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Oils The Truth About CBD Oil In Texas: Is CBD Legal in Texas?

In the current year of 2019, there is a high chance that you know what cannabidiol chemical is. Or certainly, you must have already heard about it. Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known as has been in the medical industry for quite some time now. It is filled with many holistic and remedial properties that can do wonders for your health.

It can actively treat a variety of health conditions in the most efficient way possible. They are also no confirmed side-effects of the chemical CBD. All these are the main reasons that more and more customers are being attracted by CBD and its products. CBD oil in Texas. Is it legal there?

It was only a few years ago that not many people were aware of CBD. All of a sudden the popularity of this chemical has blown up. It is this interest of the American people, that new companies are entering the CBD sector. They all want to capitalize on this interest to make money. The demands of the average customer have always been the main priority of every, please. In order to please their customers, companies are introducing new products infused with CBD oil.

They want to appease every customer of theirs. They do so by providing them products like CBD tinctures, CBD pills, CBD coffee and so on. In short, there is a product for every needs and preference in the market.

Having said all of that, it is important to answer the first question which we’re sure is on your mind-

“Is CBD Oil in Texas legal?”

Federally, yes. But the concept of the legality of CBD oil varies from one state to another. In this article, we will explore the nuances of CBD legality in the great state of Texas. Read on as we try to answer every CBD related question of yours in relation to Texas. CBD oil in Texas and its legality.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Texas?

The CBD chemical is found growing naturally in the Industrial hemp or the marijuana plant. It grows along with nearly 80 chemicals in the mother plant. As buyers, it is important to know where your CBD oil is derived from. Hemp plant-derived CBD is definitely safer. When CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant then it can be a little problematic.THC has higher levels of THC when compared to CBD.

In 2014, the United States of America signed the Farm Bill. The bill stated that growing hemp will be federally legal in the eyes of the government. Also, even hemp-derived CBD oil products will be legal as well. By definition-

If the CBD oil used in any product has a THC content less than 0.3 percent by dry weight, then it will be completely legal.

The bill is, but, still subjective. The Farm Bill was passed only recently. This is the main reason why not all the American states are aligned where the CBD chemical is concerned. By alignment, we are referring to their stand on its legality.

There are many states that consider CBD 100 percent legal for recreational and medicinal activities. Whereas there are states that only I love medicine is the use of the CBD chemical. Yet, certain states like Nebraska, South Dakota and Idaho still have their limitations about the chemical and its products. We haven’t completely banned CBD but there are a lot of technicalities involved. The same was the case with Texas but things have recently changed.

There was also always a lot of confusion in Texas when it came to the use of cannabidiol oil. This was mainly due to the absence of clear rules in the state on the CBD chemical. As CBD is considered as a great alternative to opioids to treat pain, there have always been many customers interested to buy it. In Texas, retailers, and buyers operated in gray areas where the sale of CBD products was concerned.

As mentioned above, now the situation has changed. CBD derived from the hemp plant is now officially legal in Texas. Governor Greg Abbott signed a law that stated exactly that.

Texas House Bill 1325

Initially, when the 2018 Farm Bill was passed many Texans were arrested when they were caught having CBD oil with them. The same was the case with storekeepers who retailed them. This store used to be and all CBD infused products were confiscated by the Texas police. The confusion here was that many officers considered CBD legal for only certain citizens. As per them, only those patients that suffered from intractable epilepsy could use it. Or they had to be a part of the Texas Compassionate Use Act. Everyone else was breaking the law in their eyes. Any claims about the CBD oil being federally legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill were refuted.

But now the Texas governor has signed the House Bill 1325. This bill allows Texas farmers to grow their hemp plants. And, its inhabitants could use hemp-derived products. The Texas Department of Agriculture will oversee the entire process. That being said CBD products would still be sampled, inspected and tested. Retailers would also need a license approved by the government. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services will look after the processing of consumable items having the chemical CBD. Marijuana though still remains illegal in the state.

The chemical THC, which is illegal, is a psychoactive element. Users can get high after consuming the chemical. It alters the state of consciousness of the consumer. It is due to this reason that many states still consider THC to be illegal. But, it would be illogical to extend this reasoning to ban CBD. The CBD chemical is derived from the hemp plants. The hemp plants naturally contain low levels of THC and higher levels of CBD. The chemical itself is non-psychoactive. This implies that the user will not experience a state of euphoria upon consuming CBD. So, it only makes sense that the CBD product will not as well.

Texas has finally removed CBD from its list of controlled substances. The federal government had done this way before.

If there is still a catch though. The new law may not necessarily end all the confusion related to the chemical CBD. This is because the field tests are taken by the police to identify illegal drugs I’m not advanced enough. These field tests are not designed to differentiate between marijuana and CBD oil. So, there is still a chance for CBD users to be detained until further testing. Then, of course, there is still the situation of the FDA not recognizing CBD as a dietary supplement. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still contemplating placing more federal regulations. They want to place rules on the marketing and selling of the chemical.

Even so, it is still great news for the people of the state. They can avail of the health benefits offered by CBD and live a healthier life.

Where To Buy CBD In Texas?

This is where we need to understand the ‘Hemp Law’ of the Texas state. The stores that retail CBD infused products need to follow certain conditions. Under this law, the retail stores need to be registered with the Texas Health Department.

There was a statement released from the office of Rep. Tracy King, the key person that was responsible for the bill to be carried through the House. It stated that the stores could continue selling Hemp-derived products legally. For CBD oil, the THC content has to be less than 0.3 percent to not cause any trouble with the law. Basically, this aligns with the provisions of the Farm Bill. But the statement further went on to say that Texan stores cannot buy more stock easily.

