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Creams CBD Cream – Eye-Opening Facts

There are many pain relief products in the market. Have you heard about the CBD (stands for cannabidiol) cream? These creams claim to relief your muscle pain and it is a new concept that has been in the market.  People want to know more about the CBD cream products and the assurance that it is capable of curing muscle pain. The products are becoming famous in North America. There has been relevant confusion about the composition and after effect of the products. One of the most popular products is the CBD pain relief cream. This article will focus on the CBD cream from HEMP and the advantage that it will bring for pain relief. 

This new Cannabis medication is a topical ointment imbue. Marijuana is the source from which the component called cannabidiol (CBD) is derived. The products are available in the market or online. The products advertised as intense muscle pain and soreness relief medicine. Reading more about CBD will make you draw an analogy with THC. Yet, some of the researchers believe that CBD is the golden child of present-day medicine.

There is a difference in the level of pain relief when you consume the product or use the cream. The cream absorbs to skin.  This is the viewpoint of the people doing research on Cannabis. You will find more information about medicine in this article. 

What Is CBD?

What Is CBD?

CDB is the term for Cannabidiol. It comprises of the chemical compound from the cannabis plant. The Cannabis flower is inculcated with oil to form the product. The oil is of high quality. Some of the oils regarded as high-quality includes Olive oil and Coconut oil. These are high-quality oil because they can extract the active component from hemp. The oil is mixed with other pain relievers. Lemongrass oil, arnica, and therapeutic herbs are present in Cannabidiol medicines. 

Cannabidiol is a natural substance.  Cannabidiol is part of the cream, oil and edible product helping relax and calm the pain. It is not a psychoactive product. 

There has been confusion related to CBD as some people believe that it will get you high on consumption or use. The answer to this is no. There are two primary components of the Cannabis plant. The first is CBD and the second is THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive product and will not sedate you on using the products. 

CBD Cream

CBD Cream 

CBD cream contains natural ingredients from hemp. It’s composed of the natural cannabinoids and phytonutrients derived from a plant. CBD cream made from the oil extracted from cannabis or hemp. It is then mixed with a tropical base. When you use the cream, it binds with the CB2 receptor of your body. This binding process leads to the activation of the CB2 receptor. The activation could be due to two reasons. The ECS or endocannabinoid system which is a part of the body helps in activating the CB2 receptor. The second fact is the presence of phytocannabinoids which are available in the form of CBD or THC. 

The cream has a small quantity of THC. The cannabinoids penetrate to the CB2 receptors and not to the bloodstream. This rule out the theory that Cannabinoids which is a part of the CBD cream could make you high. The texture, potency, and consistency make the cream different from ointments and salves. The CBD cream provides immediate relief to the pain by acting on it. The base of the cream comprises of aqueous substance or water. 

CBD cream is an excellent source of pain reduction. In some cases, they have healed itching, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. You can use the cream on the body parts that requires a deep penetrating relief of pain or irritation. The skin absorbs the cream resulting is a relief to the body muscle and discomfort. 

Is CBD Cream Safe?

Is CBD Cream Safe?

Is the CBD cream safe?  Will it help in pain management? You must be thinking about these questions in your mind. It mentioned above that the component from cannabidiol mixed with essential oils. The products are available in the market as a pain reliever. Have a look at the ingredients list will surprise you. You will see most of them are a product of nature. Even the formula for the CBD cream is safe. Gregory Gerdeman has confirmed this.

Gregory Gerdeman is a neurophysiologist. He conducts research on cannabinoid biology and pharmacology at Saint Petersburg Florida. He says that the cream is safe as the product absorbs to the top layer of the skin. The absorption is not transdermal which has the risk of passing from the skin to the bloodstream. This product is the best when you want to use a cannabis-based topical cream for relief from pain and muscle soreness. The product is safe and without any side-effect. 

So, from the safety point of view, the cream is excellent but there is a problem.  There is not enough data and evidence in support. It is difficult to prove that CBD pain relief cream is superior to its counterparts.  The competitive products of CBD are available in the market for many years. You are using these pain relief products for many years and are not capable of reducing the pain.  Are you hesitant about the safety of the product?

