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Competitive Comparison WTP Hemp Or Amazon: Who Should You Trust?

The entire world wants to try out some CBD goodness. You must have often wondered about what this is? The reason for CBD’s popularity is the wellness properties it has. A wide array of remedial and recuperative properties that can make your life easier. It can prove to be wondrous for your mental and neurological health. Also, let us not forget the amazing benefits it has for your physical welfare. WTP Hemp Or Amazon?

But there’s also the importance of buying an excellent quality product. Nowadays, CBD companies dupe their customers into buying something that is not CBD.

Read on as we investigate into the world of CBD, its authenticity and its products.

Here Is What You Should Know About CBD Before Buying It

Cannabidiol is more commonly called CBD. CBD is a natural chemical found growing in the Cannabis Sativa plant. This cannabis plant can either be the hemp plant or the marijuana plant. Now, for purity, many companies extract their CBD oil from the seeds of the hemp plant. The main reason for this is that the hemp plant contains a higher percentage of CBD. The marijuana plant contains CBD as well. It also has an abundance of another chemical called THC. We will talk in detail about THC later in the article.

CBD has been found to reduce anxiety and stress levels. It can help treat depression and hurry bone metabolism. The chemical can also be used for severe health problems like cancer, diabetes and heart attacks. You see, the benefits of the CBD chemical are just never-ending.

There is still the need for more detailed, clinical research in the field of CBD. CBD was actually illegal due to the misconception people had about its properties. Hemp being made legal recently has opened many doors. Scientists are bubbling with excitement to explore the possibilities here.

Common Misconceptions About CBD

The misconception we had mentioned in the article could not have been more untrue.

CBD is usually assumed to be the chemical upon consumption of which the user can get high. This is incorrect. You see, CBD does not have any psychoactive elements. It is these elements that are responsible for the ‘high’ associated with the chemical.

The mother plant primarily grows another chemical, besides CBD. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the other chemical found in the cannabis plant. It is this chemical that has psychoactive elements. On using THC, the buyer will experience a state of euphoria. THC affects the cognitive functions of the body. It stimulates the release of dopamine after getting absorbed in the bloodstream. A person’s reasoning, thinking, pleasure and concentration can be altered after its use. In fact, physical activities like movement and coordination are affected too.

The chemical thus affects the overall consciousness of the person. This makes many people skeptical to use it.


How CBD And Thc Are Different From One Another

CBD and THC are often mistaken to be the same element. As mentioned above, these chemicals are not the same. At all!

A user cannot get high on CBD. No matter the amount, you just cannot get high on CBD. THC though is another thing altogether. THC can alter a person’s memory and movements easily. Leave a high dosage amount.

We have spoken about how CBD and THC are found in the same mother plant. This makes both of the chemicals share a similar structure.

Another similarity is that both chemicals offer health benefits. Both of the chemicals are great for treating anxiety, aggression and hypertension problems. Even cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be effectively treated.

Oftentimes, users are combining THC and CBD together. This, in turn, heightens the therapeutic effects each of them has. The resulting gives a product called the Full Spectrum CBD oil. This CBD oil has magnified properties of the chemicals. It is better to get expert advice before using this oil by yourself. This entire reaction has been termed as the “Entourage Effect.” 

It is quite ironic how both, CBD and THC are assumed to have negative effects on the body. If consumed correctly, with the right dose, they can work wonders for you and your body.

How Can You Ensure Your Safety Before Using CBD Oil?

We would like to clear one thing first.

CBD and products containing CBD oil are 100 percent safe. As a buyer though, you need to be careful of the brand in which you place your trust.

Many customers are worried about how the Food and Drug Association (FDA) has not yet recognized CBD as a dietary supplement. The government body still only approves of specific uses of CBD in cases of epilepsy. There are no specified guidelines also for the chemical.

This is the main reason why the main liability falls on the buyer to choose wisely. A wise shopper should do his research before ordering products. Talk to a health specialist to understand the nuances related to CBD. Find out which method intake would suit your needs and what would be the correct CBD dose for you.

