illegal one due to the high that it produces among its users.

The Entourage Effect 

We have already mentioned how THC and CBD a really good for treating health conditions. It is due to this reason that CBD users sometimes mixed together these two chemicals. This gives rise to a more potent and effective product. This entire reaction is termed as the Entourage Effect. The Full Spectrum CBD oil and a Broad Spectrum CBD oil are the common products of this reaction.

The Various Methods Of CBD Oil Intake You Should Know About

The increasing interest of the health fanatics in the CBD industry and its products is giving rise to more competition as well. In a very short period of time, many CBD companies have been set up to monetize on this interest. Companies are trying to create products that can satisfy the various needs and preferences of customers.

This is really great news for customers as they get more options to choose from. But with so many options, the decision to be made can be difficult. In order to make it easier for buyers, we have listed the four main methods to consume CBD oil below:

1. CBD Oil Consumption via the Ingestion Method

This method includes products that need to be consumed by the buyer, literally. Products like capsules, pills and essential oils fall under this category. Edibles like CBD gummy bears, CBD flavored popcorn, etc are also very popular products of this method. Some companies are even offering CBD infused coffee and coffee creamers to its customers.

The main advantage of the injection method is the convenience it offers to the CBD user. These products have a fixed dosage and can be taken on the go. In the dynamic world of today people have very little time and so much to do. Capsules and pills are really easy to fit in a packed schedule.

CBD edibles are also child-friendly. It is not exactly appropriate to give younger children or teenagers pills or vape pens when they are suffering from diseases like chronic pain. Products like the CBD gummy bear work best in their cases. They are delicious taste and attractive packaging makes them the first preference of many CBD users.

The onset time of the ingestion method is not that long as well. Of course, it takes time for the effects to show but then it also lasts longer. The user can feel the release sensations for around 4 to 5 hours.

The taste of the CBD oil can be quite strong. There are many products under this method that can help the user to skip the taste entirely. Also, this method is not that hard on the buyers’ pockets.

2. CBD oil consumption through Vaping or Smoking Method

The most common products under this method include vape pens and cannabis flowers.

Vape pens are new additions in the CBD market. These products contain the CBD e-liquid in a cartridge. This cartridge can be held inside the vape pen. The CBD liquid has a homogenous texture which facilitates smooth the smoke which, in turn, leads to smoother vaping. 

Smoking cannabis flowers is very common and has been done throughout the years. The main advantage of using the product under this method is that the user can feel the relief sensations almost instantly. Having said that, the relief sensations also fade out faster when compared to the other CBD intake methods. There are many companies that are offering attractive discounts on vape pens. Buyers can take advantage of it.

The buyers should be careful if they opt for this method as it can have a harmful effect on the buyer’s lungs. Still, due to their familiarity with this method, many people prefer vape pens. 

3. CBD oil consumption through Transdermal Patches

Again, these patches are fairly new in the CBD industry. This product is a mixture off the ingestion method and the topical method. The user needs to attach these patches on their skin. Then there is a continuous flow of the CBD oil into the bloodstream of the user in tiny amounts. The contact with the skin makes it similar to the topicals methods whereas the release of CBD into the bloodstream makes it similar to the ingestion method.

We can expect the popularity of transdermal patches to increase in the next few years. The main reason for this is that the relief sensations by using these batches can last up to 2 to 4 days. This makes it the most lasting method of CBD oil intake. The onset time though is a tad longer.

4. CBD Oil Consumption through the Topicals Method

For the purpose of this article, this is the main method we need to focus on. Topicals include those products that are directly applied to the skin. Skin creams, lotions, gels are the most common products in this method. CBD balms and salves are also being actively using by CBD users. 

This method is the most app for those people who do not want the CBD oil to get in contact with their digestive system or their bloodstream. It is also for this reason that many professionals suggest topical products for first-time CBD users. The users need to apply the product directly to the affected area. Companies design the products in such a manner that the CBD oil can be easily absorbed by the skin membranes. The soothing and anti-inflammatory effect of the CBD oil helps calm down the tissues and effectively reduce pain intensity. Basically, the oil minimizes the pain signals being sent off by the target area. 

In addition to being excellent pain relief, CBD topical is also filled with antioxidants and omega fatty acids. This helps to nourish and improve the skin of the user. Users can see improvement in chronic pain and overall joint health. These creams can be used to soothe stings and burns. It also helps to fight the fine lines of aging like wrinkles. Even skin irritation problems like acne and redness can be controlled by using these products.

In short, topicals are actually great for the user’s skin. It helps to brighten and tighten the overall complexion of the buyer. As these creams mostly use CBD isolate, the price of the product under this method is also quite cheap. The onset time of the product under this method is also not quite long. The sensations felt by the buyer are also lasting. Depending on the pain intensity felt by the user, the product amount can be adjusted. If the user is feeling severe pain than more products should be used and vice versa.

Now Coming to the Entire Point of this Article: CBD Balms

CBD bombs are an amazing product to treat pain by reducing the tension and stiffness in the muscles. It also greatly reduces the inflammation in the connective and surrounding tissues of the affected area. 

It is not only chronic pain cases that need attention. When people work out, they often suffer from soreness or muscle pull. Excessive exercise can also lead to tiny micro-tears in the body tissue. The body’s system recognizes these areas and sends off pain signals. The CBD chemical interacts with these areas and reduces the intensity of the pain signals. It should be noted that it does not hamper the healing of the affected area in any way.

Explaining What A CBD Balm Is

CBD balms are free of any water content. Companies use either beeswax or oil to make their base. These products are most suitable for the hands, foot heels and the joint areas. Basically, the dry areas of the human body are perfect for applying balms. As these CBD products are usually dense and concentrated, it is not suitable for the product to be applied on the face. The dense texture of the balm may cause breakouts in the skin.

