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Oils Who Sells The Best CBD Oil In The Market?

Availing the best quality CBD oil should be the priority of every CBD user. The main way they can achieve this is by buying products that have been third-party tested. Also, the companies should also have certifications awarded to it when they get their lab results.

Who sells the best CBD oil in the market?

In this article, we will navigate the various nuances related to lab testing and their results.

The Different Ways To Test Your Hemp Plant Quality And CBD Oil Quality

Tests help the CBD buyer to determine whether the company from which they are buying their products are actually worth buying from or not. CBD companies with a good name will always take tests to gain the trust of the users. It helps to establish goodwill in the CBD market. The passing of the Farm Bill has legalized the use of hemp-derived products. This has led to several tests being made available to check their quality and that’s the message.

It is very important for the CBD oil that is being infused in the products to be of good quality. The CBD oil will be of good quality when the mother plant is grown in first-grade conditions. Before reaching the end retailer CBD products have to undergo many steps to reach the final version. Each and everyone in this chain should take the responsibility to produce the best that they can.

There are five primary tests that can help establish the makeup of the CBD oil and its quality. We have listed them below, and you can use them to research your CBD oil.

1. CBD Oil Testing

Some people may find it illogical to test a CBD product for CBD but it actually is not. The reason why users are buying these products is to get health benefits. These health benefits can only be derived from the use of good quality CBD oil. This type of testing will help the buyer to be aware of the total number of active cannabinoids in the product. As we know, the compounds have lots of nutrients and antioxidants in their natural state.

The number of active cannabinoids will help the user determine the potency of the infused oil. Even the purity of the oil can be found out. Furthermore, buyers can also know the exact composition of the product. It is needed by the law for the THC traces in the product to be below 0.3 percent for it to be considered legal. By taking this test, the user will be able to determine the correct percentage in the product. That is whether the content is permissible or not. The concentration of other chemical components like CBG, THCA, et cetera can also be known.

2. Heavy Metals Testing

The working of the hemp seed plant is based on the process of bioremediation. Basically, anything the roots of the mother plant gets in contact with while growing in the soil is absorbed by the plants. Heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead are found existing in the soil. When the mother plant comes in contact with these metals then they can be absorbed by the roots. The heavy metals are treated as contaminants and as such are unwanted in a good quality CBD oil. This type of testing helps to determine the amount of each of these heavy metals in the CBD oil.

3. Residual Solvents Testing

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are derived from the mother plant. This process is a time-consuming process and can even involve more money. In order to reduce their cost, CBD companies sometimes used solvents to ease the process of the extraction of the CBD oil. Any infiltration of solvents is not good and should be eliminated. In this type of testing, the buyer can determine whether the company used any solvent during the extraction process. Customers are usually not interested in products that contain added solvents. It reduces the purity of the oil. 

Companies should always use a good method for extracting the CBD oil. It is only via this that they can get oil free from any additions and dirt. Buyers should be aware of the companies that fail this test. Failing this test is an indication of the company using a bad extraction process. This may cause the CBD oil to contain harmful solvents.

4. Terpenes Testing

Terpenes are made by the trichomes of the mother plant. The trichomes are the output from the hemp plant’s epidermis layer.

These elements are usually used in the Full Spectrum CBD oil and the Broad Spectrum CBD oil. It helps to give a fragrance to the hemp plant. These tests will help determine whether terpenes are present in the CBD oil or not. CBD isolates should only contain the CBD oil and nothing else.

5. Residual Pesticide Testing

Pesticides, in general, are not good for any human being’s health. Every American state has decided its specific limit on the use of pesticides by companies. All companies of that specific state have to follow this limit when they are growing the mother plant.

CBD companies have to be extra careful to follow this rule. The main reason for this is because their main ingredient, the CBD oil is extracted from the mother plant. The quality of the mother plant plays a huge role in the quality of the extracted oil. Having said that, it should be remembered that the FDA has not set any specific limit in this case. So, as the buyer it will be your responsibility to find out the limit is decided by our state. Check whether the CBD company from where you are buying your product follows that limit.

CBD Side Effects That The Potential User Must Be Aware Of

Of course, there is still a need for more clinical and detailed research. Most of the research that has been carried out has been done on animals like mice. In the past couple of years, studies have been carried out on human beings. Every one of which has validated that CBD does have a positive impact on the human body. Still, there is a need for more information on the long term effects of the chemical.

It is due to this lack of information that the FDA has still not recognized CBD as a dietary supplement. If you do decide to consume CBD products then it is better to research about the CBD company as well. Care should be taken to consume only excellent products that use good quality CBD oil. The user should opt for products that are third-party tested and certified.

The user may feel drowsy or nauseous after consuming CBD. Sometimes lethargy can also be caused by excessive chemical consumption. Yet, these symptoms are very mild and mostly negligent. One of the basic advantages of CBD products is that it is not addictive. Strong medication to treat health conditions can result in substance abuse. The user will never have to face this problem when opting for CBD oil-infused products.

