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Oils Does CBD Oil Help With Anxiety? The Truth

At the present time, anxiety is one of the most prevalent diseases. That is affecting people all around the world. If you are constantly nervous or worry about small things, there are high chances that you are suffering from anxiety. Or, maybe any other related mental issues that can change your brain chemistry. Anxiety patients can get panic attacks thinking about hypothetical situations as well.

The NIMH of America has found out that nearly 18.1 percent of adults in the United States of America suffer from anxiety issues. If you were to convert the percentage into numbers, it would amount to roughly 40 million. Yes, that is how scary the rise in the number of people suffering from anxiety has been. Does CBD oil help with anxiety?

As per the institute, the most common patients are Americans aged between 18 to 54 years of age. In addition to this, about 30 percent of the American population suffers from other symptoms related to anxiety. What makes the situation even scarier is that these numbers are not inclusive.

That is not every anxiety case in the United States have been taken into account. The experts say that there are many cases that go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. Shocking, right?

Anxiety symptoms of anxiety are vague. Hence, not a lot of people are even aware that they are suffering from this mental disorder. When they feel nervous or panic attacks, they generally mistake it for other diseases. Something that is more common or relatable. If we were to tell you about the symptoms, chances are that even you would find it difficult as well. 

Keeping all this in mind, we need an effective get organic medication to reduce the symptoms related to anxiety. This is where CBD along with therapeutic properties steps in. As a result, there are many people who claimed that CBD can be used for people who are suffering from anxiety. Read on as we investigate the accuracy of this statement.

Decoding The Relationship Between CBD And Anxiety Disorders

Decoding The Relationship Between CBD And Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are quite a difficult concept to understand. Not only are the symptoms very vague, but even the treatment can be a tad bit difficult. We can say that a person is suffering from anxiety when even thinking of any situation can make him uneasy. Anxiety is a strong emotion with no proper guidelines to go by. There can be panic attacks, aggressive behavior and so on.

A lot of people are not aware of how difficult disease anxiety can be. There are just so many nuances related to this disease. The steady rise in the number of patients that are suffering from anxiety makes it quite a worrisome issue.

Symptoms to Check Whether You Suffer from Anxiety?

We have already discussed how difficult something like anxiety can be. Below, we have prepared a list of questions that can help you figure out whether you suffer from anxiety or not. 

  1. Do you have trouble staying or falling asleep? 
  2. Do you have fears that can be irrational?
  3. Do you become fatigued easily?
  4. Do you get irritated or agitated for certain things?
  5. Do you worry excessively?
  6. Do you get panic attacks when thinking about social situations?
  7. Do you have difficulty concentrating?
  8. Do you feel restless?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, then there is a high chance that you suffer from anxiety. And, what you need to know at the moment is that there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. Scientists now have discovered great treatments that can help you make you feel better. After all, staying in a constant state of fear and nervousness is not a good life to live. Trust us, by getting the required treatment, you will benefit tremendously.

So, How Exactly can be the CBD Chemical help to Reduce Anxiety Symptoms?

Firstly, there is scientific proof that CBD helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. But, having said that, we still need to learn about the long-term effects of the CBD chemical. What we do know is that CBD has therapeutic and relaxing properties that can be beneficial for anxiety patients.

We would also like to point out how even the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized CBD as a treatment for anxiety. Actually, the agency does not recognize CBD as a dietary supplement due to a lack of credible proof. Yet, experiments and trials conducted by experts have found short term effects of CBD to be useful for anxiety symptoms. 

Your Brief Introduction To The CBD Chemical

Your Brief Introduction To The CBD Chemical

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally growing chemical compound. This cannabinoid is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. CBD has anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties. That makes it suitable for a wide range of health conditions. The focus here is to reduce the sentence related to these diseases. CBD, along with its therapeutic properties, can be useful for people. Even those who are suffering from anxiety.

