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Competitive Comparison WTP Hemp Oil And Plus CBD Oil: The Truth

CBD products are gaining popularity like never before. The oil is blessed with many remedial and therapeutic elements which makes them a must have on every shopping list. Though research still needs to be carried out, it definitely has a market for itself. Plus CBD oil.

WTP Hemp is famous for its high- quality CBD oil infused products. The company strives to give its customers products that can actively improve mental, neurological and physical health. They can help reduce anxiety and stress levels, along with a host of other benefits. 

Plus CBD is another company that offers amazing CBD products as well. This company uses excellent CBD oil quality. The company uses an advanced extraction process to derive the oil from quality hemp seeds.  

In this article, we will investigate both the companies in great detail to help you make a choice. Read on to know more about the products offered by them and everything CBD- related.  

A Brief Introduction To CBD: Everything You Need To Know

Definition And Uses Of Cannabidiol

CBD or Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical constituent in cannabis plants. The cannabis plant is also called the cannabis Sativa. Upon hearing the word ‘cannabis’, many people start having doubts regarding the oil’s origin. They automatically assume that consuming CBD will make them high and as such will not be good for them when that is not the truth at all. CBD users cannot get high on its consumption as the chemical is not psychoactive. Nevertheless, CBD is quickly being introduced in every household.

It helps treat arthritis and depression, relieves anxiety and stress, stops seizures, etc. The best thing about CBD is that it can work in the case of human beings as well as animals. Dogs and mice have been found to respond to CBD. The oil reduces pain and discomfort and improves mood swings, sleeping patterns, etc. There are also cases where CBD has improved Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) related issues too. 

THC: Meaning And Why You Will Get High After Its Use

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the scientific name of THC. It is one of the other chemicals found growing in a marijuana plant besides CBD. It is also the chemical with the majority of the psychoactive elements. This chemical can produce a state of euphoria for its users, which in turn makes it illegal in countries. This is because it stimulates the brain cells to release dopamine. THC can alter brain activities like memory, reasoning, pleasure, and concentration.

Basically, the consciousness of the person. Also, it can affect a person’s movements, coordination and the senses in general.
Now, that does not imply that the effect will be negative. THC treats mental disorders like anxiety, nausea, and stress. It helps build appetite and acts as pain relief. CBD on the other hand, may contain traces of THC but the percentage of it is lower than 0.03%. This is the main reason CBD consumption won’t get you high and in trouble with the law.

Are CBD And THC Similar Or Not?

People think CBD and THC are structurally similar as they are found in the same plant. THC is a famous high- producing chemical. Also, as the mother plant is the same, they tend to associate euphoria with both the chemicals. But that is certainly not the case. The only other field in which they are similar is the medical benefits the buyer can avail from them.
When both, CBD and THC are mixed together, the effectiveness of both the chemicals gets actually heightened.

This is called the “Entourage Effect.” The user though needs to exercise care when combining them together. It is advisable to consult a professional before proceeding.

A Complete Review Of WTP Hemp And Plus CBD Oil: About The Companies And What Is Their USP

Cannabidiol has great potential which needs to be carefully explored. The health benefits with a completely safe profile set this apart from other life chemicals. It contains phytocannabinoid which is usually found in agricultural hemp. Though scientists are still looking for more concrete evidence, there’s still ample proof about its positive effects on animal and human beings alike.

There are many companies who want to take advantage of this boom. But which is the best bet?

Here we will compare two CBD companies – WTP Hemp and Plus CBD Oil. 

Who Are WTP Hemp? 

WTP Hemp is an amazing company that can help the users enjoy the advantages of cannabis. Be it the health benefits or the overall wellness, the company is way up the ladder in the CBD game. 

The company has a 97% bio availability. In the CBD sector, this is a huge achievement as normally it isn’t the case. The hemp plant is grown within the United States of America and every care is undertaken to ensure the superior quality of their products. The growing conditions are first grade which in turn gives a high- quality yield. WTP Hemp products are fairly priced as well, keeping in mind the various mental, physical and neurological benefits it offers their customers.

This makes the company the number one choice of the country, every single time. The customer can expect good quality every single time they choose WTP Hemp CBD oil.

Who Are Plus CBD Oil?

Plus CBD Oil has been in the United States market for some years now. The popularity that has is incredible. This is, of course, because of the excellent quality products it has an offer for the consumers. The company’s products are non- GMO and gluten- free. 

The company has a wide range of products which include sprays, drops, balms, capsules, and soft gels. The company uses an advanced level of CO2 technology. This advanced technology helps extract active CBD from the cannabis plant. They are very transparent about their product ingredients, manufacturing process, etc. The company also provides all the information regarding their certifications and lab- testing reports. 

WTP Hemp And Plus CBD Oil: The Products On Offer

We have already established how we can put our trust in both of the CBD companies – WTP Hemp and Plus CBD oil. There is no need to worry about bad quality products or ineffective products. Here’s a more in- depth introduction of their products, company-wise:

WTP Hemp Products

The products offered by WTP Hemp are listed below:

  • Tinctures

The WTP Hemp CBD Oil is named as the quickest acting CBD by the organization. It brags the bio accessibility of 97% which is a significant accomplishment in itself. The organization guarantees the clients quick retention of the CBD essence by the human body. The CBD oil comes in contact with the endocannabinoid framework, which regulates wellbeing. CBD Oil can lessen aggravation and works as a pain relief stimulant. It can help tackle anxiety related issues too. 

