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Oils Does CBD Oil Work For Sleep? The Truth

If you’re somebody who keeps tossing in his or her bed from one position to another, you are suffering from a sleeping disorder. We are sure that you must have already tried sleeping remedies but all in vain. But don’t you worry, there is still hope for a peaceful night of sleep.

Cannabidiol, or more commonly referred to as CBD, is being claimed as an effective alternative to sleeping pills. This chemical that can induce a state of sleepiness among users. In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about any adverse side-effects that come with these pills or any other drugs.

Many people do not understand that improper sleep can be harmful to their health. They just casually brush it off as something menial. Nearly 70 million people in the United States suffer from chronic sleep disorders. This is the perfect sign of why insomnia and other sleeping disorders should not be treated as a joke.

Does CBD oil work for sleep?

The Centers for Disease Control has found out that one in three adults are not getting enough sleep due to various reasons. By getting enough sleep, we mean getting at least seven hours of sleep per day.

Insomnia can lead to other chronic conditions in our bodies. These conditions may include obesity, heart diseases, and restlessness. Let us also not forget the mental distress and anxiety that comes attached to it.

An Introduction To The CBD Chemical And The CBD Oil

An Introduction To The CBD Chemical And The CBD Oil

The CBD chemical is an organic chemical that is found growing in the cannabis Sativa plant. It has many therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is due to these effects that make CBD very efficient for improving the business of the body. It should be noted that the CBD chemical is a non-psychedelic chemical. In other words, people cannot experience the high commonly associated with the cannabis Sativa plant.

People who are wanting to seek refuge from mental and physical problems can opt for CBD. They should most certainly use products infused with the CBD chemical in their lives. CBD medication can be used for reducing risks related to cancer, heart attacks, cholesterol and so on. Even chronic pain, depression, hypertension, and obesity fall under the jurisdiction of the CBD chemical. The calming effects of CBD can be very good for the troubled mind of a person feeling difficulties.

When this chemical is mixed with other carrier oils in varying amounts, it is known as CBD oil. These carrier oils can either be the hemp seed oil or coconut oil. CBD oil is actually one of the most commonly used versions of the CBD chemical.

CBD Oil For Sleep: Everything You Need To Know

CBD Oil For Sleep: Everything You Need To Know

There is one main reason why the CBD chemical is increasing its popularity. It is actually due to the therapeutic effects it has. Acting as a relaxing catalyst, CBD can be a boon for people suffering from insomnia. Or, any other sleeping disorders.

Read on as we investigate the efficiency of the CBD chemical and CBD oil when it comes to sleeping issues.

The Common Causes of Poor Sleep Among


There are a variety of reasons why people suffer from insomnia or sleeping disorders. The main reason is, of course, poor sleep. As per the esteemed Mayo Clinic, there are three types of factors that give rise to insomnia. These factors are physical, environmental, and mental in nature. Some of the most common causes of poor sleep are listed below –

  1. Loud music
  2. Chronic pain and restless leg syndrome
  3. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  4. Uncomfortable mattresses or other inconvenience
  5. Depression
  6. Anxiety
  7. Medication that can disturb the sleeping cycle of user

As you can see, these factors are a result of psychological and physiological problems. It is when these causes are taking care of fully that sleeping peacefully can be induced more easily.

Research And Conclusions On The Benefits Of Using CBD For Sleeping Disorders

Research And Conclusions On The Benefits Of Using CBD For Sleeping Disorders

CBD products are increasingly being hailed as a low-risk alternative. This is in comparison to the synthetic insomnia drugs available in the market. Under this category, we will discuss the various research that has been carried out to reduce the symptoms related to insomnia. The symptoms can either be direct or indirect. They include anxiety, chronic pain, and other issues.

A piece of research published in 2019 was one of the biggest proofs for CBD for sleep. The study highlighted the efficacy of CBD for insomnia issues. In this research, a voluntary group of 72 people was created. Out of these, 47 of them were suffering from anxiety issues. When asked, 25 of them complained of poor sleeping patterns. Each one of these volunteers was given 25 milligrams (mg) of the CBD chemical in a capsule form. This medication was given to them every single day.

