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Pets CBD for pets. Discover Pros and Cons

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural chemical compound. It is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. They have anti-inflammation and therapeutic properties. These properties help to support the mental and physical health of the user. They have a non-hallucinogenic nature that will not alter your pet’s activities.

In other words, your pet will not get high by using CBD medication. CBD oil has been found to be extremely effective in cases of human beings and pets alike. As a pet parent, our main concern is the health of our pets. The amazing health benefits that CBD offers are tempting enough for owners to introduce CBD infused products in their pet’s daily lives. CBD for pets.

In this article, we will investigate whether CBD should actually be consumed by pets. Or, whether it is only hype.

The Different Ways In Which Introducing CBD To Your Pets Routine Is A Great Bet

The CBD oil helps to regulate the mental, physical and neurological health of the bed. It is filled with qualities that make them apt to treat various health conditions. Many studies have also been carried out to help support this claim. The top benefits of CBD are listed below:

1. CBD oil is great to Fight Depression

CBD oil naturally contains antidepressant properties. This helps to reduce the depression level in your pets.

Depression can lead to many problems such as mood swings and loss of appetite. Your pet may even feel lethargic to do any activity. CBD can improve the mood and build an appetite as well. By using CBD oil-infused products, you can expect your four-legged friends feel more active, and overall happiness.

2. CBD oil Help to Fight Cancer and Other Related Problems

It should be noted here that not enough research is available to completely solidify the facts. Research has found that the CBD chemical and other substances found in the marijuana and hemp plant help to curb cancer. The CBD oil helps to control the growth of cancerous tumors in the body. Due to their potency, the chemical can even prevent growth completely. You can say that they have an anti-tumor effect. They facilitate the growth of healthy cells and kill tumor affected cells. They can even increase the immune system of your pet.

In addition to that, using CBD products can also increase the efficacy of your traditional cancer treatment.

3. CBD Oil can Act as an Excellent Pain Relief

The CBD all contains anti-inflammatory properties which make it great to treat and reduce pain. For pets suffering from chronic pain, see beauty products like topicals and essential oils can prove to be very effective. They can help lower pain intensity and general inflammation. The CBT oil seeps through the skin of the bed which helps relax stiff muscles and treat inflamed muscle tissues. Acute pancreatitis cases can also be treated by CBD consumption.

4. CBD Oil can Reduce Risks Of Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Inflammation

Inflammatory cytokines cause allergies and other autoimmune problems in pets. They also cause cases of hypersensitivity in them. CBD oil can help decrease the production of these cytokines and suppress its release.

Even the production of Th17 dominance is curbed by the chemical. CBD consumption helps to decrease chronic inflammation by controlling the production of inflammatory macrophages as well. All this is due to the powerful antioxidants contained by the chemical. Research has found that CBD is even more potent than vitamin C and vitamin E.

5. CBD oil helps to Reduce Heart Attacks and other Cardiovascular Risks

CBD oil helps to discourage artery blockage and it protects the blood vessels of the beds. It regulates the heartbeat and keeps a check on blood pressure. Pets can also be rid of constant stress and anxiety issues when they consume CBD products. in short, the chemical helps regulate the cardiovascular health of the pet.

6. CBD oil can reduce Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Studies that have been carried out have proved that CBD can prevent call it is in cases of pets. It also helps to restore the normal gut motility in inflammatory bowel related diseases. The main reason for this is that the CBD chemical contains antibiotic properties. One of these properties is to stop Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

7. CBD can Provide Protection from Neurodegenerative Diseases to the Nervous System

Seabury products can help solve many spine and nerve issues in pets. The chemical shows a lot of promise for degenerative myelopathy. Pet parents can improve their pets’ nervous system by including CBD oil in their daily routine. The chemical protects the brain cells of the animal’s body by reducing the overall toxicity in it.

The CBD chemical can also protect cell death in the brain in the case of aged parents. It keeps a check on free radicals and toxins found in the body. Certain pets show symptoms that are very similar to Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. CBD consumption can help treat these symptoms as well.

8. CBD oil can treat Seizures and Epilepsy Effectively

The most common problem of pets parents is when their pets suffer from seizures. The medicines available to treat them are very harsh and can be harmful to your pets internal organs like the liver. Drugs like phenobarbital and potassium bromide, although very effective, are not quite preferable. This is by CBD products are the perfect alternative here.

The CBD chemical works amazingly in the case of epilepsy. Many studies have even found ample proof to support this claim. Even the FDA has sanctioned the use of a CBD medicine to treat epilepsy.

9. CBD oil helps to Increase Appetite and Control Nausea

By using CBD medication, the appetite of pets can be regulated. CVD will make them more hungry as a result of which your dog or cat will want to consume more food. The chemical also works wonders in cases where pets are suffering from acute nausea. The constant vomiting being felt by them is mainly due to high toxins and drugs in the body. CBD helps to reduce the overall toxicity in the body which, in turn, helps to control nausea.

10. CBD oil Helps to Reduce Anxiety in Pets

Rising anxiety levels have become very bad common in today’s world. Both, human beings and pets are increasingly suffering from this mental order. Dogs can have separation anxiety or social anxiety depending on their case. Even stress can cause an increase in anxiety-related problems. CBD is an anti-relaxant which helps to promote the production of serotonin. This, in turn, reduces the levels of anxiety in pets. Pets are relieved and pacified due to the soothing and calming effects of the CBD oil. Your dog will feel calmer and more composed after CBD consumption.

The CBD Guidelines That Every Pet Parent Should Follow

CBD most certainly is a very potent chemical. The wide range of benefits that is available to a pet makes this a very popular form of medication with pet lovers. Having said that, it is not a miracle drug and should not be assumed to be one as well. Every pet parent should have realistic expectations from the CBD chemical. They should also take care to ensure the CBD product is of very high quality.

