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Oils How To Take CBD Oil for Happy Living

CBD is being termed as the newest health medication that can change your life. It was completely unknown just a few years ago. And now? Now, health enthusiasts can’t seem to have enough of it. CBD has been found to affect your mental, physical and neurological health positively. Research carried out has also validated the claims. Yet, due to the lack of ample clinical research, CBD still hasn’t been properly recognized as it should be.
Nevertheless, there are plenty of CBD users who swear by it and are urging other people to try it as well. Read on to find out more about CBD, it’s health advantages and ways you can try it.

A Brief Introduction To CBD – How To Take CBD Oil

Cannabidiol – Meaning

Cannabidiol is the formal term given to CBD. It is a cannabinoid which occurs naturally in cannabis plants. Many people upon learning the origin of CBD start having doubts. They usually think of cannabis as something which will produce a high for them. That’s not untrue. But, so is the fact that CBD doesn’t get the user high.

You see, the cannabis plant has two chemical constituents – CBD and THC. THC is the psychoactive element here which gives the user a feeling of euphoria. CBD on the other hand, may contain traces of THC but the percentage of it is lower than 0.03%. This is the main reason CBD consumption won’t get you high.

It helps treat arthritis, relieves anxiety and stress, stops seizures, etc. It also actively reduces pain and discomfort, and improves mood swings. There are also cases where CBD has improved Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) related issues too. Human beings are not the only ones who can benefit from CBD. Health issues in animals like dogs, mice, etc., can also be treated by using CBD.

THC – Meaning and Why You Get High From it

The primary chemical produced in a cannabis plant, THC or Delta (9)- tetrahydrocannabinol, as mentioned above, can alter the consciousness of a person. This is because it stimulates the brain cells to release dopamine. THC can alter brain activities like memory, reasoning, pleasure and concentration. Also, it can affect a person’s movements, coordination and the senses in general.
Now, it is not always negative. THC has been found to treat mental disorders like anxiety, nausea and stress. It helps build appetite and acts as a pain relief. 

CBD and THC are Not the Same

People usually mistake CBD and THC as the same thing as they are structurally similar. Also, as they mother plant is the same, they tend to associate euphoria with both the chemicals. But that is certainly not the case.
When both, CBD and THC are mixed together, the effectiveness of both the chemicals is actually multiplied. This is called the “Entourage Effect.” The user though, has to be careful when using both together. It is better to get expert advice before proceeding.


But are CBD and CBD Products 100% Safe?

CBD products containing CBD oil are 100% safe. Care should be taken to ensure that the company from which the purchase is being made it reliable and good. It is also true that the Food and Drug Association (FDA) approves of only specific CBD products. This shifts the responsibility of smart shopping on the consumers. It is advisable to talk to a good physician about your problems and dosage requirements before placing an order.
Guidelines to buy safe CBD products
1. The company should grow the mother plant in first grade conditions. This ensure the quality of CBD oils.
2. There should be no infiltrations or dilutions made. CBD oils are most effective when pure.

  1. Shady companies should be avoided and reported.

Will Using CBD Get You in Trouble with the Cops?

Questions regarding the legality of CBD and its products is probably one of the first things which pops up in a buyer’s mind.
Let us assure you that CBD is completely legal. Hemp was made federally legal in all the 50 states of the United States of America due to the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill. The government classifies hemp as a cannabis plant with THC traces below 0.3%. CBD passes this condition which makes it legal by default. 

There is a catch though.
Since the bill was passed not too long ago, there are some states who aren’t very accepting of it. We’ll suggest you find out specific state laws before reaching a conclusion. There are many states who allow CBD usage for medicinal and recreational purposes. Americans for Safe Access is an organization that help you get more information regarding state laws.

What About Passing Drug Tests?

The THC content in your drug test results needs to be lower than 0.3%. That being said, CBD users are on the safe side as THC traces in CBD is negligible.
But, the dosage amount can play a huge role in the results of your tests. It would advisable to skip your CBD intake just before taking a test. It is better to not take any risks.

The Awesome Benefits of CBD for your Health

Before we talk about how CBD can improve our health troubles, let’ us learn how it actually works to benefit our bodies.

cbd effect on body

How Does CBD Affect Human Bodies?

CBD contains anti- inflammatory and therapeutic elements which helps heal our mental and physical health. It directly affects the endocannabinoid system of our body. CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors of the system that affects different parts of our body. The helps fight various health conditions like pain, stress, anxiety, etc.

Advantages Of CBD

In case you missed how amazing CBD can be for you, we are more than happy to list it out again. CBD is the latest trend which everyone wants to try. It can help you relax, treat pain, reduce depression and anxiety and so on. Here’s a detailed analysis of the different ways CBD helps the human body.

