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Oils How Much CBD Oil Should I Take For Pain?

One of the main attractions of CBD oil is the fact that it can relieve pain. Also known as Cannabidiol, the CBD chemical has therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects that make this possible. No wonder, the cannabis industry is being estimated to stand at $13.7 billion. What makes this even more fascinating is the estimated growth predicted by experts. It is claimed that by the year 2025, the cannabis industry valuation will increase to $66.3 billion.

You ask: How much CBD oil should I take for pain? And we will answer your question in this article.

In this article, we will focus on the effect of CBD oil on the symptoms of chronic pain. And, the optimum dosage for you in case you decide to opt for CBD oil products.

Decoding The Effects Of CBD Oil On The Human Body

Decoding The Effects Of CBD Oil On The Human Body

The CBD chemical is extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. This particular plan contains around 80 to 200 different types of chemical cannabinoids. In fact, there are many plants that contain cannabinoids. However, more commonly, people start linking cannabinoids to cannabis. Out of these cannabinoids, the most prominent ones are CBD. And, another chemical cannabinoid that goes by the name of THC.

Delta -9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a psychedelic element that produces a state of euphoria among users. THC, when consumed in higher amounts, Candy the user high. Not only does this cannabinoid stimulates the production of the poor man in the body. But, it also alters the cognitive functioning of the user. So on the most common cognitive functions include as follows.

  1. Thinking
  2. Memory
  3. Sharpness
  4. Understanding
  5. Speech
  6. Coordination
  7. Movement
  8. Reasoning

Just like CBD, even THC chemical can be used to improve your health. It acts as a great mood enhancer. And, it can curb sudden bouts of nausea that a person may be feeling. THC can also reduce the risks related to cancer, and depression.

The Entourage Effect

Now that we have already spoken about the plus points of THC. You must have understood that cannabinoids, in general, have positive effects. The curiosity of many cannabis users was aroused as regards to the effects of cannabinoids. They mixed together with various cannabinoids such as CBD and THC together. The main intention here was to see what would happen after this combination reaction. In the end, it was found that the positive effects of every cannabinoid were amplified.

This, in turn, made the resulting product a very powerful and potent version of itself. The sort of “team effort“ created by this combination is what makes the product so effective and powerful. The reaction of mixing together cannabinoids is known as the entourage effect. There are two most common products created under this reaction that is as follows:

  1. Full Spectrum CBD oil
  2. Broad Spectrum CBD oil

In comparison to the traditional CBD isolate, these amplified oils are much more effective and efficient. And why not? If you just think about it, it is only natural for CBD oil having a combination of cannabinoids to be more effective. This is when compared to a single cannabinoid of CBD. Yes, the CBD isolate only contains the CBD chemical and nothing else.

In fact, even if you increase the dose amounts of CBD isolate, it will not be able to match the potency of these amplified oils. Full Spectrum CBD oil especially.

The Working of CBD Oil with the Human Body

The way that the CBD oil interacts with the human body has definitely intrigued many experts. But, the sad news is the exact interaction of the chemical with oil remains vague. However, we do have a broad understanding of this interaction.

You see, our body has a system called the endocannabinoid system. The main job of the end of cannabinoids system is to make sure that the optimal level and temperature of a body remains constant. You can think of this body system as a thermostat of human beings. For example, if you are feeling too hot, your body starts to sweat. This, in turn, helps to reduce body temperature. This sweat is brought about by the endocannabinoid system.

Now, this body system or ECS system has two receptors. It is through these receptors that the entire functioning of the ECS system is carried out efficiently. The two receptors are as follows:

  1. CB1 receptor
  2. CB2 receptor

We will first focus on the CB1 receptor. And, then move on to the CB2 receptor.

The CB1 receptor is found near the brain area and the spinal cord area of the user. The main function of the CB1 receptor is to handle the cognitive functioning of the user. If you remember, we had also highlighted how the THC chemical can alter the cognitive functioning of the user. This is because THC interacts with this particular receptor. THC latches on to this receptor which is also why it intoxicates the user.

