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Oils Truth about The Optimal CBD Oil Dosage

With the astonishing rise of CBD in recent years, many people want to try the chemical. There are also quite a few who have already started using the chemical in their daily lives. But what is the right CBD oil dosage?

Possessing a host of benefits to help treat many health conditions, CBD is being hailed as a wonder medication. With everyone wanting to jump on the CBD bandwagon, what about the other nuances associated with it. Even the experts say that CBD is a complete dosage game. So, what is the correct dosing amount and how can you identify it?

Read on as we answer these questions and more in this article.  

Cannabidiol And CBD Oil Dosage: A Brief Introduction Into The CBD World

Cannabidiol or CBD is a common type of cannabinoid. It is a natural chemical constituent found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. The chemical CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system present in human beings and other animals like dogs. The right CBD oil dosage is crucial.

Not much is known about the endocannabinoid biological system. It is because it was only discovered in the 1900s. The system is responsible to regulate the body equilibrium. Think of a thermostat. The system’s job is similar to that. This system further maintains the various physical and cognitive processes of the body. Activities like sleeping, mood, and appetite are all under the control of the system. Even the sensations of pain are regulated by the system.

When CBD is consumed, it comes in contact with the cannabinoid receptors of the body. These receptors are found in the endocannabinoid system only. The right CBD oil dosage helps to give pain relief, improve sleep quality and reduce stress levels. Another thing that helps is to increase a person’s appetite.

Here’s a list of some of the benefits that we receive from consuming CBD.

•    Nausea

•    Mood disorders and general mood improvement

•    Anxiety and depression

•    Stress

•    Heart attacks and other heart-related diseases

•    Sleep disorders like insomnia

•    Immune system affecting illnesses such as cancer or HIV

•    Epilepsy problems

•    Chronic pain and other discomforts

You see the benefits claimed from CBD consumption sounds so exciting. But they are many people who feel doubtful about using CBD. They think that using CBD or CBD products will make them high. They actually confuse the chemical CBD with another chemical called THC.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main chemical the consumption of which produces a high among the users. The chemical has hallucinogenic properties that create a state of euphoria. This is the ‘high state’ that people normally associate smoking cannabis. CBD, however, does not produce the same effect. The reason for this does not contain any psychoactive elements. Even if it did contain THC traces, the content is always lower than 0.3 percent. This is why CBD is legal and safe.

CBD oil is normally extracted from a hemp plant. The hemp is a type of the cannabis Sativa plant which has a high concentration of CBD. The THC content in this plant is negligible. This is why CBD derived from the Hemp plant contains negligible THC traces. 

Having said all this, experts do say that the research available on CBD oil dosage is not enough. There are no confirmed side effects associated with CBD. However, there are cases when the user might feel nauseous and suffer from diarrhea. The user can even feel light-headed and drowsy due to a temporary drop in blood pressure.

This is why it is important to consult a physician before buying CBD. They will be able to tell the customer the correct CBD dose based on their body needs. Please do not assume that since CBD is a relatively safe chemical, self-medication will not be harmful. Dosage is always very important when taking any chemical. Using the right CBD oil dosage is crucial for getting the right results.

Find The Target Area That You Want To Treat

It was found that there are more than 65 target areas in your body. CBD, with its healing and therapeutic properties, can help improve them all. But, one at a time. You experience pain in your right joint, then that is your target area. Similarly, wherever you experience pain becomes your target area and for which you can use CBD. 

Finding the target area is important because then you will be able to determine the correct CBD medication method and the related dosage as well. Ask yourself questions as to what do you want CBD to improve or what type of pain you are suffering from. If you just want to improve your health generally, you can consume CBD for that also. Just lessen the dosage amount for those cases. 

Points To Be Noted When Deciding The Correct CBD Oil Dosage

This is a very important part of the article. Instead of following a prescribed dosage, understand the nuances that affect the optimal dosage for you. Every human body is different from the other. Each one of us is unique and our body requirements are too. The body type and weight are rarely the same and varied from one person to the other. The entire dosing game is open for interpretation. The Food and Drugs Association (FDA) also has not issued any guidelines regarding accurate CBD dosage amounts.

