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Oils Hemp Seed Oil for Skin Hack

Hemp oil is also known as the hemp seed oil and it is extracted by pressing the hemp seed. Hemp oil that is cold pressed and unrefined is of dark to clear light green in color, and this has a nutty flavor. The grassiness of the oil is determined by the color of the oil. If the color is very dark then the oil is also grassier. One should not confuse the hemp oil with the hash oil. The hash oil is tetrahydrocannabinol – containing oil which is made from the Cannabis flower. How can you use hemp seed oil for skin?

Refined hemp oil has little flavor and is clear and colorless. Its primary use is in the field of the body and health care. The hemp seed oil is also used for industrial purposes in paints, fuels, lubricants, plastics, and ink. It is also used in making shampoos, detergents, and soaps. The hemp seed oil is of the ratio 3:1. This ratio is of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids. In case of large scale production of biodiesel, hemp seed oil may be used as a feedstock. 

The hemp seed oil is manufactured and produced from a diverse range of Cannabis sativa. They do not have a significant quantity of the tetrahydrocannabinol or the THC. This is the principal psychoactive element that is found in the cannabis plant. The manufacturing is done by first cleaning the hemp seeds up to 99.99% after which the oil is pressed. The hemp seeds do not have any THC in them but the oil may have trace amounts of the THC. This is because during the manufacturing process the matter of the plant adheres to the surface of the seed. 

The production of hemp seed oil in Canada, since the year 1998 due to the use of modern techniques for manufacturing has reduced the value of the THC. A constant accredited sampling of the THC content in the hemp seed oil in Canada, have shown levels of THC below the detection limit of 4 ppm. 10 ppm is the legal limit of the THC content in food products in Canada. However, there are some European countries that have a limit of 5 ppm or none – detected and some don`t have this limit at all. 

Uses Of The Hemp Seed Oil

The hemp oilseeds have wonderful properties that can be beneficial to your health. Other than industrial uses the hemp seed oil majorly focus on the health-related issues and have several uses that have been enlisted below. 

1. Hemp seed oil for skin 

The hemp seed oil due to its nutritive properties can be used to reduce some skin related problems. The vitamins and fatty acids that are contained within the oil may be used to treat the skin and to avoid any breakouts. A study conducted in 2014 shows that the hemp seed oil is rich in healthy oils and fatty acid content. This was found on the basis of the studies on the lipid profile of the hemp oil. The oil proves to be an excellent choice for the nourishment of skin and prevent suffering from oxidation, inflammation, and other factors that lead to skin aging. 

The hemp seed oil can also be used in the treatment of several other skin related issues and for achieving healthy skin. These have been found on the basis of the research that was conducted in 2014. These skin related issues are: 

  • Dermatitis – Dermatitis means the inflammation of the skin and it may be caused due to many reasons. It usually is seen as an itchy rash or reddened or swollen skin. 
  • Eczema – Eczema is a condition in which the skin becomes itchy and red. It can occur at any age but is more commonly seen in children. This is also known as atopic dermatitis and is more long lasting and can occur again and again. 
  • Lichen planus – This is a condition in which the skin may swell and there may be irritation in the skin nails, hair, and the mucous membrane. It generally appears as purplish, flat bumps that are itchy and they develop over the course of several weeks. 
  • Psoriasis – This is a chronic skin condition that is usually caused because of an overactive immune system. This is an incurable condition. Inflammation, flaking and white, silver, red thick patches on the skin or scaly skin are the symptoms. 

2. Brain Health 

The brain requires plenty of healthy fats to function well. These are found in the fatty acids content in the hemp seed oil. The oil is also rich in many such compounds that may help in the protection of the brain. Recently conducted trusted sources have shown that the hemp seed oil extract comprises of these contents. This prevented inflammation of the brain in rats. The doctors and the authors of the report have said that the hemp seed oil consists of polyphenols which contribute in protecting the brain. 

3. Heart Health 

The hemp seed oil has certain nutrients that can be used for the treatment of heart-related issues. However, the information in this regard is available in the documents and files of the researches conducted in the past on animals. The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, which is an old study, mentions the use of hemp seed oil for heart-related diseases. It has a positive effect on issues such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. 

A review of the year 2014 reveals that an increase in one of the fatty acids in the hemp oil, alpha-linolenic acid may help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This particular fatty acid, according to doctors can also be found in flaxseed oil and in fish oil. 

4. Hemp Seed Oil Can Be Used As A Natural Pain Relief

People make use of the hemp seed oil or the CBD oils in the treatment of pain caused due to various medical problems such as cancer and others. This can be used as natural pain relief. This has proven to be beneficial and effective especially in cases of pain due to inflammation. People who refuse to take prescribed medication for pain can make use of the high-quality of the hemp seed oil and CBD oils for relief. 

A review of a study conducted in 2018 reveals that the CBD is among the main compounds in full – spectrum hemp oil, and many other cannabinoids show the promising result in the treatment of several kinds of pain. The research is in progress in this field and the recent ones suggest that the CBD can be used as a natural treatment for pain. 

5. Acne 

The hemp seed oil can be used in the treatment of acne. The fatty acids in the hemp seed oil facilitate the balance of skin and help in preventing inflammation that causes acne. Addition of the CBD compound may also help in the clearing and treating of acne. This CBD content can be obtained from the plant matter. 

A study mentioned in the Journal of Clinical Investigation says that it has been found that the CBD may have an influence on the sebum glands in people who suffer from chronic acne. This leads to the reduction in the production of the sebum which in result helps in the prevention of the acne breakout. 

