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Competitive Comparison WTP Hemp And Plus CBD Oil Reviews. Exciting Findings

The CBD chemical has reached a popularity that needs no further introduction. It has therapeutic and holistic effects that can work really well for the health of the user. In addition to this, the CBD chemical is also non-psychoactive in nature.

The cannabis Sativa plant itself contains around 80 to 200 different types of chemical cannabinoids. Out of all these, the two most prominent chemicals are the CBD chemical and the THC chemical.

Can Plus CBD oil reviews help you?

A lot of people assume that CBD and THC are the same cannabinoids. Well, they could not have been more wrong.

The THC chemical is a cannabinoid that can leave you in a state of high. It can alter the consciousness of the user by affecting their cognitive functioning. With the increase in the demand for CBD products, there has also been a corresponding increase in the number of CBD brands in the market.

It can be most certainly be difficult to make a choice. But, to make it easier for you, we will discuss two CBD brands to help you understand their functioning better.

Discussing The CBD Brands WTP Hemp And PlusCBD Oil In Detail: Company Profile And Their Products

Discussing The CBD Brands WTP Hemp And PlusCBD Oil In Detail: Company Profile And Their Products

Who is WTP Hemp?

WTP Hemp is a CBD brand that has been operating in the cannabis industry for some time. Standing for We The People Hemp, WTP Hemp is known for its excellent quality CBD oil. Even the customer service provided by the company is noteworthy.

This CBD brand uses the supercritical CO2 nanoemulsion extraction method for its CBD oil. Under this method, the CBD oil particles are broken down into tiny droplets. The biggest advantage of using this extraction method is that the tiny droplets start displaying traits similar to water-soluble droplets.

This, in turn, helps to increase the overall bioavailability of the CBD oil. WTP Hemp boasts the bioavailability of 97 percent. If you know anything about the CBD industry, then you must already be aware of how rare this kind of percentage is.

Also, all the hemp plants used by the CBD brand are fully grown within the United States of America. The company also takes care to maintain the organic and natural nature of these plants. Any exposure to chemical herbicides and pesticides is mostly limited. The overall growing conditions of the hemp plants are always kept optimal.

WTP Hemp has always taken active care to give their buyers first priority. Firstly, they create products that can be effective to reduce the symptoms of health issues. Secondly, they keep a price tag that is not that expensive to burn a hole in the buyer’s pocket.

Thirdly, the company has launched a 24 by 7 helpline for its customers. Whenever any buyer has any questions regarding the products, they only need to contact this helpline. The staff operating the helpline is knowledgeable and helpful as well. Fourthly, the return policy of WTP Hemp deserves a mention as well. If any buyer is not happy with the product received by him or her, they only need to contact the company. Without any extra hassle, WTP Hemp will replace it.

WTP Hemp has also made available a wide range of products. Every product sold by the company employs the use of really good quality CBD oil. You can take your pick from CBD gummy bears, CBD skin creams, CBD capsules, and CBD tinctures.

Let us discuss these products in a bit more detail below.

  1. WTP Hemp Tinctures

WTP Hemp has designed these tinctures to make sure that the tincture liquid can be easily absorbed into the blood of the user. This makes sure that the product is free from any added chemicals or adulteration. In fact, the company does this product as the fastest-absorbing product of theirs.

These thinkers are completely organic yet very potent. The buyer only needs to place 2 to 3 drops of the tincture liquid under their tongues. They want, they can also place the tincture liquid along their gums and inside of the cheeks.

You can expect the relief effects to become activated within 30 minutes to 2 hours. In addition to this, the relief sensations also lost for a longer time. A 250 mg of WTP Hemp Tinctures can be bought at a cost of $74.99.

  1. WTP Hemp Gummy Bears

These gummy bears contain the goodness of him all along with CBD. You get to skip the better and strong taste of the CBD chemical with the delicious fruity or sweet flavor of the gummy bears.

If you have children or teenagers in the house, selecting this product will be desperate. Due to their young age, it is not feasible for them to use pills or vape pens. Instead, something as familiar as the standees will be a much better option.