The optimal dosage can be arrived at through trial and error. It requires the investment of effort and time but in the end, it is all worth it. Once the correct dosage is found, the users can actually feel and see the positive effect of CBD on their body.

Below we have listed certain points that you need to keep in mind before proceeding to the dosage amount.

1.    The buyer’s health condition that he needs CBD medication for.

We have already discussed above the different ways CBD can benefit our body. It can provide relief from pain and reduce stress levels to name a few. Let us take the example of chronic pain.

If the intensity of pain felt by the user is severe, then he will require a stronger CBD dosage. It not, then a lower amount would be needed. All in all, the severity of the condition plays a huge role in determining the dose. Also, stress, slight body discomfort, etc., are milder conditions requiring a weaker CBD dose.

2.    The sensitivity/ tolerance level of the customer.

If a particular CBD dose amount works for a specific person it does not mean, it will work for another. Sensitive users or users with low body tolerance can feel the effects with a smaller dose. On the other hand, people with a higher body tolerance and less sensitivity need a stronger dose.

There might be cases where after repeated use, the user develops a high tolerance. Then, the CBD dosage amount needs to be increased accordingly to feel effects.

3.    The level of CBD concentration in a product.

The concentration level refers to the total quantity of cannabidiol in the given product. It is commonly measured in milligrams (mg).

There is a common misconception that concentration and dosage amount is the same thing. Well, it is not. We have already explained the concentration above. Let us focus on the dosage.

Dosage is the amount of CBD per serving in any given product.

Let us take an example to understand this better.

Imagine there is a CBD product whose concentration level is 3000 mg. It is also mentioned that the product contains 60 milliliters (ml) of CBD oil. The recommended dosage of the product is 1-mL.

This implies that the user will consume 50 mg of CBD with every 1-mL serving of the product.

Hence, dosage and concentration are different. The level of CBD concentration, in turn, helps to determine dosage.

4.    The buyer’s total body weight for CBD oil dosage.

The total bodyweight of the buyer also is a huge determinant when deciding the dosage amount. The more the bodyweight of the user, the more will be the CBD dosage for him. Similarly, if the body weight of the user is on the lesser side, then the amount of CBD required by him will also be on the lesser side. Bodyweight helps decide how much or how little CBD should a buyer consume. Optimal dosage is decided to keep in mind the user’s total body weight.

Each of the above-mentioned points plays a huge role in determining the correct CBD dose for a particular person. The dose can be adjusted to help achieve the desired effects of CBD consumption.

The Different Methods To CBD And Their Optimal Dosage

We have compiled a list of all the methods through which a buyer can consume CBD.

The Inhalation Method

Usual Type: Usually Vape Pens, High-CBD Cannabis Flowers, etc., fall under this category.

Target Passage: Here the customer consumes CBD via smoking or vaping. When the smoke is inhaled, the CBD passes to the lungs. From there it is passed into the bloodstream in small but continuous amounts. Under this method, the first-pass metabolism is completely eliminated.

Onset Time: The ingestion method is the quickest way to get CBD circulating through your system. This makes the onset time the shortest on the list. It should also be noted that the relief effects also last for a shorter time. The peak bloodstream levels are within 10 minutes here.

Recommended Dosage: Professionals say that the CBD vapor should be inhaled for around three seconds. Here, the user should hold in the vapor for at least five seconds, then exhale it. This will help to achieve effective results. By following this, even the calming effects from vaping will be prolonged. Usually, vape oils contain 200 mg to 1500 mg of CBD concentration.

This, in turn, makes the serving size 6.6 mg to 50 mg. Some vape pens designs can hold cartridges. The capacity of these cartridges can be around 1.5-mL. These cartridges act as containers for the vape oils.

The Topicals Method

Usual Type: Here, the CBD oil is added to skin creams, lotions or slaves. Balms may be used as well.

Target Passage: CBD Topicals are to be applied directly to the affected area. The CBD companies specially design the product so that CBD oil can seep in through the skin membranes. The CBD oil gets absorbed in the skin. It reaches target areas and starts treating it. Inflammatory cells, muscles, and pain-perceiving nerves are such common areas. Here, the CBD oil does not come in any contact with the user’s bloodstream. Even if it does, the amount is very negligible. Unless it is designed for transdermal activity especially.

