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Oils What Is Nano CBD? Learn Dirty Secrets

Have you ever tried to buy CBD oil – online or offline? These days, many CBD companies are offering nano CBD oils with the claim that they offer better benefits to the user. This article discusses:

  • What is Nano CBD Oil?
  • How does nano emulsification take place?
  • Is Nano CBD better than a full-spectrum CBD Oil or CBD Isolate?
  • Is it more effective than full-spectrum CBD Oils?
  • Is it Safe for Humans and Pets?

What Is Nano CBD Oil?

Some of the terms used for nano CBD oils are:

  • Nano-amplified CBD oil,
  • Water-soluble CBD oil,
  • Nanoemulsified CBD,
  • Nanotechnology enhanced Cannabidiol,
  • Nano-particle cannabinoids etc.

Some experts say that nano CBD products are nothing but marketing gimmicks. Others think that nanotechnology increases the absorption of CBD in the body. In turn, it means that nano-enhanced CBD oils are more effective.

Nanotechnology concerns itself with things that are less than 0.0000001 meters or 100 nanometers. Nanomedicines use this technology to improve the:

  • bioavailability of the drug, and
  • drug delivery process

among other things.

CBD industry often uses the term loosely – to describe little drops of CBD oil. Normally, CBD molecule has a diameter of about 4,440 nanometers. It can be shrunk up to 1-10 nm using the nano-emulsification process. Theoretically, breaking the molecules into their tinier versions allow the body to access and absorb CBD more easily.

When we buy a cannabidiol product, most of it is made up of carrier oil molecules. These carrier oils can be:

  • coconut oil,
  • hemp oil, 
  • olive oil etc.

CBD molecules are interspersed in these carrier oil molecules and molecules of other ingredients in the oil. When one takes CBD oil, cannabidiol molecules on the surface of the dosage are quite small. Many of them remain hidden somewhere inside the oil dosage you take. 

Your mouth and digestive tract are moist inside. Oil and water don’t mix. Hence, when one swallows a CBD product, most of the molecules stay trapped within the bigger droplets or oil globules. They get fully digested before they can produce any effects expected from them.

Taking CBD oils sublingually gives you a better chance of getting them absorbed by the body better. In the sublingual method, you put CBD oil drops under the tongue and swish it around for a while until they get absorbed by the body.

Nano-CBD oil companies make use of nanoemulsifiers to stabilize oil-in-water mixtures. This nanoemulsion process is much like making a homemade salad dressing. Pre-made salad dressings use emulsifiers such as:

  • honey, 
  • mustard, or 
  • egg yolks 

to stabilize the oil-vinegar mixtures and give them a long shelf life.

 The emulsifiers and chemicals coat the surface of every drop of oil and make it water-soluble.

It is because of this emulsifier-coating, oil droplets do not merge and rise to the top of the water. Nano CBD oils also use ingredients to stabilize the mixture of CBD oil, other ingredients, and water. One common ingredient found in nano-CBD hemp oils is ‘lecithin’. Lecithin is one of the phospholipids naturally found in egg yolks.

How Does Nano Emulsification Take Place?

Ultrasound is used to create very small vacuum bubbles in the CBD extract. Since there is a vacuum inside them, these bubbles implode. When they do, one wall of the bubbles goes through the other shooting a tiny jet. This jet hits the surrounding droplets and breaks them into smaller versions.

The process occurs at the speed of 20,000 times per second. When the particles become small enough, the light can pass through the solution and it starts looking more translucent.

Now, these tiny droplets are coated with a substance that acts as a surfactant. Surfactant reduces surface tension between the particles. Hence, it helps in stabilizing the solution.

Is Nano CBD Better Than A Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Or CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol. It is most commonly found in cannabis plants. CBD is the second most important cannabinoid after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC has therapeutic benefits but it is also highly intoxicating. Hence, many people consider it harmful. CBD is non-psychoactive. It also:

  • relieves pain,
  • has anti-inflammatory properties, and
  • helps in anxiety management.

Studies prove that the effectiveness of purified CBD peaks at a medium dose. Full-spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the CBD-rich hemp plant. It contains several other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phenolics that make the oil more effective. This is known as CBD’s entourage effect. A full-spectrum CBD oil is cannabis oil minus the THC.