  • CBD Can Help Lower Your Anxiety And Stress Levels

A research was carried out to study the effect of CBD on mental disorders like anxiety, and on sleep quality. It was found out that more than half of the participants had lower anxiety levels after CBD usage. They also experienced better sleeping patterns.
CBD with its holistic effects calms the brain which reduces stress. After joining the endocannabinoid system, CBD further affects the serotonin system as well. There is not enough research to exactly know what happens but it does stimulate it. Serotonin deficiency is the main reason for anxiety. The soothing effect of CBD can help reduce this deficiency which in turn, reduces anxiousness in patients.

  • CBD Can Help Fight Diabetes And Obesity

A research was carried out on fifty- two thousand participants to study the effects of CBD. It concluded that cannabis users had lower obesity rates in comparison to non- users. The percentage was determined at around 33.33%.

In today’s time, multiple studies have established that regular users of cannabis have a lower body mass index (BMI) and smaller waists. They also have a lower risk of diabetes and obesity. The reason for this is that CBD converts white fat into brown fat which cause weight loss. It also boosts insulin production.

  • CBD Helps Target And Fight Chronic Pain

Due to its anti- inflammatory properties, CBD can help in improving the joint health of its users. It also acts as an excellent pain relief. With continued usage, it targets the affected area and reduces the ache.

  • CBD Can Improve Cholesterol Levels And Reduce The Risks Of Heart Attacks.

Cannabis users were found to have high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C) in their blood levels in a 2013 based research. This is also called “good cholesterol.” The findings also showed CBD to help slow down LDL-C production or “bad cholesterol.”
Scientists found that CBD’S anti- inflammatory elements can help treat conditions like atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis are the main cause of heart attacks and other heart related diseases. Again, more detailed study needs to be carried out before solidifying any facts.

  • CBD Helps Maintain Neurological Health And Treat Trauma And Mental Deterioration 

Cannabinoids have a neuroprotective nature which helps it maintain brain and cognitive functions. It helps create new brain cells and removes the dead and weaker cells. CBD helps fight diseases like Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, etc. The chemical also helps in regulating the body’s mitochondria. It keeps the production of glutamate in check too. This protects the brain and facilitates proper functioning.

  • CBD Is Great For Your Skin Troubles

By regulating the production of certain chemicals, CBD helps reduce inflammation in the skin. CBD creams nowadays are specially designed to initiate faster absorption into the skin. It can help control acne. It also helps fight wrinkles and other fine lines, giving the user a younger and tighter looking skin. The creams are non- irritants which help brightening the user’s complexion.

  • CBD Can Help Reduce Cancer Risks 

Scientists are still researching more accurate proof in this case. Extensive studies still need to be carried out. 

There are cases where CBD helped lower cancer risks. It was found that CBD can slow the growth of tumors to the point of even preventing it. Topical products can be used to treat and prevent skin cancer.

  • CBD Facilitates Bone Metabolism

CBD product users face lower osteoporosis and osteoarthritis risks. Also, broken bones are found to heal quickly among cannabis users. The chemical blocks an enzyme which hinders the production of bone- building composites. It also helps to accelerate the replacement of old bone material with new material. 

Now, the benefits are many but it is still unknown territory to an extent. There is a large scope for more comprehensive research in this field. Yet, there is quite accurate proof available for most of the benefits.

topical cbd

The Different Ways You Can Introduce CBD Into Your Lifestyle 

Due to the exploding CBD interest, there are many companies offering quality CBD products in the market. It is completely up to the customer to choose a method as per their preference and need. We have compiled a detailed study of the different methods to help you choose better.

The main methods by which buyers can try CBD oils are as follows:

This method includes edibles, capsules, essential oils, creamers and coffee. Probably the most preferable method of consuming CBD, it is very convenient. It includes products like gummy bears, gummy worms, tinctures and capsules. It also includes drink powders like creamers and coffee.

In case of CBD tinctures, the users can take the dropper and place the drops under their tongues. The CBD will then automatically be absorbed into the blood. Gummy bears or gummies are perfect in case of younger children and teenagers. They are colorful, and taste sweet or fruity.

They contain gelatin which gives it the gum- like texture. They also have the vegan friendly variety which contain pectin in them. The CBD capsules are non- fussy and simple. Just 1- 3 capsules can reduce pain and ache.
Companies are also offering hemp oil mixed coffee and creamers. Users can add these to their daily routine by just replacing the usual products with the CBD infused ones.

The ingestion method is more traditional and provides the user dosage control. Just by taking few gummy bears or capsules, the buyer can relieve himself of any kind of discomfort. The shelf life is longer in case of gummy bears, tinctures and capsules. It also doesn’t harm the lungs in any way.

