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Oils How Much CBD Should I Take?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that is found growing in the cannabis plant. It should be interesting to note that there are about 100 to 200 different types of chemical cannabinoids that are found in the plant. In addition to this, CBD is also not a psychoactive element. In other words, even if you consume CBD in high amounts, you will not experience euphoria in any manner.

Yes, this is us busting the common method of CBD being psychoactive. On the contrary, using the CBD chemical can actually be good for your mind and body. Question: how much CBD should i take?

The Benefits Of Using The CBD Chemical

The Benefits Of Using The CBD Chemical

You can use CBD for multiple reasons. It has a therapeutic effect that can facilitate the overall functioning of your body. Here are a few ways in which you can use it to improve your overall health and well-being.

  1. It can reduce the pain and inflammation levels in your body.
  2. It can be useful for improving sleep quality. It can also help to regulate the sleeping patterns of users.
  3. You can use CBD to improve the symptoms related to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  4. It can deduce the risks related to heart attacks and cancer. It can efficiently work to improve the health of your heart.
  5. It can be useful for people who are suffering from seizures. In fact, two rare forms of epilepsy can be checked by the use of this chemical.

Now, in order to get the better fits of using CBD, you have to be careful regarding dosage. It is only when you consume it optimally will you be able to feel the benefits of using the chemical. Now, the dosage of CBD oil remains open for interpretation. This is because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has still not issued any guidelines regarding dosage. The main reason for this absence of regulation is that the agency is awaiting more solid proof in the field of CBD.

As a result of this, when we talk about optimal dosage, you have to be vigilant. It is only after trial and error that you will be able to find out the correct dosage as per your body needs. However, a good trip would be to always start using CBD oil products in a smaller amount. and, once you feel that you require more, you can gradually start increasing and did you get the results you want.

Having said this, the best method to understand the correct dosage for your body would be to consult a health specialist. Not only will these health specialists guide you to understand the optimum dose for your body. But, they can also recommend the correct intake method through which you can benefit the most.

The Different Factors On Which The Correct Dosage Of CBD Depends

The Different Factors On Which The Correct Dosage Of CBD Depends

There are multiple factors that can help you understand. Or, find out the correct dosage of CBD. We have listed these in more detail below.

1. The Total Body Weight of the User

The bodyweight of the user plays an important role to understand the optimal dosage of a particular CBD product. The idea here is that the more the bodyweight of the user, the move should be the dosage of the CBD chemical for him or her. In the same way, when the bodyweight of the CBD user is on the lower side, he or she will require less CBD oil.

The total weight of the user is always an important consideration. Make sure that you take this into account whenever the optimal dose is set for you.

2. The Sensitivity or Tolerance Level of the User

Every person is unique in his or her own way. This is also something that CBD users have to understand when it comes to dosage. You see, just because a specific CBD dosage is working for your friend. Or, somebody you know, this does not mean that it will be the same for you.

The tolerance level of every person will be different from the other. Sensitive users of people who have a low tolerance level do not require a lot of CBD oil. When the dosage is on the smaller side, we can feel the positivity that CBD has to offer. Having said this, if a person has a stronger tolerance level or is less sensitive to CBD, he or she will need a stronger dose.

Even though it generally does not happen, but they might be exceptions as always. We mean that sometimes after repeated use, a particular CBD user may develop higher tolerance. In such cases, he or she would need to adjust the dosage amount accordingly to keep gaining from the product.

3. The Severity of the Health Issue that the User Might be Suffering From

The CBD chemical can work wonders for our bodies. There are multiple ways in which you can benefit from it. Not only does it help to provide you relief from pain and inflammation. But, it can also remarkably reduce your stress levels. The best part is these are only a few of the advantages that you get by consuming CBD.

The dosage of CBD oil that you would need mostly depends on the seriousness of the health issues that you want to treat. For example, there might be times when you are suffering from arthritis pain or chronic pain. In this situation, if you are suffering from intense pain, it only makes sense that you increase the CBD toes in this case. Like if you are using CBD topical, you would need to apply more CBD oil to the affected area. In the same way, if the chronic pain is mild, you would require a lesser amount of the CBD chemical. Hence, you can fluctuate the dosage according to the health issue that you are suffering from.

4. The Total Concentration of the CBD Chemical in the Product Used by the User

Firstly, we would like to clarify a common misconception. The term “concentration” is different from the term “dosage.” I don’t know people assume that these terms are the same. But, they most certainly are not.

When we talk about concentration, we are referring to the total quantity of the CBD chemical in a given product. The common unit of measurement for concentration is the milligrams (mg). On the other hand, when we talk about dosage, we mean something totally different. We are referring to the total amount of the CBD chemical per serving in any given product.

To give you more inside, we will discuss this with the help of an example. Now, take is every product that has a concentration level at 3000 MG. It is said on the product label that the product contains 60 milliliters (mL) of CBD oil. And, that the recommended dosage of the CBD oil is one mL.

What this statement means is that the user will be consuming 50 mg of CBD chemical with every 1 mL serving of the CBD oil. Hence, you see that dosage. And, concentration is completely different terms. It is only with the help of the concentration of CBD in a particular product will you be able to find out the correct dosage.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account when you are finding out the dosage of CBD oil. We have already mentioned the benefits of consulting a doctor before you start consuming CBD oil. This will be the safest method to understand the correct dosage amount without any potential risks. And, make sure that you stick to the prescription that has been given to you by the doctor. Your doctor is experienced and hence has an understanding of the correct dosage. This is even more important whenever you are taking CBD medication for treating seizures.

