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Oils CBD Oil For Pain Relief: The Truth

There has been a steady rise in the number of people that are complaining about pain-related issues. This can be a mixture of chronic pain, arthritis pain, and other issues to name a few.

The reason why the CBD oil has become so popular is that it is not only good for the body, it is also organic. CBD oil for pain relief.

The pharmaceutical drugs available in the market for pain relief has its own set of pros and cons. These drugs are not that cheap. And, they may lead to serious side-effects on the health of the user. The last fact is one of the main reasons why a lot of Americans are not interested in using pain relief supplements. Instead, they are searching for an alternative that is natural without creating another issue for them.

This is where CBD steps in.

Experts are claiming that the CBD chemical has therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects. Due to this very reason that CBD can be useful for reducing symptoms related to pain. The entire cannabis industry is valued at $13.7 billion at the moment. Experts are saying that in the next 5 to 6 years, this to the valuation will rise to $66.3 billion. This is a perfect example that shows the potential Andy growing interest in people around the world in cannabis and its derivatives.

Yes, the CBD chemical is actually a cannabis derivative. Before the red flags start waving in your mind, we have to clear a very common myth associated with CBD.

CBD chemical is actually a non- psychoactive element. In other words, using the CBD chemical in any form or amount will not make the user high. As such, it can be used by even children and teenagers. Talking from a medical point of you, the CBD chemical is good for the health. But, we do need more research to understand the efficiency of the CBD chemical when it comes to declaring it an effective medication and treatment.

In this article, we will focus on the efficacy of the CBD chemical when it comes to pain. Read on to know whether using CBD oil can really be the miracle that chronic pain patients wished for.

CBD Oil: The Definition And The Working Of The Chemical

CBD Oil For Pain Relief: The Definition And The Working Of The Chemical

CBD, also called Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive natural element. This chemical cannabinoid is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. It is a relaxing catalyst that can be used by people who want to improve their health. It has anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effects that make it useful for a lot of people.

There are around 80 to 200 types of chemical cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. But, there are two chemicals that are the most prominent. One, of course, is CBD. The other chemical is THC.

The Reason Why You Need to Know About the THC Element

You must be wondering as to why I will be mentioning THC when we are talking about CBD. The chemical THC is actually a very important element in the cannabis world. It is this very chemical that is responsible for the “high“ commonly associated with cannabis products.

When users consume THC traces in higher amounts, they experience a state of euphoria. THC alters the consciousness of the user. It stimulates the production of dopamine in the body as well.

Aside from the intoxicating effects of THC, it is otherwise similar to CBD. As they found growing in the same mother plant, they share a similar structure. Also, they possess similar health benefits to the body as well. THC can help to improve the mood of the user and re-store back lost appetite.

It also helps to reduce risks related to cancer and lower anxiety. Even nausea can be controlled by THC. So yes, CBD and THC are two different chemicals having similarities and differences.

The Entourage Effect

As mentioned above, THC can be useful for the health of the user. In a similar manner, other cannabinoids also have a few health benefits.

It is due to this very reason why cannabis users combine together cannabinoids. This combination reaction is known as the entourage effect. Under this reaction, the positive effects of the cannabinoid get amplified. This makes the resulting product even more effective and potent. The most common examples of the entourage effect include CBD Full Spectrum oil and CBD Broad Spectrum.

It should also be noted that CBD isolates cannot match to the amplified effects of CBD Full Spectrum oil and CBD Broad Spectrum.

The Working of the CBD Chemical in the Human Body

The human body has a very elaborate system which is known as the endocannabinoid system. This particular system has two receptors which are how it carries its functioning. These two receptors are as follows:

  1. The CB1 Receptor

The CB1 receptor is found near the brain area of the user. It is this particular receptor that is responsible for managing the cognitive working of the user. These functions include the following:

  • Understanding
  • Coordination
  • Movement
  • Sharpness
  • Memory
  • Speech

The THC chemical is the chemical that interacts with the CB1 receptor. It latches on to the CB1 receptor as a result of which it can alter cognitive thinking.

  1. The CB2 Receptor

The CB2 receptor is found near the immunity system of the user. As a result of this, this receptor manages the pain and inflammation levels in the body. As you might have guessed, the CBD chemical interacts with this particular chemical.

It should be noted that the way CBD interacts with the CB1 receptor is different from the way THC interacts with the CB2 receptor. CBD chemical does not match its self on to the CB2 receptor. It only stimulates the body to produce more cannabinoids. Again, CBD does not produce any cannabinoids in the body.

When there is an increase in the number of cannabinoids in the body, the efficiency of the body to fight health issues also increases. As a result, the body becomes stronger to keep mental and physical issues at bay.

The Different Ways CBD Oil Can Help A Person Suffering From Pain

The Different Ways CBD Oil Can Help A Person Suffering From Pain

CBD oil can be used for three main types of pain that are commonly faced by human beings. These issues include as follows:

1. CBD oil for chronic pain

Scientists conducted research to study the effect of CBD oil in the case of chronic pain. After conducting studies and trials, they compiled the results to conclude the final result. They found out that cannabis and CBD oil were in fact, useful when it came to treating chronic pain issues in adults.

The main reason for this was the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD chemical. When users apply products containing CBD oil on the affected area, the chemical is absorbed into the skin cells of the user. This reduces any inflammation and lowers pain intensity felt by the user. It is due to this that CBD chemical is called an excellent pain relief stimulant.

Also, be noted that using CBD oil does not create anybody’s tolerance. In other words, substance abuse remains out of question by using CBD products. CBD topicals also allow adjustment of dosage as per the intensity of the pain.

2. CBD oil for arthritis pain

Scientists conducted a study on animal models in sometime back. The results of this study were posted in the European Journal of Pain. The main intention of scientists was to find out the effect of the CBD chemical on symptoms of arthritis.

