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Competitive Comparison WTP Hemp Vs. Pure Natural CBD: The Truth

CBD is a chemical that is one of the latest trending healthy ingredients. It’s short for Cannabidiol and is a cannabis plant extract. The CBD chemical is a cannabis extract that is completely organic. It is quite a powerful chemical cannabinoid that has medical properties. Pure natural CBD.

Although it is only now that CBD has become famous. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years for promoting wellness and health. The cannabis plant contains around 100 to 200 different types of chemical cannabinoids. The CBD chemical cannabinoid is one of those.

It should be noted that CBD oil that is sourced from the hemp plant is different from CBD oil that is sourced from the marijuana plant. In the case of the former CBD oil, the amount of the CBD chemical is more. It contains THC as well put the total traces will always be below 0.3 percent.

But in the case of the latter CBD oil where it is sourced from the marijuana plant, the characteristics of different. In this case, the THC traces will be on the higher side. The total amount of CBD will be on the lower side. Also, we are not saying that CBD will be negligible in the case of CBD marijuana oil.

What makes CBD such a trending derivative is the fact that it can reduce the symptoms of a wide range of health conditions. It has medicinal and remedial properties that, in turn, makes it very good for the wellbeing of the user. You can use CBD to improve your mental and physical health.

There are many CBD brands operating in the industry at the moment. This is quite good for the buyers as a lot of choices are made available to them. But, it is important that you select a CBD brand that can be trusted with its quality of CBD oil. If you feel that any CBD brand is not providing you with the needed information, you have a complete right to move onto the next brand. After all, since you are paying for CBD products, you should make sure that you are getting what you paid for.

Company Profiles Of Pure & Natural CBD And WTP Hemp: About The Company And Its Products

Company Profiles Of Pure Natural CBD And WTP Hemp: About The Company And Its Products

Who is Pure & Natural CBD?

Pure and Natural CBD is a company that wants to create excellent organic Full Spectrum CBD products. For this purpose, the CBD brand has partnered with her largest fuel, manufacturer, and distribution of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the United States.

The company has not really revealed the name of the partner but claims that this partner makes available raw hemp compounds to them. Pure and Natural CBD then uses these raw hemp compounds to create their own products.

In addition to this, the CBD brand has also understood the help of leading chemists, vets, scientists, and so on. There are also formulators and experts from the hemp industry to make sure that the products are of the highest quality possible.

On their website, the company has listed the “7 Step Process” to make sure that they have the highest quality CBD. Starting from organic farming, the company uses strains of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. They employ the use of state of the art farming processes to enhance the quality of these strains. This first step also makes sure that the products are safe and properly regulated in terms of their consistency and potency.

In the second step, the raw him compounds are processed. The third step and fourth steps involve proprietary extraction and solid separation, and distillation respectively.

The company then makes sure that there are no traces of THC in the final product. The aim here is to remove any THC and refine the product to create a zero-THC Full Spectrum CBD oil. This is the fifth step.

In the sixth step, in house and third-party lap testing is carried out by the company. This makes sure that the cannabinoids, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, and so on remain consistent and pure. After third-party lab testing, a Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Quality Assurance is issued. This helps to instill trust in the customers.

In the last step, this company uses nanoemulsion technology. This is quite an effective method to increase the bioavailability of the product.

So these were the few steps that Pure and Natural CBD follow to make available good quality CBD oil to their buyers.

The Products of Pure & Natural CBD that You Can Use

One of the biggest plus point of the CBD brand is the diverse range of products. That is on offer for the customers of the company. You can take advantage of topicals, oral, as well as skincare products. Here are the few products that have been listed below. 

1. Pure and Natural CBD’s Tinctures

CBD tinctures sold by the company are available in the concentrations of 250 mg and 1500 mg. The buyers can avail this product at a price of $27.99 and $94.99. Everything do you bottle has a 30 mL size.

