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Oils How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work For Pain?

Quite literally, the chemical CBD is everywhere these days. We are sure that the fact that you are searching for CBD means we do not have to introduce you to the concept. People are putting the chemical everywhere that they can. They are applying it to their skin or they are adding it to their smoothies and coffee. Or, they are straightaway ingesting it. There are a lot of ways in which you can ingest CBD oil. How long does it take for cbd oil to work for pain?

CBD oil is the oil that is extracted from the mother plant. Also, if you are new to CBD, is the correct dose amount can be quite confusing. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still has not fully embraced the CBD chemical. As a result, it has not issued any guidelines as regards the same. This makes the dosage open to interpretation. In this article, we will discuss CBD in relation to pain management. Especially the time period that CBD oil would take to work for pain management issues. Read on as we dive head-on into the amazing world of CBD and its products.

Let Us Get Introduced To The Term “CBD”

Cannabidiol or CBD is a Chemical compound that is found growing in the mother Cannabis Sativa plant. It is a natural compound that has many medicinal properties. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant benefits that make it really potent to help control a variety of health conditions.

The CBD chemical can help lower your anxiety and stress levels. It helps to encourage the seclusion of serotonin in the body due to which this is possible. It will help you when you are going through depression as well. Furthermore, people suffering from insomnia are advised to use CBD products to regulate their sleeping patterns. Not only that, the CBD chemical can be used to help reduce the risks of severe health issues as well. Cancer, heart attacks, obesity et cetera are some of these issues. Basically, CBD oil helps to reduce the symptoms that cause such diseases.

Having said this, of course, there is a need for more details and clinical research by CBD is concerned. This is also why the FDA has not given CBD the credit it truly deserves. This lack of research is currently one of the biggest cons of CBD oil. You see, there were a lot of restrictions on scientists to do research on CBD.

Being a cannabis derivative, many governments did not consider CBD to be desirable and as such deemed it illegal. This limited its total score however, with the increasing demand for all things CBD, we can expect things to change soon. In fact, research is already being conducted by scientists to find out about the long-term effects of the CBD chemical.

The Working Of The CBD Oil When Human Beings Use It

A lot of people are intrigued to know how exactly CBD oil works in order to have so many benefits. The human body has an endocannabinoid system. This body system was a recent discovery made by scientists. As a result, not much detailed information is available here. But, we are aware of a broad understanding of the same.

The endocannabinoid system has two receptors. The first receptor is the CB1 receptor. This receptor is located near the brain area of the human body. It is responsible for regulating the cognitive functions of the body. Thinking, reasoning, talking and so on are some of the functions that are handled by this receptor. In fact, even physical movement and coordination come under is jurisdiction.

The other receptor of the body system is the CB2 receptor. This receptor handles pain management and inflammation regulation. It is found near the immunity area of the body. Furthermore, it is this very receptor that the CBD chemical interacts with.

When you consume CBD oil, the chemical helps to stimulate the CB2 receptor. It should be noted that it does not latch itself on the receptor in any way. The body is encouraged by the chemical to produce its own cannabinoids. This, in turn, increases the efficacy of the body to help fight health discrepancies and issues. Again, the CBD chemical does not produce any cannabinoid and is only there for stimulation. Hence, CBD can be used for managing pain and inflammation levels in the body. 

The Efficiency Of CBD Oil For Pain And Inflammation Management: An Investigation

As mentioned above, there is not enough proof to totally determine the potential of CBD oil to alleviate pain. Most of the research to study the effect of CBD oil on the endocannabinoid system has been done on animals like rats. Then there is something which is known as bioavailability which plays a huge role when it comes to CBD intake. When we consume CBD orally, then the bioavailability of the chemical will be lower. But, when we use CBD topically then the bioavailability is actually higher. This is because there is less involvement with the body systems. 

In the year 2016, this was further proved in a study that was published in the European Journal of Pain. Here, scientists applied gel infused with CBD on rats suffering from arthritis. This was only done for only four days. But, there was a remarkable improvement in joint swelling and lower pain intensity. 

When we talk about the pain relief stimulation nature of CBD, we have to mention another study that was done in 2018. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews published a report that examined the use of medicines infused with cannabis. They found that this medicine could actually be beneficial for people suffering from chronic neuropathic pain. This condition is common with people suffering from multiple sclerosis and diabetes. Chronic neuropathic pain happens when the somatosensory system undergoes any type of damage. It was found that cannabis medicines could provide relief and reduce pain intensity among users. Also, any distress, mental confusion, dizziness, and sleep difficulties could be improved as well.

Furthermore, in 2018 again, Pediatric Dermatology published a report where CBD oil was used topically on children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa. This is a blistering skin condition which is quite rare. CBD was used as an oil, spray, and cream on the children. It was found that there was faster healing of the wounds, lower pain intensity, and lesser blister formation. It should also be noted that there were no side effects on the health of the children. 

All in all, CBD oil can be used for chronic pain, arthritis pain, and multiple sclerosis. The anti-inflammatory nature of the chemical helps to reduce the inflammation in the tissue surrounding the joint and the joint tissue itself. The pain signals that are being emitted by the target areas, is also reduced by the CBD chemical. Users can surely experience a drop in information and the level of spasticity. In short, the constant agony that people usually feel from the pain intensity can be curbed by using products containing CBD oil.

This question does not have a simple answer. Of course, CBD oil does take time for its relief effects to show. Firstly, when you consume CBD oil it is absorbed into the bloodstream. After this absorption, it is distributed throughout the endocannabinoid system. And then, it interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. We already know this but, depending on a couple of factors the onset time may vary. 

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work For Pain?