Some of the most renowned scientist researching these products has declared CDB creams is the best solution for your muscle pain. As per a naturopathic doctor named Michelle Sexton, patients have shown a greater interest in CBD pain relief cream in comparison to other pain relief ointments.  She says that more than 50% of her patients have used the CBD cream and the feedback from them is positive.

Though there is not enough meaningful claim to prove the point. As per Michelle Sexton, patients are not happy with the result of tropical cream and other pain relief ointment available in the market. These patients are the ones who used CBD cream and found them to be better

How Is The Cream From Scientific Viewpoint?

How Is The Cream From Scientific Viewpoint?

There has been lots of news about CBD products. It has been a positive and negative response among the people. You will find a mixed review of the product in the market. There are positive reviews about the product and the user finds it worth spending money on CBD cream. While there are reviews that raise a question on the safety of the product. 

This is one of the most important questions that comes to your mind after reading about the CBD cream. There is some scientific analogy associated with them. If you want to reduce your muscle pain and are searching for a new medicine, then CBD cream is worth trying. There is various pain relief product available in the market. Components like menthol, capsaicin, and camphor found in the cream. 

As per Dr. Colberg, any pain relief cream provides a heating or cooling sensation. The sensation produced by stimuli to confuse the pain by making it inactive. Massaging the affected area will increase blood circulation and reduce muscle spasms. This makes the question “Should you use CBD?” more tough to answer. There is no research conducted on a human being. Even there is not enough data which makes it difficult to answer the question. 

Studies conducted on the effect of Cannabinoid on pain relief. One of the journals on pain research conducted on animals. It’s confirmed that the use of cannabinoid tropical product reduces inflammation and neuropathic pain. The CBD and THC are the best pain relief for cases with sclerosis. Though some research confirms the effect of CBD on reducing pain. There is not enough information that supports this statement. Sexton is one of the researchers working on cannabinoid. He says that there is a huge difference between CBD cream’s positive effect on animals and human beings.  

CBD cream is effective on inflammatory pain. This makes it a pain relief solution for post-workout pain too. The post-workout pain and exertion caused due to excessive workout. This is a kind of inflammatory pain. There is very little evidence to support the fact that Cannabinoid can reduce post-workout inflammatory pain. 

As per Ricardo Colberg, the cream can enter till 1 cm of the anatomical layer at the point of inflammation or pain. Ricardo Colberg is the Physician of Andrew Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center. He pointed out that the CBD cream cannot penetrate more than 1 cm in case the inflammation is beyond that level. 

As per one of the researchers, if you apply CBD cream to the skin, the cream might diffuse to the skeleton. The reason is the presence of oil in the fatty tissues of the body. This is a suggestion and there is no data or research to support the fact. 

One more point made by one of the researchers was the amount of CBD in the composition of the cream. There is no specific quantity for the cream mentioned that is effective for pain relief. This means you can apply any amount of the cream to any part of your body. The amount of CBD cream for pain relief is the same for all parts of the body. 

In June 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the USA accepted a form of CBD to be beneficial for people suffering from two types of epilepsy. The two types of epilepsy are Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. 

CBD Helps Reduce Pain 

CBD Helps Reduce Pain 

Cannabidiol is the scientific name for CBD.  It is the second most occurring Cannabidiol found in the marijuana plant. The cannabidiol that is most common or ranked first is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Since CBD is not a psychoactive product it will not turn you high or produce a euphoric effect on being cons. Research conducted on CBD proves to possesses immense healing capability. It has other capabilities that are beneficial to the user. 

CBD helps relieve pain by working on the bodies ECS or Endocannabinoid system. This functions at an anatomical level. ECS is capable of producing endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoid is a cannabinoid produced by the body. 

How Does CBD Cream Help Reduce Pain In The Body?

How Does CBD Cream Help Reduce Pain In The Body?