We have compiled a list of certain pointers that can help ensure good products to see effective results. The pointers are as follows –

1. Set Up An Appointment with Your Pet’s Vet

This is perhaps the most important pointer in our list. Yet, many people tend to keep it low on their priority list. Professional help is very important where the CBD chemical is being considered. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not published any specific guidelines where CBD is concerned. This shifts the responsibility of taking caution on the pet parent.

A vet is a person who is a professional and as such will have thorough advice. Of course, they will not recommend the CBD chemical to you first. When you bring up the topic, we are sure they will be more than happy to answer all of your CBD related queries. There are also many websites available on Google to help you understand the working of CBD. You can do your own research to reach a conclusion about whether you would want the chemical included in your pet’s lifestyle.

If you do decide to go ahead, it is logical to talk to somebody with expert knowledge. Ask your vet everything that is needed to understand how CBD works. They should recommend good CBD products, and give you a complete chart containing the dose amounts. That and any other potential information that can prove to be useful will also be given by them.

2. Choose Your CBD Company With Care and After Research

After setting an appointment with a vet, you will have to figure out a company that you can trust. Research about the company and its manufacturing procedure. The entire point of including CBD in your pet’s lifestyle is to make them healthier. The CBD oil infused in the products must be of good quality. A good quality CBD oil will only be provided by a company that takes care when creating its products.

CBD companies are not required to carry out third-party testing or get any sort of certifications. However, there are many companies that have established goodwill by faking extra steps. In addition to giving good quality products, certain companies are willing to go the extra mile to make their customers happy. We are talking in terms of testing and certification here.

It is wise to opt for a company that has taken independent third-party testing. Third-parties testing is reliable that can help ensure the buyer of what they are investing in. Also, since third-parties are not related to the company they do not have any bias. Another thing to look out for is whether the company has been awarded certifications.

All this will ensure the customer that they are placing the trust in a good company. Try looking for the product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA contains all the information regarding the product and the buyer will be able to see everything that they would need to know. Ingredients, growing conditions, and other related things will all be available.

If the buyer finds vague information, he can always contact the company to know more about their products. If any company refuses to acknowledge their queries then it should be treated as a red flag. The products of these companies should be avoided.

3. It is Important to be Cautious Where Dosage is Concerned

Most CBD companies are packing their products in a very efficient manner. They include the dosing instructions on the label as well. The FDA still has not issued dosage instructions. This makes the entire dosage game open for interpretation.

Cannabis medication is very individualistic in terms of their nature. This is why it is advisable to start taking CBD in small doses and then increase it gradually. Even when you talk to a professional about it, he will advise you the same. By increasing the dose amounts slowly, pet parents will be able to administer their pet’s limits. They can figure out the optimal dosage along the way. Buyers can also keep track of dosage by opting for methods that help in this regard. CBD tinctures are one of those products.

4. Keep An Eye Out to See How Your Pet is Reacting to CBD Products

It is true that the CBD chemical does not have any confirmed side-effects. However, every pet is unique in its own way. They have their own sensitivity and tolerance levels which is exclusive only to them. Most of the CBD medication is oral. This makes contact with the body’s system mandatory. The chemical will be metabolized by the liver. If your dog is showing severe reactions then there is a high chance of him being allergic to CBD. In these cases, they should be rushed to the vet.

When CBD comes in contact with other pharmaceutical drugs, then the overall effect gets amplified. This makes the need to strike a balance where drugs are concerned. It is better to chalk out an accurate medication plan to ensure the safety of the pets. If the pet parent feels the CBD oil is making their pet drowsy or tired then they can always reduce the dose amount.

4. Care should be exercised in storing the CBD products

Companies include instructions regarding the storage of its products. The CBD chemical is susceptible to degradation. This is the main reason why the buyer should be very careful when handling these products.

CBD oil and CBD treats it should be kept at room temperature. The products should be kept away from direct sunlight or any other bright light. Extreme temperature conditions are also not good for the product.

Keep track of your product quality. If you see your CBD oil has changed its color then it should be thrown out. This means the product is expired or damaged. Expired products are not good for your pet and should be discarded immediately.

5. Be optimistic about CBD products but still have a realistic expectation

As mentioned above, the CBD chemical is not a miracle drug. CBD products can help improve the health of your pet but it can in no way completely cure their health problems. CBD can help treat a lot of diseases like depression, arthritis, and other problems.

People, in their desperation to find a good product, can have wrong expectations. Having high expectations is not bad, having unrealistic expectations is. In fact, if a company does claims to cure any disease, it should be treated as a red flag. It is against the rules set by the FDA for any company to make false claims.

Using CBD products can improve your pet’s health without any doubt. Besides that, pet parents need to see their pets have a healthy lifestyle. Proper exercise and a balanced food diet are equally important here.

Final Thoughts On CBD For Pets

After considering the health benefits that your pet can avail via CBD consumption, it will be unwise to not try CBD oil. Of course, experts still need to carry out extensive research on the chemical. But the available findings are solid enough to not be ignored. Talk to a vet before making any decisions. There are many CBD products like edible treats and chews available to the buyer to take their pick from.

Another thing which the pet parent does not need to worry about is the legality of the products. CBD product is legal and as such can be used for your pets. It is advisable to check the state laws before placing an order for CBD. The main reason we say this is because every state has different laws.

Yes, Hemp products are federally legal but each state has the right to exercise their own policy as well. Just ensure the CBD product you buy for your pet fulfills the main condition. The condition is that the THC content of the CBD oil should be less than 0.3 percent.

So, go ahead and try some CBD goodness for your pet.

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