In the end, experts concluded that 79.2 percent of the volunteers felt a remarkable drop in their anxiety levels. That too within the first month of using the CBD chemical. In addition to this, 66.7 percent of the group of people admitted to having a better quality of sleep. So, we can say that this is a very chemical help to reduce higher anxiety levels. And, even regulate sleeping patterns of the user.

As mentioned above, even chronic pain is another factor why people suffer from sleep issues. In 2018, a study found out that the CBD chemical could help to reduce pain levels in the body. Carried out by the Frontiers in Pharmacology, it was established that CBD can help reduce inflammation levels in the user. Not only that, but it can also lessen the pain levels in the body.

There were two other pieces of research that were carried out by experts in the year 2014. In the first study, experts subjected both, human beings and animal models to the CBD chemical. They found out that CBD helped to make a person feel more awake and alert. This helped to reduce the groggy state that is one of the main symptoms of insomnia. It should be noted that these experts could not find out the exact way that the CBD chemical helped to bring about this reduction in grogginess.

Another piece of research was carried out by scientists to study the effect on the CBD chemical on the overall sleeping cycle. For this study, people suffering from Parkinson’s disease were taken into consideration. Scientists found out that CBD helps to reduce the symptoms that were directly related to REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD). This sleeping disorder is synonymous with enduring poor quality of sleep and nightmares. Also, a person physically acts out their dreams while being asleep.

In addition to all this, another piece of research was conducted in 2017. As per this research, it was found out that the CBD chemical can help in the treatment of RBD. People could also use products that are infused with CBD for treating excessive sleepiness. This is when the sleepiness was felt during the daytime.

All in all, all these research are perfect examples that prove the efficacy of CBD oil when it comes to sleeping issues.

Understanding How The CBD Chemical Can Help People Suffering From Insomnia In Greater Detail

Understanding How The CBD Chemical Can Help People Suffering From Insomnia In Greater Detail

The efficiency of CBD oil when it comes to sleeping problems is due to its capacity of attacking the root causes responsible for it. There are a variety of ways in which the CBD chemical can help induce the user into sleep. Read on as we discuss greater detail about the efficacy of the CBD chemical.

1. CBD oil for Anxiety Issues

With the help of the CBD chemical, users can reduce high levels of anxiety being held by them. Anxiety patients suffer from restlessness. Let us also not forget the constant worry, and nervousness that can lead to difficulty in sleep.

It was found that the symptoms of higher anxiety levels were similar to the symptoms of lower serotonin deficiency.

Serotonin is the main chemical that is responsible for handling cognitive functions. The CBD chemical helps to promote the secretion of serotonin in the body. As a result, when the serotonin level increases, the anxiety levels decrease. In the same way, the CBD oil helps to regulate cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is one of the major reasons for non-REM sleep cycles. In this way, by regulating the proper functioning of hormones, CBD oil can be helpful to people suffering from insomnia.

2. CBD oil and Pain Relief Management

Severe pain is commonly characterized by chronic pain all as arthritis pain. Due to the feeling of being in constant agony, you just cannot fall asleep and may face difficulties. With the anti-inflammatory effect, the intensity of the pain.

Scientists have conducted various studies that have proved the efficacy of CBD oil. Especially, when it comes to pain management. Also, the relaxing properties of CBD oil do not make it a sedative.

When users apply CBD oil to the affected areas, the CBD chemical can help to reduce inflammation in the joint tissues. In addition to this, the pain signals being sent off by the affected area is weakened by the calming effect of CBD.

3. CBD Oil for Nightmare Control

Experience nightmares can often wake up people in cold sweat. It leads to a lower quality of sleep among users.

As mentioned above, people suffering from RBD disorder can include CBD oil in their life. This will help in stopping their nightmares completely. Even the restlessness that is commonly caused by these nightmares can be controlled. Users also do not have to worry about any adverse impact on their health after using CBD oil.

