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Competitive Comparison Truth about buying CBD oil from Amazon

Can you buy CBD oil from Amazon?

CBD oil is very beneficial for the general health of human beings. It is a relaxing catalyst that has medicinal properties. CBD, with its anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties, making it very efficient for a wide array of health issues. The fact that it can improve the overall wellness of the health of users, has made it very popular among American families. Not a lot of people understand why the sudden demand for CBD is a big deal.

Just a couple of years ago, people were not aware of CBD at all. In fact, there was a stigma around the use of cannabis derivatives like CBD for any purpose. Suddenly, people realized how potent cannabis and its derivatives can be to treat health conditions. It is one of the major reasons why it is expected that the cannabis industry will be valued at $66.3 billion by the year 2025. The current valuation stands at $13.7 billion which is no less in itself.

Even with that, the rise of CBD in the medical sector is quite shocking. One of the biggest reasons for the demand is the word of mouth publicity that CBD oil has received from its current users. There are many people who have already introduced CBD today’s daily life and are all praises about the effectiveness of the chemical compound.

Many CBD users have adopted the chemical simply for its pain management benefits. With its anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects, CBD is a fantastic pain relief stimulant. In fact, research has already backed this feature with solid proof. We will discuss the various types of pain that CBD can treat later on in the article.

Considering the increase in demand for CBD oil products, a need for providing such products is created. Many CBD brands have cropped up in a short span of time to monetize on this demand. With so many brands there is an even greater range of CBD oil products offered by them. If you think from one point of view, this is actually very good father CBD users. Who does not like a variety of products to choose from? But, on the negative side, with so many choices, it can be very difficult for the same CBD users to make a choice.

In this article, we will talk about purchasing CBD oil for pain relief in general. But, we will focus on two places where we can buy CBD oil from: We The People Hemp and Amazon. Read on as we navigate through buying CBD oil from Amazon and from WTP Hemp.

Let Us Get Introduced To The Term CBD

Cannabidiol, or the more commonly known CBD  is a natural chemical compound. This chemical compound is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. CBD can be found either in the marijuana plant or the hemp plant. This is because, both the mother plants are actually the two types of cannabis Sativa plant. The oil that is extracted from the mother plant is called CBD oil. The mother plant plays a very important role when we talk about the purity of CBD and its legal status. CBD would not make you high, learn how does it feel like.

When the CBD oil is extracted from the seeds of the implant, it is the purest. This is because the hem plant naturally contains a greater level of the CBD chemical. It also contains another chemical compound called THC. But, the presence of THC in the hemp plant is below 0.3 percent making it negligible. 

You will be quite fascinated to know that when the CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plant, its properties change. The marijuana plant contains a greater THC level as compared to CBD. Naturally, the CBD all that is extracted from the marijuana plant display similar characteristics.

What Is THC? 

You must be wondering as to why is the THC being mentioned so much when we are talking about CBD. You see, the cannabis Sativa plant contains around 120 cannabinoids in it. The two most prominent of these cannabinoids are THC and CBD. As both these chemicals are found in the same mother plant, they share structural similarity is. Furthermore, both the chemicals have a positive influence on the health of the user.

Just like CBD, THC may help in the treatment of health issues such as cancer, heart attacks, and so on. It can help build up the appetite of the user and regulate sleeping patterns. But, this is where the similarities stop.

You should not confuse and CBD and THC to be the same chemical compound. There is one major difference between the two which gives them different identities in the eyes of the law.

The CBD chemical gives you a lot of health benefits without intoxicating you in any way. This is why it is a non-psychoactive element. On the contrary, the THC chemical creates a euphoric high when you consume the chemical in a higher amount. This makes THC a psychoactive element. As it creates a high for the user, many central and state governments do not allow their voters to use THC in higher amounts.

This is mainly because the chemical influences a person is thinking, pleasure, and even concentration. Physical movements and coordination of further altered when users consume THC. This, in turn, creates the need for users to be cautious when they use CBD oil with higher THC faces.

