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Oils Does Hemp Oil Work For Pain? The Truth

The popularity of CBD oils is showing no signs of slowing at the moment. In fact, it is showing only an upward moving trend. CBD products are on the must have list of every health enthusiast. Be it oils, skincare creams, tinctures – it just has to have CBD! In order to meet this growing demand, CBD companies are introducing new products frequently.

Does hemp oil work for pain? Can I use it? Will it help me?

Other cannabis products are also arousing the interest of people due to CBD oil’s growing demand. Hemp seed oil is one of those cannabis products.

Hemp oil also possesses health benefits and is great pain relief. Read on as we investigate just how beneficial the oil really is and whether it should go on your shopping list.

Everything You Need To Know About Hemp Oil 

Extracted from hemp seeds, Hemp seed Oil or Hemp Oil is a cold-pressed oil. This means that the oil is acquired after pressing the hemp seeds. A modern steel press is utilized for this purpose. Even though hemp seed oil has been available in the market for around decades, people were still unaware of its existence. Now though, the scenario has totally changed. The demand for hemp oil is readily increasing. This is mainly due to the interest of people in CBD and its products.

Around 30- 35% of the seeds of the hemp plant consists of oil which is rich in nutrients. The hemp plant is also called the cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp seed oil is a full spectrum oil. This means that the oil has high amounts of omega -3 and -6 fatty acids in it. Also, it is filled with antioxidants. Hemp seed oil does not contain any cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or Cannabidiol (CBD). This is why it is an Isolate.

Hemp oil is a superfood, meaning the nutritional density is extremely high. Similar to the sunflower seed oil, hemp oil makes for perfect cooking oil as well. Hemp oil is added to food items like smoothies by health enthusiasts to make it healthier. Hemp oil will make a perfect addition to the daily food of households. This is because of its high fiber content.

One of the main uses for hemp seed oil is that it’s an ingredient for skincare products. The comedogenic rating of hemp oil is zero. The comedogenic scales have a numbering system, ranging from zero to five. As the rating of the oil is zero, it makes for a great addition to skincare. It greatly helps to improve the complexion. Hemp oil can moisturize the user’s skin and make it brighter and nourished.

Can Hemp Oil Actually Reduce Pain Intensity?

The reason why many people are opting for Hemp oil is due to its pain relief properties. The United States of America recently legalized the growth of hemp by the citizens. This move makes the possibilities in this field seem endless. Hempseed oil contains anti-inflammatory elements. These elements help target and reduce inflammation in the user’s body. Put more simply, hemp oil helps pain. The oil works in cases of animals and human beings alike. 

Throughout the years, various tests have been carried out on animals to study these effects. It was found that hemp oil actually did reduce the intensity of discomfort felt. This helped confirm the pain relief stimulant nature of the oil. Scientists are actively working towards tapping the greatest possible potential of hemp oil.

Hemp oil can be directly rubbed on the affected area by the user. The working of the oil is pretty similar to that of CBD oils. The relief sensations are not necessarily instant. But once the oil starts working, the effect can last for around three to four hours.

Is Hemp Oil Similar To CBD Oil? Let’s Dig In.

Hemp oil is commonly mistaken to be the same as CBD oil

But is it actually the case? It isn’t actually. Not at all!

CBD oil is a chemical constituent found in Industrial hemp or the cannabis plant. It has a variety of therapeutic and remedial characteristics. CBD helps to reduce stress, inflammation and anxiety levels of the user. An excellent pain relief product, it also helps to treat depression, cancer, seizures, and other health conditions. CBD is widely being used by people for the aforementioned advantages that it offers. There are several methods available for CBD consumption. The buyers can the one which is more suitable to their needs and use. Tinctures, topicals, and edibles are some of the ways to consume CBD.

CBD oil, like Hemp oil, isn’t psychoactive. Users cannot get high when they consume hemp oil and CBD oil. 

It is actually THC or Delta (9)- tetrahydrocannabinol which is psychoactive. This means that when buyers use THC, they can get high as the chemical can give the feeling of euphoria. This can alter the physical and mental functions making the users a little affected, to say the least. THC and CBD are commonly consumed together to intensify the effects of the chemicals. This is coined as the “Entourage Effect.” 

It is true that there are similarities between THC, CBD and Hemp oil. The chemicals are extracted from the same mother plant lending them a similar structure, though Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds. The other similarity is the benefits they have on the health of human beings and animals. They help treat chronic pain, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), etc. They also reduce the anxiousness felt by the users. 

Let us shift the focus to CBD oil and Hemp seed oil. These products, as mentioned above, are different from one another. The hemp oil is extracted directly by pressing the hemp seeds. By doing this, there are no traces of CBD and THC in them. However, when the extraction is carried out from the resin glands the case may be different. There is a possibility of the hemp oil containing some traces of the chemicals. The percent being below 0.3% though, makes it negligible. 

CBD oils are more expensive in comparison to Hemp oil. The former has more medicinal properties that can benefit our bodies. It isn’t that hemp oil is worthless, just that CBD oils are more preferable than hemp oil for some users. 

The Other Advantages Of Hemp Oil Available To You

Hemp oil helps pain because it’s a pain relief stimulant. Hemp oil also offers a variety of other benefits too.

