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Oils The Top CBD Oil Companies. Discover The Best In The Market

You must have heard of hemp oils and CBD hemp oils. Have you ever wondered how CBD oils (ones that are legal throughout the US) are different from hemp oils? And what are the top CBD oil companies in the market?

Hemp oils can be of two types:

Full-spectrum hemp oils are extracted from whole hemp plants. These contain CBD. CBD oils are extracted from hemp plant varieties rich in cannabidiol (CBD). Since they are extracted from hemp plants, they have less than 0.3% THC. CBD oil extracted using the supercritical CO2 extraction process contains ‘zero THC’.

Hempseed oils are extracted only from hemp seeds. These seeds do not contain THC at all and hardly contain any cannabidiol. Hence, hempseed oils do not fall into the category of CBD oils.

CBD oils may refer to broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oils or pure CBD oils. Full-spectrum CBD oils contain other cannabinoids, terpenes, and compounds found in the hemp plant. Together, these compounds generate an ‘entourage’ effect. This effect adds a buff to the efficacy and potency of the CBD oil.

The other kind of CBD oil contains pure cannabidiol. It is also known as ‘CBD isolate’. Here, the hemp extract is stripped off of all its other compounds and you only get ‘cannabidiol’. Users who want to reap CBD benefits without risking the effects of other unknown compounds may prefer this kind of CBD oil.

‘No THC’ is a unique selling point for CBD oils. It is so because delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive compound. It is intoxicating. It has certain health benefits but it also has high abuse potential.

Labdoor's List Of Top CBD Oils

Labdoor’s List Of Top CBD Oils

Labdoor is an independent company that tests CBD products. It analyzes the ingredients a product has. It also reports any harmful ingredients or contaminants they may contain. Out of the several CBD oils it has tested, only a few made it to its ‘Top CBD Oils’ list. It recommends six CBD oils but not all of them are of the top-notch level:

  • It rates Garden of Life CBD oil products as ‘A+’. 
  • CBDistillery and Lazarus Natura’s CBD oils were rated as ‘A’. 
  • NuLeaf Naturals and Green Roads CBD oil products ranked in Top 10 with B+ ratings. 
  • Diamond CBD oils and Jolly Green’s Sublingual Tincture were considered sub-par (as compared to the other CBD brands).

All CBD Oils were free of contaminants.

The good thing was that all CBD oils were found to be pure. It means that they did not contain heavy metals like:

  • lead,
  • calcium,
  • arsenic, or
  • mercury.

They were also free of microbial contamination, such as:

  • yeast,
  • mold,
  • coliforms, or
  • E.coli.

Hemp is a scavenger plant. It absorbs contaminants from the soil and the environment. Hence, the CBD oil you pick up must use hemp grown in a clean and safe environment. Most CBD brands use raw hemp imported from other countries (such as Europe). The quality of such imported hemp is unknown. 

The best CBD oil companies use 100% organic and natural hemp. 

The United States has strict regulations regarding how the hemp is grown. Hemp farms in the US are closely monitored. Each hemp crop has to be registered with the authorities. It has to be grown in the environment and soil that is free of pollution (far away from factories or high-pollution areas). Hence, the CBD manufacturers that use US-grown hemp can offer you the premium quality oils. CBD oils of such companies are:

  • non-GMO,
  • free of heavy metals,
  • herbicide-free, and
  • pesticide-free.

Right now, the best-quality hemp in the US comes from either Kentucky farms or Colorado farms.

Mislabeling is a problem.

Three CBD oils were mislabeled:

  • Jolly Green Oil claimed to contain 250 mg of CBD concentration per bottle. But it had only 98 milligrams of CBD in the sample bottle. 
  • Similarly, Diamond CBD oil had 141 mg of CBD per bottle. It also claimed to have 250 mg of CBD in the bottle. 
  • Green Roads CBD Oil contained 74% of the CBD concentration claimed on its label. Its bottle contained 186 mg of CBD (instead of 250 mg of CBD) per bottle.

In 2017, Bonn-Miller and his team also found that label accuracy of CBD products sold online was in jeopardy. The researchers analyzed 84 products across 31 companies. The results of their analysis stated:

  • About 43% of the products were under labeled. They had more CBD than indicated on the label.
  • About 26% of products were over labeled. They contained less CBD than mentioned on the label.
  • 18 CBD products had THC up to 6.43 mg per milliliter. The presence of THC was not mentioned on the CBD products’ label.

CBD Oil prices vary widely.

Surprisingly, the price of CBD oils varies greatly. Labdoor found that CBD oil products offer you 2mg of CBD per dollar to more than 19 mg of CBD per dollar! The steep difference in CBD oil prices may be due to the quality of CBD oil. 

At WTPHemp, a 250-mg CBD oil bottle costs you $74.99. It means that you get around 3.33 mg of CBD per dollar. But WTPHemp’s CBD oil has 97% bioavailability – highest in the industry. Typically the oral bioavailability of CBD oils ranges from 6% to 19% in humans. CBD vape juices meant for inhalation may have a bioavailability of 11% to 45%. CBD tinctures taken sublingually have a bioavailability of around 20-30%.

Bioavailability of CBD oil means how much of the cannabidiol reaches the bloodstream of the user and shows its effects. WTPHemp has such a high bioavailability because it uses nanotechnology to make it possible. It uses the latest nano-emulsification process to break down the CBD oil drops into a smaller size of 25 nanometers. These tiny droplets have slightly different properties than standard CBD oils. 