The Similar Health Benefits That You Can Avail Of  Using CBD And THC

There are a couple of benefits that you can avail when you consume CBD and THC either together or separately. Some of these health benefits are listed below:

1. Both chemicals can help reduce the risk of cancer. Here, THC and CBD helps to remove dead and weaker cells in the body. These cells are replaced with healthier and newer cells. Also, the chemicals help to stop the growth of cancer is too much to the point of even preventing it completely. A research was carried out on mice to study the effect of CBD. It was found that the risks related to rectal cancer were greatly reduced by using CBD oil. But then again, not much research is available in this field. With the increasing demand for CBD oil, we can expect this to change very soon.

2. Both the chemicals help to build up the appetite of the user. There might be cases where a person loses his appetite and as such needs treatment. THC and CBD, help to increase hunger among users. In addition to this, both have antidepressant properties that can help it to treat depression. The mood swings of users can also be curbed by using these chemicals.

3. CBD and THC can reduce the stress and anxiety levels of the user. Both chemicals can encourage the secretion of serotonin in the body. This, in turn, helps to reduce the symptoms related to anxiety and hypertension.

4. Both the chemicals, CBD and THC can reduce risks related to heart attacks. The chemicals are readily absorbed into the bloodstream of the user which does not put any stress on the heart. In fact, this dress is considerably reduced. Heart patients can most certainly try to introduce CBD and THC products in their lives. 

5. CBD and THC can be very useful for people suffering from insomnia. With their therapeutic effects, CBD and THC help to improve the sleep quality of the users. People who have irregular sleeping patterns can also use CBD and THC items.

CBD Oil For Pain Management And Pain Relief

There are three most common types of pain issues that are experienced by human beings. We will discuss this in greater detail below –

1. CBD Oil for Managing Chronic Pain

Here, the anti-inflammatory effects of The CBD oil plays a huge role to manage chronic pain. Chronic pain mostly includes inflammation in the joint and other surrounding tissues. CBD oil with its calming properties help to reduce the inflammation in such areas. In addition to this, the pain signals that are set off by the affected areas are also weakened by the CBD chemical. It should be noted that the pain signals are not completely stopped, only their intensity is reduced. This is perhaps the main reason by CBD oil is so efficient to manage chronic pain issues.

Scientists carried out in research to study the effect of CBD oil on chronic pain. Later, they concluded that cannabis can actually help people suffering from chronic pain. As the results were favorable, many Americans are encouraged to try out CBD oil for themselves.

2. CBD Oil for Managing Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the entire body. It is the nerves and the brain of the person suffering from Multiple Sclerosis that get affected making it a very serious health issue. People suffering from MS experience severe muscle spasms. In fact, the sheer intensity of the spasms and a source of constant agony to these people. Scientists found out that CBD oil could help to reduce the frequency of spasticity. Also, the level and intensity of spasticity can be controlled to a certain extent when CBD oil products are consumed. 

Having said this, the research was carried out to study only the short-term use of CBD oil. Of course, there is a need to know the long-term effects of CBD oil but the fact that Multiple Sclerosis patients can have relief is definitely positive. It is for this purpose that more detailed research has been carried out to study the effect of CBD oil on MS.

3. CBD Oil for Managing Arthritis Pain

One of the major symptoms of arthritis pain among people is inflammation in their joints and connecting tissues. We have already mentioned how CBD oil helps to reduce this inflammation above. In addition to this, a study in the European Journal of Pain was conducted on rats. The study aimed to observe the effect of CBD oil on symptoms related to arthritis. Scientists applied a topical gel that contained the CBD chemical on rats. These rats had arthritis. After four days, it was found that there was a huge drop in the inflammation levels in the bodies of the rats. Furthermore, no side-effects were found on the health of the rats after using CBD.

To conclude, scientists found proof to back the effectiveness of the CBD oil to manage pain. It is definitely a very positive result as CBD oil is organic. And, way cheaper than the other available synthetic drugs.

