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Creams Do CBD Creams Work? The Truth

Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally occurring chemical cannabinoid. This chemical is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. As a result of this, many people wrongly assume that CBD will create a state of euphoria for them. This is actually a misconception that needs to be cleared urgently.

You see, the CBD chemical is actually a non-psychoactive element. In other words, even after it is consumed in high amounts, it will not leave the user intoxicated. It is when another chemical that is known as THC is used will a user feel high. Do CBD creams work?

Actually, THC is a psychedelic element. It spurs is the production of dopamine in the body. It also alters the cognitive functioning of the user. Cognitive functioning can include both, mental as well as physical day to day functions. A few common examples include mobility, sharpness, memory and so on. Having said this, we should not categorize THC as a harmful element as well. On the contrary, THC is actually a cannabinoid that has health benefits for the user. You can compare THC to CBD when we talk about health benefits. It can be useful in the following manner:

  1. THC can help to control nausea among users. Nausea is a common symptom that is associated with a lot of health conditions. Reduction in excessive vomiting can definitely improve the well-being of the user.
  2. THC is also a mood enhancer. It can help to control a person from feeling negative emotions. This helps to invoke positivity in a person that, in turn, helps to improve the quality of life.
  3. Just like CBD, THC can also help to reduce the risk related to cancer. Also, experts say that more research is needed to build a relationship between the two cannabinoids. And, the reduction in cancer risks.
  4. The THC chemical can help to restore the diet of a patient. Loss of appetite is another common symptom associated with diseases such as depression, cancer, and so on. When a person stops to eat food, he or she can become even weaker. Keeping this in mind, we can see that THC can help to make a person healthier as well.

The Benefits of Using the CBD Chemical

Here’s a list of some of the benefits that we receive from consuming CBD.

  1. The CBD oil can help to reduce high levels of anxiety and depression being faced by the user. Actually, it can stimulate the production of serotonin in the body. This, in turn,  helps to control the common sentence related to these diseases.
  2. The CBD chemical can reduce inflammation and pain intensity e been filed by the user. It is already held as a very good pain relief stimulant. having an anti-inflammatory nature, it can actively walk to reduce inflammation. And, maintain the joint and muscular health of the user.
  3. The CBD chemical can reduce the risks related to cancer. The chemical helps to replace weaker and dead cells in the body. In its place, it helps to stimulate the production of new and healthier cells. This, in turn, helps to exercise control over the growth of cancerous tumors to the point of complete prevention as well.
  4. CBD oil can reduce the buildup of plaque in the valves of the heart. The buildup process is commonly called Atherosclerosis. With an active reduction, the stress on our heart gets greatly diminished. Keeping this in mind, we can see that CBD can help to maintain the heart health of users.
  5. The CBD chemical can increase the production of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the body. HDL is actually also called ‘good cholesterol.’ At the same time, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) can be reduced. LDL, opposite to HDL, is also called bad cholesterol. In the case of obesity, CBD oil helps to promote the browning of our fat cells. In other words, it helps to convert white fat into brown fat. This helps the user to exercise control over his or her weight.
  6. CBD oil can be useful for maintaining the quality of the skin. Skin conditions such as eczema psoriasis and acne can benefit from the daily use of CBD creams. 

Understanding The Topical Method Of CBD Application 

Understanding The Topical Method Of CBD Application 

What Do We Mean?

Before that any confusion, we would like to clear out what topicals actually include. When the CBD oil is added to topicals, it is called CBD topicals. This was most certainly quite obvious for you.

Now, topicals include various products that can be applied to the skin directly. some of the most common products under this method include the following –

  1. Skin Creams
  2. Skin Lotions
  3. Skin Salves
  4. Skin Balms

Are you can see, every single one of these products is applied to the skin directly. This is the main reason why topicals can be perfect in place of muscle sprains for inflammation control.