It encourages the psychological and cognitive strength of the client. The oil is THC- free and free of any solvents. A single bottle of 250mg of WTP CDB costs $74.99. 

  • CBD Gummy Bears

The motivation behind CBD Gummy Bears popularity is a direct result of their great taste. The gummy bears can be consumed to tackle agony, headaches, anxiety and other PTSD-related issues. Every one of these reasons makes these gummy bears the first choice among its CBD clients. 

Every piece of gummy bear comes stacked with 20 mg of CBD and contains hemp oil. The products even have a long timeframe depending on the used ingredients. 

Sometimes companies may even offer a vegan friendly option. The gelatin for these products is replaced with pectin. WTP hemp offers a variety of gummy bears to the customers. 

CBD gummy, CBD gummy bears, CBD gummy worms, or CBD gumdrops whichever one the customer prefers. A 600 mg bottle contains 30 tablets that come at the cost of $99.95.

  • CBD Capsules

WTP Hemp CBD containers effectively introduced in the everyday schedule of the buyer. They are basic and really convenient. The soft gels give the buyer innumerable benefits that CBD oil is generally associated with. The client can take 1-3 containers relying upon his heath needs. 

Some people are not comfortable with the idea of using CBD tinctures so this method is more preferable for them. 

WTP Hemp sells 30 soft gels in a solitary bottle with each containing 10 mg of CBD. It is valued at $59.95 which is very reasonable when compared to their rivals. The purchaser can also avoid the strong taste of CBD by gulping the pills with water.

  • CBD Cream

This CBD Cream is extraordinarily planned by WTP Hemp to give complete help in case of pain and discomfort. It is a CBD Isolate item which fundamentally means that it is 100% CBD. The client can legitimately apply the cream on the affected zone. It is a non- irritant and encourages simple absorption into the skin. 

The item likewise reduces pain in different parts of the body. The cream is particularly created to treat muscle and joint ache. A 250 gm of the skin cream retails for $64.99. It contains 4 oz of product. Thinking about the value, it certainly is a great buy for the user.

Plus CBD Oil Products

The products offered by Hemp Worx are listed below:

  • CBD Balms

These balms are specially designed by the company to facilitate fast absorption into the skin. They are non- irritants and quite reasonably priced as well. CBD is the main ingredient in these products which make it perfect to treat chronic pain. Plus CBD oil balms can help improve muscular and joint health. Like all topicals, the balm also nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
The company offers two varieties of the product:

  1. CBD Oil Balm Extra Strength
    This balm contains more levels of active CBD oil. Weighing at 1.3 oz, the product can be purchased for $44.16.
  2. CB OIL Balm

This is the regular version of the balm which is still quite effective.  A 1.3 oz container will cost the buyer $30. 56.

  • CBD Sprays

With just a quick spritz, the customer can enjoy this product. Plus CBD also offers them in many flavors and strength options.

CBD Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil has really high- quality CBD oil infused in it. It is strong enough to benefit the user and is quite healthy. A 2 fl. oz or 60 mL bottle can be bought for $19.51. 

  • CBD Soft Gels/ Capsules

Plus CBD soft gels are really convenient due to their size. Users love the product as they can enjoy CBD oil benefits on the go. The CBD oil is transformed into a powder or fast absorbing soft gel formulated with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).
The company offers four choices to the customer:

1. CBD Oil Soft Gels Total Plant Complex

Totally natural and without any added preservatives, the product contains 60 soft gels $12.71

2. CBD Oil Soft Gels Raw

A raw version of the CBD oil capsules, this product is great for everyday use. The customers can buy 30 soft gels for $11.01

3. CBD Oil Soft Gels 15 mg Gold Formula

The Gold Formula CBD oil contains a higher concentration of the chemical. The product has 30 soft gels which retail for $16.96.

4. CBD Oil Capsules

High powered and potent, this product sells for $39.46. The container has 30 capsules which can be consumed every day.

  • CBD Gummies

A full spectrum hemp oil extract retails for $33.96 and the customer can avail 30 gummies. The product has great taste and is of very high quality.

  • CBD Drops

The company offers the product in the following two varieties:

1. Plus CBD™ Oil Raw Drops 

Specially designed to give the user a whole plant experience, these drops contain CBD oil that can help improve your mental and physical health. A 1 fl. oz or 30 mL bottle will the cost the buyer $19.51.

2. Plus CBD™ Oil Gold Drops
Plus Oil CBD has infused a higher concentration of CBD in the product. This onset period of the product is really fast due to the higher concentration. The product can be bought by the buyer at a price of $35.66.

Takeaway Thought: Why WTP Hemp Is The More Suitable CBD Brand?

WTP Hemp, as discussed above, clearly is a good choice. The products made by the company can treat arthritis, chronic pain, migraines, and other related items. The company is fully transparent about its certifications and laboratory tests. It also uses extremely good quality American hemp. The advanced CO2 extraction technology ensures the same. WTP Hemp has been in the healthcare sector for a long period of time.

Even in terms of pricing, the CBD products of WTP Hemp are competitive. The existing buyers are using the product and vouch for the health benefits it offers. If you wish to include CBD in your daily routine then WTP Hemp should be your priority.

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