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Oils Nano CBD Oil: Latest Entry In The CBD Market

In recent years, something known as nanotechnology has cropped up. It is a scientific process that helps to ease the fast absorption of cannabinoids. This is in relation to the bloodstream of the user. Keeping this in mind, many CBD brands are introducing CBD oil that is nano emulsified. We do not blame you if you do not know the term at the moment. It is surely a new concept in the market. But, one thing that remains the same is the efficiency of the CBD oil to help in the treatment of many health conditions.

We will discuss this and everything it signifies later on in this article. Read on to know more about nanotechnology being used in CBD oil. And, what makes nano CBD better than the traditional CBD oil available in the market.

The Concept Of Nanotechnology And Nano CBD Oil

You may think that nanotechnology and CBD are exclusive. Well, let us correct you right there. This amazing process is being used in many other industries as well. But, the fact that it can help to amplify the potency and bioavailability of the CBD oil is very unique. This makes it unique in the cannabis industry.

Here, substances are broken down to create nanoparticles. It should be noted that the size of these particles is really very tiny. This facility is the easy absorption of CBD oil particles into the bloodstream of the user. This is in comparison to the average-sized particles of the same substance. 

Let us talk from a logical point of view. Imagine tiny passages, it is natural for tiny particles to easily pass through it. Instead of the regular-sized particles which will face difficulty. As such, the nanoparticles of the CBD oil are more absorbable into the bloodstream. We would like to point out that nanotechnology makes elements friendly with water as well. Keeping all this in mind, more and more industries are trying to use nanotechnology. The sole motive here is to increase the appeal and potency of their products to the public.

Everything You Need To Know About The Relation Between Bioavailability And CBD Oil

Bioavailability is a term that can give us an idea of how much of a given essence is being made available to the body. The entire concept of bioavailability revolves around first-pass metabolism. First-pass metabolism is the body process that is quite complex. This body process blocks the full absorption of the CBD oil by our digestive system. In other words, when a person uses a particular amount of CBD oil, his or her body does not get the same amount i.e it is lesser.

This is a psychological process that is a primary part of most plant extract delivery system to the body. Due to the first-pass metabolism, the total amount of a compound is reduced to a great extent. This is before it actually becomes a part of the body circulation system.

Talking only about the CBD chemical, there is a nuance to it. The total concentration reduction shows a decrease in the bioavailability of the oil. Morphine and lidocaine along with the CBD oil are the compounds that have the same problem. They face the issue of first-pass metabolism in CBD products. It should be noted that first-pass metabolism only affects the bioavailability of the CBD oil when it is taken orally by the buyer. With the advancement in science, many chemistry processes have since emerged. These processes will help us to dodge the first-pass metabolism efficiently. Nanotechnology is one of these processes.

Understanding The term ‘Water-Soluble CBD Oil’ In Greater Detail

the entire concept of water-soluble CBD is actually quite simple. CBD oil particles are broken down into very tiny droplets. When we talk about Nano emulsified CBD oil or Nano CBD oil, we actually mean water-soluble CBD oil only. These are interchangeable terms used to denote the same thing. Talking about the entire process, the broken down droplets are quoted in a surfactant. The surfactant is a lipid carrier that acts as a stabilizer of the broken particles. Stabilizing the broken particles is actually helping them to remain suspended in water.

You must be wondering what is the need of making the CBD chemical undergo all this process. You see, the chemical has a hydrophobic nature. Also, we’re well aware of how oil and water cannot be mixed together. This is where water-soluble CBD oil or nano CBD oil steps in. CBD oil droplets under this process become water-soluble. To be more precise, the CBD oil particles become very tiny. It is due to their tiny size that makes them different. The particles start showing features similar to water-soluble elements.

All in all, the CBD oil does not actually become water-soluble, it just starts acting like it. This is mainly because of its tiny size. Nano CBD oil has all particles as small as a hundred nanometers (nm). To put things into perspective, a singular strand of human hair has a diameter of 100,000 nanometers (nm). Surely, you can understand what we mean by the very minute size of these particles.

