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Pets Should You Use CBD Products For Dogs?

Scientists have spoken about the benefits of the CBD chemical to human beings. Its anti-inflammation and therapeutic properties do not need further mention. There is ample evidence in support of it. Let us focus on the advantages that our four-legged friends can have from CBD consumption. Many vets are increasingly suggesting medical cannabis to treat dogs. CBD products for dogs.

There is, of course, the need for more clinical research in this field. Still many pet parents are introducing their dogs to CBD products. CBD can maintain the general health of dogs. Cancer and seizure risks can be treated with CBD use. Even the silent disease anxiety can see a reduction in their levels by CBD use. Read on as we navigate the relationship between dogs and cannabis oils.

What Is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is liquid derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. There are many ways to extract CBD oil from these plants. Companies have developed advanced technology to extract CBD oil from the mother plant. The supercritical CO2 extraction process is the best process for this purpose. The CBD oil can reach the body easily. It also prevents other wastage as well.

CBD is a non-hallucinogenic element found in the hemp plant or the marijuana plant. The mother plant plays a very important role here. It helps to determine the legality and THC content of the product.

The hemp plant comprises of more CBD and less THC naturally. Whereas the marijuana plant has more THC levels and a lesser CBD content. When the CBD oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant then the THC content will be absent. But when the CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plant then the oil will contain more traces of THC.

You must be wondering what exactly is THC.

THC is the other primary compound of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis plants are usually thought to be products that will produce a high among users. This ‘high’ that is commonly conjoined with cannabis is because of THC. This chemical contains psychoactive elements. It is these elements that may produce a state of euphoria among users. CBD does not make the user high at all as the psychoactive elements are missing in the making of the chemical. THC attaches itself to the CB1 receptors. This, in turn, stimulates the production of dopamine.

Comparing the THC chemical and the CBD chemical

The chemicals, CBD and THC are thought to be the same elements. And they are not to be blamed for this. These chemicals are found in the same mother plant. It is due to this fact that they share structural similarities. There is another similarity between the two chemicals. Both the chemicals have many benefits that help improve the wellness of the body.

They can treat conditions like anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Now, these benefits are not reserved for human beings specifically. Even pets like dogs can take advantage of CBD’s wonder properties.

Focusing on differences, CBD and THC are different due to the high producing factor. CBD benefits users without making them inebriated due to its non-hallucinogenic nature. THC does help maintain the mental and physical health of the user but at a cost. The THC chemical alters the consciousness of the user. The understanding, thinking and movement are all influenced by taking CBD.

The treatment of the two chemicals is also different in the eyes of the law. THC is illegal whereas CBD and its products are 100 percent legal.

The Entourage Effect

This is a very important reaction in the world of cannabis. The Cannabis Sativa plant generally contains 80 different cannabinoids. All these are found growing naturally next to each other. Separately each of the cannabinoids is great for the user. But when they are combined together the result is even more effective.

Many CBD users mix THC and CBD together to amplify the potency of the two chemicals. It leads to a more effective product that can treat health conditions in human beings and dogs alike. Also, the onset period of these products is quite less in comparison to CBD isolates. The Full Spectrum CBD oil is the most common item which is made as a result of this reaction. Many companies are creating products for dog health containing CBD Full Spectrum oil.

How Does CBD Work When It Is Consumed By Your Dog?

The main reason that CBD oil helps dogs in the same way as a human being is their same structure. Human beings and dogs share a similar endocannabinoid system. In this system, there are many neuroreceptors that are placed in the different parts of the body. The acting cannabinoid gets in touch with these receptors.

This sets in motion the regulation of the workings of the body. This is the main reason that consuming CBD sendoff relief signals. It is these signals that relax the brain and fights against diseases.

The Various Benefits Of Giving Your Dogs CBD Oil

CBD oil can be used to regulate the mental and physical health of your dog. The oil is even great for calming the neurological working of dogs. Continued and careful use of  CBD oil can reduce chronic pain and seizures. Arthritis and nausea can be treated too. It can also reduce the levels of anxiety and depression in pets.

It is duly noted that there is not enough study to support certain claims made. But, it has been found that CBD oil can control heart-related. Even cancer risks are reduced.

We have included a more detailed analysis of the most common benefits dogs below-

CBD Oil Helps Treat Anxiety –

Anxiety is one of the main problems when it comes to dogs. The soothing and calming effects of oil can effectively pacify and relieve dogs. Another problem that CBD solved is behavioral anxiety and aggression. The therapeutic effects of CBD oil can help provide treatment for such diseases.