In this study, scientists applied a topical gel that had CBD oil in it on rights. These rats were suffering from arthritis issues. This study was conducted for four days and in the end, it was found that the inflammation levels have dropped remarkably. Also, other signs of pain associated with arthritis were managed as well.

Another plus point of CBD, in this case, was that there were no additional adverse effects on the health of the rats.

3. CBD oil for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is actually a very serious autoimmune disease. This particular health condition affects the entire body. The main cause of multiple sclerosis is when the norms and the brain of the patient do not work properly and efficiently.

Muscle spasms are one of the major symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Not only are these spasms very intense, but they also caused a lot of pain to the users who suffer from this disease. On studying the use of CBD oil for the short-term, scientists found out that CBD oil could help reduce the level of spasticity felt to buy an MS patient. Of course, the results that were found were not revolutionary and were mostly short-term, it was still a positive factor in this field.

Scientists have already started research to learn more about the efficiency of CBD oil for Multiple Sclerosis.

In all, this is the main reason why CBD oil can be beneficial for pain. Not only does it help to reduce inflammation levels, but it also weakens the intensity of the pain. Buyers can definitely use CBD oil and its products for getting relieved from pain.

Understanding The Correct Dosage Of CBD Oil For Pain

Understanding The Correct Dosage Of CBD Oil For Pain

Before we discuss more of the optimal dosage of CBD oil for pain, we need to talk about a few other factors.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a very important agency that helps to regulate a variety of food and drug products. The entire aim of this agency is to ensure that the user does not consume anything that is harmful to their health.

Now, this agency does not recognize CBD oil as a dietary supplement. As a result of this absence of regulation, it has not issued any guidelines about the optimal dosage as well. It is due to this very reason why the optimal dosage remains open for interpretation.

When we talk about the optimal dosage, there are a variety of factors that play a very important role to a certain the correct dose. All these factors are mentioned below:

  1. The bodyweight of the user
  2. The total concentration of the CBD chemical in the specific product
  3. The body tolerance and sensitivity of the user to the CBD chemical
  4. The intensity of the health condition

Only after considering all the four factors can after my dosage be found out. As not much information is available about CBD oil, it is better to consult a professional in this case.

Not only with the professional help to find the correct dose amounts, so she can provide other guidance as well. This includes the correct CBD brand and the correct intake method. There might also be times when a buyer can be allergic to the CBD chemical. In such cases, it is important for him or her to receive immediate medical care.

Having said all this, the FDA has approved a CBD spray for certain types of epilepsy. This CBD spray is also called Epidiolex. This series play was only recently approved by the agency. But even then epilepsy patients need to visit a doctor to find out the optimal those amounts.

By using one to three product units, users can feel a remarkable difference in their daily lives. The relaxation of their muscles and joints can make for a much needed change.

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

More often than not, chronic pain issues are mostly felt in the joints and muscles that issues of the user. By using topical that is infused with CBD oil, users can feel the release sensations for a longer period of time. Daily use creams, lotions, and balms are infused with the CBD chemical here.

Users need to directly apply these CBD topicals on the affected area. CBD oil then seeps through the skin membranes and starts reducing the information in the joint and surrounding tissue. This is why CBD oil can be beneficial for people suffering from arthritis. Since CBD oil is also a muscle relaxant, it helps to reduce stiffness.

The intensity of the pain that is felt by the user is also weekend. What happens here is that the CBD chemical weakens the pain signals being emitted by the affected nerves. It should be noted that these pain signals are not completely blocked, only weakened.

For the optimal dosage in the case of CBD topicals, buyers can adjust the amount as per need. In other words, if the user sees more pain, he or she can apply more of the product. Similarly, if the pain is mild, they can use a lesser amount.

CBD Oil Vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs: What You Need To Know

Using pharmaceutical drugs for pain relief is actually very common. Not only in America, but people all around the world also turn to market drugs to reduce their pain intensity. But, that does not mean that these drugs are completely safe. Pharmaceutical drugs have their own sets of cons. These cons are as follows:

  1. Taking advantage of this light monopoly in the market, pharmaceutical companies price these drugs at a higher cost.
  2. Pharmaceutical drugs can have serious side-effects. These drugs help to reduce pain, for sure. But, they may give rise to other health conditions. This makes them undesirable to an extent and a cause of serious concern.

Every one of these cons is successfully overcome by using CBD oil. Even the best quality CBD oil available in the market will be cheaper than the average market drug. You get an organic alternative that can be really beneficial for you. Let us also not forget that the CBD chemical does not have any major side-effects on the health of the user. They may feel nauseous or drowsy, but it is still negligible. There might also be cases of tirededness and diarrhea.

Even with the rare cases, the intensity and frequency of these health conditions are almost absent.

Concluding Thoughts On CBD Oil For Pain Management

Concluding Thoughts On CBD Oil For Pain Management

After considering the research that has been conducted on CBD oil, we can say that CBD oil is excellent pain relief and stimulant. This is especially, in the case of multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and arthritis pain.

While it is true that we do need more details and clinical research in this field, we should not disregard the findings that have been found out already.

Having said this, the main factor when we talk about CBD oil is to reduce inflammation and manage pain. This can only be achieved through optimal dosage. Having said this, the main factor when we talk about CBD oil is to reduce inflammation and management.

This can only be achieved through optimal dosage. It is always recommended to consult a doctor in the matters of CBD oil. Not only will we get the correct dosage, but we will also get their complete guidance. We would also like to advise against using CBD oil by own discretion. Self-medication is most certainly not the way to go when it comes to CBD oil. This way, users can take advantage of the positive effects of using CBD oil.

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