CBD is a hydrophobic compound. It doesn’t dissolve in water. Nano-sized CBD oil drops are water-soluble though. The body absorbs them easily. Hence, though the Labdoor might consider WTPHemp’s CBD oils pricier, they are much more potent than the cheap CBD oils mentioned on their rankings list.

The THC content in CBD products varies.

The US 2018 Farm Bill pegs the legal limit of THC in CBD oil at 0.3%. It means that CBD oils with a higher content of THC may not be legal in many states. Even in the states that implement medical marijuana laws, you may need a prescription to buy CBD oils with THC. States that allow medical or recreational use of cannabis impose a limit on the amount of THC you can have in your possession. It is wise to check your local laws and state laws when you buy CBD oils with THC content higher than 0.3%.

Labdoor found that all the CBD oils it tested were within legal THC limits.

Besides the legal issues, one should check the exact THC content in CBD oils for health purposes. Some people are more sensitive to THC. Due to its intoxicating effects, CBD oils containing THC may not be suitable for children or pets. Some employers also conduct drug tests. Presence of THC in your CBD oil may cause you to fail such tests. The side-effects of consuming THC may hamper your work performance. Hence, THC-rich CBD oils should be avoided during work hours or before driving.

Please note that even THC-free CBD oils often contain up to 0.3% of THC. If you want to avoid THC altogether, you should check the third-party lab test results for the CBD product batch you are buying. 

Product reviews may also give you an idea of the effects of CBD oils. These reviews are an excellent source of assessing how a specific CBD oil brand affects the users. They also tell you how to best use a CBD oil product you want to buy.

Be Wary Of Fraudulent CBD Companies

Be Wary Of Fraudulent CBD Companies: Discover Top CBD Oil Companies

The rising trend of CBD products has attracted cheaters and scammers to the field. Many companies use harmful chemicals and diluters potentially dangerous for health. To rake in higher profit margins, they indulge in unruly business practices. In the past five years, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warning to more than 20 companies for not complying with the current good manufacturing practices (CGMP). These companies made false claims and shared wrong information on product labels.

Before you buy CBD oil, you should check out this list. You can check the name of the company and why they were warned.

VCU researchers analyzed CBD vaping liquid samples of a leading brand. They published the results in Forensic Science International. They found that the samples of Diamond CBD products contained a compound called 5F-ADB. This is the same compound which is also found in a synthetic marijuana-like substance called ‘K2’ or ‘Spice’. 

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) says that this stuff is illegal. It can:

  • trigger paranoia,
  • lead to panic attacks,
  • increase heart raise,
  • increase the blood pressure,
  • cause convulsions,
  • damage organs, and even
  • cause death.

One of the products they tested also contained ‘dextromethorphan’. It is a common ingredient found in many cough syrups. Teens looking for a high abuse these syrups.

WTPHemp follows best industry norms. It also subjects all its products to rigorous lab testing. To make sure that it offers only the best CBD oils and tinctures to the users, the company avoids the use of any unnecessary compound in the CBD oils. It even avoids artificial flavors in its CBD oil tinctures. Hence, you will see that all WTPHemp’s CBD oils and tinctures have the raw hemp flavor. 

You may also check out the third-party lab test results for each product batch that it sells. All WTPHemp products are tested by ProVerde Laboratories. 

Proverde is a specialized cannabis and hemp product testing lab. It tests CBD oils for their:

  • potency,
  • presence of heavy metals,
  • microbial contamination,
  • presence of pesticides, and
  • residual solvents.

ProVerde Laboratories is accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

What More Should I Look For In The Top CBD Oil?

What More Should I Look For In The Top CBD Oil?

Other than the CBD company’s track record and lab test results, you need to look for the following:

  • Additional ingredients that can help your medical condition,
  • Flavors of CBD oils you choose, and
  • The extraction method used by the company.

While ingredients and flavors are subjective, the extraction process used by the company is a technical thing. Best CBD oils are extracted using the supercritical CO2 extraction process. The other methods of CBD extraction use solvents. If they are not processed well, they may be contaminated by residual traces of solvents which can be harmful to your body.

The CO2 extraction process uses carbon-dioxide to extract CBD and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant. In the supercritical method, extreme temperature and pressure conditions ensure that the hemp extract is pure and clean.

As far as flavored CBD oils are concerned, companies offer endless options to you. From chocolate-flavored CBD products to CBD-rich honey, cannabidiol is showing up in delicious avatars on the retail store shelves. But the most popular CBD oil flavors are:

  • Mint-flavored CBD oils, and
  • Citrus-flavored CBD oils.

Minty oil tinctures are more palatable to people who are not used to the raw ‘grassy’ or ‘earthy’ taste of cannabis oils. Lime or lemon-flavored CBD oils can be easily added to your favorite beverage before bed. People recommend taking CBD oil drops before going to bed for a good and deep night’s sleep.

If you are looking to use CBD as a treatment for your pain or anxiety, you may google for ‘best cbd oils for <your medical condition>. Some CBD companies add herbs and natural ingredients to their formulations for extra health benefits. For example, turmeric CBD oils may offer better help with pain and inflammation in arthritis. Similarly, CBD oils with ginseng are quite effective in treating insomnia.

Discuss your condition with the CBD experts of the company (and your doctor), before buying the CBD oil for the first time. First-time users should also be very careful about the amount of CBD they take in a day. Experts advise that one should start with the minimum recommended CBD dosage for the product you use. Note down the effects for the CBD dose. You may increase your dose slightly in a week until you achieve the desired results.

As the experts say:

Start low, and go slow.

If a company is not honest with the information about the CBD oil it sells, never buy from it. Many good options are available online. But you need to investigate and compare the products well to get the best results.

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