Regular CBD oils are often less adulterated than nano CBD oils. They are also available at a much lower price. Whether you should buy a nano CBD product or not depends on the following:

  • Nano CBD products are for more experienced users. As a first-time user, you might want to start with high-quality but simple CBD oil. WTP CBD Oil, for example, offers 97% bioavailability. It is completely organic and does not contain any artificial flavors, dyes, binders, fixers, etc.

You must keep a progress record to see if you need a better result. Nano CBD oils may be introduced if you want quick and more effective results.

  • Is the CBD Company reliable? Many fake CBD products mar your experience with the industry. Hence, you need to research the company well and read its reviews before you place your order.

Fake CBD products are not only useless but may also be harmful to you. Sometimes, hemp seed oils are marketed as CBD oils even if they do not contain CBD in them. If you find a hemp oil product which is very cheap, there is a high possibility that it does not contain any CBD. CBD is an expensive ingredient in itself and its potency can increase the cost of the product.

  • Are there other ways to increase the absorption of regular full-spectrum CBD oils? Yes! Some natural tricks to allow quick absorption of CBD oil are:
  • Eat a meal full of healthy fats before taking the CBD oil. CBD dissolves in fat. Hence, eating a healthy dose of fat can increase the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream by three-fold.
  • Swish CBD oil in your mouth vigorously for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before swallowing it. It allows the surface contact between the oil and the capillaries in your mouth to increase. Thus, CBD gets absorbed at a quicker pace.
  • If you are inhaling the CBD oil, use the vaporizer for the first half of the inhalation and take a deep breath of fresh air in the second half. This technique minimizes the irritation caused by hot vapors. In THC-based studies, it was found that this technique allows 2-56% of the molecules to reach the bloodstream.
  • Avoid cheap and disposable vape pens. Higher-quality vape pens use ceramic heating elements. They give off CBD vapors that are cleaner and safer.
  • Add the oil drops to a natural emulsifier like honey.
  • Are you a regular CBD user who wants to try the latest market trend? Always choose a CBD company that prioritizes the safety of its consumers. The oil you choose should be:
    • organic,
    • of high-quality,
    • full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp extract,
    • state clearly about where they source hemp plants from and how they are grown,
    • have an ingredients list which includes hemp oil, CBD, water, and some other ingredients to stabilize the emulsions. You should be wary of a long list of chemicals which may include some products that can be harmful to you.
    • does not have ‘nano CBD’ on its ingredients list. The term is misleading. It means that the company is trying to hide extra chemicals used in the nano emulsification process. 
    • has a straightforward way to reach the customers. It should be open about all the information about their products. It should not hesitate to share the third-party lab test results with customers. Certificate of Analysis is the only way to verify whether the company’s claims are true or not.

A few other things you should know are:

  • If the main ingredient is just oil, it is unlikely to be a nano emulsified CBD product. It is likely to be regular CBD oil in a fancy bottle.
  • Nano CBD water might not be useful as an alternative treatment option. To allow the CBD to get absorbed by the mouth, you need to swish it around your mouth a few times before you swallow it. CBD water does not stay in your mouth for long and slides down your throat. To allow the CBD to absorb faster, you should look for a nano CBD product which is more concentrated. The idea is to hold it in your mouth or swish it around your mouth to allow the CBD to get absorbed faster.
  • Cloudy or milky-looking liquid indicates towards a poor-quality CBD oil. High-quality nano CBD oils let light pass through them. Hence, they look transparent.
  • Never buy CBD oil in clear bottles. Light and heat can spoil CBD oils.
  • A proper nano emulsified CBD is permanently stable. You do not need to shake the bottle to use it. If the bottle asks you to shake the bottle before use, it is probably not ‘nano’ CBD oil.

Is It More Effective Than Full-Spectrum CBD Oils?

  • Emulsified CBD oil or nano CBD oil increases the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream. Two main ways in which it achieves this are:

1. Increase in Surface Area: 

A body finds it easier to digest oil and absorb its nutrients when its drops are broken down into tiny droplets. Smaller droplets mean that the oil has more surface area that comes in direct contact with the enzymes and absorptive tissue. Thus, physical and chemical processes on CBD oil boost up.