4. CBD Oil and Drowsiness Issues

The CBD chemical can be used by people to regulate their day and night routines. In other words, she will even help them to remain awake during the daytime. Whereas, in the night-time, it will promote a healthy sleeping pattern and cycle. The dual affected by using Siri will work according to the dosage taken by the user.

As a result of this, people feel more awake and active during the day. While during the night, they can have a peaceful sleep.

5. CBD oil for Pregnancy Symptoms Management

Being pregnant can be a difficult and delicate time for any woman. But, there are if you pregnant women who may find it hard to fall asleep. With the constant tendency to vomit, stress, being in pain – to name a few can lead to insomnia.

Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has accepted that using CBD oil will have no side-effects on the health of pregnant women. But, it is still mandatory for pregnant women to consult the doctor. This should be done before using anything CBD oil in their daily lives.

6. CBD Oil for Relaxing Muscular Tissues

When users feel pain in their muscular I am tissue joins, they will, of course, not fall asleep easily.

As mentioned before, CBD can be helpful for arthritis as well as muscle Multiple Sclerosis patients. Even in the case of Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease, using CBD oil can be fruitful for you.

With the therapeutic effect of the CBD chemical, users can keep the following health issues –

  • CBD will keep a check on muscle spasms
  • CBD will keep a check on the tremors, and 
  • CBD will keep a check on the hypermobility issues faced by a few patients. 

Hence, CBD oil can help to maintain the muscular and joint health of the user.

Understanding the Optimal Dosage when it Comes to CBD Oil for Sleep

When we talk about the optimal dosage for any particular person, it is not standard. There are a variety of factors that play a very important part to find out the optimal dosage for anyone. These factors are as follows:

  • The total bodyweight of the user
  • The intensity of the health condition
  • The total concentration of the chemical CBD in a particular product.
  • The sensitivity tolerance of the body of the user towards CBD.

Initially, of course, it is better to start using CBD oil in smaller quantities. The dosage can then be gradually increased as per the intake amount needed. But, it is still very important for the user to schedule an appointment with an expert. With the expertise and experience of a doctor, where users can get to advantages. The first advantage is that there would be no adverse impact on the health of the user. The second advantage is that even the efficiency of CBD oil will be experienced by the user in a much better way.

The reason why it is important to visit a doctor is that the optimal dosage of CBD oil is open for interpretation. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized the CBD chemical as a dietary supplement. In addition to this, no guidelines for the optimal dosage of CBD oil has been issued by the agency as well.

There is a vast range of products available in the market when it comes to using CBD oil for sleep problems. Some of these CBD products are mentioned below along with their commonly used dose amounts:

  1. CBD Tinctures

Commonly by using only one to three drops of the tincture liquid can be beneficial to the user. Interest can be added to food items or beverages. But, the most preferable method is to consume the product either sublingually. Or, if users want then buccally.

  1. CBD Gummy Bears

One of the most popular CBD products, CBD gummy bears are the usual candies infused with the CBD chemical. Taking 2 to 3 units of the gummy bears can be more than sufficient to help promote sleep.

  1. CBD Skin Creams

Using CBD topicals can help indirectly promote sleep. Problems related to inflammation and pain can be controlled by using CBD creams and lotions. Users can fluctuate the amount of product needed as per the intensity of the pain being felt by them.

  1. CBD Capsules

Even here, using one to three capsules as per need can be extremely beneficial to keep insomnia at bay.

Concluding Thoughts On CBD Oil For Sleep

Concluding Thoughts On: Does CBD Oil Work for Sleep

If you’re somebody who suffers from sleep apnoea or insomnia, using CBD oil can be the perfect alternative to sleeping pills. Not only are organic, but they are also pocket-friendly.

Many pieces of research that have been conducted by scientists have proved the efficacy of the CBD oil for improving sleep quality. And, not to forget for regulating sleeping patterns as well.

The only thing that the user needs to work out is the optimal dosage of CBD oil. The best way to use CBD oil daily is under the guidance of the professional. It is recommended to avoid self medicate in CBD oil as the chemical is still uncharted territory. With a variety of products available in the market, CBD oil is definitely a must-try for people suffering from sleeping disorders.

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