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Competitive Comparison WTP Hemp Or CBDistillery Reviews? Which Should Be Your Choice?

You have to be living under a rock if you are not aware of the booming CBD industry. With its medicinal properties, more and more people are looking forward to introducing CBD oil and its products in their lives. With the belief that CBD oil can give them health benefits, many health enthusiasts are actively searching for quality CBD products.

The CBD industry is being valued at $13.7 billion. The number is as it is shocking. But, considering that there are still so many restrictions placed on the chemical compound it becomes even more noteworthy. Not only that, experts predict that the cannabis industry will reach a total valuation of $66.3 billion. Yes! This is the trend of the CBD which is indicative of the shift in the perception of people towards the chemical. 

Can you trust CBDistillery reviews?

The rising interest of people in CBD oil has lead to a corresponding entry of many CBD brands. All of these brands claim to offer quality CBD oil. But, how many actually do give quality is up for debate.

With so many options available in the market both in terms of CBD brands and CBD products, it is definitely very exciting for potential buyers. But, it can be quite confusing to make an informed decision as well. In this article, we will talk about two very popular CBD brands that have created quite a name for themselves in recent years. We are talking about We The People Hemp or WTP Hemp and CBDistillery. 

Both companies take pride in their excellent quality CBD oil. But, who is better? Who should be your first choice? Read on to find that and more about their products.

First Things First, Let Us Talk About CBD In More Detail

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical that is derived from the Industrial Hemp. It can be extracted from the marijuana plant as well but for legal purposes, most companies prefer the hemp plant. It has anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties that make it very advantageous to the health of the user. With the overall therapeutic impact on the user, it can help to reduce the symptoms of a wide range of problems as well.

When we talk about the use of CBD then the chemical can be used to help in the controlling of the following diseases –

1. Cancer

2. Anxiety

3. Depression

4. Heart Attacks and other heart diseases

5. Hypertension

6. Chronic Pain

7. Osteoporosis

8. Arthritis

9. Insomnia

10. Multiple Sclerosis

11. Building up appetite

12. Mood enhancer

13. Obesity

14. Cholesterol

We could go on but we are sure you get the picture. The chemical is a non-psychoactive element that gives the user these benefits without having any harsh impact on the health of the user. This makes it much better in comparison to other synthetic drugs available in the market. In fact, the chemical doesn’t have any side-effects on the health of the user as well. This is a perfect organic and natural medicine which is only gaining popularity with every passing day.

It is advisable that you consult your health specialist before you start using CBD products in your life. It is more efficient for your health under expert guidance on optimal dosage.

An Analysis Of WTP Hemp And CBDistillery And Their Products

About WTP Hemp

WTP Hemp is a brand with a good reputation in the cannabis industry. The main reason for its success is the excellent quality of the CBD oil provided by them to their customers. They ensure that there CBD oil will not have any psychoactive effects on the user.

Quality CBD oil can only be derived from quality mother hemp plants. WTP Hemp understands this. Every hemp plant is grown within the United States of America. And, it is ensured that they grow in first grade conditions. Also, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is also kept at the bare minimum making hemp a hundred percent natural. Furthermore, the extraction method used by the company for its CBD oil is one of the best.

WTP Hemp uses the supercritical C02 nanoemulsion extraction method. In this method, the CBD oil particles are broken down into tiny droplets. It should be noted that the droplet size of this oil is around 4 to 200 times smaller than its competitors. This, in turn, increases the bioavailability of the CBD oil to 97 percent. 

WTP Hemp also has a very good return policy. If any customer is not happy with the product is received by them, they only need to contact the 24 x 7 helpline of the company. They will either be given a full refund or a replacement for their product. Buying from this company is a treat for the buyers. 

At the moment, the company offers products such as topical, capsules, dangers and so on to the customers. These products are also reasonably priced keeping in mind the budget constraints that a few customers have. WTP Hemp takes pride in withholding the high standards set by themselves.