You can use WTP Hemp’s gummy bears to lower anxiety and depression. Even in cases of chronic pain, consuming one or three units could be amazing. Every gummy bear unit contains around 20 mg of CBD. You can avail of a 30 unit package at the cost of $99.95.

  1. WTP Hemp Capsules

WTP Hemp capsules are the perfect way to introduce CBD if you have a busy schedule. It is very simple to take and convenient to use. Again, you do not have to undergo the strong and bitter taste of the CBD chemical in this case.

The CBD chemical is stored in soft gel capsules that can be taken with water. You can easily control the amount of CBD that you take. This is because every capsule contains a specific amount.

By consuming only 1 to 3 capsules you can see an active difference in your life. The relief sensations also last for a longer period. Every subject capsule contains about 10 mg of CBD. You can buy 30 soft gel capsules at a cost of $55.95 only. So, the concentration of 300 mg with every single product.

  1. WTP Hemp Skin Cream

WTP Hemp skin cream is 100 percent CBD isolate. You only need to directly apply the product to the affected area to experience relief.

These creams are designed in a way to make sure that the chemical will get absorbed into the skin cells of the user. It can help to reduce any intensity of pain as well as inflammation in the joints and surrounding tissues. Using WTP Hemp topical can help you maintain your joint and muscular health quite effective way.

If you do not want to ingest the CBD chemical, this product would be perfect for you. Although the release sensations take time to become activated, they last for a long time as well.

You can expect 4 oz. of the CBD cream at the price of $64.99. The product contains a total concentration of the chemical at 250 mg.

Plus cbd oil reviews

PlusCBD oil is another company that has created a good name for its quality CBD oil. This CBD brand is based out of San Diego. The main motive for the company is to educate the general public about the benefits of using the CBD chemical.

PlusCBD oil gets its products tested in advanced labs. You can find out about the potency, quality, and safety of the CBD products created by the company. In addition to its customers, the CBD brand also wants to improve the health of various committees and its employees. It believes in the medicinal effects of hemp and wants to make it available to the user.

The extraction method used by the company is also quite sophisticated been the CO2 extraction method. Every single product has been certified by the U.S Hemp Authority as well. It is this company that has coined the term “CBD Evolution.”

The idea behind CBD Evolution is to present the recent discovery of the therapeutic and holistic effects of the hemp plant. And, it seeks to make the information known of how this plant has been around for hundreds of decades. But, has only been discovered a couple of years ago.

At the moment, the CBD brand is selling balms, sprays, drops, and so on. It is also selling gummies and roll-ons to the user.

Here are these products in more detail below.

  1. PlusCBD Oil Balms

Available in two varieties, these balms can come in original and extra strength. The user only needs to apply this product to the affected area. Not only do they get to enjoy the goodness of the CPD chemical. But, it also has moisturizing properties due to the presence of hemp oil in it.

If you are a patient who is suffering from skin conditions like eczema, you can employ the use of PlusCBD oil balms. Or, if you like an external method of CBD intake, you can opt for them as well.

These products are non-GMO. And, the company claims that the CBD oil is straight from seed to shelf. You can enjoy the PlusCBD Original oil that is available at the price of $35.95. You will get 1.3 oz. of concentration of 50 mg CBD and CBGA in it. The PlusCBD Extra Strength oil can give the user 1.3 oz. of product at the price of $51.95. With a total concentration of 100 mg of CBD. There are also between vitamin E and fatty acids along with Full Spectrum hemp extracts.

  1. PlusCBD Oil Drops

There are many preferences under this category from where the buyer can select. Not only is the product highly concentrated with the CBD chemical. But, the relief effects become activated fast as well.

At the moment, you can enjoy three flavors. These include.


  • PlusCBD Oil Drops Total Plant Complex 


This is the purest way to consume the drops as it lacks any added flavors. The buyer gets to enjoy 1 oz. of the product. It has a total CBD concentration of 300 mg. You get the combination of Full Spectrum hemp plant extracts and extra virgin olive. This lends a sort of authentic taste to the product. You can buy this product at $35.96 making it affordable.


