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Oils The Truth About CBD Isolate. Everything You Need To Know

CBD or Cannabidiol is a constituent that occurs naturally in the cannabis Sativa plant.  CBD has medicating properties that can help reduce arthritis and relieve anxiety. It can also stop seizures, mood issues and much more. It is basically a relaxing stimulant with excellent pain relief benefits.

CBD Oil: The Two Main Types Of It

CBD Oil – The Two Main Types Of It

The extracted oil from the cannabis plant is called CBD Oil. CBD Oil is usually of two types – CBD Isolate Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

CBD Isolate is a very pure form of CBD oil. It only contains the CBD chemical. It is free from any additions and infiltrations. It is because of the pure nature of the oil that CBD oil is mostly derived from hemp seeds.

While the Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is the effect of the “Entourage Effect.” The two main chemicals THC and CBD are combined together here. Sometimes, other cannabidiols may also be added to the reaction. This heightens the overall effect of these oils on the user.

For this article though, we will mainly focus on the CBD Isolate.

What Is The CBD Isolate?

What Is The CBD Isolate?

The chemical unit extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant is called the CBD Isolate. It is the purest form of a CBD available at the moment. The CBD chemical is ‘isolated’ or removed from all the other compounds present in the mother plant. Do you see how the oil is aptly named?

The remaining compound is the CBD Isolate.  

the complete process of making cbd isolate

The Complete Process Of Making CBD Isolate

The CBD Isolate is made through an extraction process. Now this extraction process is general and happens with all the cannabidiols.

What makes it truly unique is the next part.

After the extraction, the CBD is left to be. Over a period of time, the chemical is purified with various chemical compounds. This gives rise to CBD isolate which is filtered from the extracted cannabis. After the filtration, the CBD oil is removed from the cannabis plant through a process called winterization.

In the winterization process, the plant particles are thoroughly removed from the CBD oil. It is the process of chilling chemical constituents which is used to extract all impurities from the oil. Compounds like chlorophyll, terpenes and/or flavonoids are all removed. Even the wax from the plant is eliminated. After all these elaborate steps, we are left with CBD Isolate.

We get CBD in a powdered form, free from any THC traces. The purity of the powder is claimed to be at 99 percent. Now, the companies can use the powder directly or can transform it into a crystal isolate.

It is up to the CBD maker as to in what way they want to use CBD Isolate. There are usually two ways to use it – 

Using CBD Isolate In A Powdered Form. 

CBD Isolate in powdered form is mixed with skincare creams or edible gummies. They can also be used directly by placing it under the tongue. Due to the complete purity of the powder, it is readily absorbed into the skin and the bloodstream.

Using CBD Isolate As A Crystal. 

Under this method, the isolate crystal is consumed via a vape pen or through liquids. Again, the crystal can be directly placed under the tongue as well.

Commonly CBD Isolate is used as an edible only. Experts say by taking the isolate in the powdered form and placing it under the tongue is the quickest and effective manner there is. There is no need to worry about the taste and smell, as it is tasteless and odorless.

The Benefits Of CBD Isolate To Your Body

CBD Isolate provides various benefits to your body, mind, and soul.

  • Experience The Healing And Relaxing Sensations Without Getting High

CBD Isolate is completely free of any THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the chemical that has psychoactive elements. It encourages the release of dopamine which affects cognitive functions. If you are strict about wanting a THC-free product, check the labels on the bottle to ensure it before buying.

  • CBD Isolate Facilitates Dosage Control

As mentioned before, the isolate is chemically separated from other cannabis compounds. You can thus measure your intake by measuring the CB isolate with any household scale. Use the milligram method and regulate your dose. In all probability, one milligram of CBD powder should equal one milligram of CBD. Nowadays, CBD companies are also printing the dosage instructions on the packaging for the ease of the buyer.

The entire CBD dosage game is based on interpretation as there are no guidelines to follow. Visit a physician to help figure out the correct dose for you. Every human body is special in its own way. This, in turn, makes the dosing amount exclusive to that person. It is advisable to always start small and then higher your dose. Measure the effect and as need be, increase or decrease it. The effects after CBD Isolate consumption should be felt by the user within 60 to 90 minutes.

  • CBD Isolate Can Help Treat Various Health Conditions

CBD has found to have many therapeutic and positive effects on mental and physical health. Also, neurological wellbeing is thoroughly regulated by the chemical.