The disadvantage of this method is that it takes a longer time to work. Effects should be felt by the user within 30-60 mins. Having said that, the effect lasts longer as well.

  • The Smoking Method

Vapes and flowers are the products available under this method. This is not similar to smoking nicotine. Vapes contain a CBD e- liquid which is homogenous and has a smooth texture. It has the advantage of familiarity with the users and is simple to use.
The biggest con of this method is that it may negatively affect the consumer’s lungs. Afterall, it isn’t really a good habit. In addition to that, some places have made vaping/ smoking illegal. Buyers have to be careful when using vapes.

It starts working almost instantly making it a preferable method when fast relief is required. There are some people who don’t really like this method but there are also plenty who prefer it. 

  • The Topical Method

Topicals here refer to skin creams, lotions, gels and balms. The user can directly apply the topicals on the affected area. They provide relief from ache and joint paints in the most effective manner. Also, this method is quite hygienic too.

Since this is a physical method, it doesn’t come in contact with the liver. The effect is long lasting and users can be discomfort- free for around 4- 5 hours.
Body hair can be a problem for some people but it is mostly negligible. Topicals take time to work making is unsuitable for urgent cases.

  • Transdermal Patches

Not many companies offer transdermal patches at the moment but we can expect that to change soon. This method is the most long- lasting method. By long we mean, no pain for two- three days! This also is a physical method which doesn’t require any ingestion.
In case of transdermal patches, there is a continuous release of CBD into the bloodstream. Though steady, the release is slow which makes the onset period quite long.

Those were the different methods in which buyers can take CBD oil. Some CBD products are available in different flavors too!  The buyers don’t really need to worry about the prices. There are a lot of companies offering high- quality products without causing a hole in the pocket.

The main thing here is the preference of the users. There might be people who don’t like using essential oils or find it too messy. They can opt for CBD capsules or the drink powders. Those who want instant results can buy e- cigarettes or vapes. Also, capsules and smoking may not be the perfect solution in case of children. Gummy bears, with their attractive exterior and delicious taste make it a more appropriate choice.
You see how there are so many ways to take CBD oil? You can choose products keeping in mind your needs, budget and preference. It is completely up to you.

cbd capsules

How Much Should You Take – Dosage Information You Need to Know

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t necessarily approved CBD. Even its dosage isn’t regulated. Due to this there are no hard and fast rules available for the users. The correct dosage requires interpretation and time. CBD enthusiasts can also take advantage of the “entourage effect” by mixing THC and CBD.

Dosage should be decided keeping in mind the health problems faced by a person. The user’s body requirements are a major deciding factor too. CBD companies nowadays include dosage instructions along with their products. CBD buyers should get in touch with a professional to get more insight about the dosing amounts. 

The first thing which the buyers need to keep in mind is the company. Research about the brand, see how they label their products and what claims they are making. Good companies should have third party testing and certifications. Vague information and false claims are definite red flags. No company should claim to “cure” any disease.

If they do, they’re are ignorant or purposely breaking rules. Always aim to make the best choice. Low quality products can be bad for our health due to harmful ingredients and chemicals. 

Many users are sensitive to CBD products which makes the CBD amount lower for them. Whereas there may be users that need a stronger dose of CBD to feel any effect. Hence, the dosage depends on the buyer’s body’s response to these products. Self- medication is strongly discouraged by experts. Before deciding the amount intake, get in touch with your health specialist. 

Side- Effects of CBD – How Intense They Really Are

Researchers did not find any life- threatening side- effects associated with CBD. In fact, there are no confirmed side effects.
This may not hold true in case the buyer is allergic to CBD. Being sensitive to something is different from being allergic to it. The latter is a way more serious case which needs to be treated immediately. This is why experts are always emphasizing on visiting a professional before taking CBD.

Still if there is need to list out certain side- effects which a CBD user may face, it will be tiredness, nausea and diarrhea. Customers may feel an increase in their appetites or body weight, and vice versa.

The Decision to Use CBD Oil Products Should be Your Call 

The interest of the world in CBD products is on an upward move, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Everybody wants to get their hands on this wonder drug – some are already existing users while some want to try it out of curiosity. CBD isn’t a magical drug though. You will still need to practice healthy lifestyle and food habits for the betterment of your body.
It is up to you whether you want to introduce CBD in your routine or not.

If you face any doubts, set an appointment with your physician and work out a plan. Abundant research still needs to be carried out before any official claims can be made. But then there is also existing proof that it does work to improve your mental and physical stability.
If you do decide to go ahead with it, choose a method which works for you. Make an educated decision after considering all factors, and your doctor’s advice.

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