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Oils What Dosage of CBD Oil Should I Take?

Well, since you are here that means you have decided to swing in resonance with the growing field of CBD and its derivatives. CBD has is responsible for leading a revolution to provide with an alternative means to provide support and relief from various symptoms. Starting all the way from anxiety, arthritis, pain, menopause symptoms, and insomnia going further and beyond to cover most of the other ailments.

What dosage of CBD oil should I take?

If you’re looking only for the CBD dosage of your oil and nothing further, feel free to skip ahead. For the rest of you, who might be new to this field of CBD this article will provide you with all the information that you are ever going to need. This article to provide a more holistic view on CBD would start off with defining what CBD is and going all the way and beyond by helping you to choose the perfect CBD product. Once you’re done choosing your product this article would provide you with the right CBD dosage for you. 

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a well-known derivate of the plant of cannabis. Unlike its other derivatives, CBD is not psychoactive. This means the consumption of CBD will not give you the feeling of getting high. CBD is only responsible for inducing a mild sense of euphoria among its users. This feeling becomes essential while battling diseases on the lines of anxiety, depression, and various other mental illnesses. Now, if you are new to the world of CBD, you might not know what this world has to offer.

This would offer much more than just CBD oil. CBD comes in various shapes and sizes, ranging from CBD oil, hemp seeds, CBD gummies, CBD lip balm and much more. Choosing one over the other becomes a behemoth of a task for some. What makes this task even more difficult is the fact that CBD responds differently for every other human being meaning there is no one fit for everyone. 

Since we have informed you about what CBD is we are going to move on to explain what CBD oil is.

What is CBD oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the eighty chemical components found in the marijuana plant. It is a naturally occurring substance. Any oil containing traces of CBD in them is known as CBD oil. Now, extracting oil out of the plant is never an easy job. The plant goes through a lot of processing for it to be able to deliver the oils to us. Heat happens to be one of the major contributing factors in the successful extraction of oil from the plant. The plant after being heat treated goes onto a bunch of other processes and after final testing comes out as a finished product. This final product is called CBD oil.

Now, CBD oil like any other CBD products has a different quantity of CBD in them. This makes choosing the right CBD oil more important because you don’t want to end up with something below par or something which has a huge concentration of CBD in them.

Different Types of CBD oil:

CBD oil is basically of two types- CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil.

CBD isolate is perhaps the purest form of CBD oil. This has no dilutions and mixture. It only contains the CBD chemical. The oil which is extracted from the seeds of hemp actually falls into this category.

While the full spectrum CBD oil has the effect known as “the Entourage Effect”. In this type of oil, there are two chemicals mixed. It contains both THC and CBD combined together. This gives an added and a more heightened effect which one might gain from using just the one with pure CBD content. The only problem the full spectrum might have is the fact that it contains both THC and CBD. The presence of THC in it would make the user feel a bit psychoactive. This might not be a good choice for those who happen to be highly sensitive to THC.

What Dosage of CBD Oil Should I Take?

Since CBD is one of those chemicals which cannot be prescribed universally. This means that the amount of CBD required by a body changes with the change in the personnel. The amount of CBD required for you might be completely different to let’s say required by your fiancé. This variation makes it difficult for a pardon to self-administer their CBD dosage. Keeping this factor in mind we have divided this section into smaller chunks to help you in deciding the right dose for you:

There should be clarity in your goals:

There are more than 65 different targets to where CBD can have an effect on. Depending on the different use, personalized to you, you would have to change your CBD dosage. For this simply ask yourself what you want your CBD to do. Do you have a lot of joint pain? Do you need emotional balance? Or you just are curious as to what effects CBD might have on you.

Your answer to the question above will determine the right amount of CBD dosage for you. One thing you can do to check whether your current CBD dosage is working for you or not is by keeping a score. Simply make a diary in which you record the effects CBD has on you. Compare it with a baseline score of when you did not use CBD. This should help you to keep a track on the effectiveness of your CBD treatment.

Where do you want your CBD to reach?

For your CBD to be most effective you need to make sure that it reaches where it needs to. For most of the cases, figuring out the target location will not be such a big of a deal.

If your target happens to be very specific or happens to be very close to your skin or it happens to be a mucous membrane, you may need to try out something different than just your average CBD oil. You need to make sure that CBD of highest concentration reaches its target effectively.

What Is Your Time Frame?