CBD oil Help Reduce Pain –

We have already discussed the anti-inflammatory properties of the users. When the CBD oil gets in contact with the receptor it sends relief signals. These signals help to identify the affected cells. This treats the nerve-related pain by discouraging the pain signals shot. It’s a potent anti-pain relief that can prove to be quite beneficial for dogs.

CBD oil Helps in Building Appetite –

It can be very difficult to diagnose a dog. The first symptom that there is something wrong with them is that they stop eating their food. The CBD chemical helps pets like dogs regain their appetite. Furthermore, CBD helps to reduce nausea and weakness. Cognitive functions like memory, thinking and alertness is also positively affected. Studies have actually found that the chemical is more potent Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This is when comparing the antioxidant properties possessed by the chemical and vitamins.

CBD helps fight Cancer – 

CBD helps to reduce the growth of cancerous tumors. Sometimes, even to the point of preventing it completely. It helps to create new cells by stimulating the body’s mitochondria. Also, the CBD chemical helps in the removal of dead and weaker cells. Even the bone material is maintained by replacing old material with the new one.

The biggest advantage of CBD for dogs is that there are no confirmed side-effects on use. The usual pharmaceutical drugs can definitely treat health conditions. But, can also have adverse health effects. With CBD, the dog owner does not have to worry about any life-threatening issues. There is no damage to the dog’s kidney, GI tract or his liver. The only area in which the owner needs to exercise care is the dosage amount. It is better to consult a vet before giving CBD infused products to your pets.

A professional will also be able to give good recommendations on reputable brands. It is these brands that provide good quality CBD products. It should be noted that CBD brands also play a very important role in CBD safety. A high-quality CBD product will give effective results with no safety issues.

The Risk Possibilities You take When You Give Your Dogs CBD

The main consideration here is to give your dog the correct CBD dosage. CBD, like all medications, need to be taken in the correct amount. Overdosing on CBD, though rare, can lead to potential risks for your dog.

Some of the common symptoms of overdose are as follows:

–       Your dog may lose his appetite all a sudden.

–       Your dog is facing difficulty in standing or in general movement.

–       Your dog is always nauseous and puking around.

If you do see your dog displaying the above symptoms, please take him to the vet immediately.

The intensity of overdosing normally depends on the THC content. If the THC content is high then the toxicity is also high. This requires urgent care at all times. It can take the dog a long time to fully recuperate from the effects. It should be noted that even after this, none of it will prove to be life-threatening for your dog. Your dog will be very sick but will still be okay in the end, if proper and timely treatment is made available to him.

Leading vets also caution the user to beware of fraud CBD brands. It is advisable to buy products from only those companies that have goodwill in the market. If any company claims to “cure” any disease, consider it as a red flag and avoid the product completely. They also say that CBD oil-infused products are not miracle workers.

They can help provide effective treatment, sure. But, CBD will not magically remove whatever is wrong with the animal. CBD medication along with a balanced diet and exercise can keep your dog healthy and active.

Places Via Which You Can Get Your Hands on Some CBD Products for Dogs

CBD products are available through retails and even online. It depends on the pet owner’s convenience on where would he like to buy their products from.

Another important factor here is the legality of the CBD product in your state.

Before you panic, yes, CBD is 100 percent legal in all the United States of America. The passing of the 2014 Farm Bill has made hemp and hemp-derived products legal.

By definition of the Farm Bill-

CBD oil extracted from Hemp-based plants should have less than 0.3 percent THC content. If, by dry weight, it is more then it will not be federally legal.

But since this legalization is recent, not all the states have embraced this change. Certain states have allowed the use of CBD for medicinal and recreational purposes. Whereas there are also states that have only allowed the use of cannabis products as a medicine. It is the CBD buyers residing in states like South Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska that need to be careful. These states still have prohibited the use of hemp-derived CBD oil by its citizens.

The legality can be confusing due to different state laws. CBD users can contact Americans for Safe Access organization for more information.

Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend but are CBD Theirs?

Pet parents that want to give their dogs CBD products can definitely go ahead and do so.  CBD and its products are completely safe for the dogs. CBD has no side-effects which makes them a perfect alternative to synthesized drugs. The effective treatment of health conditions is another reason as well.  It is recommended to speak and chalk out a plan with your pet’s veterinarian.

Dog owners can visit a reputable dispensaries too. They can buy CBD product best suited to their dogs from there. It is still necessary for the owner to have a medical marijuana card with them. CBD companies are introducing products like dog treats and chews to help the owner. Also, there are bacon flavored ones available to make your dog like it even better. If CBD products are not legal in your state, you can surely opt for hemp oil-infused products for your dog.

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