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Oils CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil Benefits – The Truth

At the moment, the entire world just cannot get enough of CBD. We are at a stage where we can say that there is a rising CBD and CBD products epidemic. The innumerable health advantages CBD offers make it a must buy. Or better yet, a must- try item.

CBD oil vs hemp oil benefits. How to choose the right one?

Another product that is benefiting through the CBD rage is Hemp oil. Hemp oil is a great product as well. It offers users the advantage of reduced pain levels and high nutrition value. Both Hemp oil and CBD oil have been around in the market for decades. It is actually the people who have only started to notice them now.

Starting With The Basics First

Let us first focus on what exactly the two oils- Hemp Oil and CBD Oil actually are. Then we can proceed to discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between the two.

CBD Oil 

CBD oil or Cannabidiol is a calming catalyst that has many health benefits. The US markets are introducing as many CBD infused products they can. CBD is a naturally occurring part of the cannabis Sativa plant. It is one of the primary chemical constituents found in the plant. Also, there are absolutely no traces of any psychoactive elements in there in CBD. 

You read that right. No psychoactive elements. So yes, you will not get high on the consumption of CBD. This, in turn, makes CBD and its products completely legal in the United States of America.

You must be thinking that cannabis plants are known for producing a high and you are right there. It is the other chemical constituents found in the plant which has that property. This chemical possesses the ability to make the user experience euphoria. Tetrahydrocannabinol or the more commonly called, THC contains psychoactive elements. These elements can alter the user’s movement, thinking, and general understanding abilities. The chemical can even affect memory, reasoning, and pleasure.

Now, CBD, like THC, can help treat a lot of health conditions. CBD oil can reduce anxiety, pain, and stress. It can also be used to treat severe diseases like cholesterol and cancer. Other heart problems can be treated as well. 

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil or Hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds. This oil is cold- pressed via a modern steel press. This makes the quality of the hemp seeds important as the high- quality seed will yield high- quality oil.  It should be noted that around 30- 35% of the hemp plant seeds contain oil which is stacked with nutrients. The hemp seed oil is a full spectrum oil containing omega -3 and -6 fatty acids. 

This antioxidant- rich oil, extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant (the scientific name for hemp plant) has many benefits as well. It is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. The oil has a comedogenic rating of zero. This means that the user will not have to worry about the product clogging his skin.

The scale has a rating from zero to five for ingredients like oils and butter used in skincare products. Zero means the clogging ability of the ingredient is nearly non- existent while a rating of zero would imply a very high clogging ability of the ingredient. 

Hemp seed oil does not contain any cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or Cannabidiol (CBD). This is why it is an Isolate. Full Spectrum Hemp oil is also readily available in the market. The full spectrum variety can be used in case of more intense cases. The nutrient profile of the hemp seed oil is very high. It is due to this reason that Hemp seed oil is categorized as a superfood.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil Benefits

Misinformed people call Hemp oil and CBD oil the same. But the truth is they are not.

CBD oil is popular for its therapeutic and remedial characteristics. This chemical constituent is found in industrial hemp or the cannabis plant. It aids in reducing stress, inflammation and anxiety levels of the one using it. It is an outstanding pain- relieving product. Also, CBD can be used in health conditions like depression, cancer, and seizures. The number of advantages it offers has brought CBD oil to its wide usage among people.

CBD consumption depends upon the need and uses to the buyer. Although there are many methods available, some are more popular. Yet tinctures, topicals, and edibles are a few common ones.

One good benefit of CBD oil, like Hemp oil, is that it isn’t psychoactive. The users cannot get high when using these oils. It is rather THC or Delta (9) tetrahydrocannabinol which is psychoactive. So, when the buyers use THC, there are chances of them getting high. The chemical may create a state of intense happiness or euphoria within them. It can alter their physical and mental functions to quite a considerable extent.

The “Entourage Effect” is an important term to know in this regard. When THC and CBD are consumed together, it intensifies the effects of these chemicals. THC, CBD, and Hemp oil bear some similarities among them. These chemicals are extracted from the same mother plant. This, in turn, gives them a similar structure. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds though. These chemicals are also beneficial for the health of human beings and animals as well. This is because it helps to treat chronic pain and depression. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can also be positively affected. Also, CBD helps in reducing anxiety levels felt by the user.

As mentioned above, Hemp oil and CBD oil are quite different from one another. Hemp oil is extracted by cold pressing the hemp seeds which leaves no traces of CBD and THC behind in them. But the case may be somewhat different sometimes. When this extraction process is done from the resin glands of the plant then it may not be 100% pure. There are chances of the hemp oil having traces of the other chemicals (although the percentage is quite negligible i.e., 0.3%).

Moreover, CBD oils are very expensive as compared to Hemp oil. But they are also more preferred among the two by the users. The main reason is because of the medicinal properties offered by CBD for the benefit of our bodies.

Health Benefits From Hemp Oil And CBD Oil

The main similarity between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil is that both of the oil can positively affect our health. Other than the structure similarity, the oil can help treat pain, depression, cancer, and many other health problems. Both the oils are great for your skin and for treating acne rosacea. 

We have still made a list of all the advantages that you can get by consuming CBD and Hemp oil. 

