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Oils CBD For Sleep Apnea. The Right Solution

If reports are to be believed, there are about 70 million Americans that suffer from chronic sleep disorders. This is also a great example that highlights the need for an organic yet effective way to promote sleep among citizens.

Resorting to OTC medication even prescription sleeping pills does not have a good effect on your health. Leading to a lot of side-effects, you may end up developing symptoms of other diseases. Then, of course, is the issue of substance abuse as well.

This is there CBD oil comes in. Providing the perfect combination of organic as well as potency, CBD for sleep apnea can help to improve and regulate your sleep patterns. Also, after the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill, CBD was made a legal substance in the United States of America. The chemical has a therapeutic effect on the body and mind of the user that can help in cases of insomnia and loss of sleep.

The efficacy of the CBD chemical will remain standard even then you are sleeping troubles are not that severe. So, even in the case of less serious cases, CBD can be perfect as it does not lead to substance abuse. This is mainly due to the fact that the human body does not build a tolerance even after repeated use of the chemical. In this article, we will focus on the best type of CBD oil to help you sleep at night. Read on as we explore the fascinating world of CBD. And, its pros for people who are suffering from a loss of sleep.

Your Brief Introduction To CBD And CBD Oil

Your Brief Introduction To CBD And CBD Oil

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that occurs naturally. It is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant and has therapeutic effects. To be more precise, CBD has anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties. As a result of these properties, CBD can be really beneficial for the overall wellbeing of the user.

We would also like to take this chance to clear a common myth that revolves around CBD. Being a cannabis derivative, a lot of people assume that CBD will create a state of high for them. This, however, is not the case at all.

You see, the CBD chemical is a non-psychedelic element. In other words, it will not create a state of euphoria after consumption. In fact, even when CBD is consumed in high amounts, users will never have to worry about getting intoxicated. It is the presence of another chemical in the plant known as THC which is responsible for this high. We will discuss more these cannabinoids in greater detail in the next part of this article.

The Official Legal Status Of CBD Oil In The United States Of America

The Official Legal Status Of CBD Oil In The United States Of America

We have already mentioned how after the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill was passed, CBD became legal in the United States. But, even then, the legal status of CBD chemical is not without gray areas.

As per this bill, growing and cultivating hemp plants is a federal legal action throughout the country. In fact, it also allowed Americans to use products that were directly derived from the oil hemp plant. This is the main reason why CBD oil derived from hemp is legal on the federal level. But, another condition was put forward by this bill. The extracted CBD oil should not contain THC traces greater than 0.3 percent. If this condition is satisfied, only then will the law term it legal. Otherwise, it will not and owning such all will land the user in trouble with the law.

You must be wondering why is there so much emphasis on the HC traces. And, why does the CBD oil has to be extracted from the hemp plant? Well, read on as we give you more insight into these two rules.

As we know, the CBD chemical is derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. The cannabis plant can be of two types. The first one is the hemp plant. And, the second one is the marijuana plant. Before we discuss more these two plants, we will focus on the chemical cannabinoids that are found growing in the mother plant.

There are about 80 to 200 types of chemical cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. One of them is, of course, the CBD chemical. Along with seeing the chemical is found THC.

We have already spoken about how THC is responsible for the “high“ that is commonly associated with cannabis. You see, the THC chemical is opposite to CBD in terms of their basic effects. While the CBD chemical is non-psychedelic, THC is a psychoactive element. It also is the cognitive functioning of the user when it is consumed in high amounts. This is because it creates a state of euphoria after consumption. The chemical also stimulates the production of dopamine in the body. Basic functions such as memory, thinking, and understanding can be unduly influenced by THC. Even physical movement and coordination can fall under its intoxicating effect.

This is the main reason why THC is not allowed to be used in higher quantities by the government.

Now, let us discuss the importance of the CBD oil to be derived from the hemp plant.

The hemp plant has a greater concentration of the CBD chemical. This, in turn, makes it have a non-psychoactive effect. The total THC traces in the hemp plant also does not exceed 0.3 percent. When you extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant, it will automatically reflect the same thing. In other words, The oil will have a greater concentration of CBD. And, a lesser amount of THC. With the total presence or THC being less than 0.3 percent, it also meets the limit put up by the 2018 Farm Bill. As a result, it will be legal.

On the other hand, the marijuana plant has more of the THC chemical cannabinoid. It contains CBD but it is on the lower side. So, when the CBD oil will be extracted from the marijuana plant, it will have a greater amount of the THC traces. This, in turn, will make it more psychoactive which would be illegal.

All in all, this is the main reason why the CBD oil has to be extracted from the CBD plant and not the marijuana plant.

Sleeplessness And Its Main Causes

Sleeplessness And CBD For Sleep Apnea

Sleeplessness or as you might probably know it as insomnia is a common sleep disorder. In this condition, a person may find it really difficult to fall asleep as well as stay asleep. Another common issue with insomnia is that you may also wake up early and will not be able to go back to sleep. As a result of this, you tend to wake up lethargic and feel tired the entire day. This can have a really negative impact on your energy level and your health. Not only will your mood be bad, but your work, as well as personal life, may suffer as well.

It is also true that the sleep requirements for every individual need not be uniform. But, it is recommended to sleep for at least eight hours to have a good cycle of sleep.

Common Causes of Insomnia

This condition can be a direct result of a variety of reasons. As per the Mayo Clinic, poor sleep or insomnia is mainly caused by mental and physical factors that leave a person in a state of restlessness. In addition to these, various other environmental factors can play key roles in these as well. Here is a list of the most common factors that trigger poor sleep. They include:

  1. Uncomfortable mattresses
  2. Chronic pain
  3. Restless leg syndrome
  4. Anxiety
  5. Depression
  6. Loud music
  7. Medication that distracts the usual sleeping pattern of the patient
  8. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

These are just a few of the reasons that may be a cause of your insomnia. There might be others as well undoubtedly.

