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Pets CBD Dog Treats. The Truth About CBD Treats for Your Dog

Humans began domesticating and petting dogs since about 10,000 years ago. Pet care, however, has seen some major upward evolution since then. Traditionally, dog care merely involved feeding, playing, and walking the dog. CBD dog treats.

Teaching the dog lessons of loyalty was all we had to do but dog care today is far more complex and strenuous. Dog care today is more complex, with the newfound diseases that dogs are being diagnosed with. Not only is it a stressful job, but also one that is heavy on the owner’s pocket, with veterinary bills soaring. 

CBD infused products are gaining popularity. They are boasting the support of substantial medical research. These attest to their efficacy. A significant amount of which has been conducted on the animal subject makes us wonder. Are CBD treats for pets worth a shot? This question is frequently answered by marketers of CBD products for dogs

Various online pet care markets contain this information. But, in order to be able to answer this question by ourselves, we need to peek into the world of CBD. It is pivotal to understand what CBD is, what effect it has on its users, and how it works on dogs. 

What Is CBD?

CBD is clipped from the word Cannabidiol. It is a phytocannabinoid found in hemp that acts in order to assist the mind and body. It is distinct for hemp oil, which is devoid of cannabinoids. 

At odds with what most people believe, CBD is obtained from the hemp plants and not marijuana. The two species are close relatives but vary in their THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) contents. Marijuana plants have a greater THC content as compared to the hemp that contains about a mere 0.3% of THC. 

The hemp plants are a pure source of CBD in high amounts, that is non-psychoactive in nature. It is widely used by many for its manifold health benefits sans any psychoactive side effects. 

The choicest CBD products are manufactured by obtaining CBD from the whole of the hemp plant. Hemp is rich in cannabinoids coupled with flavonoids and terpenes. Using the whole plant to produce CBD infused items is known to be more beneficial than using parts of the plant.

How Does CBD Work On Dogs?

Most mammals are born with native receptors in their bodies for cannabinoids. These are called CB1 and CB2. Together, they form the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in our bodies. These receptors are spread across our nervous system and control and affect the working of our internal organs. 

They carry on a plethora of diverse functions like memory, tolerance for pain and hunger. Mammals, whether human or canine, sometimes experience excruciating pain. They also suffer from anxiety and lack of hunger. CBD oil for dogs helps treat symptoms like these. 

Just like its effect on human recipients, CBD also controls the effects of THC in dogs. Cannabinoids react with various receptors to cause lesser pain and relieve anxiety. They additionally control body temperature, among others. When you give CBD treats to your canines over a regular period, their ECS improves, paving way for a wide range of health benefits to your dog. 

What Health Benefits Do CBD Treats Provide?

Dogs, akin to humans, have health requirements like essential vitamins that are needed by their body to function in a healthy manner. CBD infused dog treats contain a shedload of health benefits when consumed regularly by dogs. For one, CBD treats are an excellent medium of providing omega fatty acids and protein that is essential for your dog. Other important health benefits that dogs can derive out of CBD infused treats are:

• Reduces shedding of dog fur

• Amelioration of the dog’s hair and skin

• Helps in healthier functioning of the pup’s organs

• Boosts immunity 

• Revitalizes the dog’s health 

• Provides pain relief in dogs that are suffering from arthritis, painful surgeries, or any other illnesses

• Alleviates stress caused by traveling, separation anxiety, or startlement

• Helpful for those dogs on whom prescribed medication causes severe adverse effects

• The calming effect of dogs suffering through heart ailments and prone to seizures

• Helps in building an appetite for dogs who are fussy or refuse to eat

• It helps cure symptoms of depression in dogs and helps them tone down their aggression

• CBD pets are engulfed in a wave of calm energy 

• CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help fight inflammation. It prevents swellings in dogs that could lead to arthritis

• Helps cure insomnia in dogs

• Helps fight cancer

Hundreds of videos do the rounds on the internet, about administering drugs and pills to your dogs and some of them make us chuckle. However, only a person who has had to medicate a dog knows the pains it involves. Canines have sharp and investigative noses that detect a foreign substance. 

These are essentially anything that is meant for the benefit of the dog. It makes them run for their lives, or worse, barf the medicine out. In such a case, CBD infused treats are attractive looking and aromatic. They are appetizing for dogs. They come warped and coated in layers of popularly loved canine foods and flavors. These include bacon, sausage, calcium bones, etc. 

CBD treats also sigh relief to dog owners whose pets refuse to get injected, or veterinary prescriptions are ineffective on them. It is therefore advisable for dog owners to shed their inhibitions. Deserting their apprehensions about CBD treats is the need for the hour.  

Feeding CBD treats to their canine friends is beneficial for dog health. CBD, as a substance, does not have a psychoactive effect leading to a “high” in your dogs. Your dog, hence, feels no buzz or feeling that alters his state of mind and is absolutely non-toxic and safe for consumption for them. 

Do CBD Treats Have Any Probable Side-Effects?

There have been no side effects noted from the extensive research and studies. But based on common side effects among humans, the following could affect CBD pets:

CBD pet treats are known to have a calming effect on dogs, but they could also make the dog feel drowsy.