Also, there is another pro of using CBD oil for managing pain. Your body will not build any tolerance for the chemical even after repeated use. This will ensure that you do not need to increase your CBD dose every month or so. This is actually quite a big advantage in the medicine world. In today’s time, with opioid addiction becoming a norm, CBD oil and its products will not lead to any substance abuse.

Buying CBD Oil From Amazon Or Buying CBD Oil From WTP Hemp: A Comparison 

We will first talk about buying CBD oil from Amazon. And then, we will talk about buying CBD oil from a reputed CBD brand, WTP Hemp.

Should You Buy your CBD Oil from Amazon?

If you suffer from pain, you would want to buy CBD oil. Amazon, being a very famous and the biggest online shopping portal, you would open it first. You must have already bought products from Amazon that are good quality. So, why would CBD oil be different? 

But, if it is not as easy as it looks.

At the risk of being straightforward, buying CBD oil from Amazon should be avoided. Even if you feel you are getting CBD oil products at a lower price.

Let us elaborate.

The CBD oil that you see on the Amazon site is not to CBD oil. Sounds shocking, right?

Well, it is the truth. does not give permission to sellers to sell CBD products on its platform.

Now, if you open Amazon and type in “CBD oil“ in the search tab, you will find products that claim to be CBD oil. Actually, Amazon allows the sellers to use keywords to help boost their sales. And due to the incredible rise in demand for CBD oil, many sellers are taking undue advantage of the fact. Customers are being tricked into buying alleged to mate products being sold as CBD oil.

Just think about it, when the Seller Central Platform of Amazon quite strictly unauthorizes the sale of any product containing CBD oil, how can you get CBD oil on the site?

Even if the product somehow manages to crack through the speculation, the product will never be of good quality. If you are asking the question as to why Amazon allows this to happen on its side, nobody knows the answer to that.

The CBD oil but you see on Amazon it’s actually Hemp Seed oil. The latter oil is allowed to be sold by Amazon. As many customers are misinformed, they assume that hemp seed oil and CBD oil are the same. Both oils are very different in terms of their potency and effectiveness. Hemp seed oil is good but not as good as CBD oil. CBD oil can treat many health problems in a much more efficient manner. The scope of the hemp seed oil is limited in comparison.

This is why the prices of CBD oil and hemp seed oil are different as well. So, not only customers are buying the wrong product, but they are alsO paying more due to the wrong information.

The Third-party Sellers on Amazon that You Need to be Aware Of

When you set out to buy CBD oil, it is better to opt for legitimate CBD brands. Certain third-party sellers, sell replicas of products sold by these CBD brands. These replicas may even be good but then at the end of the day, it is still a replica. They can never match the effectiveness and quality of the real CBD oil.

One of the biggest advantages of third-party sellers is the lack of transparency. If you do buy from the seller, you will have no idea regarding where your product is coming from. In fact, it may look like a reputable see beauty brand is selling the product but the sale may not be coming from them. In other words, the products you see are ‘sourced’ from somewhere else.

But don’t you worry, we will help you avoid such sellers and not waste your money.

Before you place your order for CBD oil products, check who is selling the product and who is fulfilling it. There is a difference between the “seller“ and “fulfiller“. 

If you come across a line that states “Sold by ABC company and Fulfilled by Amazon.“ 


The statement means that Amazon will be the one fulfilling the product and not the CBD brand. It is better to ensure that the seller and the fulfiller in the CBD brand itself. 

When the product is fulfilled by Amazon, there is a huge change where the processing and shipping of the product is concerned. The product is directly shipped from the warehouse by Amazon. Of course, Amazon officials will take care to buy and select quality products but still, it can be compromised. You see, at first glance, the products they look at high quality with no defects. It is after a certain period of time that issues may arise. Sometimes, the products may be expired too.

Before you blame the CBD brand, we have to stop you. Many of these brands are not even aware that their products are being duplicated and sold like this. It is only after they get complaints from their customers that they know of these problems. Furthermore, sometimes products are purchased from the middlemen and then it is sold on Amazon.

