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Oils Where To Buy CBD Oil For Pain? Simple Guide

CBD oil is quickly becoming very popular on a global scale is due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, the chemical is organic and is actually cheaper. This is, of course, in comparison to the synthetic drugs available in the market. Packed with many health benefits, using CBD oil is both efficient and effective for your body.

The cannabis on the street is currently valued at $13.7 billion. The reason why this is quite astonishing is that just a couple of years ago, not a lot of people were open to using CBD. Now, the demand for CBD has increased so much that experts predict that by 2025, the industry will reach it would evaluation of $66.3 billion.

Where to buy CBD oil for pain management? What place would be the best? How much you should pay?

One of the main claims made by experts for CBD oil is that it is an excellent pain relief stimulant. In this article, we will discuss whether the statement holds true or not. If you are someone or know someone who is suffering from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, or arthritis, keep reading. In the end, you will be able to know whether you should add CBD oil to your shopping cart next time or not.

Why Is CBD Oil Becoming So Popular?

To put it simply, it is due to the anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects of the chemical. What makes the growth in the popularity even more fascinating is that just a couple of years ago, the CBD chemical was not exactly legal. As it is a derivative of cannabis, many people were skeptical to introduce or openly use CBD in their daily lives. There are two reasons we change the perception that CBD had among the general public.

The first reason is the advent of the Internet. The Internet taught the users that CBD is not a psychoactive element. In other words, consuming CBD will not create a state of euphoria among its users. Even on consuming the CBD chemical in high amounts, no one will be intoxicated. The second reason is word of mouth publicity.

The current users of CBD oil are the biggest advocates of the chemical. Having experienced the efficacy and effectiveness first hand, they are always vocal about the advantages of including CBD in their daily lives. Hence, both these reasons led to wide-scale acceptance of CBD oil and its products.

Is CBD Oil Legal Or Illegal In The United States Of America?

There has always been a lot of confusion regarding the legal status of CBD oil in the United States. To be upfront, the 2014 Farm Bill brought a favorable change where CBD oil is concerned. For this bill, American people were free to use CBD oil if it was derived from the hemp plants. Also, the growing and cultivating of hemp plants were made federally legal as well.

This bill stated:

The extracted CBD oil should not contain THC traces is greater than 0.3 percent by dry weight.

If this condition is met then the extracted CBD oil will be legal in the eyes of the law. Hence, it is important to find out the total THC presence before you buy any CBD product. Failing to meet this condition may lead to prosecution and penalization by the law.

This is actually a very informed change made by the government of the United States. See, the CBD chemical is actually a non-psychoactive element. A lot of people assume that CBD is a substance that will create a state of high for them. But, this is completely untrue. It is the presence of another chemical called THC that causes the “euphoric high associated with the cannabis plant. 

It is also necessary for the CBD oil to be extracted from the hemp plant alone. 

The CBD oil can be extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. This cannabis Sativa plant can be of two types:

1. The Hemp Plant 

2. The Marijuana Plant 

The hemp plant actually has a greater concentration of the CBD chemical. The total THC presence is below 0.3 percent as well. If you recollect the condition put forward by the central government, it is very conveniently met by this type of plant. As such, then the CBD oil is derived from hemp, the CBD concentration will always be more. And, the THC level will always be below 0.3 percent.

In the case of the marijuana plant, the THC level is actually more than CBD. The CBD chemical is present in the plant, but in lower amounts. As such, when the CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plant, the features will be similar as well.

There is also the viewpoint of the different states of America. Every American state has the right to plan and put into effect their own policies. As a result of this, there are three types of states where CBD oil is concerned.

Firstly, states such as Nevada, Washington and so on allow the free use of CBD oil. This means that citizens of such states can you CBD Oil for recreational as well as medicinal purposes.

Secondly, there are around 33 American states that have restricted the use of CBD oil for medicinal purposes. In such cases, citizens are not allowed to use CBD oil for recreational purposes.

Thirdly, states such as Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota et cetera are not open to the concept of using CBD oil. In other words, the states have placed a lot of restrictions on the free use of CBD oil by their citizens. The sale and purchase of CBD oil are not allowed in these states.

All in all, for the CBD oil to be legal in the eyes of the law, it has to be derived from the hemp plants. And, the total THC traces should be below 0.3 percent. Buyers can also refer to Americans for Safe Access to know more detailed information about state laws on CBD oil.

The Fascinating Way The CBD Chemical Reacts With The Human Body

A body has a very efficient yet complicated body system which is known as the endocannabinoid system.

This body system has two types of receptors. The first receptor is called the CB1 receptor. And, the second receptor is known as a CB2 receptor.

The CB1 receptor is located near the brain area of the users. It is this particular receptor that is responsible for maintaining the cognitive health of the user. The following functions fall under the jurisdiction of the CB1 receptor. These include –

1. Sharpness

2. Understanding 

3. Coordination

4. Memory

5. Movement

6. Talking

These are just some of these functions, there are many more in number.

On the other hand, the CB2 receptor is located near the immunity system of the user. This particular receptor is responsible for handling the inflammation level as well as the pain intensity in the body.

The THC chemical which is the psychedelic one interacts with the CB1 receptor. Whereas, the CB2 receptor interacts with the CB2 receptor. Now, there is still a difference in this interaction.

The THC chemical latches onto the CB1 receptor. It is due to this very reason why it alters the cognitive thinking of the user. In the case of the CBD chemical, the job is mostly of stimulation. The CBD chemical encourages the human body to produce its own cannabinoids. It should be noted that CBD itself does not produce any cannabinoids.

When there is an increase in the level of cannabinoids in the body, the capacity of the body to fight health conditions increases. The body becomes more powerful and can easily ward off diseases.

