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Bath & Body Transdermal CBD Patches: The Latest Market Entry?

It was only in our recent consciousness where CBD patches. And, THC patches have come into the market. But, the concept of transdermal patches has existed for almost 40 to 50 years. It was in the year 1979 that the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first transdermal patch. This transdermal patch was scopolamine for motion sickness.

After that year, there were many other types of trance domain patches that had launched in the market. But, if something which became very famous in terms of this product category it had to be the nicotine patch.

Nicotine patches were introduced in 1991 to help smokers. Or, tobacco users to kick the bad habit and finally, quit. In the early 21st century, a huge revolution took place across the United States of America. This was the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis.

To be more precise, the 2018 Farm Bill made growing and cultivation of hemp federally legal across the country. This was followed by an upsurge of different products that were infused with the CBD chemical. Ad a result of this, it was only logical for CBD to be next infused with transdermal patches.

In this article, we will focus on the ingredients. And, the factors that go into converting a transdermal patch to a CBD transdermal patch.


What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol is the full form of the term CBD. It is one of the hundreds of chemical compounds that are found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. What makes it special is the potential health benefits that it offers. And, the fact that it is a completely organic element. CBD is a therapeutic element that boasts of holistic and remedial properties.

It has an overall anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effect. When the CBD chemical is mixed with carrier oils in varying amounts, we get CBD oils. 

The chemical elements that are found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant are known as cannabinoids. Now, you might already be aware of the cannabinoid known as THC. This chemical is the most prominent chemical of the marijuana plant.

The other cannabinoids that you might find in the cannabis plant include the following. These are:

  1. CBN or Cannabinol
  2. CBG or Cannabigerol
  3. CBT or Cannabicitran
  4. CBL or Cannabicyclol

Experts have found out that there are about 80 to 200 types of cannabinoids. So, you can only imagine the uniqueness and complexity of the cannabis plant.

You can even consider these cannabinoids as building blocks that make up the overall chemical composition of the cannabis Sativa plant.

What Do We Mean By CBD Patches?

CBD patches or CBD transdermal patches look like a Band-aid. The only difference is that these patches are infused with the goodness of the chemical CBD. The reason why transdermal patches are becoming so popular is because of the potential benefits that it can provide to the user.

You can use CBD transdermal patches for pain relief and lessening anxiety. You can also maintain your neurological and mental health with the help of the therapeutic effects of CBD. It is also not to forget the efficacy of the cannabinoid CBD for physical well-being as well.

The idea here is to attach the patch to that part of your body which is rich in veins. This can be your arm, your ankle, or the inside of your wrist. The heat from our body activates the patch. This causes it to release CBD through our skin cells that get absorbed into our bloodstream. It should be noted that the release of CBD takes place in small and gradual amounts.

A good way to describe this would be to take into account an IV. But, sans the dreaded needles.

How Does A CBD Transdermal Patch Work?

How Does A CBD Transdermal Patch Work?

As soon as you latch on the transdermal patch on your skin, you set up a drug concentration gradient.

The drug concentration gradient basically means that the patch contains a high concentration of cannabinoids. That is, the skin does not contain any cannabinoid.

In the case of CBD transdermal patches, the cannabinoid is, of course, CBD. It is due to this very high concentration of the cannabinoid in the patch that makes it instinctively spread out to the surrounding areas.

To help you understand the concept better, let us take an example. Imagine that you are pouring boiling water into a coffee mug. And, then you did it sitting on your counter. Boiling or hot water usually contains a lot of heat. You can assume the temperature to be at 212° F nearly. But, the atmosphere surrounding it most certainly isn’t that hot.

The difference between the two temperatures is known as the gradient. It is a natural phenomenon when the heat starts “spreading out“ into the air surrounding it.

Having said this, one of the biggest pros of transdermal CBD patches is the higher bioavailability. The CBD chemical does not need to pass through the digestive tract, liver, or lungs. This, in turn, helps it to skip the first-pass metabolism.

In the end, you get to experience 100 percent of the total CBD in the patches.

Are There Any Side-Effects Associated With CBD Patches?

Are There Any Side-Effects Associated With CBD Patches?

CBD is still a chemical that is covered by a shroud of obscurity. This needs a lot of people doubtful as to the effect that the chemical might have on their bodies.

Having said this, we would like to point out that experts have not found any side-effects even on the repeated use of the chemical. Then again, we are not aware of the long-term effects of the CBD chemical. And, the findings of mostly done on a short-term basis.

There might always be exceptions as well. So, to give you more clarity we will talk about if You side effects that might be linked to CBD use in any form.

CBD uses me to feel a sort of dryness in their mouth. This may be after they consume the CBD chemical. Then there might be a few other cases that include the following.

  1. Lethargy
  2. Nausea
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Fluctuations in the weight of the user
  6. Sudden gain or loss in appetite

These side-effects are very rare. This is in terms of both, their frequency and intensity. The main issue arises when the person might be allergic to the CBD chemical. And, he or she may still unknowingly take it. In such cases, it is vital for the patient to be instantly rushed to the hospital for care.

The other precaution that must be taken is by people who use prescription drugs. You see, the CBD chemical can interfere with the working of the prescription drugs. The cannabinoid CBD may also alter the ability of our liver to break down most of the pharmaceuticals that humans take.

These are the only issues and factors that or CBD user should keep in mind before using products infused with the chemical.

However, when you compare CBD to the pharmaceutical drugs available in the market, it just looks much more appealing. The reason behind this is because pharmaceutical drugs can cause a lot of side effects on the health of the user. We are not questioning the efficacy of these drugs.