The Target Passage of CBD Topicals

The topicals method of CBD application is perfect for those people who do not want to ingest the CBD chemical. But, these people do want to include  CBD in their life to improve their health. Since CBD Topicals are to be directly applied to the injured area, it perfectly fits the bill. It should also be noted the CBD oil does not come in any contact with the user’s bloodstream. In rare cases it does, the amount is very negligible.

The only time any contact with the blood of the user takes place is when the user uses transdermal patches. These patches have to be physically latched on to the skin of the user. The CBD chemical is then slowly released into the blood in small amounts continuously.

CBD brands take care to specially design the creams so that CBD oil can seep in through the skin membranes easily. This is to facilitate the easy adoption of the CBD chemical into the skin. From here, the CBD chemical reaches the target area and starts treating it. Inflammatory cells, muscles, and pain-perceiving nerves are such common areas. 

How Long does it take for the Relief Sensations Take to Become Active?

The onset time in this case usually varies depending on the target area. Even the intensity of the pain becomes an important factor. But, if we want to give you a specific time. We can definitely say that it does not take long for the release sensations to become activated.

The Application and the Optimal Dose Amounts of CBD Topicals 

CBD topicals are full creams that can be solid CBD. As in concentration-wise. These products are usually available between concentration levels of 250 mg and 1500 mg. 

The cream should be applied to the target area after it is cleaned. This will help to make sure that there is no blockage between the skin and the product. This, in turn, will ensure faster absorption. The amount to apply to the target area specifically depends on the intensity of the pain experienced by the buyer. There are two possible conditions in which CBD creams can be used. They are the following –

  1. When the pain felt by the user is more on the serious side, he or she will need to apply a greater amount of the CBD cream.
  2. If the pain felt is on the milder side, the user can make do with a smaller quantity of the CBD cream. However, if he or she wants to apply more to get relief, there is no hard and fast rule and they can do so.

CBD Creams Reviews: An Analysis Of Four CBD Brands

CBD Creams Reviews: An Analysis Of Four CBD Brands

Yeah, we will compare the CBD creams of four renowned CBD brands. Read on to find out which one should you opt for.

PureKana’s CBD Creams

The idea behind this product is to Infuse CBD oil with a moisturizing cream. This CBD cream has a very light texture making it easily absorbable. It comes in blood orange fragrance which can be a treat to the nostrils. Along with the CBD oil, other ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, and essential oils are also added. 

The idea of the cream application is the same as in the case of others. Users directly need to apply the cream on the skin. After seeping into the skin cells, the relief effects get activated. The company claims that this cream is useful to reduce the intensity of other skin diseases as well.

A 2 oz. of the product contains that can be bought by users for $75. The creams have a total CBD concentration of 600 mg.

BeeZBeeCBD’s CBD Creams

The skin cream offered by BeeZBeeCBD is a 100 percent organic product. This CBD cream is perfect for pain relief. It can also help to reduce inflammation and intensity of the pain being faced by the user. The brand takes pride in using good quality CBD oil which helps to make this cream efficient.

This cream needs to be directly applied to the target area. These areas can be either dearest, black, or any veinous surface as well. The company claims that even a small drop in the product can give relief sensations to the buyer. Nourishing additions such as aloe vera, coconut oil, etc., are added by the brand to its CBD creams. In addition to these ingredients, the skin creams are available in different fragrances as well. At the moment, the buyer can select from Blood Orange and Lavender scents.

These creams come in CBD concentrations of 20 mg, 200 mg, and 500 mg. The CBD brand also sells a higher 1200 mg concentration of CBD cream is needed by buyers.

Fresh Farms CBD’s CBD Creams

The CBD cream created by this brand is the perfect blend of essential vitamins and minerals. In addition to this, it also contains the benefits of

  1. Moroccan Argan oil,
  2. Californian Grapeseed oil,
  3. Red Raspberry oil, and
  4. Californian hemp CBD.

In addition to being organic, these oils are rich in omega fatty acids as well. This CBD cream perfect for people who want to rejuvenate, and moisturize their skin. The cream can help to reduce signs of aging. And, provide protection from eczema and acne. The buyer gets a product having a CBD concentration of 250 mg at $59.99.

