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Oils Hemp Oil Benefits – Is It Really That Helpful

Every health enthusiast today is obsessed with CBD oils or CBD infused products. It is the latest trend and everyone is indulging in it. After the legalization of hemp, the CBD epidemic has exploded like no other. CBD is said to have medicinal and therapeutic properties

But what about Hemp oil, the lesser known sister of CBD? What about hemp oil benefits? Read on to find out why hemp oil is lesser than CBD and can beneficial to human beings in its own right.

What Is Hemp Oil? 

Hempseed Oil or Hemp Oil is a cold- pressed oil extracted from hemp seeds. The hemp plant seeds contain around 30-35% of oil rich in nutrients. Also known as cannabis sativa seed oil, it is a full spectrum oil. The oil is filled with high amounts of omega -3 and -6 fatty acids and antioxidants. It is a perfect cooking oil too, similar to the sunflower seed oil. Hemp oil does not contain any cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Even though hemp oil has been available in the local grocery markets for decades, not many people were aware of it. It is in the recent times, the demand for the oil is increasing. This can be contributed to the growing interest of people for CBD and its products.

Hemp oil is added to food items smoothies and especially to skin care products. The is a good reason for it too! Hemp oil is recognized as a superfood. This means that the nutritional density level is very high making it an excellent addition to your daily food.

As for the skin care products, the oil nourishes the skin making it healthy and shine. The comedogenic rating of hemp oil is zero. The comedogenic scale helps rank different ingredients like oils and butter on the basis of their likeness to clog pores. The scale has a numbering system from zero to five.

Zero represents the likeness of clogging to be absent whereas five represents a high likelihood of pore clogging. Being awarded zero on the scale, hemp oil makes for a great moisturizer. It also leaves the skin feeling soft.

How Is Hemp Oil Manufactured?

Made from the cannabis sativa plant, hemp oil does not contain THC. The hempseed may contain traces of THC when the plant matter attached itself to the seed surface. Then also the THC traces are negligible at 0.3%. The hemp seeds are cleaned very thoroughly, to 99.99%. Then the seeds are pressed to get the oil.
With the help of modern extraction techniques, THC traces are almost completely being eliminated.

How Does Hemp Oil Look Like?

Hemp oil maybe refined as well as unrefined. There are differences between the appearance and the taste of the two. When unrefined, hemp oil is dark to clear light greenish in color. The flavor is usually nutty. In fact, the color of the oil is an indication towards its taste. The darker the oil, the grassier will be the flavor.

Refined hemp oil on the other hand does not have any color. It is a clear oil. This kind of hemp oil is used for skin care products and sometimes, a feedstock for the production of biodiesel. The oil is employed only when the said production is carried out on a large scale.
Other uses of industrial hemp oil include manufacturing of paints, fuel, lubricants and inks. Recently it was also found that the oil can be used to make hemp plastic.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: Are they the Same or Different?

We already know what hemp oil is. Let us focus on CBD oil here instead. The main reason for the growing interest in cannabis products, CBD oil is the newest trend of 2019. People are adding it to their food, under their tongue or directly consuming it. It is also quickly gaining popularity as an ingredient in skin care creams.

CBD is a naturally existing chemical constituent in a marijuana plant or industrial hemp. It is a non- psychoactive element which helps treat different health problems. CBD can help in reducing anxiety, stress, depression and seizures. It is an anti- inflammatory and anti- depressant chemical. It actively helps relieve pain as well. 

Before differentiating CBD oil from Hemp oil, it is important to understand CBD and THC are different too. THC is the element which can produce a high, altering cognitive functions and even muscular activity. The only similarity between the two chemicals share is that they have the same structure and both possess medicinal properties.

CBD and THC when combined together give rise to an effect coined as the “Entourage Effect.” Due to this, the effects of the chemicals are greatly heightened. 

Now, returning to the main issue in hand.
Hemp oil is different from CBD oil. Though they are often used interchangeably, both the oils are different products with their own benefits and consumption techniques. The main difference between the two oils is the place of their origin.

Oils taken from hemp plants will always be termed as hemp oil. Depending on the different parts of the hemp plant, the THC or CBD amount can differ in the extracted oil. CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants, but it can also be extracted from other cannabis plants as well.

This can result in higher levels of THC in them. In conclusion, hemp oil does not possess any CBD or THC when we extract it from the hemp seeds. However, extraction of the oil from the resin glands may lead to it containing negligible CBD or THC traces.

Though both the oils can help benefit the human body, CBD oils have more medicinal properties when compared to Hemp oils.

Hemp Oil Benefits

Detailed Nutritional Value Of Hemp Oil

As already mentioned above, hemp oil is a superfood with a very high nutrient value. The hempseed oil has an edible oil content of about 49%. Further, this edible oil contains 76% essential fatty acids which are the omega -6 fatty acids. It also includes linoleic acid (LA, 54%), omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, 17%), gamma-linolenic acid (GLA, 3%) and stearidonic acid (2%). The oil has a monounsaturated fat content ranging between 5% and 11% as well. The oil is used as a dietary supplement by users.

Hemp seed oil contains 5% to 7% saturated fat and provides 9 kcal/g. In comparison to other cooking oils, hemp oil has a low saturated fatty acids content. The oil is not at all suitable for frying purposes due to its low smoke point.

Top Six Advantages to Your Health

  • Hemp Oil and Your Skin

Hemp oil is great for the skin of the buyer. It helps deeply moisturize and care for the skin without blocking the pores. Skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and varicose eczema can be actively treated through hemp oils. The oil being rich in fatty acids and other vitamins can reduce breakouts, controlling acne rosacea. The oil is rich in essential compounds which reduce inflammation tendencies and related skin conditions.