The exact with the CBD chemical interacts with the endocannabinoid system is not yet known due to a lack of research. Also, this body system was only recently discovered in the late 1900s.

Even so, we can surely say that the CBD chemical helps to increase the efficiency of the body making it stronger. And, less prone to diseases.

The Correct Dosage Of CBD Oil For Pain

It should be noted that the U.S Food and Drug Administration has still not recognized the CBD chemical as a dietary supplement. This is again due to the lack of proper and detailed research.

As a result of this, the US agency also has not issued any guidelines about the optimal CBD dosage.

This makes CBD oil dosage open for interpretation. This is why it is advisable to get in touch with a health specialist. Also, for dosage, it is better to start using the CBD chemical in a smaller amount. And, then gradually increase the product intake as per body needs. We would also like to stress on avoiding self-medication. This may be dangerous to your health. And, when it comes to health, it is better to not take any chances. Scheduling a meeting with an expert may seem too tedious but trust us, in the long run, it is way better. You can never be too careful in matters of life.

Decoding CBD Oil For Pain Management

The therapeutic effects coupled along with anti-inflammatory properties, make CBD oil very efficient for managing information and pain. The main reason why CBD is so efficient for pain issues is that it prevents the body from absorbing too much anandamide.

A chemical compound itself, anandamide is directly responsible for managing pain levels in the body. To put it simply, when there is an increased production of anandamide in the blood of the user, there will be a reduction in the intensity of the pain being felt by the user too.

Also, as a chemical compound keeps the inflammation levels in check, it can help to maintain cognitive health as well as the nervous system of the user.

The Efficacy Of The CBD Chemical For Major Pain Problems

CBD Oil for Multiple Sclerosis 

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is actually quite a severe problem. It is an autoimmune disease that is caused when the nerves and brain of a user ceased to function efficiently.

What are the most common symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis is muscle spasms. Now, these muscle spasms are a constant source of agony for MS patients. They are extremely severe and can cause a lot of pain.

CBD can help to reduce the intensity and frequency of these muscle spasms. This can be a great source of relief to Multiple Sclerosis patients.

Research carried out by experts found out that CBD was efficient in reducing the level of spasticity felt by the user. Even though the results were not exactly much but, it is still a positive indication.

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

The CBD chemical can help to reduce the level of inflammation in the joint and surrounding tissues of the user. Also, the pain intensity and the user can be effectively curbed by the chemical.

Users only need to apply topically is that they have been infused with CBD in the affected area. Nowadays, CBD brands are designing the product in a manner that leads to the easy absorption of the CBD chemical into the skin membranes. After this absorption, the CBD chemical helps to reduce inflammation. Then, the pain signals that are being set off by the affected areas are weakened by CBD as well.

CBD Oil for Arthritis 

The two most common symptoms of arthritis are stiffness and inflammation in the joint area.

Arthritis is quickly becoming very common among people. In fact, not only Americans, the world at large is slowly stepping into an arthritis epidemic.

To study the effect of the CBD chemical on arthritis issues, scientists conducted research. Scientists applied CBD topical gel on rats that were suffering from arthritis. This went on for about four days. In the end, they found that there was a considerable reduction in the inflammation level among the rats. Even the intensity of the pain and other issues were effectively reduced. 

There was another plus point that scientists found out about CBD oil. This was that there were no adverse effects on the health of the rats on being subjected to the CBD chemical.

All in all, CBD oil can hence, be called an excellent pain relief stimulant. Now, we even have the research to back it. First, we need more detailed and clinical research in the field of CBD.

As a lot of restrictions were imposed on cannabis derivatives, the scope of research that could be conducted by scientists was greatly limited. But, after the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, things have changed a lot. In fact, scientists have already started researching to find out about the true potential of the CBD chemical. Once we get more concrete proof, CBD will be given the credit that had been long due.

Decoding CBD Oil For Pain Management

The Side-Effects That Users Need To Be Aware Of Before They Use CBD Oil

As mentioned above, buyers do not really have to worry about side-effects when it comes to using CBD oil. But, then again we are not aware of the long-term effects of the chemical as well. 

In comparison to the synthetic drugs, CBD oil being organic is much safer. Synthetic drugs can have severe side-effects, for sure. CBD oil may have the occasional cases of a few health issues but they are mostly negligible. Some of these health problems are mentioned below –

  1. Lethargy or Tiredness
  2. Increase in the weight of the user. There might even be cases where there is a reduction in the weight of the user. 
  3. Nausea 
  4. Loss of appetite 
  5. Drowsiness 

CBD users need to be careful when they use CBD oil. This is because the CBD chemical has the potential to disturb the working of prescription drugs. So, if you plan to use CBD and take prescription drugs, you need to be careful and as such need to visit a health specialist.

Generally, people respond well to CBD oil products. Due to the organic factor of the chemical, they don’t really have to worry about negative effects. But, there might be cases where a user is allergic to the CBD chemical itself. such cases, it is important for the user to be given immediate medical attention.

Where To Buy CBD Oil For Pain Management?

CBD oil can be beneficial for people who are suffering from pain issues. As mentioned above, the pieces of information that have been conducted by scientists also highlight this fact.

The holistic and therapeutic effect of the CBD chemical can help to reduce the pain intensity as well as the information level in the body. The main thing that users need to be careful about is the optimal dosage. The CBD chemical needs to be taken in just the right amount in order for users to get its medicinal benefits.

Insufficient does it will make the entire process useless. Whereas, too much of the CBD chemical can result in an increased tendency to be lethargic or drowsy. As a result, it is important to visit a health specialist for this case. With the help of their expert guidance, users will be able to take advantage of the CBD chemical is the best possible way.

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