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Pets CBD Oil For Cats: Is It Safe? Learn The Truth

You must be one of those people who already might know about the endless possibilities that this new compound has with regards to healing humans. This new compound is called CBD or cannabidiol. It has already proven its worth in reducing pain, anxiety and depression-like diseases in humans. In some cases, this has also proven to be quite helpful in cancer treatments.

There is one thing for sure. If this little compound can have these many benefits for humans, then it might also be helpful to our fuzzy little friends. This is not a fact known by many, but CBD can have a similar effect on our pets be it cat or dog. The society has a way to shut it down though. With such a stigma attached to the Hemp and cannabis derivatives. 

It becomes that much more difficult for a person to dive deep into these products. What usually happens is that due to such harsh stereotyping most of the people take these products for their face value. This is one of the major reasons as to why many people don’t know about the far-reaching benefits of CBD for both themselves and their beloved pet animal. 

Since you are here this means that you are one of those people who are unhinged by hemp and might be wondering if this may be a thing for your cat. If you are thinking that using CBD on your cat might improve their health. Then my friend you are on the right track. This article would serve as a guide for all of you. And would also provide you an insight into the uses of CBD oil for cats, how to dose it and what may be its side effects.

Let us begin by talking about the elephant in the room. 

What Is CBD Oil For Cats?

CBD or as it is known in the field of science, cannabidiol is only one of the many active compounds found in the plant known as cannabis. Cannabis happens to have hundreds of active compounds. This long list of active compounds also includes a quite infamous THC. 

Now, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main psychoactive compound present in cannabis. Psychoactive compounds translate to a compound which is responsible to induce a feeling of psychosis. Or indulge its user into a psychedelic experience. In easier words, this means that whenever a person happens to use any product containing THC. That person is likely to experience a feeling which is referred to be as “being high”. 

Here’s where THC differs from CBD. CBD is not at all psychoactive. This means that the end-user will not be experiencing any feeling of being high. Instead of providing with the feeling of High, CBD is used for healing purposes.

CBD oil is the concentrated form of the compound CBD which is usually found in a plant known as the hemp. It’s more commonly known as a tincture, this oil is created by extracting the CBD present in the hemp plant. Now, once the basic extraction process is over we see that our CBD is mixed up with some plant residue of hemp. 

This makes it necessary for an added filtration process. This added filtration process can be easily achieved by passing organic solvents like alcohol to the plant of hemp.

This solvent then absorbs out all the precious CBD. This is responsible for creating a very safe way of medication for both humans and pets alike.

CBD has done wonders for humans. But, since we hold our pets very dear to our hearts we all must wonder is CBD oil safe to use for my cat? Don’t worry we are here to answer your question.

Is CBD Oil Safe For My Cat?

CBD oil can be very often used to improve and reduce the standard and quality of living for cats. It is also used to put them at ease and at the same time cure them of various symptoms pertaining to multiple illnesses. 

Taking matters in your own hand can be very fatal for the cat. If your cat happens to be suffering from a very serious issue, then taking them to the vet should always be the first step.

Cats are like humans in this regard. Since no two cats have the same genetic makeup that means that no two cats would have the same CBD dosage. In a much broader sense, this also means that no two cats will react to CBD in the same manner. 

The way the cat reacts to CBD depends on the cat to cat. But on a much general note; there has been a significant amount of studies to prove that on a whole almost all the cats have a very similar way of reacting to CBD. 

Vets also usually agree that CBD happens to be generally safe for our feline friends. Very rarely do they have any ill effects. However, it is always safer and a much wiser route for the safety of your cat to always consult your vet before taking matters into your own hand. Holistic vets are a great place, to begin with. They are open to new and less conventional methods of treatments. This makes them the perfect place to decide whether CBD is an option for your cat or not.

Proper knowledge and proper dosage are very important in this regard. So is reading all the paperwork which accompanies your CBD product. This is a very essential step in ensuring the safety of your pet. It is often seen and noted that CBD on a general note and on the appropriate dosage is not found to be having an adverse effect on your cat. 

However, most of the side or adverse effects start to manifest themselves in you cats when the dosage concentration is high. Another thing to note here is that the marijuana plant is known to be highly toxic if consumed by your cat. 

This means you would always have to be on a very high alert if you are administering CBD to your cat. It is advisable to never give you cat marijuana. CBD products are the best and the safest alternative for your cat’s health. 

You must be wondering that what is the mechanism behind this CBD oil. And how does this exactly work, the next segment is just about that.

How Does The CBD Oil For Cats Works?