Guidelines To Help You Buy Quality CBD Goods

1. Do research about the company. The CBD company should grow the hemp plant or marijuana plant in first grade conditions. When the mother plant grown in optimal conditions, the extracted CBD oil will be of high-quality as well.

2. It is better to choose CBD oil which does not have any additions to it. CBD oil is most effective when free from any infiltrations and dilutions. Full Spectrum CBD is the only exception in this case. When completely pure, the potency of the oil is greatly increased.

3. Companies that provide vague information on themselves and the ingredients used in their products should be avoided. It is the duty of every citizen to report shady companies.

Will Buying CBD Products Get You In Trouble With The Law

CBD is thought to be illegal by my consumers. This was definitely a catch before but the times have changed now.

CBD is in fact now completely legal. With the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill, all the citizens of the United States of America were permitted to grow hemp. It is now federally legal. The hemp plant now is seen as a cannabis plant with THC traces below 0.3 percent. If the THC content percentage of any item is greater than 0.3 percent then, and only then will it be illegal in the eyes of law.

Having said that, we would urge you to check the laws of your residing state before making any purchase. The legalization of hemp is very recent. This makes the states a little skeptical about the chemical even now.  There are some states like Idaho and Nebraska that still consider CBD illegal. Though there many states that have embraced CBD as a recreational and medicinal drug. You can visit the organization called Americans for Safe Access to get more information regarding the laws of every state.

Will I Fail Drug Tests If I Consume CBD Products?

You will only fail a drug test if the THC content in your blood is more than 0.3 percent. CBD, as a chemical, does not contain THC traces more than the said percentage. We will advise you to not consumes CBD products just before taking a drug test. Dosage amounts may create issues here. 

WTP Hemp Or Amazon?

To put it simply, it is an easy pass.

With CBD oil helping buyer gets relief from pain, anxiety, and seizures, many people are turning to buy these products. Now, even though some companies have fairly priced their products, sites like Amazon offer a huge discount on them. Customers think they are buying legit products at a lower price, but they could not be more wrong.

In this Amazon Prime world that we live in, CBD products are one which just does not mix with the site.

Why Should You Avoid Using Amazon To Buy Your CBD Products: Reasons Galore

Let us tell you the biggest catch on the topic of should you or should you not buy from Amazon. does not authorize the sale of CBD products on its platform.

Yes, you read that right.

That being said, it does not mean you will not encounter products when you type in ‘CBD Oil’ on their site. The site allows its sellers to use keywords to help promote their sales. These sellers use CBD oil as keywords to trick innocent customers into thinking that they have purchased legitimate products. The Amazon’s Seller Central Platform specifically prohibits the sale of any CBD infused product on the main site.

You must be wondering as to why does Amazon still allow this on their site. Well, nobody knows. The case is similar to the sale of drug gear and cigarettes. Both the products are sold on the site even after being banned.

So, What Is Exactly The Product Being Sold On Amazon Then?

The CBD oil you see on the site is actually Hemp Seed oil. The sale of Hemp seed oil is not actually prohibited on the site. Now even if there is a possibility of the product slipping by the gates of Amazon, there can be no guarantee about the integrity of the product. Legit CBD companies usually have their own sites or sell via authorized retailers. They, however, do not sell on Amazon for sure. A good quality CBD product should have published third party lab results.

There is a stark difference between CBD oil and Hemp Seed oil. They don’t offer the same effectiveness level and are different in terms of their pricing as well.

The only reason why people still buy on Amazon is ignorance. They make themselves see only the positive side. The positive point being the so-called ‘excellent CBD Oil’ being available at a low price. It is better to become a realist and actually see things in black and white. CBD oil will be expensive, sure. But then again, you do get what you paid for.

Amazon Frauds You Need to be Aware Of

You must be aware of the ‘first replica concept in today’s world. Now, no matter how good a replica is, it is still a replica.