Natural bile salts in the digestive tract emulsify CBD oil along with other dietary fats. But putting pre-emulsified oil in your mouth makes it easier for the body to start CBD absorption sooner.

2. Presence of Penetration Enhancers: 

Most of the nano CBD products contain special ingredients called penetration enhancers. These include surface-active molecules such as:

  • Ethanol, or
  • Propylene glycol.

These molecules coat the tiny drops of CBD oil and make them water-soluble. This makes it easier for CBD oil molecules to move across the skin and mucous membranes.

  • Regular CBD molecules are quite large. Hence, the body rejects them. If they do not dissolve in water, they get eliminated. And if they pass through the digestive tract, they get destroyed before they can be absorbed. Nano-CBD oils address all these problems by delivering cannabidiol right into the bloodstream.
  • CBD oils do not absorb into water. It means that if you put it in your drinks or beverages, it gets separated and has a strong taste. Nano-emulsified CBD is water-soluble. You can use it as a food or beverage additive easily
  • Nan-CBD oils are more predictable in terms of absorption rate and bioavailability rate. Hence, it is easier to predict when the CBD will start taking effect and when it will stop doing so. This makes it easier to come up with an accurate dosage of CBD oil. At present, CBD dosage varies from individual-to-individual.
  • Normal CBD oils also have 30% to 40% bioavailability. Nano-enhanced CBD oils have larger surface areas and get permeated into the bloodstream more easily. Hence, you may find that nano CBD oils are more effective than full-spectrum CBD oils.

Is It Safe For Humans And Pets?

Nanotechnology is new to the cannabis industry. So, no one knows whether nano CBD oils are better than regular full-spectrum CBD oils for pets or not. Anecdotal evidence, however, supports nano CBD oils as being more effective.

Few studies that have studied the nano CBD include:

  • A 2016 study found that CBD is lipo-tolerant but hydrophobic. It means it dissolves somewhat in fats but does not mix well with water. The human body is hydrophilic. It loves water.
  • Another study in 2016 found that breaking down CBD into nano-molecules changes its nature. It becomes lipophilic. Hence, it dissolves in oil and becomes more accepted by the body.
  • A 2017 study compared the bioavailability of a CBD or THC nanoemulsion with Sativex spray. Sativex is a cannabis plant extract that contains both CBD and THC. The single-administration clinical study on nine patients found that:

The nanoemulsion had ‘dramatically’ higher absorption of both THC and CBD than Sativex. 

The nano-formulation used in the study also used ‘Piperine’ as an ingredient. Piperine is a natural ingredient that enhances the absorption of CBD into the body. 

  • A similar study conducted in 2018 proved that the bioavailability of nano CB/THC formulation was much higher than Sativex. Its absorption rate was also higher than Sativex. It means that the nano-CBD formula took less time to get absorbed by the body.

Even though nano-emulsified CBD oils can deliver more cannabidiol at a quicker pace, you need to be careful. Some of the things you should keep in mind while purchasing them are:

  • Chemicals can be harmful to you: 

Nano CBD oils may often contain chemicals that might not suit you. For example, many people are allergic to propylene glycol. The substance is used as a common additive in manufacturing shelf-stable CBD emulsions. The American Contact Dermatitis Society has named it ‘Allergen of the Year’.

Since each nano-CBD drop is coated with these ingredients, you need to check out which chemical a company uses to make its emulsions.

  • Fraudulent information about the CBD product: 

CBD industry is unregulated. It means that no government agency is monitoring the quality of CBD products available in the market. Hence, you need to choose a trustworthy company which offers quality products.

You must read the information on the product packaging and the company website carefully. If you don’t understand anything, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you like to their customer care experts. If the company is not honest and transparent, do not touch its products.

  • Nano CBD oils need to be studied and analyzed: 

Since nano CBD molecules have a different structure, they may have new or different side-effects. The shelf life of water soluble CBD products may be different too. 

Hence, if you intend to use them for long-term health effects, it might be advisable to wait some more before making the final decision.

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