CBD or CBD oils both of them have a very similar way of working. They both work very similarly to how vitamins do. For example, if you take a dietary supplement of Vitamin A . Then that supplement which you have taken will help your body by increasing the amount of vitamin A present in your body. 

The same thing happens with CBD. CBD works for your body’s ECS or endocrine system. ECS is the main thing responsible for handling and regulating your mood, sleep, and pain. This is the reason that taking CBD helps you get rid of these ailments among other chronic diseases. 

The idea of giving the same CBD to your pet would seem bizarre at first. But, CBD works kind of the same way in pets or your cat as it would work in humans.

All the system in your brain which is responsible for handling almost any bodily functions is made up of neurons. These neurons are also the receptors of cannabinoid. In other words, these are the places where the CBD which you take would have an effect upon. No THC components of CBD go to this place and stimulate then in a non-psychoactive sense.

This is the reason that you get all the health benefits without getting high. Humans share this system with many other animals. Your cat happens to be one of them. That’s the reason that even they would also get the same benefits by taking CBD as a normal human being would.

Will Cbd Oil Make Your Cat High?

This genuine question which would have crossed your mind. If you would have given a thought to administer CBD for your cat. In very crude and simple terms the answer to the question posed above is no. CBD alone is not a psychoactive component. 

This is the reason that if you take just CBD it would not give your pet or for that matter anyone a high. The reason for the same comes from the fact that CBD is usually isolated from the component of cannabis which handles the feeling of highness. This component being THC. 

Thus, it is chemically impossible for you to get the same effects as you would get if you take in THC. The only way for you or your pet to get high from CBD would be by taking the CBD which has been reinforced with THC.

CBD oil not only would not get your cat high but at the same time, it is also perfectly legal. This factor depends upon the THC content in your CBD. Since it happens that some of the THC would remain in CBD even after all the extraction and purification. 

Also, only if the THC content is less than 0.3% then only is that particular CBD legal in most of the states. Again this fact depends upon the state to state. So it is always advisable for you to check the CBD content and the state laws. Before acting on an impulse and buying the wrong CBD which would get you into trouble with the Law.

While it is very common practice to usually misplace the plants of hemp, marijuana, and cannabis. This does not mean that they all are the same. It is very important for a person to understand all the differences between these plants. 

Another important thing is to realize that these plants have a very different role and uses. Also, which of these plants are legal and which of them are not depending on the place where you might be living.

Cannabis is the blanket plant or term here. Cannabis usually encompasses all of the different plants and variations that these plants might have. Unfortunately, what makes the use of CBD very difficult is that people are usually acquainted with the most infamous strain of the cannabis plant. That stain is that of marijuana.

The strain of marijuana contains a very high level of THC in it. This is the reason for countries like Canada to have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Mainly because the user would get the feeling of being high. That is the reason why it is banned in most US state and that to on a federal level. This makes owning or possessing marijuana a federal crime in the United States.

Hemp on a very different note is legal because of its THC content. It usually contains only 0.2 to 0.3% of THC. Translating that to human terms would mean. That it won’t be getting you high anytime soon even if consumed in very high quantities. This again is never recommended. 

Hemp again is legal in all the 50 states. That is the reason you may have seen the products such as hemp lotion, etc. on the market very frequently. CBD oil is made from hemp and not marijuana. Which is the only reason that is can be sold all over the United States without getting on the wrong side of the Law?

Just because marijuana is psychoactive it will not share the health benefits with its counterpart CBD. Both of these strains have different uses and both of them are known to provide the user-health benefits if they happen to be suffering from chronic illnesses.

However, the stigma surrounding marijuana plants makes it illegal in almost all states. This is the reason only hemp products are allowed to be sold in the majority of the United States. With that being said, it is never a good idea to give marijuana-infused products to your pets or cats because it will have a very bad effect on their health. This is the reason that you should always give your pet CBD oils which are only derived from the plant of hemp.

CBD Hemp Oil Made For Cats And What Is It?

Now we are getting into the very essence of this article. Since we have gotten most of the common questions out of the way, now is the time when we tackle this question head-on.

The safest form of administering the CBD oil for your pets is the one which comes from the plant of hemp and not marijuana. CBD oil for cats is the oil specifically created for this purpose. This often comes in a liquid form which only contains CBD and not marijuana.

Most of the CBD products are in the form of a dropper. This makes dosing very easy. The main benefit that this has on the health of your cat is that you can easily introduce the CBD in your cats’ diets at your own pace.

You might be eager to make your cat very healthy. But adding CBD to your cat’s routine very slowly and steadily is the best route to take. It gives your cat time to adjust to the substance while at the same time you can also see the health of your cat being improved. You can dose your cat orally or by adding small amounts to their favorite food or treats which you give them on a daily basis.