The way you take CBD oil plays a huge role here as well. This is because the CBD bioavailability that you get depends on the different intake methods. Let us discuss the different factors that play a role to determine the total time for CBD oil to work:

Different CBD Oil Intake Methods You Should Know Of

Let us discuss the top intake methods of CBD to give you more clarity on this.

1. When CBD Oil is taken Topically

Here, skin creams, balms, and lotions are applied directly on the skin. You can also use transdermal patches here. And when you apply the product, the CBD oil seats down through the skin membranes in. Think of it as a cell to cell permeation or diffusion. The onset time here is around 25 to 60 minutes. In addition to this, the dosage depends upon either. If the intensity of the pain is more then you would require more product and vice versa. 

2. When CBD Oil is taken Sublingually

Here, CBD oil is placed on areas in which in capillaries. So, you can put the CBD oil under your tongue using a dropper. This includes CBD tinctures and oil. The CBD oil travels from the salivary glands to the varicose veins. You can expect the relief sensations to show within 25 minutes. It should be noted that you cannot skip the strong taste of the CBD oil in this method. As such, it takes time to become used to this.

3. When CBD Oil is Inhaled

Here, the CBD oil is directly inhaled into the lungs. This includes CBD smokeable, vape pens or inhalers. And here, the CBD oil after getting inhaled into the lungs is absorbed into the bloodstream of the user. It is actually one of the fastest methods that provide instant relief sensations. You can expect the relief sensations to work within 10 to 15 minutes. But, not a lot of people prefer this as it does have a harsh effect on the lungs as CBD is smoked here.

4. When CBD Oil is taken Orally

Here, the serial is directly consumed through the mouth. This method includes a large variety of products. You can take CBD capsules, CBD edibles or CBD beverages. The boss of the CBD oil is the longest here as well. From the salary glance, the CBD oil travels through the digestive system. The onset time here is also not that fast and takes around 20 to 30 minutes to work.

5. When CBD Oil is Injected

Here, the CBD chemical is directly injected into the bloodstream of the user using a needles/ injection. This is, hands down, the fastest method to experience release and stations. This method is recommended if you want urgent effects due to high pain effects.

Hence, the different CBD oil intake methods depends on the needs and choices of the user. You can select a method depending on your preferences. And, of course, the budget constraints that you may have. It should also be noted that the bioavailabilty is varied in the CBD oil intake methods as well.

The Different Factors on which the Total Onset Time Depends

As every person is unique, it does not mean I particular standard dose would work for each and every CBD user. Some may need a higher dose of CBD there as some may need lower. There are certain factors that play a big role to decide the total CBD dose amount. These factors are mentioned below –

1. The Health Condition of the User

CBD is taken is to reduce the intensity of the health condition being faced by the user. It may help to alleviate certain health conditions quite effectively. Depending on the needs of the user, the CBD oil dose can be adjusted. As mentioned above, for chronic pain, if the pain intensity is more then the user needs to apply for CBD cream. But, if the pain is mild then a lesser amount of the CBD product will do.

2. Total CBD Concentration in the Product

CBD companies at a particular amount of the CBD chemical to a product. It should be noted that CBD concentration is different from the CBD dosage. To put it simply, the total concentration is the total quantity of CBD in any given product. And, it is measured in milligrams (mg). On the other hand, does it refers to the amount of CBD you get a serving of the given product. For example, let us take a CBD product that has a concentration of 3000 mg.

And, this product contains 60 milliliters (mL) of CBD oil with its recommended dosage of 1 mL. Then, the use of will get 50 mg of CBD with 1 ml of the product. So, the total concentration of CBD with every dose is 50 mg.

3. The Body Weight of the User

The bodyweight of the user is another factor that has returned in the optimal dosage. To put it simply, the more the weight of the user, the more the amount of the dose of CBD oil for him or her. Likewise, if the user is on the lighter side of the weighing scale then he or she would require a letter product. In short, bodyweight has to decide how much of the CBD product should be used by the buyer.

4. The Overall Tolerance or Sensitivity of the User’s Body

Most people respond well to CBD oil and its products. However, there might be the occasional case of someone being allergic to it. Keeping this aside, the total body tolerance of the buyer to the CBD product plays a huge role in determining the optimal dosage. If any person is more receptive are sensitive to see beauty products, then he or she will require a low dose. But, if the sensitivity is low then a higher dose would be needed. It is quite rare but possible that the tolerance of a user may become higher after repeated use. Then, accordingly, the dose should be adjusted as well.

Concluding Thoughts On CBD Oil For Pain 

The potency of CBD oil to treat pain is definitely been proved by scientists. Of course, there is more scope for research in the field of CBD. But then, the studies that have already been conducted should not be discredited as well. We are sure after reading the above article, you would have realized how complex CBD onset time can be. There is no definite answer when it comes to the total time taken for CBD oil to work for pain.

Every user is different from the other. Every user employs a different CBD oil Indeed method. And as such, finding a uniform time period is not possible. Then, there is the factor of bioavailability of the CBD oil to the human body. If you do decide to introduce CBD oil to treat your pain-related issues then it is better to consult a health specialist. Exports will be able to guide you where CBD is concerned.

They will help to chalk out an efficient CBD plan including optimal dose amount and correct intake method. This can be fixed after taking into consideration your body needs and preferences. Also, we would like to advise you do not indulge in any self-medication of CBD oil. Sure, there are no confirmed side effects. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to matters of health. All in all, by introducing CBD oil into your daily routine, you can expect overall improved wellness of your body. Research wisely about the CBD brand and the products they offer to ensure you make an informed decision on the matters of CBD oil. 

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