This product contains Full Spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich oil. There are absolutely no traces of THC in the product as well. With the help of this product, buyers can consume CBD oil sublingually day or night depending on their needs.

2. Pure and Natural CBD’s Softgels

The subject of this CBD brand contains a total CBD concentration of 10 mg to 25 mg. Buyers can avail this product at a price of $37.99 and $71.99. Usually, 30 soft gels are available giving the user a total CBD concentration of 300 mg.

This product is perfect for people who want higher bioavailability and can be taking on the go. The two available flavors are natural and curcumin.

3. Pure and Natural CBD’s Salve

The CBD salve sold by Pure and Natural CBD is available in the concentration of 500 mg and 1000 mg. Buyers can use this product to get relief from joint and inflammation pain.

A single bottle will cost the fire $46.99 and $75.99 depending on the concentration. The total sales product will vary from 1 ounce and 2 ounces.

4. Pure and Natural CBD’s Vape Pen and Cartridge

Available at a cost of $34.99 and $66.99, the CBD vape pen. And, the cartridge is fast-acting and highly bioavailable. It has a light Citrus Breeze flavor.

The total CBD concentration in the cartridge is 500 mg. Buyers also have the option to replace the cartridge once the vape oil is over.

5. Pure and Natural CBD’s Dogs and Cats Products

The CBI the cat and dog products sold by the company can be bought from $26.99 to $108.99. The options available to the buyer are pet treats and CBD oil tinctures. The tincture liquid will be concentrated at 250 mg or 1500 mg.

6. Pure and Natural CBD’s Face Masks

One of the few CBD brands that offer face masks, buyers can buy a 3-pack product at the cost of $32.99.

With the help of this face mask, the user can improve their skin with the nourishing and restaurateur benefits of hemp oil. It also contains rosemary and black licorice that can restore the damage done to the skin.

7. Pure and Natural CBD’s Pain Cream

The CBD pain cream sold by Pure and Natural CBD has a total concentration of 200 mg. It is available for sale at a price of $25.99. This pain cream is a combination of essential oils and organic CBD chemicals.

Who Is WTP Hemp?

A CBD brand that started selling CBD products a couple of years ago, WTP Hemp has become popular for quality and service. The company strives to make available excellent quality CBD oil to their buyers. And, these are not exaggerated claims without context.

Firstly, the company makes sure that the implants used by them are organic. Every single hemp plant is grown within the United States of America as well. The advantage of US-grown in plants is that they are subjected to strict regulations. This, in turn, makes sure that the safety and quality of the CBD oil remain uncompromised.

Secondly, the company uses the C02 nanoemulsion extraction method for its CBD oil. This method is very advanced and the safest method to get CBD oil. In this, the CBD oil particles are broken down into water-soluble droplets. Not only does this help to increase the bioavailability of the CBD oil. But, it makes sure that no other harmful solvents or chemicals are used by the CBD brand.

This is one of the main reasons why the bioavailability of CBD oil is so high. If you buy the tinctures sold by the CBD brand, you get to enjoy a bioavailability of 97 percent. The CBD oil droplets of the company are broken down into tiny particles. In fact, the droplet size is around 4 to 200 times smaller in comparison to the rivals of WTP Hemp.

The company has always been very transparent about its working. Every single ingredient used by the company is made clear to the buyer. In addition to this, the lab testing results are also publicly available on its website.

The next step which highlights the buyer-centric model of WTP Hemp is the 24 x 7 helpline. If any potential or customer buyer has any doubt regarding the products sold by the CBD brand, they only need to contact this helpline. The start operating the helpline is both polite and knowledgeable. We would also like to point out the excellent return policy of the company.

If any buyer is not happy with the product received by him or her, they only need to contact the company. WTP Hemp will either give them a full refund. Or, replace the product that has been damaged in transit or otherwise. It is crucial for any CBD brand to take responsibility for its products which WTP Hemp understands.

