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Oils CBD Oil Reviews for Pain – Honest Guide

For people suffering from pain issues, a new drug in the market called CBD can be a godsend. Well, not exactly new since it has been around for centuries.

Cannabidiol, or more popularly known as CBD, has anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant effects. This chemical is being touted as an effective alternative to pain relief treatments. Let us also not forget about the benefits of CBD for other health conditions as well. Many people are hailing the CBD chemical to be a cure-all drug. But, the shocking part is that it might just not be only an exaggeration. CBD oil reviews for pain.

The cannabis industry stands at $13.7 billion. In fact, experts predict that the total valuation of the cannabis industry will increase to $66.3 billion. These numbers speak for themselves. And, you can get an idea of how quickly CBD is growing and how it is showing no signs of slowing down. And why, not? CBD is an organic chemical that is effective for improving the overall wellness of a user.

CBD is most certainly an excellent pain relief stimulant. This especially in the case of health conditions related to pain. Read on as we talk about the properties of CBD chemical for in management. And, why exactly is this chemical perfect for chronic pain, arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis.

What Is CBD And Why Are People Using It?

A chemical compound that is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant, CBD has many health benefits. There are many plants that contain cannabinoids but cannabis plants are more commonly associated with it.

CBD oil is another important addition to many products. They are basically carrier oils such as coconut oil and hemp seed oil that contain different amounts of the CBD chemical in them. 

Before we proceed to the pain relief benefits, we have to tell you about the mother plant of the extracted CBD oil.

As mentioned above, CBD is usually derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. This cannabis plant can be of two particular types. The first type is the hemp plant. This plant contains a greater concentration of the CBD chemical. It also has another chemical called THC. To be more precise, the total amount of THC in this plant stands below 0.3 percent. 

The second type of plant is known as the marijuana plant. This plant has more of the THC concentration as opposed to CBD. 

Why we mentioned this is because the CBD oil that is extracted from the mother plant will display similar features. In other words, when the CBD oil is right from the marijuana plant, it will have more of the THC chemical. And, less of the CBD chemical. Same way, when the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, it will have more of the CBD chemical. And, the total THC traces in it will be below 0.3 percent.

THC and CBD: Similar or Different?

Even though CBD and THC are found in the same mother plant, they only share a structural similarity. There is one major difference between the two chemicals. The THC chemical is a hallucinogenic chemical. It creates a state of euphoria among its users when it is consumed in higher amounts. On the other hand, the CBD chemical is a non-psychoactive chemical. Users can consume CBD in any amounts without the risk of getting intoxicated. It can alter the cognitive functions of the user. These functions include understanding, sharpness, memory and so on. 

You see, a body has an endocannabinoid system. This particular system has two receptors who are known as neuroreceptors. The first receptor is the CB1 receptor. And, the second receptor is the CB2 receptor.

The CB1 receptor is responsible for maintaining cognitive functions. It is even found near the brain of the user. Hence, the overall functioning of the brain is hugely impacted by this new receptor. On the other hand, the CB2 receptor is found near the immunity system of the human body. Pain and inflammation management falls under the jurisdiction of the CB2 receptor. 

Hence, the THC chemical interacts with the CB1 receptor. And, the CBD chemical interacts with a CB2 receptor. There is also a difference in this interaction as well. 

The THC chemical latches on to the CB1 receptor. This is the main reason why you just get intoxicated when they consume THC. But, the CBD chemical stays free from the CB2 receptor. CBD stimulates the human body to produce its own cannabinoids. When the amount of cannabinoids in the body is increased, the efficiency of the body to fight the symptoms of different health conditions also improves. It should be noted that CBD does not produce cannabinoids at all. It only encourages the CB2 receptor and the body.

All in all, this is the interaction that occurs between the cannabinoids in our body. This, in turn, is also the reason why THC is intoxicating in nature whereas CBD is not. Even the governments have different treatments for the CBD chemical and the THC chemical.

What Is The Legal Status Of CBD Oil In The United States Of America?

When the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, the growing of hemp plants became federally legal in the United States. As per the bill, the extracted CBD oil should only contain traces below 0.3 percent. If this condition was met, then the extracted CBD oil would be legal in the eyes of the law. Actually, this bill also made products that are derived from the hemp plant directly legal as well.

There was only one condition attached to this.

Users have to look into the laws of the state in which they lived in relating to CBD. There are states that do not allow their citizens to use the body for recreational and medicine boxes. But, there are also states that allow the free use of CBD oil. Whereas, some states stay restricted to the medicinal use of CBD oil. People living in South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho et cetera need to be extra careful. The states have not banned the CBD oil. But, they have put a lot of restrictions on the sale and ownership of CBD oil.

The main reason for these differences in the stances is due to the little amount of time given to the states to embrace CBD. Also, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized the CBD chemical as a dietary supplement. It has also not issued any guidelines about the optimal dosage of CBD oil. As such, the optimal dosage amount remains open for interpretation.

He said this, the American people need not worry about consuming anything harmful. Actually, the entire point of the FDA is to ensure that the health of the people of America remains uncompromised. The agency feels that any CBD brand is trying to cheat people, it will step in. This is because the FDA does have the right to stop the working of fraudulent companies. Hence, CBD brands fall under its jurisdiction as well.

In fact, a few CBD brands have learned this the hard way. Nevertheless, Americans can mostly enjoy CBD oil without any risk to their health.

A buyer should also ensure that the extracted CBD oil comes from the hemp plant. As mentioned above, this plant naturally has THC traces below the allowed limit. 

All in all, CBD oil derived from the hemp plant is considered legal by the government of the United States of America.