Why You Should Opt For Those CBD Companies That Get Their Products Third-Party Tested

It is not necessary for the company to take tests. Lab tests help to clear any doubt the consumer may have about the products being sold by the company. A company does usually takes these tests to get their products third-party tested.  It helps them form a mutual trust liaison between their customers and the company.

There are many factors for which you should choose only select companies. The ones that are transparent and honest about their products should be the end choice. The reasons for opting for third-party tested products are listed below:

1. To Know The True Potency Of The CBD Oil

Third-party testing helps to get accurate information. It is because it is free from any bias towards the company. The information found out by them will be genuine and as such helpful to the buyer. The correct amount of CBD concentration in the product can be determined. In addition to CBD, products may contain other chemical compounds. These may include THC, THCA, etc. The buyer will be able to know the amounts of these chemicals as well. All in all, the buyer will be able to trust the company and its products more.

2. To Be Informed Of Any Harmful Chemicals In The Product

Third-party lab tests help provide solid proof about the ingredient list of the sample. It can help find whether fertilizers and pesticides have been used in the product. If yes, then what is their total amount. There are many chemicals, herbicides and other additions that can be harmful to the buyer’s health. The buyer can be a hundred percent sure of his safety by opting for third-party tested products.

3. To be aware of the CBD oil type used in the product

There are three types of CBD oil available in the market. The first one is the CBD isolate. This type of oil contains only the CBD chemical. As the name suggests, the CBD compound is chemically separated. That is the CBD is isolated from the other chemicals found in the mother plant. The Full Spectrum CBD oil is the combination of various cannabinoids. In addition to CBD, this type of oil may contain CVG, THC, CBGA, and so on. The Broad Spectrum CBD oil is very similar to the Full Spectrum CBD oil. It also contains a mixture of chemical compounds but there is one difference. CBD Broad Spectrum oil does not contain any trace of the chemical THC.

Third-party testing can help enable the buyer to know about the trace amounts of THC in the product. It is mandatory under law, for the product to have a THC content below 0.3 percent.

Beware Of The Marketing Trick That Many Manufacturers Are Indulging In

There are many people who can think that CBD oil and hemp seed oil are the same.

They could not have been more wrong.

Hemp seed oil is a cold-pressed oil derived from the seeds of the hemp plant only. CBD oil is extracted from the flower, bud, and leaves of the cannabis Sativa plant. Sometimes even the stems are used for its extraction. Hemp seed oil cannot be derived from any other part of the mother plant, unlike the CBD oil.

The hemp seed oil is filled with Omega -3 and -6 fatty acids. The hemp oil is an excellent moisturizer due to its antioxidant rich nature. The product is also non-clogging. On the comedogenic scale, the oil has a rating of zero. The comedogenic scale measures the clogging ability of the products from 0 to 5.

Five is for products that have the highest tendency for clogging skin pores. Whereas zero is for those products that were not clogging the pores at all. The hemp seed oil is usually free from cannabinoids like THC and CBD. It is readily available in the market.

The CBD oil, as mentioned above, is a great antidepressant and has anti-inflammation elements. Experts claim it as an excellent pain relief stimulant and can even improve the mood of the user.

The hemp seed oil is extracted from the resin glands of the mother plant. When this happens the CBD oil then may contain some percentage of the CBD chemical. But, the percentage is quite negligible at 0.3.

CBD oil can be extracted from the hemp seeds but will always be different from hemp oil.

The main difference between the CBD oil and the hemp seed oil is its effectiveness. CBD oil is way more potent as a health treatment. The former oil can be used to treat many health issues. Problems like anxiety, cholesterol, and depression can be controlled. The onset time of the CBD chemical may depend from person to person. But, the relief effects felt by him after consumption is always lasting and effective.

Hemp seed oil is a good oil in itself but when compared to the CBD oil it will always be the lesser oil. It has less potency and efficiency value in general. It is due to this reason that the CBD oil always costs more than him oil.

Many cannabis consumers are not well informed of the difference between the two oils. They assume that anything which has the word ‘cannabis’ on its packaging is CBD oil. Marketers are taking advantage of this fact. They are designing the packaging of hemp oil by focusing on the word cannabis. They are also including photos of marijuana leaves. Buyers just assume that they are buying CBD oil and not any other cannabis oil. This is helping the companies to increase their sales and even bank on the higher cost of the CBD oil.

Basically, Hemp oil makers are selling their products in disguise of CBD oil. It is a brilliant marketing tactic but is still morally wrong. Misinformed buyers are even paying more price assuming the product to be CBD oil.

This, it is very important for a CBD user to be aware of which product are they placing his money on. Research the company and its products and only then proceed to buy the product.

