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Oils CBD Oil Drug Test: The Truth

There are so many things to explore in the magical world of cannabis. Medical marijuana has left a huge impact on the field of the medical segment. The scientists are thinking of all the ways to experience and explore it as a medication. Cannabidiol or CBD is widely becoming renowned as an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medicines. CBD oil drug test.

The main cause for this popularity is the wide array of benefits it is claimed the chemical has. Now no more hypothetical, studies have found evidence in support of it. As there is still a need for more detailed and extensive research in the field, there is still the question of its true potential. And then there is a catch to its legality as well.

In this article, we will explore all that there is to know about CBD, the wonder drug everyone can’t seem to get enough of.

CBD Drug test

Step In Into The World Of CBD And Other Things Related To It

What Is CBD?

A chemical cannabis constituent, CBD has many medical advantages but it will not make the user high. The high that people associate cannabis with is actually because of THC. THC is another chemical found in the marijuana plant that creates a state of euphoria among its consumers. This is because THC contains psychoactive properties. It should be noted that in CBD products normally, the THC chemical is completely absent. If THC is found in the product, then the content is negligible.

THC and CBD are chemicals that can actively treat health conditions. Both contain therapeutic and remedial elements that make this happen. We can consider CBD the non-euphoric alternative to THC.

In fact, CBD can actually treat health issues such as-

•    Anxiety

•    Epilepsy

•    Seizures

•    Arthritis

•    Inflammation

•    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In today’s world, prescription drugs have the biggest disadvantage of addiction. CBD offers users the advantage of treating various body problems without inebriating the buyer. Besides that, the user cannot overdose and become addicted. This is a welcome change in today’s world of increasing substance abuse like opioids. CBD can be effective even in the case of pets like dogs. Even high dose amounts will not have any adverse effect on the CBD user. All these are the main reasons that have made CBD and CBD products popular with health enthusiasts.

CBD Drug test

CBD Intake Methods You Can Choose From To Include CBD In Your Daily Life

Just a few years ago, CBD was a completely unknown entity. Probably only scientists were aware of it. Now, even the general public are using or want to use CBD infused products. It is also quite easy to buy these products. Online or offline, whatever mode you are most comfortable in you can try.

CBD is found naturally growing in marijuana and hemp plants. The extracted oil is called CBD oil. This oil can be consumed via tinctures, pills or mixed with your daily food. Nowadays, people are buying vape pens to inhale CBD products. Vaping is very fast in effecting the body. Then there is the good old external method of CBD application. Salves, balms, and creams usually fall under this method. Companies design them in a way that it can easily seep into the skin and release relief sensations.

We have made a list below broadly categorizing the main methods to consume CBD. Read it to know which one would be more suitable for you and your needs.

The main methods by which buyers can try CBD oils are as follows:

o    CBD Consumption through Ingestion

o    The CBD Topicals Method

o    CBD Consumption by Smoking or Vaping

o    CBD Consumption via Transdermal Patches

1.    CBD Consumption through Ingestion 

The ingestion methods mostly consist of CBD essential oils, pills, edibles and capsules. Even daily food items like coffee and coffee creamers are a part of this. But, the most popular ones are gummy bears, gummy drops, gummy worms, tinctures, and capsules.

The main advantage of these products is that they are convenient and non-fussy. The products under the ingestion method are super simple, in terms of both, dosage and use. It can be easily incorporated into the daily routine of people with the busiest schedules.

For CBD tinctures, the buyer will have to directly place the oil drops under their tongue. This can be done with the help of a dropper. The CBD oil is pure without any dilutions and any other infiltrations. This oil can be absorbed into the bloodstream of the user. Coming to CBD gummy bears, these little nuggets of CBD goodness are filled with flavor as well. In the case of younger children, essential oils and smoking are not feasible. Due to their tender age, gummy bears infused with CBD oil are much better alternatives.

They are familiar and available in delicious flavor, sweet or fruity. The companies use gelatin or pectin to get the gum-like texture of the CBD gummy bears. The traditional gelatin is made from animals. Pectin is made from plant matter making it perfect for vegans.

Everyone has been using capsules and pills. They are easy to use and convenient too. The CBD oil is specially formulated into water-soluble capsules or pills. By taking just two to three capsules in a month, the buyer can see the improvement in their lives. Then there is coffee and creamers. Companies add hemp oil or CBD oil to the day-to-day food items.

