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Oils CBD Oil Without THC: Effective Or Ineffective?

The world of cannabinoids is very fascinating. It has got very no answers that lead to the creation of amazing chemical compounds. Every chemical compound has its own set of unique features.

Out of these, there is one particular chemical compound called CBD. In recent years, the CBD chemical has experienced popularity like no other. It has taken over the medicinal sector by storm. The reason for its fame is the health benefit that it is claimed to possess. It is said that the CBD chemical can be used to reduce risks related to many severe and mild health conditions.

As a result, people across the globe are wanting to get their hands on CBD products. due to this increasing interest in CBD, the cannabis industry is being valued at $13.7 billion. Not only this, experts predict that by the year 2025, this valuation will only increase to $66.3 billion. This is a proper indication highlighting the growth and demand for CBD chemicals even in the near future. Even after being extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD has still found takers. This is because the current users also agree that using the chemical has been fruitful for them

But, there is another quite prominent chemical that exists alongside CBD in the cannabis Sativa plant. This chemical is known as THC. CBD oil without THC?

In this article, we will discuss the relationship between the CBD and THC chemicals. Read on to learn exactly why THC should be negligible in CBD oils for our government.

Getting Introduced To The CBD Chemical Cannabinoid

As mentioned above, CBD is a chemical cannabinoid that is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. The main reason why CBD is so unique is that it is being hailed as a wonder drug. It has therapeutic and holistic properties that help it reduce the symptoms of a wide range of health conditions.

Due to its anti-depressant an anti-inflammatory effects, CBD can also help to regulate the physical and mental health of the user. CBD is more preferable to cannabis users because it does not create a state of euphoria. Yes, you read that right. Many people on hearing the word cannabis, wrongly assume that CBD will intoxicate them. They could not have been more wrong about it. The chemical CBD does not create the “high“ usually associated with cannabis plants. This is where the other chemical, THC comes in.

What You Need To Know About The THC Chemical 

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the brother chemical cannabinoid of CBD. Just like CBD, even THC is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. In fact, out of the 80 to 200 cannabinoids, CBD and THC are the most dominating chemicals in the plant.

Even though they share a similar structure, there is one major difference between these chemicals. THC is actually a high producing element. In other words, this chemical has a psychedelic nature. THC can alter the state of consciousness and the general functioning of the user. It affects and influences the cognitive functions such as sharpness, memory, and thinking. Even physical coordination and movement can be unduly affected. THC stimulates the production of dopamine in the body as well. 

It is due to all these reasons why many governments do not allow their citizens to consume THC in higher amounts. In fact, a lot of people are also doubtful to use products containing THC for this very reason. This problem is completely eliminated in the case of CBD. Even though THC can be beneficial for the help, CBD is more preferable to it. This is for the very simple reason of no intoxication risk in the case of the former chemical.

The Entourage Effect

It makes perfect sense to mention the “Entourage Effect” when we talk about CBD and THC together. As mentioned above, both the chemicals, CBD and THC can be beneficial to the health of the user. Seeing this, many cannabis users combine together various cannabinoids. This, in turn, helped to enhance the overall effectiveness and positive effects of these cannabinoids. CBD Full Spectrum oil and CBD Broad Spectrum oil other common examples of this reaction. The relief sensations from these amplified CBD oils were even greater in comparison to CBD isolates. Even the onset of time was greater for reducing the symptoms of a few health issues.

But, due to the presence of THC, the extracted CBD oil may not be legal. We will explain this in more detail below.

The Legal Status Of CBD Oil In The United States Of America

The legal status of the CBD chemical is not exactly without complications.

The United States of America passed the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill. As per this bill, growing and cultivating hemp plants became federally legal. In fact, Americans were free to use products that were directly derived from the hemp plant. Hemp derivates included CBD oil as well.

The bill only attached to one condition to this law. The extracted CBD oil should not contain THC traces greater than 0.3 percent. This condition is met by the CBD oil, it will be deemed legal in the eyes of the law.

Now, the emphasis here is on two things. The first one is the THC traces. And, the second one is the hemp plant. For THC traces, we know that since it is a psychedelic element, users should avoid consuming it in higher amounts. As for the second one – the hemp plant, there is a very logical reason for it as well.

The cannabis Sativa plant from which CBD oil is extracted can be of two types. The first one is the hemp plant and the second one is the marijuana plant.

The hemp plant naturally contains a concentration of the CBD chemical. In fact, the total THC presence in the hemp plant is negligible. It is actually below 0.3 percent. Keeping the law passed by the federal government in mind, the extracted CBD oil from this plant will be legal. This is because this CBD oil will also have a greater CBD presence and a lower THC presence.

On the contrary, the marijuana plant has a greater THC amount. This is in comparison to the total CBD presence. As such, the CBD oil that is derived from this plant will also show similar concentrations.

To conclude, CBD oil has to be extracted from the hemp plant. And, should have THC traces below 0.3 percent.

There is another factor that plays an important role to determine the legal status of CBD oil. As the change in the law about CBD oil is recent, not every American state has had the chance to embrace the chemical. In addition to this, every American state has the right to plan and practice their own policy. This extends to CBD oil as well. As such, we will find three types of American States as regards to CBD oil.

The first type includes states that allow their citizens to use CBD. This is for both, recreational as well as medicinal purposes.

The second type includes states that only recognize CBD for its medicinal value. As such, citizens of the states can employ CBD oil for improving their health.

The third type includes states that are more rigid when it comes to using CBD oil. They do not allow both, recreational as well as medicinal use of CBD oil by their citizens.

Hence, before buying CBD oil, buyers need to be aware of the CBD laws of their state. An organization called Americans for Safe Access has detailed information about the CBD laws of every state. Buyers can refer to the site to find out whether they can buy CBD oil or not in their residing state. It is better to follow the law to stay out of trouble.