But then again, it depends on your experience with third-party sellers. There are people who have had no issues when purchasing from them then as they are also people who have been duped badly. The fact that it is a huge risk, we would urge you to not place your order from Amazon especially where CBD oil is concerned.

The entire point of you wanting to buy CBD oil is to improve your health. If you a lower quality CBD oil, this purpose will be defeated. Instead, buy some online centers such as WTP Hemp. You will never have to worry about receiving lower quality products that do not benefit you. You get superior CBD oil at reasonable prices that are directly delivered at your doorstep.

Things You Should Keep In Mind When You Purchase CBD Oil And Why WTP Hemp Passes It 

When you are a buyer, the main responsibility of buying the quality of CBD oil lies on you solely. In addition to Amazon, there are still many CBD brands that offer lower quality CBD oil. When we use the oil to manage pain, it becomes even more important to have access to superior CBD oil. This is because you cannot get the same effectiveness and potency from bad quality CBD oil. 

Here are certain things that you should remember before you place your order for any CBD oil product. We will also list out the reasons why We The People Hemp should be your first choice when you buy CBD oil for pain.

1. Research the CBD Brand Thoroughly

It is very important for you to know everything that you can about the CBD brand. A good brand should always be transparent about its business practices. This brand transparency should extend to their products as well. Every ingredient used to create their products should be clearly mentioned on the product labels. If you feel there is insufficient information regarding the CBD brand, you have the full right to contact them asking for more clarification. 

WTP Hemp has always been clear about their business practices. You will find all the information you need about that product and the hemp plants used by them. They have a 24 x 7 helpline available to clear all your doubts as well.

2. Check Whether the Product has a Detailed Label

A well-written label should give you all the information regarding the product. It should contain all the ingredients used, their concentration, precautions, and dosage. also, the information is spelled out on the label should be a hundred percent accurate. Now, for CBD oil products, the total concentration of CBD should be clearly mentioned. If the product contains units, then the total number of these should be mentioned as well. 

WTP Hemp has always ensured that well-written labels are attached to their products. Every ingredient used in creating the company’s product is clearly mentioned.

3. Research About the Ingredients used by the Company for Making their Products

Now that we have mentioned the importance of a detailed label, it is important for you to understand the ingredients used by the company. Of course, the first thing should be a superior quality CBD oil. If you do not understand an ingredient that is added to the product, research about it. And, inform yourself about its pros and cons. This step is important because sometimes CBD brands may use ingredients that are not good for the health and long term or you might be allergic to.

For example, CBD brands may use melatonin. There is no problem with melatonin when it is used in smaller amounts. But, when used at consumed in a higher amount then the user can feel dizziness or headache. And stomach cramps and irritability are the other side effects of melatonin.

As we have already mentioned, WTP Hemp has a 24 x 7 helpline. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. If you have any queries regarding the ingredients, you can contact them and they will answer pronto.

4. Ask for the Third-party Lab Tests and Certificates that the Company has Taken

Third-party lab tests and certificates at important. The biggest advantage that the user can avail from these texts is accurate and unbiased results. The CBD brand submits a sample of the product to labs and gets it tested. There are many tests that can give the user various types of information about the product. Firstly, you can determine the total concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids present in the product. Also, for legal purposes, it is better for the THC traces to be below 0.3 percent. Then you can determine whether the extraction techniques for the CBD oil is good enough or not. 

You can find out about the safety of the CBD product as well. The total presence of hard metals and microbes can be known through these tests. The number of fertilizers and pesticides used by the company are shown too. Think of these tests as a confirmation of you buying quality CBD oil. Some of these tests include:

– Antimicrobial tests

– Certificates of Analysis

– Gas chromatography tests

– Potency tests

WTP Hemp sees to the fact that their customers get a high-quality product. It has set a high standard for its CBD oil. And, the CBD oil withholds to these standards. Furthermore, the company does not make any false claims regarding the products. Whereas, there are many companies in the CBD industry to make exaggerated claims about their products.