All these products are THC-free and non-GMO. It should also be noted that they may be soy-free and gluten-free as well. The dosage is more or less controlled under the ingestible method. The shelf life of the products here is also quite long. Depending on the ingredients used in the making, these CBD products can last for six to twelve months.

2.    The CBD Topicals Method

CBD is anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant making it an excellent body pain relief. These properties of CBD make them a perfect addition to skin creams and lotions. Gels, balms, and salves are also in the running. Topicals method is best suited to people who do not like medication to get in contact with their liver. Or any other system actually. These products can be applied externally to the affected area. CBD brands take care to design the products to help easy absorption into the skin membranes. The user just has to apply the cream on the target area, the CBD oil identifies and starts treating the pain.

This product is perfect for people with muscular and joint problems. Also, people who do not like oral medication in general. The inflamed area is relaxed by the CBD oil. Hygienic and effective are the two ways to describe the CBD topicals method.

3.    CBD Consumption by Smoking or Vaping

Customers can choose between vape pens and flowers under this category. These products are newly taking over the CBD segment. The main reason for the popularity of vape pens is that the calming sensations can be instantly felt.

These pens contain a CBD e-liquid that is usually kept in cartridges. This e-liquid has a homogenous and smooth texture to make it easier to smoke or vape. This is why the vape pen is also called e-cigarettes. This method is familiar with the buyer knowing exactly how to consume it. It is very simple in that sense. The biggest con of smoking or vaping has to be the harsh effect it has on the buyer’s lungs. Also, it is not good for the environment. All these are the primary reasons that many countries have banned vaping and smoking in public places. The quick onset time is great but the relief sensations are short-lived too.

4.    CBD Consumption via Transdermal Patches

Few people are aware of these products as they are quite new in the market. These patches have to attach to the skin of the user to work. There is a continuous release of the CBD chemical into the bloodstream in small amounts. The lasting of transdermal patches are amazing. The buyer can feel pain relief for two to four days. This method is suited for people who face chronic pain in different parts of their bodies frequently.

Hence, the above are the main categories by which a buyer can consume CBD oils. The competition in the CBD industry is increasing with each passing day. The companies are launching new products in different flavors to attract customers. The price is also quite competitive and easy on the pocket. The main factor around which you should make a choice is, well you. You should decide the products based on your needs and your preferences.

The budget and availability of the products are also key determinants. If buyers have children in their house, you should opt for the child-friendly CBD gummy bears. If the buyer wants to save time, CBD capsules and pills should be your preferred product. You see, the entire method game revolves around you.

CBD Drug test

The Government’s Ruling On CBD And Its Products

CBD and its products have only recently become legal. That also has certain conditions attached to it though.

The passing of the 2014 Farm Bill made growing hemp legal in all the United States of America. By definition of the bill, CBD oil extracted from the Hemp Seed plant will be federally legal if the THC content in it is below 0.3 percent. This is a great step forward to actually know the true potential of the CBD chemical as a medicine.

Yet, as this law was only recently passed, not all 50 states of our great nation are in favor of it. Some states like South Dakota, Nebraska and Idaho still consider cannabis products illegal. This is why CBD infused products will land the buyer in trouble in these states.

CBD Drug test

The Exact Relationship Between CBD And Drug Tests

We will be clear from the start. Cannabidiol or CBD is not a reason for failed drug tests.

That being said, there are certain factors that need to be understood. A person can only fail a drug test when the THC traces in his body is more than 0.3 percent. This is because THC has the power to alter a person’s thinking and movement. There are many CBD products that contain trace amounts of the chemical THC. If the trace amount is greater than the maximum percentage, the drug test will show up positive. The catch here is that the buyer needs to be careful of the CBD product quality and ingredient list.

All the Nuances You Need to Know Before You Consume CBD

Read on as we explore all the possible questions that any user may think of relating to CBD and drug tests.

Why Does My CBD Product Contain THC Traces?

CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant as well as the marijuana plant. If the CBD oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, there are quite low chances for there to be THC traces. But, if the oil is extracted from the marijuana plant, then it can have traces of THC in it.

Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not made any guidelines about the CBD chemical. The government body still has not embraced CBD as a dietary supplement. This makes it difficult for the user to be completely sure of every ingredient in the product.  In addition to that, there are certain types of CBD oil that has more THC content in them.