The Different Types Of CBD Oils Available In The Market

There are mainly three types of CBD oil available in the market. These are as follows:

1. CBD Isolates

The chemical extract that is derived from the cannabis Sativa plant is called a CBD isolate. This is essentially CBD without any dominant presence of the THC chemical. Very aptly named, CBD isolates is literally “isolated or removed from the other chemical compounds found growing in the cannabis plant.

2. Full Spectrum CBD Oil

As mentioned above, Full Spectrum CBD oil is created by combining together various cannabinoids. In addition to CBD, it includes THC as well as other cannabinoids. It is more potent in comparison to the CBD isolates.

3. Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

This particular CBD oil is more or less similar to Full Spectrum CBD oil. But, it has one major difference. In the case of Broad Spectrum CBD oil, the THC chemical is completely eliminated or extracted from the mixture. As for potency, experts are not really sure whether the absence of THC can make it less effective.

CBD Oil Without The Presence of THC: CBD Isolates

This is the purest form of CBD oil. It contains no other cannabinoids and is as such a 100 percent legal substance.

This type of CBD oil is created through an elaborate extraction process. After the CBD chemical is extracted, it is further purified. This is done by employing many other chemical compounds. As a result of this, we get filtered CBD isolates.

Then, CBD brands use the process of winterization to remove CBD oil from the cannabis plant. In this process, every other particle found in the cannabis plant is removed from the CBD oil. This is done by chilling the chemical compounds. Some of these particles include flavonoids, chlorophyll, and terpenes. Indian, we are left with CBD isolate that is pure and consists only of the CBD chemical. It is claimed that the purity of the powder stands at about 99 percent. Free from any THC, CBD isolate can be used in its powdered form or can be transformed into a crystal isolate.

The Benefits Of Using CBD Oil Without THC, CBD Isolates 

Using CBD isolates can help to maintain the overall wellness of the user. They can help to calm and relax the body and mind. In addition to this, there are other benefits as well. We have made a list of a few of these benefits below:

1. Users Do Not have to Worry about Getting Intoxicated

The CBD oil does not contain any DHC, it does not have any high producing substance. It is made purely and completely of the CBD chemical.

There might be a few products that can claim to be free of THC but that might not always be the case. It is better for users who want to use a THC-free product to check product labels. 

2. Using CBD Isolate Products are also Free of any Legal Complications

As per the law, the extractor CBD oil should contain THC traces below 0.3 percent. This condition is always met in the case of CBD isolates. This is because it is nearly a 99 percent pure CBD product. As a result, users never have to worry about breaking any laws related to CBD consumption.

3. CBD Isolates can help Monitor Optimal Dose Amounts

Generally available in powdered form, CBD isolates can be measured by using any general household scale. It is commonly measured using milligrams (mg). Hence, users can efficiently regulate their dosage.

Also, many CBD brands print the dosage instructions clearly on CBD isolate products.

A little tip, as CBD dosage is mostly open for interpretation, it is always better to use CBD in lower amounts and then gradually increase it. Taking into consideration your body needs, you can determine a dosage that is most effective for you.

Also, it does not make any sense to use a dosage suitable for other people. This is because every individual has their own set of needs and preferences. Body needs remain exclusive to that particular person. As such, visiting a health specialist regarding optimum dosage is also advisable.

4. CBD Isolates are Way Cheaper in comparison to other CBD Oils

This is not the biggest plus points of CBD as it is, they are really easy on the pocket but equally effective. CBD tinctures Ab oil created using a full spectrum plant extract candy quite expensive. As for CBD isolates, a buyer can expect around 1000 mg of the product by shelling out just about $25.

5. CBD Oil can Reduce Symptoms of Various Health Conditions

We have already discussed the anti-depressant an anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD chemical. It is not the major reason why the CBD can help to regulate the mental, physical, and neurological health of the user. It is great for the internal as well as the external body. We have made a list of a few of these benefits that users can avail of by using CBD oil. These are as follows –

a) CBD oil can help to reduce risks related to cancer. This is because it helps to control the growth of cancerous tumors in the body.

b) CBD oil can lower the levels of anxiety and depression in a person. Here, the chemical helps to stimulate the production of serotonin in the body. When the total presence of serotonin in the body increases, the levels of anxiety decreases. As for depression, antidepressant properties help to exercise control or negative thoughts.

c) CBD oil helps to lower the stress of the user. Due to its therapeutic effects, a person can feel calm and relaxed. 

d) CBD oil can be beneficial for people suffering from insomnia. The research found that the CBD chemical can help to regulate the sleeping pattern of the user. It can also improve the quality of sleep experienced by the user.

d) Patients suffering from autism, ADD, ADHD and so on can seek refuge by using CBD in their daily life.

e) CBD oil can be beneficial for people who are looking to quit smoking. This is because the chemical helps to keep a check on their nicotine craving.

d) CBD oil helps people suffering from cholesterol and obesity. It helps to convert the white fat into brown fat. And, stimulates the production of good ‘cholesterol’ in the body. 

e) CBD oil helps to exercise control on atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the main cause of heart attacks. It refers to the buildup of plaque in the valves of the user.

f) CBD oil helps to manage inflammation and pain levels in the body. It is perfect for people suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. 

g) CBD oil is also beneficial for proving skin conditions. Skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema can be effectively curbed by using CBD infused products. Also, the CBD chemical helps to exercise control over the secretion of sebum and oil in our skin. This, in turn, helps it to control acne.

To conclude, using CBD oil without THC is definitely no way less effective. Users can experience a lot of benefits. This is without the issue of falling in trouble with the law and facing the issue of any harmful additions. Just schedule an appointment with a professional to make your CBD experience even more efficient.

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