 Hemp Oil For Your Skin

With the clogging level of Hemp oil being less than zero on the comedogenic scale, it makes for a great moisturizer. It provides the skin with deep nourishment and keeps it healthy and shiny. Skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and varicose eczema can be actively treated over repeated use. 

Hemp oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids which can control help reduce breakouts. Acne rosacea can be treated by using hemp oil. It should be introduced into the skincare regime of middle-aged ladies. This is because the oil can help fight the signs of aging like wrinkles and other age lines.

  Hemp Oil For Your Heart

Antioxidants and nutrients are a major part of any balanced diet. A human body requires food which can help it regulate its functions. With the impressive nutrition, it contains, hemp oil is perfect to fulfill this need. Hemp oil is actually a superfood. 

All the above factors make it really good for the heart. It can help to bring down high blood pressure and reduce atherosclerosis risks. 

 Hemp Oil For Your Brain

The brain is one of the most important parts of the body, if not the most. The high fatty acid content of hemp oil makes for perfect nourishment of it. Another interesting fact of hemp oil is that it contains polyphenols. Polyphenols protect the tissues of our body from inflammation and heart diseases. It also helps to fight cancer. Scientists though, still need to carry out more detailed research to understand the implications better.

Polyphenols are reducing agents. These agents, when combined with other vitamins give rise to antioxidants.

    Hemp Oil For Your Muscles 

As mentioned before, hemp oil helps pain by controlling inflammation. Basically, the oil can act as a muscle relaxant. 

Rubbing the oil on sore muscle can improve it greatly. Full spectrum hemp oils contain traces of CBD. This makes the oil exhibit certain characteristics of CBD too. The oil can help lower stress levels and overall muscle tension. 

    Hemp Oil And Your Acne

Hemp seed oil is rich in omega -3 and -6 acids which make it great for fighting acne. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help clear the skin. Also, the sebum production which is responsible for breakouts is effectively maintained by hemp oil. The nutrient-rich oil can also reduce acne spots, giving the user clearer and amazing skin. 

Hemp seed oil thus has immense health benefits. Users can start using the oil to improve their mental, physical and neurological health. 

Hemp And Everything Related To It: Pointers To Be Remembered

There are a lot of doubts about hemp seed oil that can come in the mind of a potential buyer. The lack of proper research in the cannabis field creates a strong need for information. Rather, correct and factual information. Buyers should try to educate themselves as much as they can before placing their orders. 

Here are certain pointers that customers should remember when choosing Hemp Oils:

•    Hemp oils do not contain THC traces if extracted purely from hemp seeds. Before buying a product, find out whether it is extracted from hemp seed or the resin fiber. In case of the latter, the buyer still need not worry as the traces are extremely small.

The 2014 Farm Bill made the growth of hemp by citizens federally legal in all the states of the United States of America. You do not need to worry about the cops knocking on your door if you decide to introduce hemp oil in your daily life.

•    Hemp oil mostly is an isolate. This means it is pure and free from chemicals like CBD and THC. If you consume hemp oil, you can easily pass any drug tests. People whose blood contains a THC level greater than 0.3% are the ones who usually fail these drug tests. Users don’t have to worry about this as, coming from the seeds and stalk of the hemp plant, the THC traces are more or less invisible in hemp oil. 

•    Customers do not need any prescription to place an order for hemp seed oil. In fact, there are high chances that hemp oil will be available at your local grocery store. 

•    It is always advisable to visit a professional before consuming hemp oil. Talk to your health specialist about your health conditions and ask about the dosage. Ask him about the available methods of consumption too. After knowing everything, select a choice as per your needs and preferences.

•    Every individual has body requirements and other needs, specific to only them. No two bodies are the same. Generally, hemp seed oil acts as a mood improver and stress buster. It will also increase the well being of your body due to it being a superfood. Users can experience discomfort and ache relief, and sharper understanding and memory.

•    No side effects have been confirmed by any scientists regarding hemp seed oil. Depending on your body sensitivity though, you may feel sleepiness, headaches or tiredness. But then again, nothing major has been stated. 

Does Hemp Oil Work For Pain?

Companies are actually cashing in on the hype surrounding CBD and CBD products instead of hemp oil. You see not many customers take out time to know more about cannabis products. You can’t really blame then also since the schedules of people nowadays are very packed.

Many people view CBD oil and Hemp oil to be the same, maybe even other cannabis products as well. They generally associate marijuana leaves and the word ‘cannabis’ with CBD. Hemp oil makers are taking this factor into consideration when designing the packaging of hemp oil products. Though a wrong practice, this helps them increase sales drastically.

The buyer thus needs to be aware of what they are paying for. Hemp oil is not in any way, a lower quality product, but CBD oil IS different from Hemp seed oils without a doubt. 

The nutrient profile of hemp oil surely makes all the hype surrounding it worth it. Rich in antioxidants and other vitamins, your body is sure to benefit immensely from Hemp oil consumption. That being said, deciding dosage without any expertise is not in any way less harmful. Much research still needs to be done in this sector. And we can surely expect more attractive prospects after the fresh legalization of hemp.

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