CBD Drug test

What Are The Different Types Of CBD Oil?

The cannabis Sativa plant is amazing in many ways. They contain many naturally occurring chemical compounds in them. Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are some of the primary constituents. The total composition of these products depends on the mother plant and variety. Like mentioned before, both hemp and marijuana have different THC content levels. Even though both are derived from the same cannabis plant.

Marijuana plants are the plants that produce a high among users when the buyer smokes or vapes them. The hemp plant, on the other hand, contains more CBD levels and fewer THC levels. This is why there is a difference between the CBD oil extracted from the two plants.

The main types of CBD oil are mentioned below-

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the compounds found in the mother plant. In addition to the CBD oil, it contains flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids such as THC. The mother plant for CBD Full Spectrum is the marijuana plant. This is why the oil can contain THC traces in varying amounts. It is legally required for the THC content to be less than 0.3 percent but it is not mandatory for the company to follow the rules. Certain companies do not disclose all information about the origin of their extracted CBD oil.

This oil is very potent though. The effects of all the compounds get magnified which makes the oil very efficient to treat health conditions. This is why many CBD users want to buy these products, in turn, increasing their popularity.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum CBD oil is actually completely different from Full Spectrum Oil. As the names are very similar, people tend to confuse both the products. CBD Broad Spectrum contains many constituents like cannabinoids and terpenes. But THC is completely eliminated from Broad Spectrum CBD oil. This is turn makes the CBD oil free from any legal difficulties. The likelihood of the Broad-Spectrum CBD oil to have lesser THC is greater than in the case of Full Spectrum CBD oil. This makes the former CBD oil very popular and freely available on a global scale.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate as the name suggests has the CBD chemical chemically removed from its surrounding compounds. CBD is ‘isolated’ from other chemicals like THC, terpenes and other constituents found on the mother plant. This type of CBD is nearly 99 percent pure, free from dilutions and additions.

The CBD isolate is derived from hemp plants as they do not contain CBD as such naturally. This type of CBD can be sold in a powdered form or a solid form. Companies also sell it in a crystallized form that can be broken down and then consumed. Liquid variations of CBD isolate is being developed by brands recently.

CBD Drug test

Is There More Information On The THC Content Level And Other Things Related To Drug Tests?

Authorities mainly screen drug tests for the presence of THC in them. One of the main metabolites of THC called THC-COOH is another trigger. A failed drug test means that the THC or THC-COOH level in the body is more than the cut-off limit. Also passing a drug test does not imply that there is zero presence of THC or THC-COOH in the person’s system. The overall content level just has to be below the limit of 0.3 percent.

Does this ‘maximum THC level’ hold true for all types of body tests?

There are many types of drug tests as well. A person can be tested by their saliva, hair, urine samples, and of course, blood.

CBD and Saliva Testing

 In recent times, saliva testing has lost its relevance. There are no THC cut-off limits as well for this type of drug test. Experts do say that the limit would be around 4 ng/mL. The general nature of oral fluids is that THC can be evident for around three days. This only holds true in cases where the use is light. The time period will be more for people who have heavy use of the chemical.

CBD and Hair Testing

Hair testing is the same as the saliva testing in terms of relevancy. These tests are not common and neither do they have any cut-off limits for THC metabolites in hair strands. The cut-off though can be estimated at 1 picogram per milligram (pg/mg) of THC-COOH. The THC can be evident in the hair follicles for around three months.

CBD and Urine Tests

 Urine tests are probably the most common type of drug tests in workplaces and other places. For urine tests, the THC-COOH level in the blood has to be at 50 ng/mL to fail a drug test. The dosage amounts and frequency of use of CBD products can also be a condition to pass or fail drug tests. THC can be detectable in the user’s urine for around 3 to 15 days. Again, if the user indulges in heavier doses then the time period can be more than a month.

CBD and Blood Tests

 Blood tests popularity is secondary only to urine samples. THC and THC-COOH are only detectable in blood levels for only four to five hours, and for a week or so respectively. This is also the main reason for their non-popularity. THC levels are quickly removed from the bloodstream. Usually, if the THC content in a person’s blood is at 1 ng/mL, 2 ng/mL, or 5 ng/mL then he or she can fail a blood test. In states where cannabis products are completely illegal then there will not limit as they have zero-tolerance for it.