A 2014 review found that hemp oil helps fight the signs of ageing by strengthening the skin. It can combat a variety of other skin infections too.

  • Hemp Oil and Your Heart

The smooth working of the human body requires the flow of rich nutrients. The expansive nutrient profile of hemp seed oil makes it really beneficial for the heart. The studies carried out by experts further validates benefits like reductions in atherosclerosis and high blood pressure levels. The oil can even help keep a check on cholesterol.

Heart diseases can be reduced by using the fatty acid rich hemp oil. 

  • Hemp Oil and Your Brain

The brain of a human body can be nourished by introducing fatty acid rich content in our lives. Hemp oil being a natural superfood has the same in abundance. 

The oil also protects the brain as it contains polyphenols. They are reducing agents which when combined with other vitamins, are termed as antioxidants. The polyphenols cushion the body’s tissue matter from inflammation, cancer and coronary heart diseases. Scientists still need to carry out extensive research in this field.

  • Hemp Oil as a Pain Relief

Similar to CBD oil, hemp oil is a pain relief stimulant. Although most of the research to establish it as a pain relief is carried out on animals, there is still enough potential.
The oil can help diminish inflammation in our body. Having said that, reliable research still needs to done.

  • Hemp Oil and Your Muscular Health

Full spectrum hemp oils contain traces of CBD. This make the oil exhibit certain characteristics of CBD too. The anti- inflammatory properties of the oil can help lower stress levels and muscle tension.
Hemp oils can also be directly rubbed on the affected area. The releases the tension from the muscles and significantly relaxes it.

  • Hemp Oil and Your Acne

Hemp seed oil are rich in omega -3 and -6 acids which makes it a really good ingredient for the skin. It controls the inflammation in the skin and clear the skin.
Due to the presence of CBD, acne can be effectively treated by applying hemp oil rich products. This is mainly due to the fact that sebum production decreases in the user’s skin.

Hemp seed oil does provide great health benefits. You can feel improvements in your joints’ health. General health features like anxiety, mood, chronic pain and brain activity is positively affected by Hemp oil.  

The Brilliant Marketing Gimmick of Hemp Manufacturing Companies 

Companies are cashing in on the growing popularity of CBD oil. There are a lot of people who are mistaking Hemp oil with CBD oil. Due to the lack of proper knowledge regarding the products, there are lot of uneducated guesses.

The main reason for the similarity between hemp oil and CBD oil is that they come from the same cannabis plant. The brands are letting this misinformation thrive since health enthusiasts are ready to pay more for CBD oils. It should be noted that CBD oils are much more expensive in comparison to Hemp seed oils.

The marketing strategy of hemp oil manufacturing companies is to focus on their packaging. The companies are highlighting the word cannabis and incorporating marijuana leaves on the packaging. Naïve customers usually associate CBD oils with these two elements only. They end by buying hemp seed oil, thinking the product is CBD oil.

Some companies take advantage of this situation by keeping the pricing scale similar to the CBD oil range. Now, hemp oil is not a lower quality product, but when customers are tricked into buying it then it is morally incorrect as well.

FAQs About Hemp And Hemp Seed Oil

There are a lot of questions which the buyer has when before wanting to try hemp seed oil. We have listed the top asked questions along with their answers.

Question 1 – Is marijuana present in hemp oil?

No, typically hemp oil does not contain any traces of THC. However, there are cases when the oil is extracted from the resin fiber when there might be traces. Even then, it is not considered due to it being extremely tiny.

Question 2 – Is Hemp even legal?

Yes, Hemp is completely legal now. After the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill, the growing of hemp is federally legal in all the states of the United States of America.

Question 3 – Can I test positive for THC on a drug test if I use Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is extracted from industrial hemp, coming from the seeds and stalk of a hemp plant, the THC content is practically non- existent at a percentage lower than 0.3.
The criteria of failing in a drug test is for the THC level to be greater than 0.3%. In short, it is impossible for you to test positive for THC if you use Hemp seed oil.

Question 4 – Do I need a prescription to purchase Hemp oil?

Not at all. Hemp oil is easily available at the local grocery stores. It is definitely advisable to use specific products only after consulting your health specialist especially in cases of pregnancy.

Question 5 – What effects will I feel after consuming Hemp Oil?

Every individual’s body has their own sets of requirements. The user will surely feel relaxed and calmer after taking Hemp products. Improvement in understanding, mood and general well- being can be felt. In addition to these, when used as a pain relief, hemp seed oils can reduce ache and discomfort.

Question 6 – What are the side- effects of consuming Hemp Oil?

There are no serious side effects of taking hemp oil. The users can experience sleepiness and headaches at times. Again, no major cons have been confirmed by scientists.

Takeaway Thoughts: Beneficial But Is It Worth It?

At the moment, there is not enough research available to make any substantial claims regarding the health benefits from Hemp oils. The stringent laws are the main reason for this.
However, with the current passing of the Farm Bill, we can expect many discoveries soon. With the explosion in CBD’s popularity, Hemp oil can greatly benefit from it as well.  The executed research already shows promise to changes the health sector.

Customers should concentrate on purchasing products from reliable sellers. High quality hemp oil will actually let the user experience benefits that comes with the nutrient- rich product. Hemp oil is not as beneficial as CBD but it certainly has its pros too. Full spectrum hemp oils can work wonders for your health. But before placing a order for any hemp oil product, consult a physician. After all, health is the biggest asset and should not be risked.

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