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Oils Does Using CBD Oil For Nerve Pain Work For Patients?

Who would have thought that a cannabis derivative would take over the medical field by storm? That chemical in question here is the CBD chemical cannabinoid.

As people have become aware of the likely health gains of CBD. They want to add products infused by the chemical in their lives. With the rising desire, the number of CBD brands in the market has also increased. The present appraisal of the cannabis industry is around $13.7 billion right now.

What is the more surprising part here is that the experts expect a projected growth to 66.3 billion dollars. If you are shocked, wait till you hear the next part. It is expected that this growth will be reached within the next 5 years only. This is a brief intro to the repute that CBD is enjoying at the moment.

CBD can help to improve the mental and physical health of the user. Especially, in the case of mental troubles, the chemistry of the user can change. The problem with this disorder is that they can mess up the chemistry of the brain of the user. Since CBD has the power of its therapeutic effects, it can be good for the mind and body of the user. Whether it is anxiety to chronic pain to heart attack control – CBD can help. And, of course, you can use CBD oil for nerve pain.

Nerve pain is a health ailment that is still pretty much a vague concept for scientists and experts. The origin, the intensity – it all remains a mystery mostly. This is also quite a mystifying concept on which active research is being conducted.

What makes this even more imprecise is the fact that the pain sensation may differ from one person to another. Nerve pain may start at one specific point in a body part. Or, it may spread to multiple parts of the body with no real reason as to why it happens this way. All in all, you get a glimpse of how complicated the issue of nerve pain can be.

Due to this combination of vagueness and difficulty, there is no proper treatment that has been found out for nerve pain. Even then, with claims of CBD being a relaxing enzyme has made it more popular among people for reducing no pain. But is there any truth in the statement? Read on to find out.

Understanding The CBD Chemical In More Detail

Understanding The CBD Chemical In More Detail

Considering how popular the CBD chemical has become in recent years, we are going to assume that you might have already heard about CBD. Cannabidiol or CBD is an active cannabinoid that is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. Even though it is a cannabis derivative, the CBD chemical is a non-psychoactive element. It should be intriguing to note that the efficacy of using cannabis products for mental and physical well-being is not a new concept. Centuries ago, people had actively used cannabis for its various medicinal properties. It is only in recent years that science has started backing up these claims.

Even then we would like to point out how there is not enough clinical research available in this period. You see, due to a lot of myths girding the CBD chemical, there were limitations imposed on exports. As a result of these limitations, scientists could not really explore the true potential of the CBD chemical or cannabis in general. But with the growing interest in the CBD chemical now, things have changed and research avenues have opened up.

Even current users of CBD have started singing praises of CBD. This includes nerve pain in addition to the other health issues.

What Do We Mean By The Concept Of Nerve Pain?

What Do We Mean By The Concept Of Nerve Pain?

And whenever you get injured or you end up doing something that can hurt you, you experience pain. So, pain is a way in which the body tells or warns us when something has gone bad. A great example is when you put your hand in anything which is too hot. The steam from the heated device already triggers a painful reaction in your hands. As a result of this, you directly pull your hand away before you can do any further damage that might prove to be serious or severe.

The body sent this warning by relaying signals to our brain. It is actually our brain that creates the sensation of pain. You can now understand just how vital the role of our nerves is in our bodies. In the case of nerve pain, the entire nervous system can start working in a haphazard manner. As a result of this, the brain starts receiving pain signals when there is no cause of origin. It is this type of pain that is referred to as neuropathic pain.

The Common Causes of Nerve Pain You Need to Be Aware Of

Nerve pain can lead to trouble in falling asleep as well. This is mainly due to the condition of hyperalgesia. If we were to discuss the causes of nerve pain, you will be shocked to learn the wide range of conditions that can lead to it. While the common causes such as trauma, shingles, cancer, injury, and diabetes are there. But, in addition to these, no pain can be caused due to any issue in our body. For example, infections like HIV, toxin exposure due to kidney disease, et cetera can all lead to nerve pain.

Next, we would like to point out how nerve pain can mask new pain. Due to this side-effect, the patient can miss the common signs of pain. To put this into perspective, let us consider an example. If any nerve pain patient steps on a rugged stone, he or she may not feel the warning pain signal. This is because the foot may already be dulled due to nerve pain.

The Common Symptoms of Nerve Pain You Need to Be Aware Of

Like every other in this, even nerve pain or neuropathic pain has symptoms. We have already mentioned about the complexity of this problem. Keeping that in mind, the signs of nerve pain can vary from one person to another. As a result of this, there are no standard traits that we can list here. But, to give you a broad idea we have included a few general symptoms.

Chronic pain, most certainly, has to be the first symptom in the case of nerve pain. If you go to ask a person who is suffering from nerve pain as to the condition that they suffer from. There is a high chance that they will tell you about a burning, prickling, stabbing, or tingling sensations that they feel.

Even though it may sound quite normal or trivial, trust us when we tell you that the pain is intense. Especially, during night time, and nerve pain patients may feel these sensations. The sensations can start in any distinct area in the body. However, the hands and feet are usually the most common places that my experience the pain during certain spells or constantly.

The main issue with nerve pain has to be the lack of cause of the pain. As a result of this, often patients do not seek treatment for weeks. Or, sometimes even months not knowing the origin and mistaking the pain.

The other symptoms of nerve pain can be a partial or total loss of sensation. There might even be numbing in some cases. The symptoms can make the patient face difficulties. Especially, when they perform simple everyday tasks as well. It is due to this very reason why you see enough pain patients constantly wearing gloves. And, carrying out actions such as typing, knitting, walking, and so on becoming so tedious for them.

