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Oils Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests? The Truth

CBD is the latest trending ingredient that has taken over the entire world. This chemical is being widely used for improving the health of many people. But since CBD is still a cannabis derivative, it has a lot of stigmas attached to it.

Does CBD show up on drug tests? Good question. We will answer it in this article.

With the advent of the Internet, people have become more open to impress the concept of cannabis for health betterment. This is one of the primary reasons why the cannabis industry is booming. At present, the industry is valued at $13.7 billion. In addition to this, experts are predicting the valuation to increase to $66.3 billion within the next five years.

People across the globe are showing active interest to include CBD as a part of their daily life. This increasing demand has not gone unnoticed by the operating CBD brands. In fact, there has also been a corresponding rise in the number of CBD brands operating in the market.

You can have CBD in your beverages as well as your food. If you want to apply the product on your face, you can do that as well. In fact, you can even bathe with some CBD goodness.

This, in turn, is giving the buyer a lot of options to explore CBD. Having said this, there is still a lot of controversies and misconceptions attached to the chemical. The main root cause of these misconceptions is the miss information that the buyer is being subjected to.

Thankfully, with every passing day, people are becoming more aware of the truth. Of course, it will still take time until people really understand that half of the things that you thought about CBD was wrong. In addition to this, we still require more research to understand the true extent of the potential of CBD. We can expect in the next couple of years, more information and acceptance will be available with CBD is concerned.

In this article, we will try to bust many myths related to CBD. Especially, one of CBD and drug tests. Read on as we dive right into this fascinating world of CBD and its features.

What Do We Mean By The CBD Chemical?

What Do We Mean By The CBD Chemical?

Cannabidiol is also known as CBD is a natural chemical cannabinoid. This cannabinoid is quite an amazing element found growing in the cannabis Sativa species. This cannabis Sativa can be further divided into two categories. These two categories are the following:

  1. The Hemp Plant or Industrial Hemp
  2. The Marijuana Plant or the Cannabis Plant

The Hemp Plant or Industrial Hemp

The hemp plant has a greater level of the CBD chemical. It also has another gonna be not present but the total level of it is mostly on the negligible side. The cannabinoid that we are talking about is THC.

The THC chemical is a psychoactive element. It also has the power to stimulate the production of dopamine in the body. Yes, it is this element that is responsible for the high that is commonly associated with cannabis.

THC can hinder the working of the cognitive functions and the brain functions of the user. Some of the cognitive functions are mentioned below.

  1. Understanding
  2. Sharpness
  3. Listening
  4. Thinking
  5. Mood
  6. Memory
  7. Coordination
  8. Movement
  9. Reasoning

There is a common practice where cannabis users combined together with various cannabinoids. This helps to increase the overall efficacy of the products that are created under this reaction. This reaction is known as the entourage effect. We will discuss this effect in more detail later on in the article.

The Marijuana Plant or the Cannabis Plant

The marijuana plant is the exact opposite of the hemp plant. In other words, this plant has a greater CBD level. This, in turn, makes the plant more psychoactive in nature.

The total presence of CBD in the marijuana plant is on the lower side. However, this does not mean that CBD is completely negligible in the marijuana plant.

Now that we have established the different types of Sativa plants, let us talk about the importance of the mother plant.

The source of the CBD oil plays an important role to help us find out its features. What we are trying to say is the plant from where the CBD is extracted from, will reflect the same characteristics of the mother plant. For example, if the CBD chemical is extracted from the hemp plant, it will have a total concentration of more CBD. In the same way, the total presence of THC will always be below 0.3 percent in the oil. This is because hemp naturally also has the same features.

In the same way, when the CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plant, it will have features similar to the marijuana plant. The CBD chemical will have greater THC traces that will make it more psychoactive in nature.

The benefits of using CBD for your body

The CBD chemical has therapeutic effects that can help to reduce the symptoms of a wide range of health conditions. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why CBD is becoming so popular. The second reason, of course, is the fact that it is organic and natural yet effective.

Here are some of the benefits that you can avail of by introducing CBD in your life.

  1. CBD helps to stimulate the production of serotonin in the body. This, in turn, can help to lower high levels of anxiety and depression. Also, negative feelings can be effectively curbed. And instead, you will feel more positive and better experiencing a higher quality of life.
  2. CBD can act as the perfect pain relief stimulant. With the help of its anti-inflammatory effects, the overall pain intensity and inflammation can be effectively curbed. Patients suffering from arthritis and multiple sclerosis can also find using CBD beneficial.
  3. CBD can help to keep various skin conditions in check. This includes eczema, psoriasis, and acne. The excessive production of sebum and all in our fees can be reduced with the help of this chemical.
  4. CBD and have a minimizing effect on the risks related to various health conditions. This includes serious health conditions like cancer and heart attacks. In addition to this, even obesity and high cholesterol can be controlled.

The CBD chemical can help to reduce atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis refers to the gradual build-up of plaque in the valves of our hearts. With reduced plaque buildup, the pressure on our heart reduces itself. In the same way, CBD helps to replace old and dead cells with newer and healthier cells. This, in turn, helps to exercise control on the growth of cancerous tumors in our body.

As for cholesterol, CBD can promote the level of HDL or high-density lipoprotein. HDL is also commonly referred to as the good cholesterol of our body. At the same time, it exercises control on the secretion of low-density lipoprotein. Low-density lipoprotein or LDL is known as the bad cholesterol of our body.

Lastly, obesity patients can benefit from using products that have been infused with the CBD chemical. This is because CBD helps to brown our fat cells. 

Understanding the entourage effect in more detail

We have already given you a brief idea of what the entourage effect is. But this reaction, various cannabinoids are mixed together to form an even more potent and effective product.