Effects And Benefits Of CBD Oil For Cats

Since we share our endocannabinoid system with our cats the benefits that we are habitual of experiencing from the use of CBD is the same for cats. Not only does the CBD comes in very handy while treating chronic conditions but also helps in affecting your cats mod and provide it with comfort. The CBD can also be used as a preventative measure to prevent some very serious illness to come into your cat’s system. 

Some of the main health benefits which could be experienced by your cat are listed below: 

1.    It Reduces Swelling And Pain

All the pain and swelling are regulated by the vanilloid receptor which is present in your cat’s brain. CBD oils are excellent at treating pain which originates from these dwellings because of this target the receptor and blocks the pain from turning on.

When this neuron is rendered useless it is not able to send pain down into your cat. This makes the entire swelling signal throughout the body disappear gradually go away on their own. It is so good at reducing pain and swelling that researchers are making it a new class of drug for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain.

Owing to this very feature of CBD this makes it very helpful in treating a wide array of both acute and chronic illnesses like that of Pancreatitis, Arthritis, Intestinal inflammation, Nerve-related pain, Neuropathy pain, etc.

2.    It Helps In Fighting Anxiety And Depression

Both Anxiety and depression are caused by the imbalance of hormones in the affected person’s brain. While this is commonplace to think that these diseases are only limited to humans but cats are also susceptible to these symptoms.

Because it is our ECS system that takes care of all our moods, sleep, etc. using the thing like CBD which goes on to stimulate these ECS receptors helps in regulating all of the above factors. This helps the body to rebalance the imbalance which was cause earlier and the hormones return to their normal state.

Not only does CBD oil are effective in managing anxiety and depression but they can also help with other mood-related disorder. Namely, the fear which can be very easily induced into your cat. For example if your cat is afraid of going out, giving it CBD would reduce its fear.

This was both you and your cat can have a good time together. This would also reduce your stress, in the sense that you now will not have to worry about your cat’s mood constantly. 

3.    This Is Very Helpful In Reducing Seizures And Epilepsy

These two diseases can be very scary and have the potential of changing or altering your cat’s life. Fortunately, CBD oils have proven to give a very positive impact on both the felines and their human counterpart in reducing and controlling their seizures.

Seizures are caused by the disruption which is caused in your brain. These are usually in the form of electrical impulses. These abrupt changes could lead to a change in your brains activity. This then could lead to violent shaking throughout the body.

CBD counteracts seizures by helping the brain reducing the amount of these electrical disruptions every time it is used. This, however, won’t cure the root cause. This is only for temporary relief.

4.    Reduces The Chances Of Having Cancer And Also Its Side Effects

There haven’t been enough studies done in this regard which could explain the exact mechanism as to how can CBD prevent cancer from happening but there is sufficient evidence in this regard.

CBD is known to promote homeostasis throughout your body. This helps in interrupting any growth or spreading of cancer cells. In the studies done on rats, it was also seen that CBD was responsible for killing the cancer cells.

CBD is also especially helpful for the ones going through chemotherapy because it is a known painkiller. Also at the same time, it reduces the urge of vomiting,

5.    Improve Your Cat’s Overall Health

Along with all the above-mentioned benefits, CBD can also improve the coat on your cat. It helps your cat to develop a good and shiny coat of hairs. This could be given credit to because it helps in improving the skin by reducing acne and allergies in humans. 

The CBD also helps in improving your cat’s overall mood, fur, and energy levels, making this a very good overall medicine for your cat.

Side Effects Of CBD Oil For Cats

Well, there are no known side effects of CBD oil for cats. This can be confirmed by most of the vets. However, since all the cats are different this would mean that they would tolerate different amounts of CBD.

With that being said, it is always good to consult your holistic vet before giving you cat nay sort of CBD. Also, the only side effect which also is not that easily noticeable in cats is slight sedation. Since cats love to sleep taking this mall factor into account could be very difficult. So keep a keen eye on your cat’s sleep schedule.


While giving you cat CBD it is always advisable to go slow at first. While deciding the dose it is good to consult your vet because they would guide you better. But as a general thumb rule remembers this.

1 mg to 5mg of CBD for every 10lbs of your cat’s body weight. Beginning with 1mg is also good because then you can easily notice all the changes.


CBD oil for cats is an alternative treating method which is gaining a lot of traction these days. If you were hoping to give CBD to you cat we hope that this article was helpful. Since there is a lot of a stigma attached to these products we hope that this would have given you an unbiased look into the world of CBD.

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