We will list down the different ways in which CBD can prove to be beneficial to the user. It should be kept in mind that experts still find studies lacking. There is a need for more detailed, clinical research to fully grasp the possibilities in the CBD field. 

CBD can help:

  1. Treat anxiety and depression
  2. Control inflammation issues in joints and muscles
  3. Treat Diabetes and Obesity
  4. Reduce the risks related to cancer and heart diseases
  5. Provide treatment for ADD, autism, ADHD, etc.
  6. Smokers by keeping a check on their nicotine tendencies 
  7. Regulate sleep quality and sleep patterns
  • Least Expensive Chemical Compound

CBD Isolates are actually quite cheap in comparison to their counterparts. CBD tinctures and oils, especially if CBD full-spectrum would require the buyer to shell out more cash. For CBD isolates, the buyer can get 1000 mg for just about $25.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil V/S CBD Isolate Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil V/S CBD Isolate Oil

As you have read above, the CBD oil commonly is of two types- Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. For CBD Isolate oils, the oil mixture is completely homogenous. The CBD oil is separated chemically from every other part of the cannabis plant. CBD Isolate is free from any traces of THC. It is due to this reason that the user cannot get high after consuming it. The oil is 100 percent pure, free from any dilution. Even minerals, vitamins and terpenes are removed from CBD. Proteins and flavonoids are stripped off too. In the case of Full Spectrum CBD oil, there is a magnified effect of the different cannabidiols it possesses. These cannabidiols are all found naturally within the mother plant.

Basically, both the oils are different from each other. We have listed below the main points of difference between the two CBD oils-

1.    General Potency

CBD Isolate is commonly extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. They are a standalone product with no cannabidiol added to it. The cannabis plant has many chemicals growing in it, THC and CBD being two of them. The Full Spectrum CBD oil mixes together many chemical compounds.

Now talking in terms of potency. Both the CBD oils can treat a variety of health conditions without any doubt. CBD Isolate is generally more concentrated than CBD Full Spectrum. Yet, that does not mean the latter is less effective than Isolate. 

The full-spectrum CBD oil will also have stronger remedial and restorative effects in comparison to the CBD Isolate oil. 

2.    The Entourage Effect 

As we have mentioned before, certain users combine both CBD and THC chemicals to heighten the resulting effect. This is called the “Entourage Effect.” You might think about why this is done?

This is because the combination gave results to a stronger concentrate. This, in turn, leads to higher relief effects and therapeutic properties. The Lautenberg Centre for General Tumor Immunology carried out research to establish supporting evidence. The finding validated the increased effectiveness of Full Spectrum CBD. 

The CBD Isolate oil cannot compete with these magnified effects even with a higher dose of the same. The purity of Isolates is no match for the Full Spectrum CBD oil. This is actually also logical as the latter is a mixture of two chemicals, CBD and THC. CBD and THC both have immense benefits. The body can take advantage of anti-inflammation, antidepressant, etc.

3.    The Legality of Both the Oils

In the eyes of the law, CBD Isolate oil and Full Spectrum CBD Oil is completely different. By definition, CBD extracted from Hemp Seed Oil that has less than 0.3% THC content by dry weight is federally legal. This took place with the passing of the Farm Bill in the year 2014. Furthermore, a cannabis product can be termed illegal if the THC content in it was more than 0.3 percent. In the United States of America, it has a certain catch to the legality of CBD products as well.

All the states in the country have the right to form and affect their own policy. Now, since the legality of hemp was only recently established, not many states are welcoming the change with open arms. Before you place your order for any cannabis product please check where your state permits it or not. Even though CBD Isolate products are mostly free from restrictions, certain states like Idaho and South Dakota still deem CBD illegal.

Takeaway Thoughts On CBD Isolate

The sudden interest of the world in everything CBD is quite astonishing. In just a few years, the CBD market has seen growth like no other. It is estimated that by the year 2024, the market net worth will shoot up to $44.4 billion. Currently, it is valued at $13.4 billion. This is a huge feat. Considering that CBD just a few years ago was not even heard of, it is now finding a place in every house.

If you want something very powerful, you should opt for Full-spectrum CBD oil. Otherwise, CBD Isolates are safe products with amazing health benefits. They are easy on the pocket and simple to use. Talk to your health specialist and research yourself before taking any decision.

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