6. Muscle Tension 

Full – spectrum hemp seed oil which consists of the CBD may help in the usual stress and also in dealing with the tension in the muscles. Like the fatty acids in the hemp oil, the CBD also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body of the individual suffering from muscle tension. This may help in relieving him or her from the muscle tension that many people suffer from dye to stress and promote recovery of the normal condition of the body by doing exercise. Rubbing or applying a bit of hemp oil on the tight muscles may help you in releasing the muscle tension and in relaxing the muscles and bringing comfort to the person. 

7. Hair 

In cases with rough and brittle hair, hemp oil can be applied in a small amount after the shower and while one condition their hair. One can also deep condition their hair before they shampoo their hair. The fatty acids present in the hemp seed oil helps in moisturizing the hair and the scalp and it can be applied by adding it to the natural hair oil that you might be using. This is the reason why fatty acids are usually used in the conditioners, shampoos, and serums for the hair. The omega-3 that is present in the hemp oil helps to add shine, make unruly hair gentle and soft and make them strong according to Dr. Axe. 

Benefits Of Using The Hemp Seed Oil for Skin

I. Hemp Seed Oils Are Extremely Nutritious

The hemp seeds are very nutritious. These are often called hemp hearts and have a nutty and mild flavor. They have a lot of fatty acids and also amino-acids and which have been proven to have several health benefits. The hemp seed is a rich source of proteins as there are more than 25% of their combined calories that come from high-quality protein. 

These seeds are also a great source of the Vitamin E and other beneficial minerals like the magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, iron, sulfur, zinc and calcium. Hemp seed oils can also be consumed as food and have been used as a medicine in China for about 3,000 years.

II. Hemp Oil Helps In Decreasing The Risk Of Heart Diseases

Heart disease is among the leading cause of deaths all around the world. However, hemp oil helps in reducing the risk of these problems. The seeds have a high rate of the amino acid arginine. This helps in the production of nitric oxide in the body. The nitric oxide is a molecule of the gas which makes the blood vessels dilate and relax which leads to lowered blood pressure. This, in turn, reduces the risks of heart diseases. 

The hemp seed oil also has gamma-linolenic acid which has been said to be responsible for the reduction of inflammation which reduces the risk of heart diseases. Hemp oil also decreases the risk of formation of blood clots and also helps in recovering after suffering a heart attack.

III. It Has Plenty Of Benefits With Regard To Skin Disorders 

The fatty acids present in the hemp seed oil have been found to influence the body`s immune responses. Studies from trusted sources have shown that the well-being of the immune system depends on the balance of the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp seeds also act as a source of the polyunsaturated and other essential fatty acids. The ratio of 3:1 is considered as the optimal ratio or range. It also helps in improving the blood levels in people suffering from eczema. They also help the person in getting relief from itchiness, dry skin, and reduces the need for medication for the skin. 

IV. Hemp Seeds Are A Wonderful Source Of Plant-based Protein 

Around 25% of the calories that are found in the hemp seeds come from the relatively high protein content. The hemp seeds provide proteins of almost the same amount as found in lamb and in beef. They are considered to be a great source of protein and this means that they provide all the amino acids that are essential for the body.

In the plant-kingdom, getting a complete protein source is usually very rare and this is because the amino acid lysine is generally not found in plants. Also, this is needed because the body on its own cannot produce the essential amino acids and they can be obtained only through your diet. Quinoa is also another plant-based protein source. Hemp protein is also very good for digestibility which is better than protein obtained from many nuts, legumes, and grains. 

V. Reduces The Symptoms Of Pms And Menopause 

Around 80% of the women who are at a reproductive age suffer from several emotional and physical symptoms which are caused by the PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). If one is sensitive to the hormone prolactin, one is more likely to suffer from these symptoms. The hemp seeds have Gamma-linolenic acid which produces the prostaglandin E1. This decreases the negative effect of the hormone prolactin. 

Since hemp seeds are a great source of the GLA, they also help in reducing the symptoms of menopause as has been shown by several studies. It also decreases breast tenderness and pain, irritability, depression, and fluid retention which happens due to periods. The GLA also helps in the regulation of the imbalances in the hormones and the inflammation that is associated with menopause but the exact process is still unknown. 

VI. Anxiety 

The hemp oil also helps in reducing the feeling of anxiety and depression according to reports of the journal Neurotherapeutics in 2015. Looking at the result of certain studies and researches and clinical trials, evidence was found that CBD helps in treating anxiety, panic, social anxiety disorders, and OCD and PTSD. 

Side Effects 

Hemp oil products can be utilized by either applying them to the body or by adding them to the food as a flavor. One thing that one should keep in mind when making use of the hemp oil in cooking is that it has a smoke point of 330 degrees Fahrenheit. It will oxidize when it is used at high temperatures. The recommended daily dose of the hemp seed oil is 1 – 2 tablespoon each day. You should consult your healthcare adviser or the doctor if you have any intentions of consuming more than the given dose. 

Make sure that you once consult with a doctor or your healthcare advisor before you utilize the hemp oil about whether it is safe or not in case you are taking any type of anticoagulant medication or any other medicines. Today, there are so many products in the market that promise to give a lot of medicines. However, if you want to intake all the essential fatty acids to improve the quality of your hair, skin or have a healthy lifestyle then the hemp seed oil is a wonderful choice. Keep in mind that it is suitable for health and does not have an allergic reaction, so always consult a doctor before making use of the hemp seed oil products.

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