It should be interesting to know that the cannabis Sativa plant contains nearly 80 to 200 different types of chemicals. Or, cannabinoids in them. So the products that are formed under the entourage effects can be a mixture of many cannabinoids.

Under this reaction, the power of every single cannabinoid that is added becomes even more amplified. This, in turn, makes the product very powerful that can help to reduce symptoms even more efficiently. The most common products under this reaction are the Full Spectrum CBD oil. And the Broad Spectrum CBD oil.

Busting The Myth Of The CBD Chemical Being Illegal In The United States Of America

Busting The Myth Of The CBD Chemical Being Illegal In The United States Of America

The CBD chemical is most certainly not an illegal element in the United States anymore. You see, the government passed the 2018 Farm Bill that brought a number of changes with regards to hemp plants.

As per this bill, Americans all over the world were free to grow and cultivate hemp plants. They could also use products that were a delight derivative of the plant. This is why the CBD chemical that has been sourced from hemp is legal.

The only condition that needed to be met here was to keep a check on the THC traces. The federal law explicitly stated that the total THC traces should not exceed more than 0.3 percent. If this percentage is exceeded, then the CBD chemical or the product that contains higher traces will be illegal.

If you take into account different mother plants, the law makes even more sense. The cannabis plant has a greater concentration of the HC. Hence, if you use CBD that has been extracted from cannabis, you will be breaking the federal law. But, if you use CBD that has been sourced from the hemp plant then it will not be illegal. There are two main reasons for this difference.

Firstly, the CBD chemical has been extracted from the hemp plant. Secondly, since hemp naturally has THC traces below 0.3 percent, the ceiling limit is not exceeded.

After you take into all these conditions into account, there is still another thing that you need to consider. We are talking about the prevailing law of your state.

Every American state has the right to practice and put into effect their own policies. It is only natural for this right to extend in the case of CBD and other cannabinoids as well. Also, the changes in the legislation were fairly new which has not given every state the time to fully embrace CBD as a legal element.

There are states that allow its citizens to use CBD for recreational purposes and medicine and purposes. The most common examples of the states include Colorado, Nevada, and Washington. On the other hand, states such as Nebraska, South Dakota, and so on have is really strict rules with regards to CBD. The citizens of the state cannot use CBD oil. This rule extends to CBD oil that has been derived from the hemp plant. And yes, this is even after the federal government has declared CBD hemp oil to be a legal item.

Bing said this, the majority of the American states allow the use of CBD oil that has been derived from the hemp plant. That, there are many who also allow its citizens to use CBD cannabis oil as well. However, only those citizens are allowed to use CBD cannabis oil that is suffering from serious conditions. In other words, only the medicinal use of CBD cannabis oil is allowed. The recreational use of this oil is not allowed by the states.

Busting The Myth Of The CBD Chemical Being Psychoactive

Busting The Myth Of The CBD Chemical Being Psychoactive

As the title suggests, CBD is not an element that will leave you high. This is also one of the biggest misconceptions that people tend to have about CBD. Actually, you cannot also blame them for this.

We are already well aware of how smoking cannabis can leave the user high or intoxicated. But then again, this euphoria is not because of CBD. It is the presence of THC which is responsible for it. Also, it is only THC that causes it.

The CBD chemical is often termed as a non-psychoactive element. In reality, CBD should be called in the non-intoxicating element. You see, a substance is non-psychoactive when it does not have the capacity to affect the brain of the user. CBD, on the other hand, does affect the brain of the user. So, calling it a non-psychoactive element would be wrong in military terms.

Yet, calling CBD in a non-intoxicating element is incorrect. This is because CBD will not create a euphoric high even after you consume the chemical in higher amounts.

So there you go, you do not need to worry about CBD leaving you in a state of high under any circumstance.

Busting The Myth Of CBD Showing Up On Drug Test Making You Fail It

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests? Busting The Myth

This is also another myth associated with CBD due to misinformation. And, its link to the cannabis plant.

We have already established at CBD will not intoxicate you. Also, the only reason why you can fall in trouble with the law is when you consume products that are on the list of controlled substances act. Since CBD is no more on the list, it will automatically mean you are not consuming anything illegal. The fact that you will also not lose your senses makes the case in support even stronger.

It can definitely get a bit complicated when we talk about feeling a drug test CBD if you go into detail.

Now, we have already mentioned about the entourage effect above. When you use products like the Full Spectrum CBD oil, it will have traces of THC. It is important for the total THC level to not exceed more than 0.3 percent. In addition to this, even the hemp plant has negligible traces of this psychoactive chemical. Keeping all this in mind, you will find a bit of THC in your CBD product.

If you opt for CBD isolate or Broad Spectrum CBD oil, things will change. While the former only contains the CBD cannabinoid. The latter contains many other cannabinoids other than THC. So, using these products will not be an issue with THC is concerned.

The issue becomes a bit more complicated when you take into account state laws. Yes, again!

There are a few states that allow higher traces of THC in CBD products. For example, in Georgia and Virginia, you can buy and use CBD oil it contains THC traces up to 5 percent. At this level, there might be chances of a bit of psychoactivity. Since you will be feeling some sort of impairment, you might just fail a marijuana drug test.

The next thing that you would like to point out is how CBD is a supplement. But, it is still not regulated by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Are you to be on the safer side, there are two things that you can do.

Firstly, opt for products that have been third-party tested and certified. You can always ask the CBD brands for the lab test results as well. This will help you learn the entire cannabinoid break up of the product. In other words, the total presence of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids can be easily found out.

Lastly, you can skip consuming CBD products just before a drug test. Yes, even if the CBD level is more with negligible THC traces. This is because sometimes, the amount of the product that you consume can fluctuate at the THC level. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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