The manufacturer has to comply with the new testing and labeling requirements of the state before. It should be noted that the 2018 Farm Bill allowed hemp oil and other similar products to be shipped all over the country.

We can expect the production of hemp in the state from the following year. At the moment, Sid Miller, the Texas Agriculture Commissioner and his agency are working on creating new guidelines for hemp production. These set of guidelines need to be followed by Texas hemp farmers diligently.

So, no we can officially say that Hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD oil are legal in Texas.

If you are already thinking of places where you buy CBD, there are a couple of retail shops where you can avail them. You can research about the shops that sell the highest quality CBD oil products. And, only then you should proceed to place your order.

It should be remembered that the entire point of buying CBD products is to get health benefits. You want the product that can actively work stress, depression. If you want treatment for severe health conditions like heart attacks, cancer or diabetes then also CBD can be your first choice. But, the entire purpose will fail if you buy lower quality products. This is why it is very important to place your order via portals that can give you excellent CBD oil.

Another easy way to get CBD in Texas is to buy it online. There are many companies with a good reputation in the market. The reason is, of course, their amazing quality products.

We The People Hemp is one of such companies.

WTP Hemp has been around for quite some time now. It has created brand loyalty for itself due to its CBD oil quality. The company uses the supercritical CO2 nanoemulsion technology to extract its CBD oil. This technology increases the bioavailability of their CBD oil to 97 percent. This kind of rate is very rare in the CBD industry.

The Hemp used to extract its CBD oil is grown in America and in first grade conditions. The company takes pride in its products. They say that their products can help their users regulate their mental, physical, and neurological health.

The company also offers a variety of products like CBD tinctures and CBD gummy bears. You can also buy CBD capsules and CBD skin creams from their wide array of products. So, certainly, WTP Hemp will be the correct choice to buy your CBD products from.

A Complete Review Of The Products Offered By WTP Hemp

As mentioned above, users can choose from essential oils and pills. Capsules, skin creams, and gummy bears are sold by the company too.

Here is the list of the products sold by the company-

WTP Hemp Gummy Bears

This is a high-quality tasting product. Every piece of the WDB Hemp Gummy Bear contains around 20 mg of CBD. When children suffer from chronic pain, due to their young age, it is not preferable to give them essential oils or pills. CBD gummy bears with their familiar packaging and candy-like taste make it the perfect alternative. Also, these products contain real fruit juice for their fruity taste. Sometimes to make them sweeter, companies may also add artificial flavoring.

The company sells these products at a price of $99.95. You can get a 600 mg bottle containing 30 pieces of gummy bears. So, you get excellent quality products at quite a reasonable price.

WTP Hemp Skin Cream

The skin creams include the addition of pure CBD oil. WTP Hemp has designed its skin cream in a manner to help faster absorption into the buyer’s skin. The buyer just needs to act apply this cream on the area in which he is experiencing pain. The CBD oil then is absorbed by the skin membranes. This helps to weaken the pain signals being sent from the targeted area. Naturally, also CBD oil is an excellent pain relief stimulant. Are using this product you can regulate your muscular and joint health. You can get the skin cream at a price of $64.99. A 250 gm container will have around 4 oz of product.

WTP Hemp Tinctures

WTP Hemp Tinctures are mainly essential oils. The CBD oil, as mentioned above, is extracted using the CO2 extraction technique. The extracted oil is free from any additions or dilutions. The oil can be easily absorbed into the buyer’s bloodstream. Relief effects from these tinctures are lasting. It can be used to treat mental and physical health issues effectively. The product is simple to use and is organic. A 250 mg bottle of the tincture will cost you around $74.99.

WTP Hemp Capsules

If you want to include CBD in your lifestyle but do not have the time then CBD capsules are your answer. This product is easy to use and simple. The extracted CBD oil is stored in soft gel capsules which is water-soluble. You need to take just 1 to 3 capsules daily with water to experience the goodness of CBD. WP him capsules are handy and can be taken on the go. A single container usually contains 30 soft gels and retails for $5.95. Each capsule is packed with 50 mg of CBD.

All in all, you can choose the products as per your taste, needs, and preferences. The budget should not be a problem since every product has been competitively priced. You can avail of excellent quality CBD products sold by an established company. That too without risk. It is advisable to consult a professional. These experts will help you determine your CBD oil intake dosage as per your body needs.

Concluding Thoughts On CBD Oil in Texas: Is CBD Legal in Texas

We can expect new shops to crop up with the legalization of CBD in the Texas state. What we need to understand is that CBD oil products are not used for recreational purposes only. They help to efficiently treat many health conditions. The available pharmaceutical drugs in the market, though effective, can have serious side-effects. Also, let us not forget their high prices.

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant which makes it non- psychoactive. The buyers also have the benefit of using organic products as a treatment. Of course, there is a vast scope for more research in the CBD sector. The lack of said research was also due to the limits placed on the chemical. Now, we can expect scientists to find out more about the CBD compound in its entirety. Its long-term effects need to be known clearly to understand the effect on the human body.

Yet, the studies that have already established the potency of the oil to treat health conditions should not be set aside. Many studies have found that CBD oil can be used to treat anxiety. It reduces cancer- related risks and heart diseases, and lower cholesterol levels. This is because of the anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties of the chemical.

Having said all that, the end decision always lies with you, the buyer. Choose CBD oil only if it suits your needs. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the chemical and as such you can go ahead and place the order. Always remember to buy CBD products from good companies though. WTP Hemp, for example, will always be a great bet where CBD oil quality is concerned.

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