About CBDistillery

CBDistillery was established by A few people hailing from Colorado that we are passionate about CBD. It was recently founded in the year 2016 with the main purpose of providing great quality CBD products at an affordable price. 

The company is a member of the National Health Association (NHA) and is a full supporter of complete transparency about their products. One of the biggest advantages of the products sold by the company is that they are lab tested. CBDistillery sends all of its product samples to ProVerde Laboratories. 

At the moment, the company offers products such as topicals, gummies, and isolate powders. Even soft-gels, vape oils, and pet products are sold by CBDistillery. Every product is manufactured within the United States of America and is certified by the US Hemp Authority. The hemp plant used by the company is non-GMO and is pure. In addition to this, the company offers veteran discounts, free shipping subject to conditions, and an affiliate program. 

The Products Offered By WTP Hemp And CBDistillery Respectively

There is no doubt that both companies offer world-class products to their customers. Even their existing customers are a testimony to this fact. We have visited every product that is sold by the company in great detail below:

Products Offered by WTP Hemp

1. WTP Hemp Tinctures 

This product is one of the fastest absorbing CBD oil sold by the company. The biggest advantage of this product is that there are they are organic. As the company uses the CO2 extraction method, the CBD extract is clean and free from any infiltration. In fact, these tinctures Are one of the purest CBD extracts in the entire industry. Buyers can easily use this product to help reduce symptoms related to mental and physical elements.

You can buy a 250 mg of WTP Hemp tinctures at $74.99. Not only that, by buying more products, the buyers can take advantage of bulk discounts offered by the company.

2. WTP Hemp Capsules

If you want convenience and a product that is simple to use then these capsules are perfect for you. Here, the CBD oil is stored in soft gel capsules that can be easily taken with water. Only by taking 2 to 3 capsules every day, buyers can feel remarkable if improvement in their overall wellness. Also, there is no need to make adjustments in your lifestyle when it comes to using these capsules. It has a very attractive price tag at $5.95. You get 30 soft gets with each having a total CBD concentration of 10 mg. 

3. WTP Hemp Gummy Bears

One of the major reasons for the popularity of this product with family is because of the familiarity it offers to them. It is basically gummy bears that are infused with CBD oil. Sometimes, it is not feasible to give younger children CBD tinctures or pills. CBD oil with their delicious taste makes for a much better alternative. By just using 1 to 2 units, buyers cancel a lot of improvement in their migraines and chronic pain issues.

You can get a 600 mg bottle containing 30 units at a total price of $99.95. It is a great product for families, for sure.

4. WTP Hemp Skin Cream

This product is designed by the company to provide relief from chronic pain. The company has made skin cream a 100 percent CBD product. Users only need to apply the cream directly to areas that they are experiencing pain. The CBD oil is then absorbed into the skin membranes providing relief to the user. It is perfect for well with elaborate exercise routines. 

You get a 250 g of the product at only $64.99. It is perfect for those who want to regulate their muscular and joint health effectively. 

Products Offered by CBDistillery

1. CBDistillery CBD Oils

This CBD oil by the company is mostly full spectrum. The CBD oil product also comes with a dropper. This means that in addition to the CBD, it contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. You may have to be careful since the product also contains THC. If you want to skip the HC, there are options for that as well. You can add the product to your daily food items and beverages. This is because it has a natural flavor.

The product ranges from 250 mg to 5000 mg for Full Spectrum CBD oil. Depending on the concentration, the user has to shell out anywhere from $30 to $260. For customers interested in pure CBD oil of the company, the concentration varies from 250 mg to 5000 mg. And, the price tag ranges from $29 to $220 for them.

2. CBDistillery CBD Gummies 

It definitely is a way to consume CBD oil, this product contains zero traces of THC. The company even has an option that contains melatonin which facilitates easy sleeping during night time. The product is perfect for regions as well.

For the traditional gummies, there is 30 mg of CBD per unit. The buyer gets a total 900 MG of CBD as there are 30 gummies is in a singular bottle and it is sold for $70. The price and concentration remain the same for gummies containing melatonin sold by CBDistillery.