5. Determine the clarity of the CBD oil used in the product

The entire point of quality CBD oil is that it should be free of harsh solvents or chemicals. Certain companies use solvents like water and alcohol for extracting the CBD oil from the mother plant. The use of solvents, although is cheaper, can lower the overall quality of the CBD oil. It is better to opt for a company that uses the CO2 extraction technique. The reason we say this is because the CBD oil that is extracted via this method is the purest and cleanest.

WTP Hemp uses the supercritical CO2 nanoemulsion extraction technology for its CBD oil. This is why the bioavailability of the CBD oil of the company is 97 percent. This is quite a rare feat in the CBD sector. The company solemnly believes in providing the highest quality CBD all possible to that buyers.

6. Check the Legitimacy of the Claims made by the Company About their Products

If any CBD brand teams and that the product can help “cure” any disease, please know that they are making false claims. Also, this is against the law. So, if a company makes such claims they are either ignorant or are okay breaking the law. 

You see, the chemical CBD is definitely very useful. But, it is not a medical drug that can cure any disease forever. It may help improve the wellness of the body and mind but never cure. 

WTP Hemp takes pride in the fact that they do not resort to making false claims. They only highlight how due to CBD oil, the mental, physical, and neurological health of the buyer may improve.

7. Understand the Correct Dosing of the CBD Product

One major issue with CBD is that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still has not issued any specific guidelines on the dosage of CBD oil. As such, it is much recommended to purchase from a company that gives proper dose guidance with their products.

You should know that CBD oil is of three types:

– CBD Full Spectrum Oil

– CBD Broad Spectrum Oil

– CBD Isolates

All three of these secretly also have different properties. But, the CBD for spectrum all Ab bought spectrum oil are magnified CBD us. In other words, these walls are a mixture of various cannabinoids. This is why they are more effective and important in comparison to see isolates. Due to the increased effectiveness, it is important to exercise even more caution when consuming these oils. CBD isolate only contains the CBD chemical. And, as such has to be free from any additions and infiltrations. It is better to consult a health specialist to work out a dosage program where CBD oil is concerned.

Benefits of Shopping with WTP Hemp

We have already mentioned how WTP Hemp satisfies all the main points to get your hands on quality CBD oil. WTP Hemp’s CBD oil is actually really good for pain management. The company believes to give their buyers products that are well worth their money. It has a very customer-centric business model. Here are some of the benefits that you avail of when you shop with WTP Hemp –

1. The Company Provides a Hundred Percent Secure Shopping

All the e-commerce transactions that take place on the site of the company are 256 Bit encrypted. This ensures that the confidential information of the buyers are safe and cannot be hacked into.

2. The Company always takes Initiative to Give their Buyers High-Quality CBD Products

We have already mentioned the customer-centric business model of WTP Hemp. As it uses the CO2 extraction method, the extracted CBD oil is of really good quality. In short, the CBD oil can be used for effective pain relief. In fact, when you buy from WTP Hemp, you get one of the best CBD oil products in the cannabis industry.

3. The Company gives its Buyers After Sales Help

The customers of WTP Hemp can take advantage of post-sales assistance. The customer service is knowledgeable, polite and ready to help. You can avail of this service 24 x 7. As a result, if any buyer has any issues or problems, the company’s customer service will be available to help them out.

4. The Company has an Excellent Return Policy

The return policy of WTP Hemp is one of the best in the entire CBD sector. If, by any chance, the buyers are not happy with the product. Or, they receive damaged products, they only need to contact the company. WTP Hemp will either send them a replacement or a full refund for the product, no questions asked. This is why there are many existing buyers who are very happy with the company.

To conclude, you need to be very careful when you are buying CBD oil from Amazon. Well, technically, it is not even CBD oil. So, it is better to place your order from reputed online CBD sellers like WTP Hemp. Whether you use CBD oil for pain or for any other health issues, you will always need effective CBD oil. This, in turn, will only be possible when you buy quality CBD oil. So, take out time to research about the company. And, of course, set an appointment with your physician who can guide you on the optimal CBD dose for your body.

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