Sometimes the body can become overly sensitive. This condition is known as hyperalgesia. In hyperalgesia, when even something as soft as a bedsheet is placed over a person, he or she may feel pain.

The other triggers of nerve pain can be certain activities or body positions. Put example, if you have to wait in a particular place for a long period of time you may start enduring pain.

The Reason Why You Need To Take Measures To Control Nerve Pain As Soon As You Can

The Reason Why You Need To Take Measures To Control Nerve Pain As Soon As You Can

An already intense condition, no pain can become an even bigger problem is it is not treated properly soon. You can keep progressing worsening with every passing day. It can also start spreading to the different parts of your body. This condition usually starts from the very ends of the human body like the hands and feet. And with time can start affecting the torso and arms of the person.

However, if you do get yourself treated before it becomes even serious, this pain can be controlled to an extent. In addition to this, if you are successful to find the origin and get it treated, you will never have to worry about not been anymore. Yes, it is a probability in this case.

Can Use Of The CBD Chemical Work For Neuropathy Or Nerve Pain?

Using CBD Oil for Nerve pain. Does it work?

There have been claims made by the current users of CBD of the efficacy of neuropathy. Here, we will list out the research findings that have been printed by reputed sources. They are listed below.

  1. A piece of research printed in the journal Pain had concluded the following-

“Sativex successfully treats neuropathic pain characterized by allodynia.“

  1. In a review that was published in Neurotherapeutics had issued the following statement-

They claimed, “clinical studies largely confirm that neuropathic pain patients derive benefits from cannabinoid treatment.“

  1. As per another piece of research, “cannabinoids suppress inflammatory and neuropathic pain by targeting a3 glycine receptors.” This research was printed in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

There are more pieces of research that show the potency of CBD for Neurotherapy. but, we are sure you get an idea. Having said this, there is still a need for much more detailed. And, clinical research to be carried out by scientists. This is because we are still not aware of the mechanism in which the CBD chemical reduces or changes pain intensity.

There is actually a logical reason for how THC might work in favor of patients suffering from nerve pain. The THC chemical is found growing alongside a CBD chemical in the same mother plant. Now, even though they are found in the same plant, they have different features. The main difference between them is the fact that the THC chemical is psychoactive. This basically means that when users consume THC, they experience a state of euphoria. Yet, there is no inebriation risk in the case of the CBD chemical.

Keeping this in mind:

We can say that since THC alters the cognitive functioning of the user. As such it might distract them from the pain that they might be feeling. Also, the THC chemical cannabinoid is a mood enhancer. It can influence sense perception as well. But, how the CBD chemical interacts with the body in relation to pain still remains vague.

Since we do not have solid data about direct synergy, we will discuss the indirect way in which CBD affects the body. The CBD chemical has a positive influence that can reduce the symptoms that can be to pain. Using CBD oil can prevent the body from absorbing too much Anandamide.

Also known as the bliss molecule, anandamide is a fatty neurotransmitter. The main job of this molecule is to send messages on pain to the brain. When the level of Anandamide in the body is higher, a person will feel lesser pain and vice versa.

The other way that CBD can help is that it can limit the following responses in the body. These include.

  1. Inflammation
  2. Insomnia
  3. Autoimmune responses

Now, if you do want to make use of the therapeutic effects of the CBD chemical, you need to focus on optimal dosage. Since the optimal dosage is mostly open to interpretation, it is better to consult a health specialist to get more accurate help. Only when you diligently CBD in the correct amount will you be able to control neuropathic pain.

The Different Ways In Which You Can Use CBD Oil For Nerve Pain Control 

The Different Ways In Which You Can Use CBD Oil For Nerve Pain Control 

We have already established the efficacy of the CBD chemical for nerve pain. Now, you might be wondering about the different ways in which you can introduce CBD in your life. Hi, you can use CBD in different forms to help your lifestyle and wellbeing. It is important that you make it a point to consume products infused with the CBD chemical at regular intervals. 

There are various concentrations of the CBD chemical which you can give us. Interested people can take CBD  in 10mg 25 mg and other diseases that can help them to efficiently manage chronic pain. Then, of course, is the fact that CBD topical can be easily massaged onto the pain points to alleviate the pain.

There are many CBD brands that offer such products. One shining example has to be the CBD cream sold by WTP Hemp. This CBD cream is a hundred percent CBD isolates that work efficiently to reduce pain issues. The other products sold by the company include CBD Gummy Bears and CBD tinctures. Then, CBD capsules are also available in the market for sale.

The Final Verdict: Can CBD Oil Be Used By Patients Of Nerve Pain?

The Final Verdict: Can CBD Oil Be Used By Patients Of Nerve Pain?

Try to place orders from CBD brands that are famous for their good quality CBD oil. Only when the quality of the CBD oil used by the company is great will it have a positive impact on your body. Otherwise, the entire purpose we defeated. In the case of nerve pain especially using Siri is much more preferred. The chemical is an organic yet effective element. Experts have also comes found the lack of side effects even on the repeated use of the chemical.

The other medication usually includes opioids and other strong drugs. The problem with it is that the patient can become dependent on the medication. This, in turn, can lead to substance abuse at a later stage in life. Resorting to alcohol or drugs is not an option as well. Mostly due to the negative effect that it will have on your body and organs.

It is due to all these factors by using CBD can be great for people. We only need access to more detailed proof before we can hail CBD as a proper treatment for nerve pain. At the moment, experts are conducting research to learn as much as you can about the efficacy of the CBD chemical.

Even the U.S owned agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has started inviting advocates of CBD to learn more about the chemical.  even CBD manufacturers are invited to the meeting. Once a proper conclusion is reached, CBD will be given its due credit. Until then it is definitely a positive sign that an organic element has the power to curb something as complex as nerve pain. 

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