Now, since we have already mentioned how is CBD chemical is extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant, we would like to give you more input. The CBD chemical can be extracted from either industrial hemp or the marijuana plant. Depending on the source of the plant, the extracted CBD chemical will have its own set of properties.

We would like to highlight how there is a common misconception surrounding the CBD chemical. It is due to this misconception that there is a lot of stigma around CBD. There are a few people who have this assumption that consuming CBD infused products would create a sort of high for them. The reality could not have been more different than this assumption. You see, the CBD chemical does not produce a high when it is consumed by buyers. This is because the CBD chemical itself is a non-hallucinogenic element. It is the presence of another chemical in the plant which is responsible for this high. This chemical is known as THC.

There are about 80 to 200 types of chemical cannabinoids found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. Out of all these are the two most prominent cannabinoids are CBD and THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is found growing beside the CBD chemical. THC is a psychoactive chemical that creates a state of intoxication among users. This Euphoria is created when THC is consumed in higher amounts.

The Reasons Why You Should Use The CBD Chemical

The Reasons Why You Should Use The CBD Chemical

When the CBD chemical is added in different amounts to carrier oils, we get CBD oil. The carrier oils can be either coconut oil or hemp seed oil. With the help of CBD, you can regulate Your mental and physical well-being. The chemical is an excellent pain relief stimulant that is great for your joints and muscles is well. Here are the top reasons why you should adopt the CBD chemical in your life:

  1. The best part about CBD oil is that it is organic and has no harmful additions
  2. Being a potent cannabinoid, CBD can have an overall holistic impact on your body
  3. CBD oil can be used to reduce symptoms related to anxiety and other diseases 
  4. The best part about the CBD chemical is that it has a lasting and positive impact on the user 
  5. Buying CBD hemp oil is quite easy as no prescription is required
  6. CBD Oil is an excellent pain relief stimulant.
  7. It can reduce the risk related to cancer and heart attacks
  8. CBD Oil can be used to promote bone metabolism
  9. The CBD chemical can help to calm the mind and body of the user
  10. Using CBD oil will not produce a high for the person consuming it

So, these were a few benefits that you get by introducing CBD as a part of your daily life. We will be able to know more about the chemical soon. Experts are already studying CBD to explore the possibilities it has. And, the true extent of its potential. Once we learn this, CBD will get its due credit.

CBD vs. THC: What You Need to Know 

CBD and THC, both are quite an important and integral part of the Cannabis plant. In addition to this, it has a positive and good impact on the body as well. Before you assume that think they are found growing in the same plant, they will have same properties, let’s talk you right there.

Aside from two similar points, there is nothing about these two chemical cannabinoids. Firstly, CBD and THC have is similar framework. Secondly, these chemicals can be quite useful for the human body as they have therapeutic properties.

In addition to anxiety and depression, it can be great to reduce risks related to heart attacks and cancer. Even patients of diabetes and cholesterol can use these chemicals.

The only difference between CBD and THC is that of its psychedelic nature. Since the THC chemical has a psychotic effect, it creates a state of high for the user. Whereas, there is no risk of intoxication for the CBD user in any case. It is you do this very reason why the CBD chemical is legal in the country but, THC is not. 

Understanding the Entourage Effect

We have already mentioned how CBD and THC cannabinoids can be beneficial for the body. Keeping this in mind, there were many cannabis users who combined together CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. The main advantage of this combination reaction was the amplified effects of all the added cannabinoids.

Due to their magnified potency, health conditions could be treated even more efficiently and in a shorter span of time. The combination reaction was known as the entourage effect. And, the products formed under this reaction include Full Spectrum CBD oil and Broad Spectrum CBD oil.

Since these CBD oils are being more powerful, it is important to consume them in the correct amount. It is due to these reasons why scheduling an appointment with a health specialist is necessary. Only the dosage amount and method approved by the professional should be taken. This is something that should be taken note of by every user of Cannabis or CBD in general.

