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Oils CBD Oil Reviews on Reddit. Are They Trustworthy

Redditors are probing and investigating CBD oils from thousands of angles. There’s even an unethical life pro tip which states:

Of course, this one is absurd! But thousands and millions of CBD users are offering honest reviews about how CBD oil helped them. Many others are asking for advice on how to use CBD oils to treat their medical conditions. CBD oil reviews on Reddit. This article digs deep into Reddit posts and comments to look for the information relevant to you.

CBD Is Effective In Many Ailments: Anecdotal Evidence

CBD Is Effective In Many Ailments: Anecdotal Evidence

El-Squatcho claims he is a ‘true believer’ in the medical and health potential of marijuana. He shared that CBD was incredibly effective in treating:

  • headaches,
  • sleeping troubles, and 
  • back and knee pain.

CBD oil has replaced Ibuprofen and other harsh medicines in his life. 

He specifically mentions that he has ‘Scoliosis’. The disease caused a lightning bolt of pain in his back. It was so bad that he had to wear a back brace for a week. A 30mg of full-spectrum CBD softgel worked well as a painkiller. It replaced eight 200mg Ibuprofen tablets that he had to take throughout the day. 

CBD is also excellent as:

  • a sleeping aid, and
  • an anti-anxiety supplement.

The op also said that CBD oil tincture helped his wife with Celiac disease. The disease caused intense intestinal pain to her for years. 

His mother-in-law was suffering from Lyme disease. Her skin was dry. It was cracking and peeling on various parts of the body. None of the medicines were helping her. After taking only CBD oil as a medication for a little over a month, her skin issues are clearing up. Various pains and aches in her body have also disappeared.

Another Redditor ‘endmonsonA’ also shared his own positive experiences of CBD on the Reddit post. He is a chef. This man suffered from:

  • a pancreatitis attack, and
  • liver inflammation.

His doctor prescribed him CBD for chronic inflammation. CBD not only helped him with inflammation but also had other positive effects, such as:

  • his brain fog started clearing up,
  • his IBS disappeared,
  • he does not have any stomach issues anymore.

He was also diagnosed with a liver auto-immune disease. The symptoms of the disease were kept at bay due to CBD. This person shared that he started taking 20 mg CBD CannTrust Oil four to five times a week. He got better results with Decarbed whole plant CBD capsules with 30 mg concentration. He takes capsules four times a week. For instant relief in mild anxiety, he vapes CBD flowers occasionally. CBD oil works best for inflammation though.

CBD oil also helps the chef to focus better.

Another user ‘rklanelive’ declares himself a ‘CBD evangelist’. He uses CBD tincture to treat chronic knee pain. Three months of consistent use of topical and sublingual CBD products helped him with:

  • a decade-old knee pain, and
  • persistent pain in the wrist (which he dislocated as a teen).

Another user ‘Kohl1971’ shared that one of her friends has a mild form of cerebral palsy. She is very high functioning. But she still needs assistance with activities like climbing stairs and reaching for things. Her doctor prescribed her CBD oil. Within a month, she could tie her shoes. She can also walk for a while without being sore. She can bend over and touch her toes. Her anxiety has eased up. And for the first time, she went tobogganing in her late 20s. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you wish to try CBD, this is a wholesome Reddit post you should read.

What Is CBD? How Does It Work?

What Is CBD? How Does It Work?

In the subreddit ‘r/explainlikeimfive’, there’s a question that answers this question best.

Cannabis has more than 114 known cannabinoids. THC is the most popular cannabinoid. It is also the one that causes a high when you smoke or eat marijuana. All cannabinoids offer some health benefits. But at present, scientists are focusing on the benefits of THC and CBD. 

Two years ago, Hellomd and Brightfield group conducted a large-scale CBD usage study. It concluded that CBD is most beneficial in managing:

  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • joint pain, and
  • insomnia.

72% of the participants said that they found CBD ‘extremely’ effective. 82% said that it worked better than their prescription medication. 42% of the participants switched to cannabis products to treat their medical conditions. 90% of the surveyed people preferred CBD-only products.