3. CBDistillery CBD Isolates

These iceless are usually in powder form and come in a small tub. There is no presence of THC in this CBD product making it very pure. The user only needs to place in a little bit of the folder under their tongue or they can add it to food items or their beverages.

The Pure CBD Isolate powder and the CBDelicious Formulation Powder are the two most famous variations of this particular product. The former can be used for cooking, additions and can be placed below the tongue. It can range from $20 to $420 for a 5 g to 14 g product. Whereas, the latter is specially formulated for cooking purposes only with a 1 g bottle costing $38.

4. CBDistillery CBD Capsules

Again, CBD capsules are very easy to use and convenient in today’s times. The company offers products in two strengths that can be either full Spectrum or isolate. This gives the buyer an advantage to adjust their CBD dosage as per their needs. The product is a soft gel and hence can be cut into half as well.

The full spectrum soft gels with no ETA see traces can contain either 30 or 60 capsules. The 25 mg and 30 mg capsules come for $60 and $70 respectively. The former hence has a total CBD concentration of 750 mg. And, the latter with 900 mg CBD concentration. In the 60 unit bottle will cost the buyer $130.

Buyers want, they can take advantage of the product that contains the THC chemical as well. The price tag remains the same at $70 and $130 depending on the units.

5. CBDistillery CBD Topicals 

The company understands the need for skin creams containing CBD oil. It sells a variety of products under this head –

 a) CBDol Topical Salve

This product is the perfect blend of olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils, and hemp seed oil. In addition to this, it contains a total concentration of 500 mg CBD as well. You get a 1 oz product for $60.

b) CBD Lip Balm

Perfect for moisturizing and hydrating your lips, this Chapstick contains 25 mg CBD and comes for only nine dollars.

c) CBDefine Skin Care Cream

The ingredient is similar to the salve sold by the company. But, of course, as it is a cream it is much more the car and is more versatile. Every 1 oz product is priced at $60 and contains 500 mg of CBD.

d) Pure CBD Topical Patches

This product is completely free from the HC and is a transparent adhesive patch that can be applied or latched on anywhere on the skin. It is quite compact at 2“ x 2“ as well. The best thing about the product is that the relief sensations can last up to 3 days. You get 40 mg of CBD in every patch that comes for $17. A pack of five patches costs $70.

6. CBDistillery Vapes

The waves are sold by the company is completely legal as it is non-hallucinogenic. This is because it does not contain any THC. In addition to this, the company employs the use of specific cannabis strains that helps to add more flavor to the products. The flavors include –

– Strawberry Lemonade

– Grapes

– Lavender Vanilla, and 

– Grand Daddy Purp

They are uniformly concentrated at 200 mg and range between $30 to $ 32. The buyers can choose from the non-disposable vape pens and disposable vape pens.

7. CBDistillery for Pets

As mentioned above, the company sells products for dogs and other pets. You can avail the 150 mg CBD pet tinctures at $30. And, the 600 mg CBD pet tinctures are sold for $44. This is actually a boon for pet parents as now they have an effective product for their four legged friends too.

The End Verdict: WTP Hemp Or CBDistillery Reviews

This was quite a difficult choice since both companies are too good. When it comes to quality, the CBD oil offered by both the companies is top-notch. CBDistillery has more products on offer in comparison to WTP Hemp. But, since there is a need for more improvement in CBDistillery’s products, WTP Hemp goes a little ahead in terms of quality.

The Topical patch and the dropper of the CBD oil sold by CBDistillery have more scope for effectiveness and quality respectively. Also, we would like to point out that CBDistillery does not have a very flexible shipping policy. This is not a problem in case of WTP Hemp. Nevertheless, if you want to buy from both the companies, the chances of you being unsatisfied are very small. 

WTP Hemp and CBDistillery are changing the cannabis market with their innovative and quality products. And, let us not forget their reasonable pricing which makes it even more appealing to customers.

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