CBD helps in reducing body pain by producing Endocannabinoids. How does CBD reduce body pain is the question that must be evading your mind? The ways in which CBD acts on body pain and helps reduce and relief your form have been mentioned below. 

  • The body function increase through the Cannabinoids produced by the marijuana plants. 
  • ECS helps your body to respond to the immune system. It helps control pain and regulating the sleeping process. 
  • CBD consumption will supplement the body with Cannabinoids. It is in addition to the Endocannabinoids already present in the body. This leads to better management of sleep pattern, pain, and immune system. 

These are the primary benefits that usage of CBD cream. CBD can help reduce different types of pains in the body. Joint pains, arthritis, inflammation, muscle spasms, cramping, tendonitis, aches, migraines, and menstrual cramps can be reduced by using the cream.

The demand for CBD products has been rising. There has been much research and studies conducted on CBD products. Some research-based is on studies of CBD and its relation to reduction and management of pain. CBD is not a sedative product and will not cause any aftereffect mentioned by Junella Chin. She is an osteopathic physician and medical cannabis expert in cannabis MD. The research conduct has confirmed the positive effect of CBD cream on your body. This is beneficial in relation to pain management and sleep regulation. 

Other Benefits Of CBD Cream 

Other Benefits Of CBD Cream 

CBD creams have many other benefits. Some of them are

  • Antipsychotic effects on people suffering from Schizophrenia.
  • Cessation of smoking.
  • Drug withdrawal.
  • Combating acne, cancer and type 1 diabetes.
  • Treating anxiety.
  • Reducing the certain effect of Alzheimer.



The dosage prescribed for the CDB cream is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration of the USA. The dosage is not based on specific conditions and pain. Hence, the dosage of the cream depends on the amount interpreted by the patient. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using the cream.

The Food and Drug Administration of the USA has approved one of the forms of CBD as medication for epilepsy. It is a pure form of CBD known as Epidiolex. 

Effects Of CBD Cream

Effects Of CBD Cream

There are some side-effects related to the use of CBD cream. As per Cannabinoid research, the effect of the cream is as follows.

CBD products might have a long-term effect on the body. There are no studies conducted on this aspect to date. 

Is It Worth Using CBD Cream?

Is It Worth Using CBD Cream?

One of the most important questions that come to your mind is “Is it worth using CBD cream?”. After reading about CBD cream and the scientific analogy associated with them, you are bound to have doubts. If you want to reduce your muscle pain and are searching for a new medicine, then CBD cream is worth trying. There is various pain relief product available in the market. Components like menthol, capsaicin, and camphor are part of CBD cream composition. 

As per Dr. Colberg any pain relief cream that provides a heating or cooling sensation. It uses stimuli to distract and desensitizing the pain. Massaging the affected area will increase blood circulation and reduce muscle spasms. This makes the question “Should you use CBD?” more tough to answer. It is tough to take a call on the question as there is not enough research done on it. Even there is a lack of data as evidence to support the answer.

Then how about the placebo effect? There are about 33% chances of getting relief from the pain when you believe that the medicine you are using is effective and reduce pain. This is the Placebo effect. There is no evidence to support the disadvantage or aftereffect of using the CBD cream. As a human being you might have tried many pain relief medicines, then why not CBD cream?

You can buy CBD cream online from“We The People- HEMP” (www.wtphemp.cpm). The CBD cream comes in 250 mg package and costs $64.99.

According to the doctors, CBD cream is for adults and not for children.  There is insufficient evidence in support of the effect that CBD cream exerts on a child’s brain. Hence it is not prescribed or recommended by the doctor. The CBD products are not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding phase. 

The North American market saw a growth story for CBD creams and other products. People have started using the cream for getting relief from pain and inflammation. The cream is beneficial for medical conditions like Arthritis and Psoriasis. There has been a positive review for CBD cream from “We the People- Hemp”. The demand and sale of the product have increased over a period.  People still have doubts about the effect of CBD cream. This has left a huge space for more research and evidence to prove CBD cream and its relationship with pain management. 

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