Advantages Of CBD Oil

CBD Can Help Treat Your Anxiety And Stress

Mental disorders like anxiety can mess up your brain chemistry. It was found out that a deficiency of serotonin will cause rising levels of anxiety. CBD comes in contact with the endocannabinoid system of the user. When this happens, contact is also established between the serotonin and CBD. This happens in the case of both, animals and human beings. Though there is not enough research to show what exactly happens, changes do occur. 

Scientists conducted research to study the effect of CBD on anxiety and sleep quality. CBD with its therapeutic effects relaxes the brain. This helps to lower stress levels. Serotonin deficiency is the main reason for anxiety. CBD properties can help reduce this deficiency which in turn, reduces anxiety in users.

CBD Can Help Fight Obesity And Diabetes

CBD converts the white fat found in the body to brown fat. This causes loss of weight among active users. A research carried out on fifty- two thousand participants found out interesting facts. It was found that nearly one- third of the participants had lower obesity rates. It can expedite insulin production.

CBD Reduces Chronic Pain Among Users

This chemical contains anti- inflammatory properties. CBD identifies and actively treats areas where the buyer feels chronic pain or discomfort. Muscle problems and joint pain can be healed via proper CBD medication. CBD is a recognized chronic pain stimulant.

CBD Can Improve Cholesterol Levels And Diminishes The Risks Of Heart Attacks

Researchers found that CBD’S softening components can help treat conditions like atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the main cause of heart attacks and other heart- related sicknesses. In a 2013 research, the blood levels of cannabis users were found to have a high- density lipoprotein. The lipoprotein is also called HDL-C. This is also known as “good cholesterol.” It was also found that CBD helped slow down LDL-C production or “bad cholesterol.”

Scientists still claim that more research needs to be carried out. This can identify the true potential of CBD in this field. 

CBD keeps up Neurological Health and treats Trauma and Mental Deterioration 

CBD can treat mental trauma and other brain deteriorating diseases. Cannabinoids have a neuroprotective nature. It is because of the said nature which causes them to regulate brain and cognitive functions. CBD helps battle sicknesses like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and so forth. The substance additionally helps in maintaining the body’s mitochondria. 

CBD facilitates Bone Metabolism

CBD infused products can greatly lower osteoporosis and osteoarthritis risks. The chemical blocks an enzyme. This enzyme helps to hinder the production of bone- building composites. This is why broken bones can heal quickly among users. It also helps to hurry old bone material with new material. Metabolism can be increased via CDB consumption. 

In the United States of America, hemp was recently made legal. This, in turn has led to the creation of many possibilities in the health care field. Researchers are very excited about the prospect of exploring CBD’s true potential. Even after this, the evidence that has been established should not be discredited. 

Advantages Of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Oil For Your Skin 

Hemp oil is a great lotion as on the comedogenic scale, its clogging level is less than zero. It has deep nourishing power and also keeps the skin shiny and healthy. On continuous usage, it vigorously treats skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and varicose eczema. It reduces breakouts as it has antioxidants along with fatty acids in it. It is good for the skin treatment of middle-aged ladies. It helps to fight wrinkles and other age lines. Hemp oil is also useful in the treatment of acne rosacea.  

Hemp Oil For Your Heart

Food is a necessity for the proper regulation of human body functions. A diet that has an adequate amount of all the nutrients has antioxidants as one of its main nutrients. Hemp oil is an ideal ingredient that satisfies this necessity. Actually, hemp oil is a superfood. It lowers high blood pressure and can even help in the reduction of atherosclerosis risks. Due to all these reasons, hemp oil is considered very good for the human heart.

Hemp Oil For Your Brain

As we all know the brain is one of the most important organs of the body. It needs a high content of fatty acid which can be nourished by hemp oil. The most interesting part of hemp oil is that it contains polyphenols. 

Polyphenols can be used to safeguard organ tissues from inflammation. Besides that, it helps in treating cancer and heart diseases. It is also a reducing agent. In chemical combinations, mixing this agent and vitamins give rise to antioxidants.  

In spite of all these advantages, scientists think there is more in the sector. So many researchers are still under process to advance the human race. 

Hemp Oil For Your Muscles

The oil acts as a muscle relaxant when it is rubbed against sore muscle. Full spectrum hemp oils contain traces of CBD. This makes the oil exhibit certain characteristics of the chemical too. The oil with high CBD mainly helps to low down stress levels and overall muscle tension.

Thus, Hemp seed oil offers supremely good health benefits. It can be used to improve the mental, physical and neurological health of the users.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil Benefits

Many companies are taking advantage of the misinformation surrounding CBD oil and Hemp oil. Customers are not really aware of cannabis plants in general. They actually associate Cannabis plant and marijuana leaves with CBD. Now when the buyers see the words on the packaging, they think the same. This is where they are wrong. Companies are advertising Hemp oil in the same way as above. They are taking advantage of the naivety of the customers. This leads to greater sales for hemp oil producers.

This increases the need for research. If the buyer wants to buy CBD oil, he should know what to look for. Now, let us not disregard Hemp oil. Hemp oil is a good oil as well. Its nutritional value and other benefits should not be taken away from it. But, then again, there is a difference between the two. Due to having more medicinal value, CBD oil is generally more expensive than hemp seed oil. 
Both, CBD oil and Hemp seed oil will help relax your brain and treat chronic pain. Your overall health and skin will benefit from it too. So be informed, and enjoy the products which can definitely bring a positive change in your daily routine.

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