On searching CBD products on Amazon, you will find many have blatantly copied the looks of other, more famous CBD products. These are normally sold by ‘third party seller’.

The bad thing about the concept of ‘third party sellers’ is that it is vague. The customers will have no idea about the main point of origin on the products. Even if the company selling the product is genuine, the product on sale may not be coming from them. This means they might source the products. 

How You Can Tackle These Third-Party Sellers

While purchasing the product, check who sells the product and who is fulfilling the product. You will be able to view this just under the listed price of the product.

Let us take an example.

If on checking you see something similar to “Sold by XYZ Company and Fulfilled by Amazon”, please beware. This is your red flag.

The above line basically means that is Amazon that fulfills the product on sale and not the listed company. You should opt for products that are fulfilled by the company selling it.

Now, if you do purchase the product even after seeing the above line, the processing and shipping process will change. Amazon will ship the product directly from the warehouse. Now, it is not that Amazon will not take care to buy quality products. At first glance, these products look absolutely high-quality with no issues with it. But after sometimes, it is realized that the product can have some defect or may even be expired.

This caution must be exercised even in case of other products and not only CBD oil.

There have been many reported cases when products of good companies are purchased from other distributors and sold on Amazon. The reputed company is initially not even aware of their products being sold like this. It is when they receive complaints from customers about damaged and expired goods that they comprehend the issue.

This does not imply that all third-party sellers are bad. There are cases where customers have been happy with the product they have received from Amazon. But considering it is a risk, it is up to you to decide. The customers do not have to worry at all if the actual company fulfills the product as well. Quality then, of course, is guaranteed.

You see this is the main reason that customers should avoid purchasing products from Amazon. There are many other companies that are offering legit products. One such company is WTP HEMP. This company can guarantee you great quality products and at fair prices too.

Certain Pointers To Help You Choose The Correct CBD Product And Why Wtp Hemp Satisfies It

You, as a buyer, need to be extremely careful when buying CBD products. Even if you do decide to not purchase from Amazon, there are still other CBD brands that offer low-quality products. When you decide on a brand’s product ask yourself whether they fulfill the following listed criteria. If the indications are mostly positive, you can go ahead and place your order.

·    Research About the Company

This is probably the first thing you would have done as it is. The CBD company offering the products should be transparent. They should not hide things about their making process or the ingredients that they use. Even if there are certain discrepancies, they should be able and willing to provide the information when being asked about the same. WTP Hemp has always been clear about their credentials. They are also more than willing to clarify any doubts about their CBD products.

·    Check the legitimacy of the label

The label is the most important thing in the case of CBD products. They are the tell-tale signs of all the products. A good label should contain 100 percent accurate information and sometimes dosage as well. The containers of WTP Hemp fulfill this condition. They include the number of units of the product and the CBD concentration. In addition to all that they even have a specific guideline about dosage too.

The ingredients used in making the product should also be clearly specified. Again, WTP Hemp makes no exception here as well.

·    Check If The Company Has Lab Testing Done And Whether It Has The Required Certifications

Experts say that all CBD companies should get their products tested from third parties. This helps to show that the company is also confident in its products. There are a number of tests that a CBD company can take to check this box. 

There are many tests that can help establish the levels of safety and quality of CBD products. There are quite a few like Gas Chromatography Tests, Certificates of Analysis, Potency Tests and Antimicrobial Tests that can be used for this purpose.

The laboratory tests help to validate the products to a huge extent. The buyers should research about the certifications of the company. Even the dosage needs to read about.

WTP Hemp has set high standards for their products. The company does not make any fake dosage claims too. The efficiency and potency of the products even withhold these standards. There are many fraud companies that make false claims about their products. This is why we are constantly stressing on the buyer doing their own research before buying CBD products.