CBD Drug test

Are There Any Other Reasons When People Can Fail Drug Tests Due To High THC Concentration?

Yes, there are few more potential reasons a person can test positive for increased THC level in the blood.

–    Wrong labeling of the Products

Third-party testing is optional for CBD brands. Only reputed companies get their products third-party tested. This accurately spells out the ingredients used in making any product. Many studies prove how companies in the CBD industry mislabel their products.

–    Cross-contamination

The possibility of cross-contamination is high where companies produce products containing THC, and products free of THC. If manufacturers are producing a mixture of both CBD and THC chemicals then also there is a high possibility.  There is cross-contamination potential, even in trace amounts, in both cases.

–    Exposure to the THC chemical via Someone

This is a very rare possibility but still can a potential reason. If a person is surrounded by people consuming marijuana then the chances of a failed drug test is increased. The quality of the marijuana extract and the ventilation of the staying place are other supporting reasons as well.

What Steps Can I Take To Completely End The Possibility Of My CBD Product Containing THC?

CBD companies play a huge role in this decision. Some CBD products are usually more preferable than the other options for sure. We have listed some of the best precautions you as a CBD user can take below:

–    Find Out About The Conditions In Which The Mother Hemp Plant Is Grown In

As mentioned above, CBD oil extracted from hemp seeds have naturally low traces of THC. But, the quality of the hemp plant also differs from one state to another. States like Colorado have strict rules for hemp growing industries which automatically makes them a safer bet. First-grade conditions for the growth of the mother plant is very important. A high-quality grown hemp plant will result in an excellent quality CBD oil. If you cannot find any information about the hemp plant, then try contacting the manufacturing company directly.

–    Find Out About The Product Type And See Whether They Are Properly Labeled

Find out whether a particular CBD product comes from the hemp plant or the marijuana plant. We have mentioned above that the mother plant plays a very important role here. Next, you have to be aware of what type of CBD oil you are purchasing. Full Spectrum CBD oil, Broad Spectrum CBD oil, or pure CBD isolate have different THC concentration. Always remember that CBD oil from marijuana plants and CBF full-spectrum oil are likely to contain more THC.

If you find that a company has not labeled its product properly, consider it as a red flag. CBD brands should mention the CBD concentration level in the product. A product with a greater amount of CBD would always be more costly than one with a lower CBD amount. The total concentration levels depend on what type of product you purchase as well. Tinctures, edibles, and capsules will have different concentrations of CBD in them. This, in turn, places more importance on the total CBD per serving of the product.

If you find any of the above information missing then it will be smart to drop the product altogether. Or, even if on contacting, the manufacturers do not supply you the complete information you should move on.

–    Educate Yourself In All Things CBD

Research about the product that you want to take. By focusing on certain pointers, the buyer can ensure proper and safe products. It should be noted that these are just pointers. There are companies that make false claims regarding the below-mentioned points.

  •    The product should be USDA-certified organic and the CBD oil should be CO2-extracted
  •    The CBD oil sued should be solvent-free, pesticide and herbicide-free
  •    The product should not contain additives or preservatives
  •    The company should have the products decarboxylated
  •    The company should send the products for lab-testing

–    Avoid Products That Make Health-related Claims

The most important thing is to completely avoid companies that make false claims. CBD is not a miracle drug and cannot “cure” any medical condition. If any company does make such claims, know that the company is not reliable. It is also against the rules for a company to make such claims. Thus, if they do make such claims, the companies are either ignorant or willing to break the rules.

Will Opting For Pure CBD Oil Make Me Safe From CBD Oil Drug Tests?

The usual, routine drug tests do not screen for the chemical CBD. The entire focus is on THC and its metabolites. There is a possibility for CBD screening being added when requested by authorities but then again, it is really rare.

CBD Drug test

Final Thoughts On CBD Oil Drug Tests

It is very rare that the CBD chemical will show up on a routine drug test. Be assured that CBD contains THC levels lower than 0.3 percent which is the main reason that people fail these tests. But, you as the buyer needs to research the company from which you are buying your CBD product. If you do not want any THC, see to the fact that your purchased product does not have any. A good quality product from a reputed company will reduce the chances of failing drug tests to negligible.

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