Are you wondering how CBD helps us? Rest of the post offers the answer:

The body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which consists of:

  • endocannabinoids (or neurotransmitters), and
  • endocannabinoid receptors (or proteins which attach to endocannabinoids).

‘Endo’ refers to anything found naturally in the body. 

These endocannabinoids and receptors are found throughout:

  • the Central Nervous System (CNS), and
  • the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS).

When cannabinoids bind with the receptors, they affect the:

  • physical, and
  • cognitive

processes and functions of the body. Hence, they are also known as ‘neuromodulators’.

Cannabinoids are also found in different foods we eat. Cannabis has several cannabinoids useful for the body. When one smokes or consumes the extract of the plant, cannabinoids enter the body of the user. Hemp and marijuana are both different types of cannabis plants.

Marijuana is a controlled substance. It contains higher levels of THC (more than 0.3%). Hence, marijuana-derived CBD oils are only legal in states with medical marijuana laws. Hemp has less than 0.3% THC. The 2018 Farm Bill makes it legal throughout the US. So, hemp-derived CBD oils containing less than 0.3% THC are now legal throughout the US under federal laws.

Cannabinoids effects can be:

  • excitatory, or
  • inhibitory.

Excitatory effects stimulate the functioning of cells or release of chemicals. Inhibitory effects block the functioning or release of chemicals.

The effects of cannabinoids also depend on:

  • where the receptors are, and
  • the density of receptors in the region.

In mice, receptors are usually found in the brain. They control motor functions mainly. Hence, cannabinoids in the bloodstream of the mice affect their mobility.

The effect of individual cannabinoids is still largely unknown. But ECS is known to play a major role in:

  • managing sleep cycle,
  • responding to stress,
  • responding to pain,
  • cognitive or physiological response to exercise (known as runners’ high), etc.

It is believed that long and arduous exercises release a compound called ‘anandamide’. It produces feelings of:

  • euphoria,
  • happiness, and
  • well-being. 

Cannabinoids are considered more potent and effective when taken together. They work in synergy to provide greater therapeutic benefits. This is known as the ‘entourage’ effect. This is the reason why full-spectrum CBD oil is more popular.

Popular CBD Oil Reviews On Reddit

Popular CBD Oil Reviews On Reddit

The user ‘u/KosherNostra‘ termed ‘BioMD+ CBD Oil’ the hottest CBD oil of 2019. Another user shared that he liked the brand because:

  • it offers full-spectrum products in both:
    • natural, and
    • Citrus flavors.
  • its products are:
    • smooth,
    • effective, and
    • concentrated.
  • it offers quick delivery of CBD oils.
  • its delivery is perfect, complete with:
    • bubble wrap to keep the CBD oil bottle safe,
    • an educational postcard, and
    • a sealed bottle with a tamper-proof plastic lid.

This CBD oil helped the user in managing:

  • depression, and
  • chronic pain in joints (Such as ankles, elbows, and knees).

Another user ‘chevoltre’ did not have such a positive experience. He took BioMD+ CBD oil to treat his depression. He took the oil twice a day for about two weeks but did not find any relief. 

Yet another user ‘u/ATLtoATX’ points out that CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD oils have different effects. He posted a detailed comment on the subreddit ‘CBD oil reviews’ about them:

Full-spectrum CBD Oils

The initial extract of the whole hemp plant has a tar-like consistency. It is dark and black. This hemp extract can be obtained from:

  • the ethanol extraction process, or
  • CO2 extraction process.

This material is more like crude oil. It has a CBD concentration of about 50% to 65%. Besides cannabidiol, it also has:

  • other cannabinoids,
  • chlorophyll,
  • waxes,
  • plant fats, and
  • other plant matter, etc.

Adding this whole-plant hemp extract to a CBD tincture gives it a dark green to black color.

Full-spectrum CBD oils (winterized)

The crude-oil like tar mentioned above is refined using a winterization process. It results in a yellow amber-colored liquid. This liquid has a CBD concentration of 70% to 80%. It does not contain any:

  • waxes,
  • fats, and
  • chlorophyll.

Adding the winterized hemp extract to a tincture gives it a golden-yellowish color.

WTPHemp uses the supercritical CO2 extraction process which gives you the:

  • cleanest, and
  • safest
  • winterized CBD oils and tinctures.