Let us now discuss the CB2 receptor. This neuroreceptor is found near the immunity cells or the immune system of the human being. The main job of this receptor is to control the levels of inflammation. And, the intensity of the pain that might be felt by the use of. In other words, we can say that the CB2 receptor handles the response of the body to inflammation and pain.

The CBD chemical interacts with the CB2 receptor in particular. At first, experts believe that CBD, just like THC, latched onto this receptor. However, it was recently found out that CBD did not latch onto the receptor.

The main job of CBD was that of a stimulator. It encourages the body to produce its own cannabinoids. With the increase in the number of cannabinoids in the body, the immune system of the body becomes even stronger. This, in turn, helps to keep various diseases away from the user. It should be noted that the CBD chemical does not create any cannabinoids by itself.

The Effect Of The CBD Chemical On Symptoms Related To Pain: The Ways In Which You Can Use The CBD Chemical For Pain Symptoms

The Effect Of The CBD Chemical On Symptoms Related To Pain: The Ways In Which You Can Use The CBD Chemical For Pain Symptoms

Coming to the entire point of this article, the effect of the CBD chemical on pain symptoms. And, the ways in which you can use the chemicals for the same. We have already mentioned before how CBD along with its anti-inflammatory effect can be beneficial. In addition to this, it is also a relaxing catalyst that can relax the muscles. And, destress the mind of the user.

For centuries, people have employed the use of CBD oil for treating various types of pain. However, it was only recently that experts have started to study the true potential of CBD for pain issues. Read on as we discuss a few of the benefits that you can avail by using CBD.

1. Using CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain Relief

Before we dive in more on this topic, we would like to point out how even experts agree that it is in need of more clinical research in this field. A piece of research was conducted by experts to study the effects of CBD on symptoms of arthritis. In addition to this, the review was also published in the European Journal of Pain.

In this research, experts used animal models and applied a topical gel containing CBD to them. This experiment was conducted for four days to understand whether CBD could help to manage the pain associated with arthritis.

At the end of this research, it was concluded that CBD was, in fact, useful for arthritis patients. This is because experts found a remarkable drop in the inflammation levels and the intensity of pain. It should also be noted that there was a lack of any side-effects on the health of these animal models which were rats.

2. Using CBD Oil for Multiple Sclerosis Pain Relief

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is a serious autoimmune disease. This disease affects the entire working of the patient by attacking the nerves and brain. One of the biggest minus points of MS includes the fact that the patient is always in constant pain. This pain gets even more amplified when a common symptom of MS, muscle spasms, starts affecting the patient.

The study was conducted by experts to find the short term use of CBD for muscle spasms and displayed positive results. In the study, it was found that using CBD oil could help to reduce the level. And the frequency of spasticity that a person suffering from multiple sclerosis may feel. But then again, the findings were mostly modest and nothing extraordinary.

The other issue here is that we need more studies that are conducted on human beings to understand the effect of CBD oil on MS patients. Having said this, a lot of people reported symptoms reduction after being subjected to CBD oil which is great.

3. Using CBD Oil for Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain has suddenly become quite common among a lot of human beings. One of the major causes of chronic pain include bad lifestyle sizes. Then, of course, is the fact that many of us have the wrong posture that can lead to neck pain, back pain, and so on.

In the study that was conducted for MS patients also focused on the use of CBD for chronic pain symptoms. This was done on an elaborate scheme to compile results of multiple systematic reviews. After a lot of trials and studies, it was found that cannabis did have a positive effect on treating chronic pain symptoms in adults.

Another piece of research suggested that CBD could be used for treating inflammation and pain. This research was even published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. This, in turn, helps to support the findings of the above studies.

The experts also found out that with the help of CBD, users do not have to worry about substance abuse. This is because the body does not create a tolerance even after being subjected to the chemical on a repeated basis. As a result, it was concluded that cannabinoids. And especially, CBD could be used as an alternative treatment for chronic pain.