• Dog treats with CBD could decrease the production of saliva in dogs. Thus causing them to get thirsty extremely often

• Higher intakes of dog’s dog treat with CBD in it could cause their blood pressure to drop. This drop seems ordinary and not worrisome. But it could make the dog feel lightheaded for a brief period.

How Do You Determine The Dosage?

There is an up-side of purchasing CBD dog treats from a trusted and well-established brand. It is that the doses are mentioned by them according to your puppy’s age. This makes it easier for you to know how generous you can be with those treats for dogs.

You could be a do-it-yourself (DIY) person. You could also choose to purchase the treats from a source that does not mention dosage on the sale. 1 mg a day is an ideal dose in such cases. If you are new to the CBD treat circle, you can start with a dose as low as 0.05 mg per day and gradually move the dose upwards, to see the effects on your dog. 

It is finally advisable to consult a veterinarian before you begin your pup’s course of CBD treats. Preferably one who is familiar and abreast with the uses of CBD as medicine for dogs.

What To Keep In Mind Before Buying CBD Treats?

If your veterinarian and you, collectively decide to give CBD treats to your dog, you must keep this in mind. Before you set out to scourge the market for these healthy treats. Here is a Shopping 101 that will serve as a guide in picking the best product:

• Strive to find products that have no THC and made from pure and organic hemp oil extracts. Check for any pesticides, solvents, or any other form of adulteration before you invest in a product

• Request to see certificates. Gather more information about the product you wish to buy and its manufacturers. Read about its methods of hemp extraction and production, etc.

• Don’t filter treats according to their prices. All expensive items must not be goo. But some higher-end products suggest the use of superior quality raw materials.

• Always keep in mind that there is an abundance of kinds of treats in the market. You can try which one works for your dog. Also, know that it is best to provide your dog’s daily dose of CBD to it in a liquid form, but CBD treats are a tad more appetizing for a dog.

What Are Some Of The Best CBD Dog Treats Available In The Market?

1. MediPets:

MediPets is one of the most popular brands of CBD treats available for cats and dogs. It is sold in an assortment of flavors like bacon, which will make it convenient for your beloved canine’s consumption. They have treated with varying contents of CBD in them. These are specified in the product description. They are sold at economical rates as compared to their competitors. These treats are manufactured in the U.S.A and each treat is tested. They are lastly derived from organic hemp. 

2. King Kalm Crunch CBD Treats:

Kink Kanine is a leading producer of pet-health care products. It has created a biscuit for dogs in three flavors. It is made from pure CBD along with ingredients like turmeric, apple, and honey. These add both flavor and health benefits to the snack. The biscuits contain Omega 3 and other vitamins that are essential for dog health. They are also THC-free. The treats are additionally prepared at a lower heat to keep the CBD levels intact.

3. HempMyPet Organic Dog Biscuits:

These biscuits are proud of their natural raw material base and are available with different treats for dogs of varying sizes. These treats contain distinct amounts of CBD in them (2mg and 5mg), which helps you pick what suits your canine’s palate. These treats have less than 0.3% of THC in them and are gluten-free, cruelty-free and GMO-free. A cherry on top is that they cultivate their hemp. However, they are only sold in two flavors. 

4. Honest Paws CBD Treat: 

These are treats of a uniform and higher CBD level as compared to other products in the market. This product is a value for money only if you have tried lower levels of CBD on your dog, that hasn’t had any substantial effect on its health. These treats are made from no soy, gluten-free and organic products and are tested in a lab, the results of which are accessible on their website.

5. CBD Essence: 

These dog biscuits are made with FDA approved oil and have no psychoactive substances or after effect of consumption. They are safe for dogs and made with a unique juicing method that uses pressure to concentrate the product. These biscuits are extremely appetizing as they have a list of other ingredients. 

These include eggs, cheese, apples, oatmeal flour, turmeric, chicken and garlic. In dogs with low appetite, these biscuits work effectively in inducing hunger. They also help solve issues related to digestion in the canines. 

6. Hempure CBD Pet Chews:

These are 2mg worth beef-flavored sources of CBD. They don’t only concentrate on CBD products for pets, but also have other sources of CBD available on their website. They have a non-grainy texture and are made from non-GMO hemp. However, these chews are not completely organic or natural. They do contain some artificial ingredients. These chews are only sold in one flavor.

7. Canna-Pet Maple Bacon Advanced MaxHemp Biscuits:

These treats are made from ethically derived raw materials. Apart from CBD, they also contain terpenes and phytochemicals. These treats are made from pure hemp extracts with a higher concentration of CBD than it previously launched version.


Giving treats to dogs has been an age-old practice exercised by man, as it promotes positive behavior in them. With development and innovation, we are now allowed to club two of the most pivotal needs of a dog, that is his medicine and his treats into one. CBD is essentially a kind of medicinal marijuana in its most non-toxic form. 

It is recently gaining popularity and momentum. It has successfully infiltrated medical science, the markets, and now our homes. But what is the future of CBD? The American Kennel Club believes that CBD is likely to see a growth in interest. Uses will also rise with people realizing its medicinal value shortly. 

There is also an estimated increase in the research on CBD and its effect, side effects, and new ways of inculcating it into our lives. This article is a guide for every canine parent and answers their frequently asked questions about the new and big deal that is CBD. 

It is therefore suggested to consult with your veterinarian about the benefits of CBD and its benefit to your dog because CBD is here to stay.

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