The Products Offered by WTP Hemp 

WTP Hemo understands the importance of making available a wide range of products to its buyers. Every single product offered by the company is made from excellent quality CBD oil. As a buyer, you can select a product that you think would suit your needs and tastes the best.

1. WTP Hemp’s Tinctures 

This is one of the most popular methods of CBD oil use in general. The bioavailability of the product is also 97 percent. The tincture liquid is designed in a manner to make sure that the CBD chemical abstracts passed in the bloodstream of the user. 

The CBD chemical is absorbed into the blood, the user can feel the relief effects of the chemical. The tincture liquid is free from any harmful additions. The buyer is assured of pure CBD oil. 

As per the application, the buyer can use a dropper to place a few drops of the tincture directly under the tongue. As the tongue is rich in capillaries, CBD will be absorbed into the blood faster. The other way to use this product is to place the CBD oil droplets along the gums and the inside of the cheeks. 

A 250 mg of WTP Hemp CBD tincture can be bought for $74.99. You can avail of the attractive discounts offered by the company if you buy tincture bundles.

2. WTP Hemp’s Capsules

This product of the company is perfect for people who have tight schedules. The capsules sold by WTP Hemp is a soft gel that contains a prescribed concentration of CBD. 

As a result of the compact design, the buyer can consume the capsules on the go. It is also quite a user-friendly method as the buyer only needs to swallow the capsule with water. No changes have to be made in the daily routine of the user in order to include CBD as a part of their daily lives. 

At a total price of $55.95, a buyer can expect 30 capsules of the product. The total CBD concentration in the product is 300 mg. So basically, with every single capsule, you get 10 mg of the CBD chemical.

3. WTP Hemp’s Cream

There are a lot of people who do not want to ingest the CBD chemical. But, they are more than interested to try the goodness that it has to offer. In such cases, having an external method of CBD intake can be the best way out. 

The CBD brand makes sure that the cream is made of pure CBD isolate. The user only needs to directly apply the product on the affected area. The CBD chemical will get absorbed by the skin cells. And, then it will start reducing the information in the joint and surrounding area. In addition to this, the overall intensity of the pain can be effectively curbed as well.

Using this CBD hemp cream can be perfect for those who want to maintain their muscular and joint health. Buyers can expect a 4 oz. of the product at a price of $64.99. The cream has a total CBD concentration of 250 mg.

4. WTP Hemp’s Gummy Bears

If you have children or teenagers in your house, it would be preferable for you to try out WTP Hemp’s gummy bears. You get to enjoy the benefit of CBD oil in edible candies. The fact that it is basically can De can make it a feeling and effective in the case of younger children. Even adults seem to prefer this method. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, and joint pain, this product can be great for you.

The Other advantage of buying Gummy Bears is the longest flight that it offers. The lasting can be anywhere from 6 months to 1 year depending on the ingredients used. Every unit of the gummy bear has 20 mg of CBD. At the price of $99.95, the buyer can get a 30 unit of gummy bears. So, you get to enjoy the total CBD concentration of 600 mg with every purchase you mean.

Takeaway Thoughts 

Takeaway Thoughts 

So, these were the two brands including their products. As you must have realized that the choice between both these companies is most certainly a difficult one.

Both WTP Hemp and Pure and Natural CBD use the nanoemulsion method. This makes sure that the bioavailability of the CBD oil sold by both companies is high. This can be quite an advantageous fact on the part of the customer.

While Pure and Natural CBD offers a wide range of products. WTP Hemp makes sure the ingredients it uses to create its products are the best as well. As a buyer, we are lucky enough to have such good brands available to us. But, when we talk about in terms of transparency, WTP Hemp is more open

The buyer is aware of where the hemp plant is sourced. Pure And Natural CBD just needs to be a bit more clear as to where they get their hemp. Having said this, it is still a company that can be trusted to create good quality CBD oil products. In the end, you can select a company that you feel would be more suitable for your preferences.

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