Pieces Of Research Carried Out By Experts To Establish A Relationship Between CBD And Sleep

Pieces Of Research Carried Out By Experts To Establish A Relationship Between CBD And Sleep

Through the years, experts have been curious to see the effect of the CBD chemical on symptoms of insomnia. This made them conduct research to find results of exactly that. Read on as we discuss a few pieces of research that were done.

  1. The study was published in the year 2019 to find the effect of the CBD chemical for improving sleep. Also, the focus of this research was to study the effect of CBD on high levels of anxiety. In the end, it was found out that CBD did have a positive impact on the symptoms of sleep and anxiety.

Here, scientists created a voluntary group of 72 subjects. Out of the 72 volunteers, 42 of them were suffering from anxiety. Whereas, 25 of these volunteers complained of poor sleep. Every volunteer was given 25 milligrams (mg) of the CBD chemical in a capsule form for every day. Experts found out that about 79.2 percent of the volunteers felt a considerable drop in their anxiety levels. That too within the first month only. Another 66.7 percent of the 72 volunteers found out that they were experiencing better sleep. This was most certainly due to the therapeutic effects of the CBD chemical as well.

  1. We have already mentioned how chronic pain can also be a common cause of insomnia. In this study, the main focus was to study the effect on the CBD chemical on sentences related to chronic pain. In the year 2018, a review was conducted by experts of the Frontiers in Pharmacology. In the end, experts concluded that CBD did help to reduce the intensity of the pain being felt by the user. One of the claims that are commonly made about the CBD chemical is that it is an excellent team lease to Mulund. As a result, people can use it to reduce the inflammation, and pain in the body.
  2. Scientists conducted another research in 2014 to study the effect of the CBD chemical on the sleep cycle of a person. For this research, they selected patients that were suffering from Parkinson’s disease to study the effect of CBD.

Indian, the experts found out that CBD did help to reduce the symptoms that were commonly related to REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD). RBD is often linked to a person having nightmares and work quality of sleep. The sleeping disorder itself is quite dangerous as a person physically acts out whatever it is that they are dreaming.

  1. In the year 2014, experts conducted research by taking both, human and animal models. As per the findings, it could be said that CBD helps to promote alertness by making a person feel more awake. With an active reduction in grogginess, CBD did help to reduce symptoms related to insomnia. Yet, one shortcoming of this research is that the scientists were not able to prove exactly how CBD helped to achieve this.

All in all, we can make a lot of conclusions from the above-mentioned review pieces. Firstly, CBD has a positive impact to reduce levels of anxiety and insomnia. It can also reduce the intensity of the pain being felt by the user. In addition to making a person feel more alert, it reduces the symptoms related to our BD as well. All in all, we do have evidence that suggests CBD can be helpful to reduce the symptoms of insomnia. Yet, experts still agree that more detailed and clinical research needs to be carried out in this field.

The main reason why we say this is because the long-term effects of the CBD chemical have still not been found out. Once more solid proof is available, we will have the back up to claim CBD as a treatment for promoting sleep.

If you were to find out the best CBD oil for you to sleep, we would recommend you try out a brand called We The People Hemp. We The People Hemp, also popularly called WTP Hemp) is One of the more newer CBD brands. But, due to its exceptional quality of CBD oil it sells, it has become quite famous among CBD users.

The brand uses the supercritical C02 nanoemulsion extraction method to derive its CBD oil. This makes sure that the CBD oil does not contain any harmful solvents and is of good quality. Also, as a result of this method, the bioavailability of the CBD oil is also quite high. WTP Hemp breaks down the CBD oil particles into tiny water-soluble droplets. Due to the small size of the oil droplets, the bioavailability of the brands CBD oil increases to 97 percent. It should also be noted that the size of these water-soluble oil droplets is about 4 to 200 times smaller than that of the brand’s rivals.

Next, we would like to mention the mother hemp plants used by the company. Firstly, every single implant used by WTP Hemp is grown within the United States of America. They are a hundred percent organic. And, these plants are subjected to great growing conditions. The exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides remains very nominal. You have to understand that the only way good quality CBD oil can be extracted is from good quality hemp plants. When the mother plant itself is of lower quality, it is only natural for the extracted CBD oil to reflect the same.

Another advantage of buying from WTP Hemp is the wide range of products that you can choose from. At the moment, the company offers the following products:

  1. WTP Hemp capsules
  2. WTP Hemp gummy bears
  3. WTP Hemp skin creams
  4. WTP Hemp tinctures

With these products, you can be assured of superior quality CBD oil. And, also, they can be effective to reduce the symptoms related to insomnia and other health conditions as well.

The CBD brand also has a 24 x 7 helpline service available for its customers. The staff that is responsible for the service are both polite and knowledgeable. Even the return policy of WTP Hemp deserves a special mention. If any buyer is not happy with the products are received by them, they can avail of a full refund. The CBD brand understands that sometimes, the products may be damaged in transit. Or, may not be of good quality. Having a buyer-centric module, it makes a point to keep its customers happy.

The brand understands that not every buyer has the resources to place orders for expensive products. Keeping this in mind, it has made CBD products affordable by many. This, in turn, gives everyone a chance to experience the goodness of the CBD chemical. Especially, patients who are suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness.

Hence, we can say that with WTP Hemp, buyers can get the best of both worlds. Not only will they get great quality products, but they will not have to shell out a lot of money as well. As a buyer, always do your research before you buy CBD oil from any CBD brand. After all, your health is the most important wealth!

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