CBD Balms V/S Skin Creams: Difference Decoded

The two of the most common products of CBD topicals are its creams and balms. The former product is a more water-based one with some additions like essential oils or plant matter. Whereas the latter is more wax-like in its texture. 

Here are the main differences between creams and CBD balms-

1. Overall Water Content in the Products

Skin creams and lotions are mostly water-based. They are very light and don’t need to be blended into the skin as much. Bombs, on the other hand, do not contain any water in its composition.

Both the products have a similar base ingredient when we talk about beeswax and oils. The skin creams though employ the use of water as well. The base is blended with water to give a runny texture. The consistency of creams can differ from the two light depending on the need. Balms, however, completely eliminate the use of water. The texture of any balm is more on the solid-state and it has a thick consistency. 

How solid or creamy your balm depends on the composition of the ingredients like oils and butter used in it. If more solid ingredients are used then the balm will be thicker whereas if more liquid-based ingredients are used like soft butter and oils then the balms will be a tad bit creamier here.

2. The Shelf Life of the Products

The shelf life in the case of balms is way more than the shelf life of creams. Any product that contains water can only last for a couple of days. However, if a preservative is added to the product then it will last for a longer time.

It is for this reason that cream-based products usually contain preservatives to improve its longevity. CBD users must be careful and always check the preservative in the cream when buying it. If the product mostly employs fresh ingredients it is better to store the cream in the fridge or any cold place.

Balms, as mentioned before, use no water in their making. Usually, these products can last anywhere from six months to a year. However, the users need to be careful to cover the product and not leave it in the open. If balms get contaminated then the shelf life may reduce.

3. The General Effect on the Skin of the Products

Our skin produces its own blend of water and oil in the form of sebum. The secretion of sebum is needed to keep the skin nourished and protected from pollutants. Now, as every person is unique in their own way the ratio of the oil and water will be different for everyone. Those with the ratio higher on the oil side have oily skin. Other people with less water in the ratio suffer from dry skin. That is why the skin needs of different peoples are different.

This creates the need for products that are a mixture of oil and water bottle. Skin creams are more popular than balms due to this reason. Creams with their natural oils and water content can restore the imbalance in the oil and water ratio. Even the product amount can be adjusted as per the need of the user’s skin.

Having said that, balms should not be looked down upon. These products are perfect when the user needs extra protection to protect the skin. Using balms can prevent moisture loss by sealing it. Also, it helps to reduce the damage to the skin. Balms are also extremely effective in case of intense pain conditions. Due to the high concentration of the product, CBD oil sinks gradually into the skin and works wonders in reducing the pain.

This is the main reason that for eye and lip care, CBD balms are used. Even for on-spot treatment balms are preferred.

The Correct Application Procedure Of CBD Balms

The application of CBD balms is really quite simple and fuss-free. First, let us talk about the amount to be used. Users should use balms as per their needs. If they feel the pain intensity is higher then they should use more balm amount. If they feel the pain is mild, then a small smear should do the trick. The companies, as it is, design the products to ensure the CBD oil seeps easily through the skin and reach the cells and tissues. It should be noted that a higher amount of balm can interact with the endocannabinoid system more effectively.

We have lined out the exact steps for you here-

  1. Firstly remove any clothing from the affected area. Many CBD products can stain clothes which can be a task to clean later. Clean the target area with water and soap and then dry it. It is important for the area to be completely dry as moisture may affect the potency of the balm. Even the onset time may be affected b its presence.
  2. Apply the needed amount of the product directly to the target area. Care should be taken to ensure that the target area is properly covered with the balm for it to work. The user should then blend the balm into the skin using his or her fingers. Only after the first coat is properly rubbed in then the user can apply more product. Circular motions work best in this case.
  3. The user then has to sit back and relax. Excessive movement may hamper the effect of the balm so it is better to wait for some time. Depending on the concentration of the CBD balm, the user should be able to feel the relief effect quickly. Users can apply more amounts of the balm if they feel their skin is damaged or dehydrated.
    In case of burns or stings, it is advisable to apply the balm in the surrounding areas as well.

Users should be diligently in applying the product. Continued use for few days can effectively reduce pain and relax the stiffness of the muscle.

The Pros and Cons of CBD Balms for your Body

The pros and cons of CBD balms will be different for different people. People who prefer an oral method of intake will not like CBD balms. Whereas people who prefer an external method of treatment will love it. The balm amount just needs to be applied to the target area and the user can feel the improvement in this condition.

The inflammation in the tissue and the stiffness will also be actively treated. There is no need for dosage control when using a CBD Balm as such. The rule here is if you feel more pain apply more product. If the pain is mild then apply less product. The bioavailability of the product is also high as it eliminates the need for the first-pass metabolism.

The cons will have to be that if the skin surface is more than more product will be needed. Also, body hair can be another factor for effectiveness. Nevertheless, it is a very hygienic and potent product.

Is CBD Balm the Right Product for You?

CBD Balms are a great product. It can actively reduce pain intensity and nourish the skin. Depending on the concentration, it can also loosen muscles and joint stiffness. But whether or not it is the right product for you, depends on you totally.

If you have an elaborate workout schedule or suffer from chronic pain daily, CBD balms would make a great addition to your daily routine. These products help the CBD oil to be absorbed into the skin easily and effectively treat health problems. Also, with the competition in the CBD sector, companies are providing good quality products at reasonable prices. The user can feel the relief sensations for around 4 to 5 hours and carry on with their daily lives. So in our opinion, CBD Balms are a hit. But, go with the product only if it meets your needs and preferences.

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