Onset Time: It usually varies depending on the target area. But it should be remembered that the onset time is not that long in general. 

Recommended Dosage: CBD Topicals are usually available between concentration levels of 250 mg and 1500 mg. The amount to apply to the target area specifically depends on the intensity of the pain experienced by the buyer. For milder conditions, a smaller amount of cream is needed to relieve the pain. Whereas, for more discomfort, more CBD cream should be applied. 

The Oral Method – Using CBD Oil Dosage for Edibles

Usual Type: Usually, CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, etc.are used. Also, brands offer capsules and powder as well to the buyer.

Target Passage: Here the CBD user swallows the medication or ingests it. The CBD chemical travels through the digestive tract first. From there it is absorbed into the bloodstream of the user. In the end, the chemical then travels throughout the body through the blood.

Onset Time: The onset time here is the slowest. The CBD chemical takes the longest time to reach the target area. That being said, the relief effects felt under this method is also the longest. The peak bloodstream levels are reported anywhere between one to six hours. Users should opt for this method if they want to introduce CBD in their daily lives.

Recommended Dosage: For this method, each edible represents a singular serving size. CBD gummy bears or gummies usually have a concentration level anywhere between 5 mg and 100 mg. For CBD edibles, companies may mention the dosage amounts on the label of the product. It is advised to follow this as each unit generally contains a prescribed dosage only.

Oral – Sublingual or “Buccal”

Usual Type: Usually CBD oil and tinctures fall under this method.

Target Passage: The entire bloodstream here is the traveling passage. The chemical CBD is directly absorbed into the user’s bloodstream. Here, the user places a few drops under his/ her tongue. The CBD oil seeps through the capillary-rich areas just underneath the tongue. These capillaries are also found along the gums and cheek. Even for this process, the first-pass metabolism is avoided and straightaway sent throughout your body.

Onset Time: This method of CBD consumption is actually faster than edibles. The CBD gets absorbed into your bloodstream faster than swallowing. CBD placed under the tongue (sublingual) is generally quicker than against the user’s cheek (buccal). Still here, most of the CBD will be swallowed in the end, the peak bloodstream levels range from 0.5 – 5 hours.

Recommended Dosage: For tincture, the dosage amount is mostly interpreted. It will wise to start with a smaller amount of CBD oils and then increase it slowly if needed. It should be kept in mind that tinctures usually take a longer time to affect human bodies. Due to this, the buyers may not feel sensations instantly. However, once the product starts does start working, the relief effects will last for a longer time as well. Tinctures can last for three to four hours. A 1-ml serving takes around sixty seconds to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Can The User Overdose On CBD?

To put your minds at ease, no, you cannot overdose on CBD oil dosage. Experts have claimed that CBD doses up to 1,200 mg daily for months have not shown any side effects. Having said that, we will also advise you to consult a health specialist before buying and introducing CBD products in your life.

CBD is a largely safe chemical. But there are certain cases where it can affect your body. Though not seriously. The user can feel low blood pressure and drowsiness. If you are already taking other prescription drugs, CBD products may interfere with the body’s ability to process those drugs. This is why CBD medication like vape pens and topicals are more preferred. Also, the bioavailability of CBD in the user’s body via these methods is also high.  

You Are The Consumer; The End Decision Is Yours 

If after reading all of the above you feel convinced enough to use CBD in your life, you are more than welcome. But your responsibility only just starts.

The customers have to be careful when deciding which brand should they place their trust in. Research about the company and see whether their products are third-party tested. Even check for the certifications awarded to them. Third-party testing helps to determine the quality of CBD oil and its concentration in the CBD product. 

Consult a medical specialist who can help you decide which CBD intake method would work best for you. Chalk out a plan to help determine the optimum CBD dosage for you. Refrain from self-medication as if done incorrectly, it may be harmful to your body. Please remember that health is the greatest wealth. A little time and effort can help you regulate and maintain your body functions. Take an educated decision, always.

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