What Do You See On The Lab Reports Of The CBD Product?

Many CBD companies publish their third-party lab reports on their website. It is important for you to be aware of what you should look for and what things are shown on the report mean. We have listed below some of the most common compounds that are found on every lab report below –


Of course, the CBD chemical is supposed to be on the lab report. It will be quite ironical for the chemical to be absent when we are testing CBT products only. The lab report should mention the length of the product sample given to them by the company. The length of the product sample is very important. The sample length helps to find the concentration of the CBD chemical in the product. Then, the lab report should state the total amount of CBD present in the sample.

This will help the buyer to know whether the CBD amount claimed by the brand is the same as the one found by the testing. It should be noted to use the same unit of measurement for these findings. A lab report may give the CBD composition in mL instead of mg. 


THC has a very important role when determining the legality of the product. The THC content in hemp-derived products has to be below 0.3 percent in order to be legal. It is always advisable to test the product about the THC content. Buyers will know whether the product they are interested in is legal or illegal in the eyes of the law. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Cannabinoids Like CBG, CBN, And CBDA

as mentioned before, the Full Spectrum CBD oil is a combination of many cannabinoids. Third-party lab results help to know the amount of each of the present cannabinoid. The buyer will be able to determine whether the product is actually CBD full spectrum or not. Upon inspection, you may find that the amount of some of the cannabinoids in the product sample is tiny. Well, even a tiny amount is needed to create a good product by employing the entourage effect.

CBD full spectrum oil should not have any forceful removal of chemicals during the extraction.

Pesticides And Herbicides

The entire point of using CBD products is to get excellent quality CBD oil. Now, in order to achieve that, we need to buy brands that have the best growing conditions for CBD mother plants. Many companies claim that they use an organic method to grow the cannabis Sativa plant. Test lab results help to determine the number of pesticides and herbicides in the given product sample.

This helps the buyer to know whether the claims made by the company of using less pesticide and herbicide are true or not. Of course, it is not possible for the number of pesticides and herbicides to be zero in any product. Yet, the pesticide and herbicide composition in the sample should always be negligible. If the numbers are high then it is better to drop the product. Excessive consumption of such chemicals can be quite harmful to the buyer. The main reason for this is that pesticides and herbicides have a bad effect on the endocrine system of the body.

Chemical Solvents

Companies may use solvents to cheapen that extraction process. Chemical solvents like alcohol can be found in the product samples and it is tested. The chemical solvent is not good for health due to its carcinogenic nature. Other chemical solvents also include formaldehyde and butane.

The carcinogenic nature means that the chemical solvents can add to the growth of cancerous cells causing cancer risks. Brands using the CO2 extraction process should have no solvents in their items.

Many companies do not opt for chemical solvents testing. Still, users should ask them for these test results.


The total amount of microbes in the product sample should always be zero. There should be no exception to this.

Some of the most common microbes are Salmonella and E. coli. Microbes are small living organisms that can be very harmful to your health. If the test results to contain trace amounts of microbes then the product should be canceled. If the user consumes microbes by mistake then there will be a high chance for him to become sick.

What Is The FDA‘s Stand On Third-Party Tests By CBD Companies?

The CBD chemical was a banned substance a couple of years earlier. This led to many restrictions put on scientists to explore the potential of the chemical. This lack of detailed research is the reason for the absence of any regulation by the FDA. There is even no oversight offered by the government-controlled agency.

There are studies that have found proof to confirm the benefits of the CBD chemical but still, it is not enough.

The main motive of the FDA is to ensure public safety. It will not let the public consume anything which is dangerous to their health. This rule stands true for even cannabis products. If the agency finds any company is selling bad quality products then the FDA will step in. This will even be when companies fraud the public by selling products marketed as CBD oil. The agency has analyzed and tested products made by different companies. This is done to examine the legitimacy of the brand.

If the FDA is suspicious of any company and it claims then it has the complete right to investigate it. Hence, CBD users never need to worry about consuming life-threatening products. The FDA will step up in that case. Even so, there is still the need for ample research on the potency and potential of the CBD oil. Proper research and knowledge accumulation on the part of the buyer can help him make an informed choice.

Who Sells The Best CBD Oil?

There are many companies that are selling CBD oil-infused products. It is due to the increasing demand and competition in the CBD market. Well, it is definitely exciting for the CBD user but it is also a huge responsibility.

Furthermore, there is a lack of any regulation by the FDA. This may cause many companies to resort to illegal and fraud practices to boost their sales. A company that does not get its product third-party tested is not a fraud. Care should be taken to not confuse them to be one too. Like mentioned before, product testing is not mandatory.

It is just to be on the safe side that customers should opt for companies that do get their products tested.  There are now many companies that are providing buyers with full information. Buyers now know the test results and certifications of products. So, there are many choices. The responsibility of making the correct decision will be on you, as the buyer.

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