The Health Benefits CBD Users Can Avail Of By Using The Chemical

We have already spoken about the medicinal benefits of the CBD chemical. CBD oil can help to reduce the symptoms related to a wide array of health diseases. Here, we will focus on the different health diseases that CBD can be used for. They are as follows –

1. Back Pain

2. Osteoarthritis

3. Multiple Sclerosis

4. Neuropathic Pain

5. Cancer Pain

6. Headaches and Migraines

7. Fibromyalgia 

8. Temporomandibular Disorder, or more commonly known as TMJ.

9. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Here, All these health conditions are mostly related to pain. But, CBD can be used for other diseases as well. Buyers can use CBD for reducing risks related to heart attacks and other heart diseases. Cholesterol and obesity patients can also take advantage of the medicinal properties of CBD too. It helps to reduce high levels of anxiety, depression, and hypertension. Even people suffering from insomnia can seek refuge by consuming CBD products. 

CBD chemical is also a relaxing catalyst that has therapeutic effects. 

Analyzing The Uses Of CBD Oil For Pain Relief Stimulation

For various pain issues, patients are nearly always told to opt for over-the-counter medicines or prescription pills. But, synthetic drugs are not ready preferable. Not only are they way more costly, but they can also have adverse effects on the health of the user. 

Coming to the entire point of this article, CBD is most certainly efficient for pain issues. Here, we will talk about the three most common types of pain. And, how CBD helps in these cases.

1. CBD Oil for Chronic Pain Management

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are another major reason for the chemical that is useful for chronic pain. This chemical helps to reduce inflammation in the joint and surrounding tissues. Even the pain signals that are set off by the target areas can be tamed by this chemical. As a result, CBD can effectively maintain joint and muscular health.

This is also proved with the help of research. Scientists carried out a study to observe the effect of CBD in the case of chronic pain. They eventually found out that CBD did have the efficacy to help reduce the symptoms.

One of the biggest advantages of CBD is that a user cannot build up a tolerance for CBD products. Even on the repeated use of CBD, the amounts need not be increased every single time. As such, the possibility of substance abuse is eliminated in the case of CBD.

2. CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain Management

A study was published in the European Journal of Pain. As per the study, scientists carried out research on animal models. These animal models were actually rats who suffered from arthritis. The main objective was to determine whether CBD all could reduce the symptoms related to arthritis.

The scientists subjected these rats to CBD topical gels. They applied these CBD gels on the rats for about four days. In the end, they found out that the inflammation levels in these rats had considerably dropped. In addition to this, other signs of pain were reduced as well. It should be noted that there were no additional side-effects on the health of these animal models as well.

3. CBD oil for Multiple Sclerosis Pain Management

An autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is quite a severe problem. In this disease, the nerves and brain can create problems for the user due to efficient functioning. Muscle spasms are one of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis. These muscle spasms are really intense and can cause a lot of pain to MS patients. 

Using CBD can actually be quite beneficial for patients suffering from the disease. The CBD chemical can help to reduce the level of spasticity that MS patients felt. Research conducted by scientists proves this statement as well. It should be noted that the findings in the research were not revolutionaries as such. But, even with a little about a reduction, it is definitely a positive sign.

To conclude, CBD oil is extremely efficient for reducing symptoms related to various pain issues. First, there is still in need of much more detailed research in the field, but the research carried out should not be discredited as well. Experts are already studying and exploring the potential of CBD to determine the overall efficacy for pain and inflammation management.

The Side-Effects Of The CBD Oil On The Human Body: Are There Any?

The good news is that CBD Oil has no confirmed side-effects. This is definitely one of the biggest advantages of using the CBD chemical. The world at large is wanting to introduce CBD in their daily lives to take advantage of it. With no confirmed side-effects, the demand becomes even greater.

Of course, there might be the occasional cases of if your health issues but they are not severe.

Some of these health issues are mentioned below:

– Lethargy

– Nausea

– Fluctuations in the weight of the user

– Drowsiness

– Loss in the appetite of the user

Having said this, it should be remembered that the frequency and intensity are mostly negligible. But, there are also cases day do you just need to exercise caution. Next time this evening anything can disturb the working of prescription drugs. So, it is important to take expert advice so as to not mess up both the drugs. There might also be cases where the user is allergic to the CBD chemical. In these cases, urgent medical attention needs to be provided to him or her.

All in all, it is due to these reasons that scheduling an appointment with a health specialist is a must.

CBD Oil Reviews for Pain

After taking into consideration the research that has been carried out, we can safely say that CBD is, in fact, an excellent pain relief stimulant. Due to its therapeutic effects, users can seek refuge from there pain and other related ailments. We are sure after reading all the research above, even you will believe the potency of the CBD chemical.

Even then, as we are not yet aware of the long-term effects of the CBD chemical, we have to wait for more proof. When scientists find out the extent of the potential of the CBD compound, even the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will officially recognize CBD for the same. Users can definitely adopt CBD in the life of managing their inflammation and pain levels. Muscular tissues, joints, stiffness and pain intensity and so on can all be effectively looked after by CBD.

CBD helps to also solve other problems that indirectly can lead to pain issues as well. You see, CBD is certainly a wholesome alternative for patients suffering from pain. The mental and physical health can be effectively looked after by the CBD chemical. The same after the regulation for our brain functioning. 

In the end, the only thing that you just need to be careful about is the optimal dosage. Too little CBD can make the entire process ineffective. Whereas, too much CBD can cause other issues such as drowsiness and weight loss or gain. So, it is important for users to consult their health specialists to chalk out an effective dosage plan.

Using CBD oil without any prior knowledge is something that we will advise against. As it is mostly unchartered territory, it is better to get AN expert’s take on the correct intake method and dose amount. Once this is done, they can be ready to experience the amazing benefits of the CBD chemical.

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