The drugs are most certainly efficient enough to treat health issues. But, this efficiency only extends to the particular health issue that they specially designed to heal. Nobody wants to consume a medicine or drug that may lead to other issues while it treats a specific condition.

It is due to this very reason that CBD becomes more preferable. Not only is the chemical cannabinoid effective. But, it is also completely natural with no confirmed side-effects.

We talk about CBD transdermal patches, in particular, the side-effects become even more minimized. This is because the chemical is released into the bloodstream over a long period of time. It is not a fast-acting product. But, it is definitely a product that provides relief for a longer period of time.

Will Using A CBD Patch Make You High?

Will Using A CBD Patch Make You High?

One of the biggest misconceptions that are associated with CBD is psychoactivity. People assume that since it is it any meeting of the cannabis plant, using it we leave them in a state of high.

That is clear this once and for all. If you use a CBD patch. Or, any CBD product, you cannot and will not get high. This is for the simple reason that CBD is a non-psychedelic element.

CBD transdermal patches are specifically designed to keep the level of CBD higher. Even if the patches do contain THC, the total presence will never exceed more than 0.3 percent. The only way that you can become high is when you consume the wrong product. Or, a mislabeled a product thinking it to be a CBD product.

Understanding The Legal Status Of CBD Transdermal Patches In The United States Of America

In 2018, the government of the United States made growing and cultivation of hemp a federally legal act. This was passed under the Agricultural Act, also known as the Farm Bill.

As per this bill, the citizens of America were also free to use products that were directly derived from the hemp plant. This included CBD as well.

The bill also attached one important condition that has to be met by CBD in order to be deemed as legal. This condition was that a total of THC traces in the CBD extract should not be greater than 0.3 percent.

If this condition is not met then the extracted CBD oil will be treated as illegal. And, if you are found holding or selling this type of oil, you can land in a lot of trouble.

The hemp plant naturally has a greater concentration of the CBD chemical. The total presence of THC in this chemical is mostly on the negligible side. In fact, if we were to be more precise, traces do not exceed more than 0.3 and percent. 

On the other hand, when we talk about the marijuana plant, it has different characteristics in comparison to the hemp plant. In this case, the CBD chemical is present in a lesser amount in the plant. The total concentration of the THC chemical in the marijuana plant is on the higher side. This, in turn, makes the plant more psychoactive in nature.

Now, when the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, it will display similar traits. When the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, it will have a greater amount of the CBD chemical. But, when the oil is extracted from the marijuana plant, it will have any better concentration of the THC chemical.

Hence, in order to be in accordance with the federal law, it is better to derive the CBD oil from the hemp plant. Since this plant already has THC traces below 0.3 percent, there is no need to worry.

Having said this, it is only logical for CBD transdermal patches to follow this rule as well. These patches should always contain THC traces well within the ceiling limit. This is a good opportunity to experience the benefits of CBD without falling into any trouble with the law.

The next thing that you have to take into account is the state laws. There is still a lot of weakness and controversy when we talk about the American states. You see, since the changes made in the law were very recent, not every state has had the chance to embrace this change.

The other issue why it is still not uniform is because of the lack of regulation from the FDA. The FDA does not recognize CBD as a dietary supplement. It has also not issued any guidelines regarding the optimal dosage of CBD.

The medicine by the FDA has done this is due to the lack of research in the field of CBD. As mentioned before, we are not yet aware of the long-term effects of the chemical. Hence, we still need more detailed and clinical research to understand the true potential of CBD cannabinoid.

Returning to the topic of states, there are a few states who have the same viewpoint as the FDA. States like South Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho do not allow the free use of CBD by its citizens.

At the same time, there are also states that have made the recreational as well as medicinal use of CBD legal. Nevada, Washington, and Colorado are a few examples. However, if you were to take the majority of the American states, the results would be different. Maximum American states only recognize the use of CBD cannabis oil for medicinal purposes only. In such states, the recreational use of CBD cannabis oil can land the person in trouble.

To conclude, CBD transdermal patches are legal for you. The only thing that you have to make sure is that the total THC traces should not be greater than 0.3 percent. The next thing that is important in this case is the state in which you live.

If your state allows the use of CBD oil, you can buy CBD transdermal patches without any fear. But, if your state does not allow the use of CBD, it would be wiser to skip it.

But yes, CBD transdermal patches that are derived from the hemp plant is federally legal in the United States of America.

Takeaway Thoughts

Takeaway Thoughts

CBD transdermal patches are most certainly a good and efficient product. You only have to apply the patch on the target area to experience the relief effects. The CBD chemical will be transferred into the bloodstream of the user in small and gradual amounts. This will make sure that there is no sudden spike of CBD.

Having said this, that is a slide disadvantage in the case of CBD transdermal patches. Delete sensations take time to become activated. So, if you are looking for immediate relief, this product may not be the perfect fit for you. But, if you suffer from more chronic and lasting pain, no other product other than these patches would do the trick for you.

The relief sensations may take to become activated. But once they do, you can expect them to last for a long, long time. We are talking to 3 days at a stretch! This is the ultimate beauty of CBD transdermal patches.

In order to be confident whether or not CBD transdermal patches would work in your case we would suggest visiting a doctor. Under the expertise and experience of doctors, you will be able to understand CBD in a much better way. While overdosing in the case of CBD transdermal patches is not really an issue. But, you should still be careful when it comes to the correct application.

Once you get the nuances understood, you will be able to do CBD in a much efficient manner. Not only will the sentence of various health conditions reduce. But, you will also be able to live a more healthy and better life in general.

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