The Ways in which You can Use the CBD for Curbing Symptoms of Pain

There are multiple ways in which you can use to improve your health. No matter the type of pain that you might be suffering from, CBD can be useful.

A. The Inhalation Method Intake of CBD

This message generally includes vape pens, and smokables. Even high-CBD Cannabis flowers can be used by patient was suffering from pain.

In the case of inhalation method starts from the lungs. Here, the CBD user consumes CBD via smoking or vaping. Starting from the lungs former the CBD smoke that is absorbed into the bloodstream of the user. The transfer is done in small yet continuous amounts. It should also be noted that the first-pass metabolism is fully eliminated.

Smoking CBD is one of the quickest ways to get relief from any pain. Within just minutes you will have the CBD chemical circulating throughout your entire system. So yes, the onset time in this case is one of the shortest of all intake methods. 

This method also has its own set of shortcomings as well. You see, there is a negative impact on the lungs of the user. Also, the relief effects do not last for a longer time. 

When you use CBD, you should hold in the vapor for at least five seconds. After this, you should slowly exhale it. This will help to achieve effective results. By following this, even the calming effects from vaping will be prolonged. 

B. The Topicals Method Intake of CBD

Using topicals that are infused with CBD is one of the most common forms of using the chemical. Most common CBD topicals include the following-

  1. Skin cream 
  2. Skin lotions
  3. Salves
  4. Balms
  5. Ointments

The idea here is to directly apply the product on the affected area. CBD branch take care to make sure that the CBD oil is easily absorbed into the skin cells of the user. After the CBD oil is absorbed, the chemical starts treating the affected area. Inflammatory cells, muscles, and pain-perceiving nerves are such common areas. 

We would like to point out how that is absolutely no contact with the bloodstream of the user. Only in the case of transdermal patches, the CBD chemical comes in contact with the bloodstream.Even then, the contact is negligible and quite small. If we discuss the onset time in the case of topical, it is not quite long. However, it is true that depending on the intensity of pain, the effects can be felt by the user.

The recommendation in this case to apply the product as per need. For example, if the user is feeling severe pain, he or she should apply more topical product. In the same way, for less severe conditions, a smaller amount of cream is needed to reduce pain intensity.

C. The Oral Method Intake of CBD: Using CBD Edibles

And this method, CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, and so on can be used by the buyer. Also, for added convenience, CD brands are selling capsules, pills, and tablets to use as well.

How much CBD oil should I take for pain?

The product has to be ideas for load or ingested by the user in this method. After this, the CBD chemical get absorbed into the bloodstream of the user. It should be noted that first, the chemical travels through the digestive tract first. And, only after this does the CBD chemical enters the blood. The answer time is also the longest in this case because the CVD chemical that really Travels throughout the entire body of the user.

One of the biggest advantages of consuming CBD via this method is the lasting relief sensations. The relief effects can last anywhere between 1 to 6 hours depending on the dosage. And, the concentration of CBD in the product.This method is perfect for those who want to introduce CBD as a part of the daily routine.

The optimal dose it can be easily found out in this case since brands usually printed at the back of the labels.

D. The Oral Method Intake of CBD: Sublingual and Buccal

The common products here include CBD oil and tinctures fall. When we talk about the target passage in case of oral method, it is the entire bloodstream. After the product is based in capillary-rich areas, the CBD chemical gets absorbed into the blood of the user.

The user has to place a few drops of the tincture liquid directly under their tongue. If you want, we can also please the product along the inside of their cheeks. The reason why tongue and cheek are mentioned is because they have lots of capillaries. This, in turn, facility is absorption of the product. Also, first-pass metabolism is fully eradicated here.

The sublingual method is actually faster than in the case of buccal. The defects take time to become activated. But,  the last king of these effects is also on the longer side. Which method is another product way to consume CBD for chronic pain.

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