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Oils The Truth About CBD Oil In San Diego: Is CBD Oil Legal in San Diego?

CBD oil in San Diego. Is CBD oil legal in San Diego? California legalized recreational marijuana in 2016. Cannabis users visited San Diego to buy their stock from licensed stores since then. Long before the US 2018 Farm Bill made CBD oils legal, San Diego permitted the production and sale of cannabis products. In the initial wave, the city issued 17 licenses for the sale of medical marijuana. About a dozen of these stores started selling recreational marijuana since January 1, 2018. Most of these outlets were situated in:

  • Bay Park,
  • Kearny Messa, and
  • Mission Valley.

San Diego was one of the first American cities to establish a supply chain for cannabis. It included:

  • cultivation,
  • testing, and
  • manufacturing of weed products.

Early action allowed the city to deal a heavy blow to the CBD black market that cropped up its ugly head at other places. 

At first, San Diego outlawed unlicensed cannabis stores and farms. Only a handful of licensed dispensaries were allowed to sell medical marijuana. Adults (people who were 21 or older) were allowed to:

  • possess,
  • transport, and
  • buy

up to one ounce of marijuana. 

Employers and landlords had the right to now allow marijuana use on their premises. Employers could fire people who tested positive on a drug test. Landlords could bar people from using marijuana on their properties. Still, cannabis products were easily accessible.

One could easily obtain the card needed to purchase cannabis. They could apply to the offices that sold cards or could apply for them online. One just had to answer a few questions and you were issued a card (without much verification). People frequently bought CBD oils online (they still do!). They could also buy CBD oils from the licensed or unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries nearby.

You did need an ID to buy cannabidiol. Until CBD hemp oil was made legal as a ‘hemp derivative‘. CBD oil derived from marijuana or THC-rich CBD oil still has some restrictions on it.

Drastic changes in the CBD industry has happened since then. 

A major conference is going to take place in San Diego, California in 2020. Impact CBD has been scheduled from August 30 to September 2, 2020. It will feature:

  • education sessions analyzing CBD’s effects on patients,
  • discussions on best health practices related to the CBD industry,
  • feature CBD businesses, and
  • interactions between CBD experts and clients. is an excellent source of education about:

  • CBD products,
  • CBD delivery options,
  • health benefits of CBD, and
  • scientific evidence and clinical studies related to cannabidiol.

The CBD expo will also feature custom suites and treatment rooms. Attendees can also see, touch, and taste the CBD here. The organizer of the event is Questex Wellness Market. Questex provides online solutions for businesses looking forward to being in touch with their clients.

This article answers everything you need to know about buying CBD oil in San Diego.

'Green Rush' In San Diego

‘Green Rush’ In San Diego

Cannabis legalization in California and other states has led to a steep rise in CBD oil demand. While healing properties of cannabidiol (CBD) are still under investigation, local companies are riding high on the CBD trend to rake in huge profits. Many companies have marked athletes as their target customers.

Stefan McKellar, a co-founder of Nanocraft CBD, says,

“CBD is non-psychoactive. It does not get you high. CBD companies focus on health and fitness enthusiasts and sports athletes. Cannabidiol can help them in pain management and healing their injuries faster.”

California has strict quality-control laws regarding CBD. Consumers should be aware that not all CBD oils sold online are of good quality. The FDA does spot tests of CBD oil samples periodically. It found that almost 70% of the online CBD oils:

  • had no CBD, or
  • had too much THC.

Elisabeth Mack is a founder of Holistic Caring. She believes in CBD. She said that CBD can help treat:

  • inflammation,
  • chronic pain, and
  • anxiety.

But the results vary from person-to-person.

The effectiveness of CBD oil also depends on its dosage. If a person takes too much CBD or too little CBD, he or she may not benefit from it.

Doctors are hesitant to recommend CBD products as they are not yet approved by the FDA. At present, the FDA has approved only one CBD drug. It is called ‘Epidiolex’. It is used to treat two rare forms of childhood epilepsy. This drug can help in reducing:

  • the frequency, and
  • the intensity

of the seizures in young epileptic patients.

The FDA is expected to regulate the industry soon. Until then, Mack suggests the people look for CBD products:

  • with lab-tested analysis, and
  • with CBD extracted from US-grown hemp.

Once the CBD regulations are out, more CBD businesses are expected to open up their base in San Diego.

Navy Now Allows The Topical Use Of CBD Products With Less Than 0.3% THC.

Navy Now Allows The Topical Use Of CBD Products With Less Than 0.3% THC.

Since the change in federal law, some CBD products are now legal. These are undoubtedly the products derived from industrial hemp. Recently, Navy took cognizance of the rising popularity of ‘cannabidiol’. It now allows the use of CBD creams with less than 0.3% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is still against Navy regulations to:

  • ingest CBD oils, or
  • use CBD transdermal patches (that penetrate the skin).

Until now, the Navy had a zero-tolerance policy against CBD. Jeff Carver is an attorney. He represents military clients in San Diego. Some of his clients failed the drug test carried out by the Navy. He revealed that the Navy allows the topical application of CBD creams. 

Selle Butler oversees drug testing in the Navy Personnel Command. He said:

“Nobody, in my knowledge, has faced a drug test after using a CBD cream with less than 0.3%.”

Navy is still not okay with CBD products derived from marijuana.

Employers Can Determine Their Stance About CBD In Their Workplaces.

Employers Can Determine Their Stance About CBD In Their Workplaces.