Understanding The Term ‘Water-soluble CBD Oil’ In Greater Detail

The general public that is open to use CBD oil prefers nano CBD oil to traditional CBD oil. Sometimes the users of CBD include younger children as well. This, in turn, creates the need for skipping certain features of CBD oil. You see, the CBD oil has a naturally strong and bitter taste. This makes it difficult for users to hold it under the tongue. Through nano CBD oil, the need to consume CBD oil in this way is dodged. This is because users can consume Nano CBD oil directly by swallowing it. CBD users can add it to their daily food or drink.

Nano CBD Oil Vs. Traditional CBD Oil

There is a big pro of using the nano CBD oil. The pro is that the body gets the chance to absorb 100 percent of the total cannabinoids in the bloodstream. This, in turn, increases the efficacy of the nano CBD oil in comparison to the oil-based CBD products.

Besides this, the nano CBD oil may contain curcumin and other terpenes. These additions add to the natural anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil. So, the users get that in addition to the therapeutic effects of CBD oil. 

Coming to the oil-based CBD products, the scope of use of such products is very limited. The most common product here is the CBD tincture that cannot be swallowed by the user in any way. Using a dropper, the tincture liquid has to be placed under the tongue. Not many users are aware that their bodies cannot absorb CBD oil when it is in its natural state. This, in turn, requires more flexibility where CBD oil is concerned. 

Also, we have already mentioned how the first-pass metabolism reduces bioavailability. The CBD oil taken actually becomes lower in the body. Even more so when it is consumed orally. So, the oral intake method makes available only 25 percent of the total CBD oil taken to the body of the user. The common products here include CBD tinctures, CBD capsules et cetera. This is why we need chemistry processes to end the first-pass metabolism. 

Nano CBD oil is more effective and potent than their oil-based variant for this reason. Buyers can use the oil to treat a variety of health conditions. They can use it to lower their stress and anxiety levels. Or, to exercise control over diabetes, cancer, and cholesterol symptoms.

A Brief Introduction To The Different CBD Oil Intake Methods You Need To Know About

There are a few chemistry processes that help to increase the potency of the CBD oil. Also, they help the oil to become more dissolvable in water. Here are some of these methods mentioned below:

1. The Microemulsion Method

Under this method, the CBD oil particles are broken down into droplets. The size of these droplets ranges from 100 to 5000 nm. This process involves the use of high amounts of surfactants to get CBD oil. The thought here is to form these droplets by solubilizing the CBD oil in water. Due to the higher use of surfactants, the microemulsion method is not desirable. This is because it may lead to undesirable effects on the health of the user. This also makes this method a little redundant in the cannabis industry.

2. The Liposomes Method

Before we proceed to define the method, you need to understand what a liposome means. Liposomes are elaborate structures that contain water. They vary from 50 to 5000 nm in size. 

The structure of a liposome is spherical and they are made of an internal hydrophilic cell. The hydrophilic cell is further enclosed by a water-insoluble bilayer.

By hydrophilic, we mean that the cell is water-compatible. Whereas the bilayer is hydrophobic and as such is not water friendly. It is in the bilayer membrane that the CBD oil extract is stored in. There are many CBD brands that use the liposomes method to create their products. But, the complexity of this process also requires the use of high surfactant amounts. This also helps to create effective products.

3. The Nanoemulsion Method

Hands down, the best chemistry technique to give rise to nano CBD oil. Also, there are many CBD brands that use the use of this method. Under this method, the CBD oil is broken down into tiny particles ranging between 10 200 nm in size. These particles are nano emulsified to be more precise. The nanoemulsion method also requires a lower use of surfactants. This, in turn, eliminates the side-effects of the user’s health. CBD brands use natural surfactants which help to keep the product organic as well. This again reduces undesirable effects to the user’s health.

The CBD oil particles here are clear as well. As a result, buyers can add them to their food or drink without spoiling the look.

The Advantages Of Using Nano CBD Oil

We have already spoken about the advantages of tiny CBD oil particles to the human body. With its therapeutic and medicinal effects, CBD oil can help to reduce the symptoms of many disorders and diseases that a person is suffering from.

