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Oils What Is CBD Isolate? The Truth

CBD is gaining traction and it is becoming more and more famous as time passes. It has been making headlines and turning quite a few heads, mainly because of its untapped medicinal potential. It is only recently that people have realized the tremendous benefits of the CBD plant. This is the reason CBD isolate is also becoming more popular. What is CBD isolate?
If you are one of those people wondering what exactly is CBD isolate? How exactly can it help you?

Then this article is going to be your one-stop destination. We have condensed all the information about CBD isolate, covering all possible avenues in this article. Read till the end and you surely would be tempted to try this wondrous product out for yourselves.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. It is a crystalline powder containing 99% pure CBD. CBD isolate unlike its counterpart that is Full Spectrum CBD, only contains CBD or cannabidiol. This means no added THC and thus no psychedelic experience. All the plant matter contained in the plant of hemp, which included all its oil, chlorophyll, waxes, etc. are removed thus, offering a much more refined product which only contains CBD nothing more and nothing less.

Preparation of CBD Isolate

Hemp is a magical plant. It houses two of the world most notorious compounds. To get our one that is CBD out it would have to be extracted. This process happens to be quite delicate and detailed. The extraction begins as any other extraction process would. When the initial process of extraction is completed the CBD thus obtained still contains all the plant materials. Meaning it would have to be further purified to get the CBD in its purest form. This would then go on to form our final product which is CBD isolate.

To get this ultra-pure form of CBD a purification process needs to be done. This includes all sorts of filtration where all the plant matter is removed from our extracted product. Post filtration the extracted oil thus produced needs to go through another process. This process is well known as a winterization process. This is process is responsible to further remove any sorts of waxes, leaves and any other unwanted plant material which might still be left in our filtered out product.

When all of the processes mentioned above are over the only thing left is a fine white powder which happens to be 99% pure CBD.

CBD Isolate VS Full-Spectrum CBD

These are the two terms floating around in the CBD industry. This is what happens when biology is given its free reign. It just complicates even the simplest of things. So, for someone who has no clue as to what the term isolate to the term full-spectrum means, it is quite simple actually.

Since we already know that our CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. Now, what some of you might not know is that this plant also contains another chemical compound called THC. While most of us think that our CBD is free of THC however the truth is very different. In the extraction of our CBD oil, there still are traces of THC left. Now, the CBD which contains this THC is called the full-spectrum CBD. Since THC is psychoactive. This, in simplified terms, means that consumption of this would induce the feeling of high in you.

That’s why THC is illegal in most states. If the content of THC is lesser than 0.3% then only it is legal enough to be sold. While this small percentage of THC is not enough for you to get high, but this might still show up in any subsequent drug test that you might take.

CBD isolate differs in this aspect only. CBD isolate offers all the goodness of CBD but without a trace of THC. This isolated version is proven to be a godsend for those people who happen to be extra sensitive towards THC or they can’t have THC flagged in a drug test. This is especially useful for military or first responders who absolutely can’t have THC flagged.

How To Properly Use CBD Isolate?

So, you might be sold on the idea of CBD isolate. Maybe because of the marvelous effects it has on your mental and even physical well-being. It can heal many mental illnesses which earlier were deemed incurable or for the ones you would generally have to heavily drug yourself. Having picked up some CBD isolate you might be wondering what to do with this white powder?

The answer is doing whatever you want. Simple isn’t it? Well for those of you who require a run-down we have listed a few of the methods you can employ to use your CBD isolate:

  • Place It Directly Under Your Tongue

This is by far the easiest method to consume your CBD. Hold the powder under your tongue for about a minute and then watch it melt away. The CBD mixes well with your mucus. This then goes on to mix easily with your bloodstream providing you with the results you need. CBD is a tasteless and most importantly odorless compound which means you are bound to have a seamless experience.

  • Creating Your Custom Product

This method is for the creative ones out there. You can infuse the CBD isolate with a carrier oil to create your own CBD oil. You can also mix this with the cooking oil that you use. One thing to keep in mind when you are using this method is that CBD will lose its potency at higher temperatures. 

So, this may not be the most optimum use of your valuable CBD isolate. If you want to employ this idea make sure to not heat the oil for more than 35o degrees Fahrenheit. If it ever crosses 400 degrees then your CBD isolate is toast. It would not give you any of its intended benefits.

You can also mix it with oils and use apply it on your skin. In this way, you are moisturizing your skin as well as getting the benefits of CBD at the same time.

You can also mix it in with various other days today products. Be it your daily morning smoothie, juice, tea or coffee. Owing to its unique makeup, your CBD isolate can be used in any of these products without you have to worry about the final taste of your dish. You can also mix it in food quite easily.

One of the most unique uses of CBD isolate could be done as using it as a sweetener. This also works perfectly and you would get the daily dose of your CBD in anything you put this sweetener on.

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