  • PlusCBD Oil Raw Drops 


Discount for the purchased considering the two options it is available in. The first option is a bottle of 1 oz. contains sells for $22.95. This option contains a total CBD concentration of 100 mg. 

On the other hand, a bottle of 2 oz. can be bought at a price of $67.95. The total CBD concentration in this product is 500 mg. You can either opt for the natural flavor or the peppermint flavor.

  • PlusCBD Oil Drops 

This version is available in three flavors. You can select from the unflavored, peppermint, goji blueberry options. 

A bottle of 1 oz. of these drops sells for $41.95. It also contains 250 mg of CBD. The second option is a bottle of 2 oz. which will cost the buyer $89.95. Nearly 750 mg of CBD goodness is packed in it. Buyers that want an even higher CBD concentration can also opt for the 1500 mg CBD concentrated product sold by the company.

  1. PlusCBD Oil Spray

The PlusCBD Oil Spray contains extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and is available in three different flavors. The flavors are unflavoured, peppermint, and cafe mocha.

The user needs to spray the product twice in their mouths. After holding the product for about 30 seconds, he or she can experience the relief sensations of CBD. Also, this spray is safe to be swallowed as well.

A 1 oz. of the product contains about 100 mg of the CBD chemical in it. This version will cost them $20.66, On the other hand, a 2 oz. of the product has a total CBD concentration of 500 mg. This one will set the buyer back by $61.16. We would like to point out that these rates may not uniform since these are discounted.

  1. PlusCBD Oil Soft Gels/ Capsules

The company converts the CBD oil into powder form. It is then stored in soft gels for easy dosage. Similar to the shop sold by the company, the capsules are available in four different varieties as well.

  • PlusCBD Oil Total Plant Complex 

With this product, you get to enjoy a Full Spectrum of phytocannabinoids. Users can choose from three options. You can buy this product at a price of 10 capsules sells for $13.46. 

The price is different for the 30 and 60 capsules. The former has a price of $26.96. Whereas, the latter capsules have a price of $53.96. Every unit contains 10 mg of the CBD chemical in it.

  • PlusCBD Oil Soft Gels – Raw 

The buyer gets to enjoy the goodness of CBDA and extra virgin olive oil. A pack of 10, 30, and 60 capsules sell for $12.95, $29.95, and $49.95 respectively.


  • PlusCBD Oil Gold Formula 


These capsules are created employing the gold formula of PlusCBD. It is a mixture of phytocannabinoids, vitamin D, fatty acids, and terpenes. 

The pack of 10 capsules sells for $19.95. Whereas, the 30 and 60 units of the product can be bought for $49.95, and $89.95


  • PlusCBD Oil Capsules 


PlusCBD Oil creates these capsules having a concentration of 10 mg and 15 mg. A pack of 30 capsules will get the buyer back by $26.96. It should be noted that these capsules contain a total CBD concentration of 10 mg.

  1. PlusCBD Oil Gummies

The buyer to enjoy the amazing concoction of Full Spectrum hemp oil along with other good ingredients. This product comes straight from the seed to the shelf. 

The 30 unit pack of gummies sells for $39.95. On the other hand, the 60 unit pack of gummies can be bought for $64.95. At the moment, you can choose from cherry mango and citrus punch flavors. 

  1. PlusCBD Oil Roll-ons

It is the new entry in the market, which makes it a bit special. A topical product, this roll-on is concentrated with CBD hemp oil, menthol, and camphor. The product uses the gold formula created by the company.

We would also like to point out that this is the first-ever Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Full Spectrum product. You will not find any artificial fragrance and sulfates in the product. Even parabens and phthalates are completely removed from the list of ingredients.

These roll-ons are available in two strengths. The first one is 200 mg. And, the second one is 500 mg. You can buy the 200 mg roll-on for $34.95. But,  if you want to buy the 500 mg roll-on, you will have to pay $59.95. Each product contains 1 oz. of product.

So, these were the two CBD brands. As you can see each of these companies have their own set of advantages. Since WTP Hemp offers a higher bioavailability the products become a bit better. Having said this, whichever CBD brand you opt for, you will be assured of good quality CBD oil and excellent service.

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