Understanding The Efficacy Of The CBD Chemical For Reducing Symptoms Of Anxiety

Understanding The Efficacy Of The CBD Chemical For Reducing Symptoms Of Anxiety

We have already given you a glimpse of the efficacy of the CBD chemical above. Whether you take into account mental disorders or physical: CBD can be useful for all. The CBD chemical can help treat the following:

  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Parkinson’s Disease, and 
  • Post Trauma Stress Disorder 

It should be noted that people who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease were seen to undergo improvement as well after using CBD. But, in this article, we will mostly focus on the effectiveness of the CBD chemical for anxiety issues. 

The main reason that CBD is not getting proper recognition is the lack of research in the medical field. This lack of research is mostly due to the limitations at work placed on experts. This was in terms to conduct research on Cannabis and its derivatives. As mentioned above, the FDA still has not approved it. 

But, things are definitely changing now after the 2018 Farm Bill.

As per the bill, growing and cultivating hemp is now a federally legal activity in all of America. There are many other considerations that need to be taken into account after the bill was passed as well. In addition to this, using products that directly derived from the hemp plant was legal as well.

This included CBD oil that was derived from the hemp plant. Many research avenues even opened for people to explore the potential of CBD. We only need to get more credible proof. Once we do, we can expect a similar chemical to be given the due recognition it deserves.

CBD with its anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties can reduce the levels of anxiety. There is also a small-scale piece of research conducted by experts in this field. For this experiment, experts created a group of 72 voluntary participants. Every participant was given CBD medication here. This was to study the effects of CBD on sleep quality and anxiety. In the end, it was found out that CBD did help to reduce the symptoms related to anxiety with therapeutic effects.

Experts found that there was a huge drop in anxiety levels of 57 participants. Now, that is a huge proof right there. In relation to anxiety, it was further found that using CBD can help to maintain the sleeping patterns. When people heard that CBD can be useful for hypertension and anxiety, there was a shift in demand.

Suddenly everybody wanted to get their hands on products infused with CBD. But even then, we need more concrete proof before we can hail CBD as a treatment for any disease.

The Scientific Explanation Of How CBD Can Help In Fighting Anxiety Disorders 

The Scientific Explanation: Does CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

Imagine being in a situation of constant pressure and uneasy. The constant worrying and negativity can get to anyone. You will have to agree on how nobody would want to be in such a tumultuous state throughout their lives. The issue with mental disorders is that we can change the chemistry of the brain of medical patients forever.

The main cause of anxiety problems is serotonin deficiency. The low levels of serotonin deficiency cause high levels of anxiety problems.

You must be wondering what serotonin is. It is a neurotransmitter of the brain. It has a positive effect on thinking and memory, this transmitter. During stress being cut down by the user, it can be a great mood enhancer. Serotonin deficiency can be a result of poor health or bad genetics. In the case of the former, it is better to make the needed lifestyle changes. It was also found that the deficiency of serotonin as well as and it had more or less similar symptoms.

Negative thinking, muscle pain, slight depression et cetera are some of those symptoms. In some cases, aggressive behavior can also be found among patients of serotonin deficiency and anxiety. If the anxiety level is low, it can be said that the stimulation of serotonin is high and vice versa. 

You see, the CBD chemical interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body. Due to a lack of research, we are not yet aware of the exact way the CBD interacts with the body system. But, it does help to stimulate the serotonin system.. The mood upliftment and regulation of sleeping patterns due to CBD encourage serotonin secretion too. CBD is also responsible for the antipsychotics and antiemetic properties of hemp. 

To conclude, CBD can be useful for people who are suffering from anxiety, hands down. But, there are also other reasons and factors that need to be taken into consideration as a lack of research. At the moment, the FDA is already conducting meetings to learn more about CBD. Once it is satisfied with the result, it will soon declare CBD as an alternative medication for anxiety issues. 

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