Phil Blair is an HR professional working with a non-profit organization called the ‘Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). In his article published in ‘The San Diego Union-Tribune’, he shared:

Many companies, as well as job applicants, are confused about the legalization of cannabis. Legally, one is allowed to use CBD for medicinal or recreational purposes. California is one of the states that allow the recreational use of cannabis. Still, employers are conducting drug tests.

Employers have the right to declare their workplace as drug and alcohol-free. It means that if an applicant or employee fails a drug test, the employer can fire him or her on the spot. And the rule applies to medicinal cannabis too. It means that even if the CBD oil you use has been prescribed by your doctor, you can still be legally fired for failing the drug test.

Typically, the effects of cannabis use wear off within hours. But its traces can be detected in a urine sample for more than two weeks. In a hair sample, traces of cannabis can be detected for up to six months. A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) found that those who tested positive for cannabis use had:

  • 55% more industrial accidents,
  • 85% more injuries, and
  • 75% more absenteeism.

But this impairment is more related to the presence of THC (the psychoactive compound found in marijuana). If you are using CBD oil to treat your pain or anxiety, it is best to clear things up with your employer beforehand.

Why CBD Is A Craze In San Diego?

Why CBD Is A Craze In San Diego?

Thousands of scientific research studies on cannabidiol offer promising results. However, most of this research is done outside the US. The US laws have only recently changed to clear the way for cannabis and CBD research. 

Project CBD is an excellent source to know all about CBD. You can research the site for different clinical studies on the effects and side-effects of CBD. You can also read about the latest industry developments and news about CBD on this site. Most people use CBD oil for:

  • pain management,
  • soothing inflammation,
  • treating insomnia,
  • controlling tremors and seizures, and
  • reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression 

among other things.

Athletes also buy CBD oil as a safer and natural way for:

  • treating their injuries, and
  • managing their pain.

Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers such as NSAIDs (like Ibuprofen) pose several health risks. Thousands of Americans have succumbed to opioid addiction (another way of dealing with pain). Cannabidiol promises relief from pain and inflammation minus the risks posed by NSAIDs or opioids.

The good news is that in 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances. USADA (the US Anti-Doping Agency) has also followed in its footsteps.

It is to be noted that THC and synthetic cannabinoids (which are psychoactive) are still prohibited. But the WADA has considerably increased the amount of THC allowed in the urine sample of an athlete. Earlier, only 15 nanograms of THC was allowed per milliliter of the urinary sample. Now, WADA has raised the urinary threshold to 150 nanograms of THC per ml. This has been done to ensure that the consumption of THC on the day of even gets detected. But a casual consumption of THC days or weeks before the event does not cause an athlete to disqualify for a competition. advises that people with a zero-tolerance drug testing policy at work should use:

  • CBD isolate products, and
  • CBD oils derived from hemp.

Sublingual use of CBD tinctures or drops is the quickest way to experience the health benefits of the CBD. CBD vaping (or inhalation) also offers quick relief in pain and inflammation. But vaping CBD might not be safe for the users.

A news report was published by NBC San Diego on September 17, 2019. It reported the seventh death in the US due to severe pulmonary injury caused by vaping. It was the second death related to CBD vaping in California. Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order to raise public awareness about the dangers of vaping nicotine and cannabis. The Tulare County Public Health also warned the residents about the possible risks of e-cigarettes causing severe damage to lung health.

Right now, putting CBD oil drops under the tongue is being seen as the safest way to use CBD. People may also consider using CBD edibles (such as CBD gummies) or CBD capsules to reap the benefits of the compound.

Where To Buy CBD Oil In San Diego?

Where To Buy CBD Oil In San Diego?

WTP Hemp offers you the best CBD oil with the highest bioavailability in the industry. Its CBD oils have a bioavailability as high as 97%! The company employs the latest nano-emulsification process to make its CBD oils easily absorb-able by the body. It also uses hemp grown in licensed farms of Colorado. US-grown hemp is of high quality and is closely monitored by the authorities. Hence, it is clean and safe for use. It is also:

  • non-GMO,
  • free of pesticides or herbicides, and
  • does not contain heavy metals or other harmful chemicals.

The company also uses the supercritical CO2 extraction process – the best in the industry. It ensures a clean and environmental-friendly way of CBD extraction from hemp plants.

Right now, WTP Hemp does not own an exclusive CBD store in San Diego. But it does sell its products online. It also offers free delivery of its products across all the 50 states of the US. 

Those who want to buy CBD locally in San Diego can check out:


  • Thrive CBD


Address: 1570 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109


Phone: (619) 630-0304


  • The Healing Center


Address: 3703 Camino del Rio S #215a, San Diego, CA 92108


Phone: (858) 324-2420


  • Terry Holistics


This dispensary is situated centrally in Sorento Valley. It offers free deliveries within 10 miles of its CBD store. Their delivery zone includes all of San Diego country (including North County). It can deliver CBD right to your door in:

  • Carlsbad,
  • Del Mar,
  • Encinitas,
  • Escondido,
  • Poway,
  • Rancho Sante Fe,
  • Solana Beach, and more.

Address: 10671 Roselle Street, Suite 100, San Diego, California 92121


Phone: (858) 558-1420 / Ext 2

Many people prefer to shop online because online CBD stores offer you a wide range of options. They also allow you to compare different products and their price. 

One thing you must remember is that when you buy CBD oil, always check the third-party lab test results for the product. It will help you learn:

  • whether the CBD contains any harmful chemical or not,
  • the amount of CBD in the oil you purchase, and
  • THC concentration of the CBD oil you buy.

Many times, CBD companies mislabel their products. The ‘Certificate of Analysis’ issued by independent laboratories help you verify what they are offering you. Be sure to do a thorough investigation before you place your CBD order.

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