How long do you intend to wait before the CBD you ingested kicks in? Since the duration for which CBD stays in your system depends upon the equilibrium of how much you take to how much your body eliminates. If you want to feel a sharp hike which then fades to nothingness you may not want to try out CBD oil.

However, if your needs happen to be long-lasting. This means that you want your BCD to last in your system for a longer period of time then CBD oil may be just perfect for you. 

Every-body is different: Find the perfect dose for you:

The effectiveness of each method depends on person to person thus; dosing becomes a highly personal process.

What we recommend is to start off with a very minimal does just to make sure you are not allergic to CBD or its other ingredients. Try one or two drops of CBD oil, to begin with.

Then, wait until you start to feel the effects of CBD in your system before increasing your dose. Waiting for this cycle to end is very important because chances are that your body would react poorly to higher doses of CBD than one with lower concentration. 

CBD is such a unique drug that only dosing isn’t going to cut it. Maximizing its absorption in your body would greatly enhance its effectiveness.

Tips to enhance your abortion:

Knowing the amount of CBD is important but the number shows only the maximum amount that could be entering your body. The entire amount would never reach the bloodstream, thus making the rest useless. 

We are here for your rescue. Follow these tips to maximize the output of your CBD oil:

1.    If you are going to apply it on your skin, make sure all your receptors are active. This means that your skin should be clean and should not be coated with any other thing.

2.    If you happen to vape the oil (basically inhale it) make sure that you try out and experiment with different techniques of inhalation.

3.    If you are ingesting the CBD oil try holding the oil under your tongue for a while. Swishing it around in your mouth might also yield beneficial effects.

Here Are Some Other Considerations You Should Keep In Mind:

  1. Food: Food actually affects the ability of the body to absorb any external minerals (CBD included). It is generally seen that more CBDs are absorbed on a full stomach. CBD happens to be fat-soluble thus, combining CBD with a healthy dosage of fats will greatly increase the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream (employing this trick can change the amount by up to three times)
  2. Pay close attention to the THC levels: Any products which you swallow are first metabolized by the liver before it even begins circulating in your bloodstream. If the CBD oil which you ingest contains THC it can be converted into a very strong intoxicant. Making you feel psychoactive (or high). The presence of CBD in the oil actually counteracts with the THC levels. In the process stabilizing you. But, if you are sensitive to THC make sure you choose one of our products which are made from hemp.
  3. Its interaction with prescription drugs: CBD has a property through which it can inhibit or compete with your prescription drug for that same receptor. That’s why always double check with your physician before taking any CBD products because it can do more harm than good.
  4. The surface area of contact: You must have heard this if you studied science in your high school, “The more the surface area more will be the evaporation”. This is true for the absorption of CBD oil as well. It is often suggested that you should keep CBD oil in your mouth for at least 1.5 minutes before swallowing it. During this time to maximize the absorption, it’s often recommended to piously swirl and swish the oil in your mouth before actually swallowing it. This actually increases the area of surface which is in contact between the oil and the capillaries. Try putting it between your tooth and gums to maximize its effects.

Here’s Some Mathematics To Figure Out The Perfect Dose For You:

For this, you need to know how much are you taking in with each drop? Calculation this is not difficult. You already have the amount written on the side if the bottle. The next question you might have is how do I figure out how much is there in each dropper?

Typically a dropper contains 1ML of liquid. You then can use this simple formula to calculate the amount of CBD in each dropper.

{Total CBD in bottle}/ {Number of Milliliters in bottle} = MGs of CBD in a dropper;

Let’s say that you have a 10ml bottle of CBD oil which has 1000MGs of CBD in it. Then,

1000/10= 10 MG of CBD per dropper.

This would make sure that you always take the correct dosage of which you are prescribed. Of course, this isn’t a foolproof method. You won’t be getting any exact scientific data with this method. But, this will surely help you with administering almost the perfect dose for you. Always remember to start with a slow dose and then gradually work your way up until you find the perfect dose for you.


Now, that you are equipped with the knowledge on how to properly dose your CBD oil. Maybe you would want to try one for yourself. You can try one from our wide range and choose one that might just work you. Remember, that if you ever feel the sense of discomfort or the feeling which is not typically associated with the use of CBD oil or any CBD products, consult your physician immediately. There might be a chance that you maybe you are allergic to one of the constituents of the oil.

We sincerely hope that you have found our guide useful. Be sure to check our wide array of products. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or drop a comment below. WTP Hemp’s team of professionals would love to help you with any doubts or inquiries.  

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