WTP Hemp’s CBD Cream 

There are certain CBD users who prefer the external method of CBD intake. WTP Hemp’s skin creams are a hundred percent CBD isolate which makes them effective to reduce inflammation and pain. Users who want to maintain their joint and muscular health can definitely try these CBD creams.

The buyer needs to apply the product to the target area. Within just a short span of time, the cooling effect of the cream starts working reducing inflammation and pain intensity. These creams have no harmful chemicals and can help to nourish the skin. A 4 oz. of the product will cost the buyer $64.99. We can expect a total CBD concentration of 250 g in the cream.

WTP Hemp: A CBD Brand That Sells The Best Quality Of CBD Creams

WTP Hemp: A CBD Brand That Sells The Best Quality Of CBD Creams

If you have to recommend diseases and that can give you great quality products, it would be WTP Hemp. This becomes even more suitable when we about CBD creams. We The People Hemp is a company synonymous with excellence and quality. The brand guarantees its buyers excellent quality CBD oil with every single purchase. 

The things are not made without concrete proof. The main reason why WTP Hemp is one of the best CBD brands is because of its extraction method. And, the quality of the mother hemp plant used by the company. effectiveness of the products is due to the very high-quality of the CBD oil infused in them.

WTP Hemp employs a very advanced extraction process. It uses the supercritical CO2 nanoemulsion extraction process to derive its CBD oil. This process increases the bioavailability of CBD oil to a great extent. In fact, the bioavailability stands at 97 percent. If you are aware of how CBD brands of, you will know how rare such a high percentage is. Here, the CBD oil particles are broken down into very tiny droplets that are water-soluble.

The particle sizes are nearly 4 to 200 times smaller than the other industry size. It is due to this feature of the CBD oil that it is easily absorbed into the blood of the buyer. There is absolutely no use of any solvents by the company when creating its products. This, in turn, helps to retain the natural goodness of the CBD chemical.

That was the extraction method, let us now talk about the mother hemp plants. WTP Hemp uses hemp plants that are fully grown in the United States of America. Every single one of the mother plant is 100 percent organic. WTP Hemp also takes extra care where about the mother plants. The brand ensures that the growing conditions for the hemp plants are always optimal.

All these reasons contribute to the claims made by the company of their CBD oil helping to regulate the mental and physical health of the user. Also, the therapeutic and calming effects of CBD oil also acts on brain activity efficiently.

If you are looking to buy products other than CBD creams, the CBD brand can offer great products then as well. At the moment, WTP Hemp sells the following products other than the CBD isolate skin cream. These include the following:

  1. WTP Hemp Tinctures
  2. WTP Hemp Gummy Bears
  3. WTP Hemp Capsules

No matter which product you choose, you will see a vast improvement in your health problems. The CBD skin cream can help brighten the skin and reduce acne. 

WTP Hemp has also introduced a 24 x 7 helpline for its potential and existing buyers. If any customer has any doubt about the products for shipping, they only need to contact this number. The staff operating the helpline is helpful as well as polite. you complete information about the products, for sure.

Another pro of buying from this CBD brand is the affordable price point. The buyers will never have to worry about burning a hole in his or her pockets. It understands that most of the buyers have but its constraints that need to be strictly followed. The company takes care to ensure that its products are cheaply priced. If by chance any customer is not happy with their product they can contact the company. The company will either give him a full refund or will replace the product, no questions asked. 

Final Thoughts

Do CBD Creams Work?

Having said this, the end decision always lies with the buyer. You can choose a brand that caters to your needs and choices. And, of course, a brand that fits within your budget limits. Do not forget to carefully research the CBD brand. Only when you feel that the CBD brand can be trusted should you proceed to buy its products. After all, it is better to be informed and not take any risks in areas of health.

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