Some of these advantages of the CBD oil is listed below –

1. Nano CBD Oil May Help Epilepsy Patients

Scientists have found that CBD oil can reduce motors users by 45 percent. The overall intensity and occurrence of seizures can be controlled through CBD use. Common side-effects of epilepsy may include drowsiness and fatigue. Also, diarrhea but, it should be noted that they are not at all severe and are actually mild. Patients suffering from tuberous sclerosis may feel better after using CBD oil products as well. All in all, the CBD chemical may help to reduce the overall seizure rate by at least 69 percent.

2. Nano CBD Oil May Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s disease is a mental disorder that mostly old people suffer from. The most common symptom of this disease is memory loss. This memory loss only becomes severe with the passing of time. There is a slow deterioration of the brain which makes it difficult for the patients as well as their loved ones. CBD oil helps to improve the total availability of acetylcholine to the brain. And, it also helps to reduce the buildup of beta-amyloid in the brain making it a great medication.

3. Nano CBD Oil May Help Fibromyalgia Patients

In musculoskeletal disorders, fibromyalgia can cause intense pain throughout the skeletal system. It is quite is a disease with symptoms like fatigue, memory and sleeping issues. The pain that is felt by the patients is borderline and terrible and can cause mood swings as well. As of now, there is no cure for the disease. But, studies have found proof that shows the efficacy of CBD in reducing symptoms here. The holistic effect of the CBD chemical held to reduce the stiffness and pain intensity.

Patients can feel the relaxing effect which helps to destress the brain when they use CBD oil. This is important as when the stress level is lowered, the mood and wellbeing can be bettere with time.

4. Nano CBD Oil May Help Parkinson’s Patients

The CBD chemical and helps to improve the availability of dopamine in the body. The stimulation of dopamine and helps to provide symptomatology relief. Especially to a person suffering from Parkinson’s. It helps to regulate the mental and neurological health of the user. As such, it can be useful to reduce symptoms of the disease.

Similar to Alzheimer’s, as there is not any confirmed side-effects, the families of people suffering from Alzheimer’s want to include CBD oil as a treatment. But, they will need to wait for more detailed research for proper credit to CBD oil.

Having said all this, it should be noted that there is a need for much more detailed research in the CBD field. We do not know the long term effect of the chemical. Also, most of the research has been carried out on animal models such as rats. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized the CBD can you tell due to the lack of research. Of course, the main reason for this gap was due to the restrictions placed on it. But, with the high demand for CBD products, things are already better.

Scientists have already started studying the true potential of the CBD oil.

If you do decide to introduce CBD oil in your life, consult a CBD expert. You can figure out an optimal dosage plan as well as CBD brands selling Nano CBD oil under their guidance. They will help you take advantage of the medicine and benefits that CBD offers.

The U.S Food And Drug Administration‘s (FDA) Stance In Nano CBD Oil

To put it simply, this stance is the same as the traditional CBD oil. The agency does not allow the use of CBD products as dietary supplements. Due to the lack of research, as mentioned above, the agency does not recognize the CBD chemical as any treatment for health conditions.

But, the agency has started conducting meetings asking CBD advocates and CBD manufacturers to prove the potency of the chemical. This is a result of the demand for CBD products by American people as well as on a global scale. Once, the agency finds definite proof, we can expect CBD oil to get the recognition it truly deserves. Nevertheless, people do not need to worry as the entire point of the FDA is to ensure that people do not consume harmful products. This extends to CBD brands as well. If the agency finds that any brand is suspicious, they will step in and investigate.

To conclude, in the end, the last decision is yours as you are the consumer. You can make your choice after studying everything. Consider what you think is important for you and your health. This should always include a CBD oil product that fits within your budget. But, definitely, Nano CBD oil is a fine addition that can overcome the lapses of the oil-based CBD products. You can get quality CBD oil. This oil will actually help you to curb the health conditions that you wanted to control.

After all, is not that why you wanted CBD oil and its products in the first place? So, make a learned choice and talk to an expert only when you are happy with a CBD product should you use it. Having said all this, you need to prepare for the great benefits that CBD oil can surely give you once you start using it on a daily basis. Skincare, health, cosmetics, food or drinks – it has got you covered from all sides!

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