CBD Isolate products

The amber-colored winterized hemp extract can be further processed to obtain CBD isolate. It is recrystallized in heptane or hexane to obtain the isolate powder or crystals. These are white. They contain almost pure CBD (with a CBD strength of 95% to 99%).

Hemp Bombs or Savage CBD are well-known for their CBD isolate products. Pure CBD products are the most expensive. But they do not provide you the ‘entourage effect’ offered by full-spectrum CBD oils. It is said that cannabinoids work best when taken together. Full-spectrum CBD oils have traces of all the beneficial compounds in hemp plants. Hence, they are more potent than pure CBD products.

This Redditor liked BioMD+ CBD oil as it offers winterized whole-plant hemp oil.

A Redditor won a sample of ‘Zadaka full-spectrum hemp oil’. She posted a detailed hemp CBD oil reviews on Reddit. She liked the brand because:

  • it was discrete. The package arrived in a non-descript bubble mailer. 
  • the hemp oil bottle had a dropper with two measuring marks at ;
    • 0.5 ml, and
    • 1 ml.

This facility makes it easier to estimate the CBD dosage.

  • Zadaka hemp oil has a strong taste. But it is not earthy. It is more on the ‘clean and flowery’ end of the terpene spectrum.
  • This is a full-spectrum oil. It has many terpenes including:
    • Limonene, and
    • Pinene.

The ‘entourage effect’ of cannabinoids and terpenoids makes the hemp oil more potent and effective.

  • Zadaka uses mellow-flavored extra-virgin olive oil as the carrier oil.
  • A 1-ml drop of the hemp oil contains 1.67 mg of CBD. The review noted that the user felt refreshed after taking a 1-ml drop of the oil.
  • Zadaka is transparent in the labeling of its CBD products. It also shares third-party lab results of its products on the website.

Reviews Recommend CBD Oil For Pets

Reviews Recommend CBD Oil For Pets

A post talks about how CBD oil helps with pet anxiety. Other Redditors shared that CBD oil helped their canine friends with:

  • anxiety during storms,
  • anxiety around fireworks,
  • cancer,
  • canine cognitive dysfunction (dog dementia),
  • mania,
  • arthritis, and
  • hip dysplasia among other ailments.

One of the CBD buyers shared that CBD helped in reducing inflammation is his cat. It also helped the cat with a chronic cough. He mentioned that the cats are happier with CBD. They shed less. Their coats are silky too. This user recommends that pet owners should not buy CBD products from pet stores. Instead, they should order high-quality CBD products good enough for humans.

Beware Of The Scamsters

Beware Of The Scamsters

A CBD user was scammed by a person posing as a CBD business owner. This person failed to deliver the products even after receiving the payment of 800 dollars! When you are dealing with someone for the first time, make sure the company is legit. You must:

  • visit the company’s website,
  • contact its customer care department,
  • read the reviews about its products, and
  • check whether it figures amongst CBD companies warned by the FDA

How To Store CBD On The Go?

How To Store CBD On The Go?

Everybody knows that CBD tinctures are supposed to be kept in cool and dark places. A Redditor questioned about how to keep your CBD on the go. Another user suggested that a water-soluble CBD can be added to a bottle of water. 

WTPHemp offers nano CBD oils and tinctures that are water-soluble. This is the reason the body can absorb them easily. WTPHemp’s CBD oil is the only oil with bioavailability as high as 97%. Normal CBD oil molecules are hydrophobic. They repel water. WTP Hemp uses the latest nano-emulsification process to break down the CBD molecules and make them water-soluble.

WTPHemp also uses USA-grown hemp. America has strict rules and regulations when it comes to:

  • growing,
  • processing,
  • storing, and
  • distributing

hemp-based products. Licensed hemp farms in the US are strictly monitored to ensure they produce clean and high-quality hemp. CBD-rich hemp oils derived from such plants are bound to have better quality than oils extracted from unregulated hemp plants. 

CBD oil only works when you buy the best quality products. Fake CBD products or low-quality CBD products may contain harmful chemicals or contaminants that may be harmful to you. It is good to read reviews on Reddit (and other credible sources) before you buy CBD oil.

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