When we say that you should stall start using CBD small. And, then gradually increase it is actually quite a wise decision. Always start using CBD from maybe 20 to 40 mg per day. If you feel that you need more, you can start increasing the amount by maybe 5 mg. Keep increasing the CBD oil until you feel that you have achieved the desired effects. Will example, in case you want to use CBD tinctures for improving the intensity of pain that you might be feeling.

In such cases, start using the product at 30 mg per day. If you do not feel much change, you can change it to 35 mg after a week. In the second week, you can increase it to 40 mg, and so on.

The Correct Way to Calculate CBD Dosage

There is a wide range of products that are infused with CBD Catacol available in the market. You can take advantage of the following products. These include.

  1. CBD capsules
  2. CBD pills
  3. CBD gummies
  4. CBD gummy bears
  5. CBD tinctures
  6. CBD hard candy
  7. CBD tablets

Usually, the labeling of the product will contain the correct dosage for you. For example, on a bottle of CBD pills, it might be written that there is a total of 5 mg of CBD per pill. Or, that in a packet of CBD gummy bears, every unit will contain 30 MG of the CBD chemical.

This was in the case of CBD edibles. However, if you are using CBD tinctures, the case will be different. You will be receiving a bottle along with a dropper. Try to buy these products from a CBD brand that specifies how much CBD will you get in every single drop. Depending on this, you can find out how many drops of the product you should use.

Having said this, there might also be times when you will not be aware of how much of the sea with the chemicals will be available in a single drop. This is because the packaging will specify the total amount of CBD in the entire bottle as a whole. And, not as per a single drop. We would like to tell you that every single drop is about 0.05 mL. And, that is not a full dropper – it is only a single drop. It becomes crucial to understand the difference in this case.

For example, if you find a CBD tincture of CBD oil that has 200 drops. The CBD brand specifies that it is a 10 mL bottle. And, that the bottle has a total CBD concentration of 1000 mg. Now, if you were to find out the total CBD in every single drop it would be 5 mg of CBD. Considering if the doctor has prescribed you 30 mg of CBD. In this case, you would need to take six drops of the CBD oil or tincture liquid.

CBD Side Effects: Everything You Need To Know

CBD Side Effects: Everything You Need To Know

The best part about the CBD chemical is that there are no side effects. Or, at least confirmed side-effects on the part of the scientist. But it is also true that we do not know the long term effects of the CBD chemical. Whatever research that has been conducted by scientists has been carried out for short-term findings.

In addition to this, people generally respond well to the CBD chemical. However, there might also be exceptions where the use of CBD may lead to possible side-effects.

Here are a few possible side-effects that you might get when you consume the CBD oil product. Include the following.

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Nausea
  3. Changes in appetite
  4. Fluctuations in the weight of the user
  5. Lethargy

The mighty a few extra cases where you need to be added extra careful when handling CBD oil. If you are somebody who takes prescription drugs, you should be careful whenever you are consuming CBD products. The reason we say this is because the chemical can interfere with the working of prescription drugs. This, in turn, creates the need to be careful whenever you are mixing two. The Other area where you need to be careful is when you are allergic to the CBD chemical in general.

Usually, people respond well to the therapeutic effect of the CBD chemical. As a result of this, nobody really thinks that they might just be allergic to it. In such cases, the end of consuming a product that may not be well for the health. If any allergic person consumes CBD, he or she needs to be instantly rush to the hospital for immediate care. This is also another reason why you should consult a health specialist before you start using CBD oil products

We have already discussed the lack of regulation by the FDA in the CBD industry. Why it is true that if the agency feels that any CBD brand is harming the health of the citizens of America. It will step in. In fact, there are many CBD brands who have learned this the hard way. But, this does place responsibility on the shoulders of the buyer itself. Whenever you are buying CBD oil products, make sure that the product is made by a reputed company. It is always better to offer products that are third-party tested and certified. You will be shocked to learn about the number of CBD brands that make false claims about its products.

In 2018, a report was published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to them there were 52 people, residents of Utah, had bad reactions to a few CBD products. Now, before you panic and start thinking that CBD is not good for your health, ket us stop you right there. It was found that the CBD product used by the citizens had the use of synthetic CBD. In addition to this, there was no information about the CBD brand that had created the product. In fact, the ingredients used to create the product was missing as well. This type of CBD products is the perfect example of the one that you should avoid at all costs.

So, Is It Possible For You To Overdose On The CBD Chemical At Any Time?

How Much CBD Should I Take?

A review was published in the year 2011 which mainly focused on the effect of the CBD chemical. The main purpose of this review was to study the effects, safe and otherwise, off CBD on human beings. It was found that even after receiving high doses of CBD (at 1500 mg a day)  and on continuous use of CBD, there were no side-effects. In the year 2017, the above-mentioned review was again tested. And, yet again, the findings work confirmed.

The only downside was when a 2019 study raised a few concerns on the effect of CBD on liver damage. This study was conducted on animal models.

Keeping this in mind, we will again advise you to visit a doctor before you start consuming CBD. Please do not try to self medicate yourself because in matters of health no chances should be taken. Once you determine the correct dosage, you can you CBD oil freely.

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