·    Check All The Ingredients By The Company When Manufacturing The Product

Now, the products do not only contain CBD oil.  They can contain other ingredients as well. The buyers should take care to know each and every product used by the company while making the product. Ingredients like melatonin are commonly added by companies to their products. If used in smaller amounts, there is nothing wrong with them. But if the chemical is used abundantly then it can have side effects. The users can feel dizziness, headaches, irritability, stomach cramps and so on further intake. Be in informed users. Know the ins and outs of the product before placing your order.

·    Find Out About The Purity Of The CBD Product

High-quality CBD oil does not contain any additions. They are mostly pure products only. And, it is necessary as well since pure CBD is quite potent and efficient.

Companies usually add water or alcohol to these oils. This helps to reduce the cost involved in the manufacturing process. WTP Hemp indulges in no such practices and ensures that its customers get good products infused with high-quality CBD oil.

·    Check Whether The CBD Company Makes Any False Claims Regarding The Product

CBD is certainly a great chemical which possesses many health benefits. But it is not a miracle drug that can cure and heal every disease. If you do chance upon a company that makes false promises then you should drop the product.

Any company claiming the fact that their products help “cure” diseases are obviously in the wrong. There are rules forbidding the company to make such claims. This gives a signal that the company is either ignorant or is more than willing to break rules. WTP Hemp is a company that chides this behavior. They do not make any false claims as to making products that can automatically cure illnesses via repeated use.

·    Take Care To Learn About The Batch Number Of The Product

Not many people are aware of the importance of a batch number. A batch number helps the customer to know whether the company has created its products according to the specially formulated rules. Also, this is an indication of the conditions in which the products were created. Batch numbers help to identify and recall faulty products during an emergency as well. 

·    Be Aware Of The Specified Dosing Of The CBD Product

Since there is the absence of proper specified dosage guidelines, a company should try to provide the needed details. Dosage is mostly open for interpretation at this stage. There are very few companies that provide clear dosage instructions.

CBD oil is of two types generally. One is Full Spectrum CBD oil and the other is CBD Isolate. Know which one of them would be more suitable for your needs. CBD Full Spectrum is a mixture of more than one chemical cannabidiols, like CBD and THC. The buyer usually requires a less amount of oil to feel the effects. CBD Isolate products are nearly 99 percent pure products. They are free from any infiltrations and dilutions. They are also more concentrated products. They are weaker in comparison to CBD Full Spectrum. As such, they need a bigger dosing amount to feel effects

Shopping With WTP Hemp: All You Need To Know

WTP Hemp is a company that needs no introduction. It tries to shopping as convenient as possible for their customers. They take to care to give high-quality products and not scam the customer of their money. Customers are always the first priority in WTP Hemp. If by any chance, they are not satisfied with WTP Hemp’s products, they can contact the company for a full refund.

·    WTP Hemp Take Care to Give High-Quality Products to Their Customers.

WTP Hemp’s entire focus is to give the customers good products worth every penny spent by them. Every buyer is assured of excellent CBD oil quality due to their advanced CO2 extraction technology. 

·    WTP Hemp Provides 100 Percent Secure Shopping.

All the e-commerce transactions of the company are 256 Bit encrypted. This makes the entire shopping process extremely safe for every customer of theirs.

·    WTP Hemp Provided their Customers with After Sales Help.

A good company should always give post-sales assistance to their customers. Like always, WTP Hemp does that. The customers can talk to their customer service whenever they face any problems. The availability of the support team is every day of the week. The support staff is also knowledgeable and super helpful.

WTP Hemp’s General Payment and Shipping Procedure:

Payments can be made by the customers using VISA, Mastercard and American Express. The shipping of the products is usually done within a day.

Residents in the United States and Canada can expect faster delivery, within 3- 5 days. In the case of international shipping, the products should reach the customer anywhere between 1to 2 weeks, depending on the customer’s resident country. It should be noted that the shipping fee is non- refundable.

To conclude, take a better decision when it comes to CBD products. Choose reputed companies like WTP Hemp over online selling platforms like Amazon. After all, it always better to be safe than sorry.

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